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Female, 33, Canada

Have always loved Nintendo since I was very little. Certain games from snes era hold a huge place in my heart, and helped me immensely when times got difficult. 3DS is my current fav system!

Thu 25th Apr 2013

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Selene commented on Nintendo Download: 13th February (North America):

I agree with meltendo. Having lost interest in my 3ds recently due to lackluster VC releases, my desire to get a WiiU has all but evaporated. I can't even use my enormous amount of play coins on Wii VC titles anymore, cuz it's all WiiU now. Not being able to spend play coins further reduces my desire to buy new Nintendo products. It's riduculous, cuz Nintendo's losing so much money and support because of their current business strategy.



Selene commented on Nintendo Download: 30th January (North America):

Nintendo, you've possibly lost a once long-time fan and now casual gamer. Smb original instead of smb3? One month past due. One year prolly since announced for this old nes game which i love. Seriously? No more money from me i guess...



Selene commented on Nintendo Download: 26th December (North America):

It's not fair. I hold out on playing a game cuz they promise to release it b4 a certain date, im willing to spend money, and all i have to do is use a wiimote on the Wii or Wii U and buy the game legally but i dont do that anymore cuz i wanna actually own the game on a nintendo portable device and play it the way its meant to be played. Grr...



Selene commented on Pokémon Bank Withdrawn From 3DS eShop in Japa...:

If mario bros 3 isnt released once eshop gets bk up, im going to be really upset, and might not buy games for a while. They PROMISED it b4 end of the year!! All i want is my3ds vc games, and theres too few good ones coming out recently from nintendo's own systems. At least sega released some genesis ones, but i only have ecco and sonic cuz i dont like fighting, racing, sports, or shooting games...



Selene commented on Reaction: Nintendo Direct's Final Flourish of ...:

I thought Nintendo prooomised mario bros 3 before end of the year (I'm in NA obviously). The mere thought of it has me re-exploring my 3ds NES Vc collection I'd barely touched in over a year. Omg, these are NES games on a flippin portable! Amazing how that thought alone can stir interest in games I previously thought of as too dull and boring to be worth playing (even though I loved them many years ago). Need mario. Mario! Mariooo!



Selene commented on Kirby's Dream Land 2 Listed For North American...:

A year ago, I would have been really excited to pick this up, but have become kinda bored with monochrome so might pass. If some more good original GB games start coming out (ff legends, donkey kong land, etc..) I might get into buying black and white again.



Selene commented on Nintendo Download: 18th July (North America):

@Capt_N I stopped downloading original GB games cuz of lack of color. SGB emulation would have been wonderful but I doubt Nintendo will bother updating every single GB release cuz they wouldn't make any more money from people who already (often stupidly for collective reasons) bought the games in black 'n white.



Selene commented on Nintendo Wins Another Court Battle with R4 Car...:

I was considering getting an R4 thingie for my DS. Am very glad I didn't. Emulators are great for discovering new games I wanna buy, but playing ROMs on a Nintendo system goes too far! In fact, I don't even use emulators anymore cuz I like getting my first experience of a new game on the system it was designed for.



Selene commented on 3DS eBook App Details Emerge in Japan:

I would really really LOVE an e-book reader on my 3ds xl. Screen sizes are perfect! Resolution isn't overly important to me, and this would make my 3ds a multi-purpose device, which would be cool. I'm out of purse space to add a flippin' e-book. lol



Selene commented on Nintendo Download: 4th July (North America):

I remember in the early days of 3ds VC I used to buy every single gameboy game that came out (even though I barely played some of them). Now I have to avoid doing the same with GG. It's kinda like collecting pokemon



Selene commented on Harvest Moon GBC Sows Its Seeds in North Ameri...:

@BlackSpy I would say they're both kinda similar games in that you're free to do whatever you like, unlike most games that have preset goals. But they're both totally unique games in pretty much everything, even their similarities. I got into HM long before AC. Miss the simplicity of earlier HM games, which is why I've been so looking forward to this release.



Selene commented on Talking Point: Why Nintendo Life is a Part of ...:

I 'fondly' remember celebrating my new year's eve once on Animal Crossing DS. Fireworks made me cry. Spent more time on that game than most others combined. If I didn't already own a 3DS, I'd be picking one up just for this game!



Selene commented on Eiji Aonuma: Zelda 3DS Will Feature a Light an...:

I was dreaming for the day Link to the Past was remade into a 3D world (even though I'm mostly into 2d retro). I'll definitely be buying this game, but still feel a lil disapointed they didn't turn it into an Ocarina or windwaker style world.



Selene commented on Smartphones And Tablets To Be "Primary Screen ...:

One all purpose device would be wonderful, but I hate the fact smartphones and tablets have no buttons for playing games. Plus they lack all Nintendo exclusives. If Nintendo made a phone/game system though, that'd be wonderful.



Selene commented on Nintendo Selling Refurbished 3DS and DSi Consoles:

Traded in my black 3ds bout a week ago at EB games here in Canada for a re-furbishing promotion (they gave me more money), after upgrading to my beautiful pink XL! Hope they replace one of the springs in the power connector before re-selling, as adaptor head jiggles a bit, affecting charging. Other than that, my system was in mint condition



Selene commented on Nintendo Download: 25th April 2013 (North Amer...:

Bought my first eshop games in about 6 months the other day; lost levels and gradius. Was so looking forward to Harvest Moon Maybe I'll try colors 3D instead. Would spend a fortune on so many VC games Nintendo's choosing to hold back.