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Sat 19th Jan 2013

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elejolteon commented on New Nintendo 3DS Release Date Confirmed for 13...:

This is really disappointing for me. No small model at launch? I have very tiny hands so the xl is just too big to play for extended periods. It also doesn't fit in the pockets of women's pants! Kind of a deal breaker for me there.



elejolteon commented on Poll: Which is the Best Pokémon Game?:

As someone who has been playing pokemon since red/blue and has played every game and version since... This is really hard!

I'm gonna have to go with emerald. Hoenn was always my favorite region and has some of my favorite music and mons. (Absol ftw!) And the battle frontier. I loved that place to no end. I also got my competitive start in emerald, and I still replay it every now and again.

But then again...
ORAS has been a pleasure to play through and breeding is so much easier than it was in gen 3 (which I consider an excellent thing! Nobody wants to spend days breeding one good pokemon.) And hey! The touch screen has use again after being nothing but an annoyance in XY! If ORAS had battle frontier, it would beat emerald hands down.

This is a tough decision. But for now emerald. Ask me again in a few more weeks and maybe I'll say ORAS



elejolteon commented on Game Freak Uses a Silhouette to Tease a New Co...:

Judging by the size of that thing's head, it looks like a Harvest Moon horse. I could easily see this collaboration being a Rune Factory-type HM/Pokemon crossover.

Actually, that would be pretty awesome. Pokemon Ranch, now with actual ranching!



elejolteon commented on Nintendo Download: 4th July (North America):

Just a little nitpick...

'Raptors' in the Deer Huntig game refers to birds of prey, not raptor dinosaurs. So yeah, those are native to NA in mass quantities.

I'm a wildlife biologist. I can't help it