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Thu 23rd Jun 2011

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workerbot commented on Gardening Mama 2: Forest Friends Ships Today i...:

Everywhere I look online shows a release date of 4/29/14 still. I don't see anyone with a release date of 4/22/14. I'll just have to wait one more week!

On another note, it looks like Cooking Mama 5 will be released on October 31, 2014!



workerbot commented on Review: Christmas Wonderland 3 (3DS eShop):

For HOG fans, it's not a bad game. Yes, there are a few glitches, but I'm still enjoying the game. I've enjoyed all the games in this Christmas, Easter and Halloween series. I do have to agree with the creepy kid faces...



workerbot commented on Nintendo Download: 21st November (North America):

Can't agree with you on the previous Christmas Wonderland releases. I enjoyed both very much and am looking forward to this new one. I also hope Jewel Match 3 is actually released today, since it was on the list to be out last week.



workerbot commented on Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen Magic Gets Cooking On ...:

This was the game that convinced me that I needed a 3DS.. I was doing fine with my DSi until I saw this game was coming out for the 3DS only, and I knew that if I wanted to play newer games that were only being released for the newer system, I'd need to upgrade. The game is fun and I enjoyed it quite a bit.



workerbot commented on Fishdom H2O: Hidden Odyssey:

I picked up this game yesterday and finished the main goals today. It's pretty short with just 3 aquariums to complete, but you can continue playing even after you've attained the goals. The hidden object screens aren't too difficult to see, although there are only a few scenes to search in. You can play either in relaxed or timed mode. The main problem I ran into was during the 3rd aquarium, the game glitched out and shut down twice and I had to restart the system to continue. All in all, it wasn't a bad game, but I'm glad I didn't pay more than $5 for it.



workerbot commented on Cooking Mama 5 Development Heats Up for 3DS Se...:

I'm very excited to see a new cooking Mama game, but even more thrilled to see the possibility of a new Gardening Mama game in the future. I loved the Gardening Mama game more than the cooking games and have been wishing for a sequel for a long time.



workerbot commented on Review: Jewel Legends: Tree of Life (DSiWare):

I have to agree with Froggie. I enjoy the match-3 games even if they do get repetitious at times. I actually had my eye on this game to see if it ever got released in the States, and when it surfaced as a DSiWare game for only $5, I was very pleased. I'm having a good time with it.



workerbot commented on Nintendo Download: 21st June 2012 (North America):

@Shworange The demo only had one component of the game. According to the retail game descriptions, there are multiple restaurants and activities to play. I think it will be worth the $10, especially if the download version is the equivalent of the proposed retail cart.



workerbot commented on Nintendo Download: 21st June 2012 (North America):

Order Up is/was slated to be released as a retail version at the end of August. I don't know if it will still be coming out as a cart or if it will only be available as the download. I know that I'd rather pay the $10 than the $30 for the cartridge.



workerbot commented on Nintendo Download: 21st June 2012 (North America):

Well I'm very happy with today's offering. Order Up, Lola's Fruit Shop (I have a mental block when it comes to sodoku--hopefully the preschool version will finally bust it down!) and a surprise match-3 game. I'm liking today's download selection!



workerbot commented on Order Up!! Demo On the Back Burner Until Next ...:

The 3DS cartridge is supposed to come out this summer in North America. Now you say that the full game will be available as a download game? That'd be great if I could download it instead of buying the 3DS retail game.



workerbot commented on Titanic Mystery Sails Onto Wii and DS:

I admit I bought the game. Actually pre-ordered it back in April 2011, which was good because I locked it in at $20. When it was released this month the cost was $30, so I did like the savings. The game's actually not bad. The hidden object scenes were rather easy but after so many games that required you to randomly tap in dark murky spots in order to find something you just can't see, it was a welcome change. The puzzle games in between levels were mostly pretty challenging but if there was one that you just couldn't figure out, you were able to skip it. The story line was pretty goofy although it did have a good plot twist, but I enjoyed the back story given in hidden diary pages.

I like hidden object games and this one wasn't too bad at all.



workerbot commented on Pirates Assault:

This game is apparently coming to North America via DSi download on Thursday March 15th.



workerbot commented on Charts: 19th December 2011 (UK):

I love hidden object games and really wish that Christmas Wonderland had made it over to North America. I even enjoyed the Halloween hidden object game. True, the kids were creepy-looking, but other than that it was an enjoyable experience.