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Impressions: Multiplayer is a Big Deal in Nintendo's Wii U Lineup

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Get by with a little help from your friends

Earlier this week various Nintendo Life staffers were lucky enough to attend post-E3 preview events, from which we've been covering games that we didn't go hands-on with at the LA extravaganza — more impressions are on the way, too. Various Wii U games were on show, and one theme that shone through was the importance of local multiplayer in these experiences. Whether playing with other NL staff, fellow writers or Nintendo representatives, more often than not we were playing with others when racing, platforming, making goofy faces and more.

With local multiplayer being such an important part of Nintendo's games, particularly since the Wii burst onto the scene, a few of our team members decided to share their thoughts on these shared experiences on the way to Wii U. There's plenty of variety and — most importantly — fun coming our way this year and beyond.

Mike Mason

Super Mario 3D World was my favourite title on show, and it looks set to be a hit whether you're playing in single player or with friends. I played through the demo a couple of times in three player co-op and had a blast each time, though admittedly it doesn't work quite as smoothly as co-operative play in a 2D Mario title, mainly due to the camera having to cater to three dimensions. Levels of various heights and depths mean that it's easier for a lagging player to be left behind – though there's no penalty for this, with those that drop off the screen brought back into the action courtesy of a handy bubble. Communication is key.

There was no more obvious an example as in the river stage, wherein every player hopped atop a giant orange dinosaur. The aim was to reach the end of the rapids without falling off. Usually in a co-operative game you'd see one player take sole control of 'vehicle' movement while others did a secondary action, but Super Mario 3D World takes the opposite stance and gives all players all the possible actions. Every player can steer, increase or decrease speed and jump. At first it's a hilarious mess of people doing their own thing, the dinosaur veering about awkwardly and not exactly doing what anybody wants.

Speaking to the other players and devising strategies, however, yields far better results. With two different teams of players, I took part in two entirely different approaches to the stage that were both ultimately successful. In the first group we delegated commands, so one of us steered, another jumped and another adjusted speed. With our own clearly defined roles in hand we beat the stage, also discovering as we went along that if two players pressed the jump button at the same moment then the dinosaur would leap higher. With this information, my second squad opted for everybody to do everything, speaking and sharing commands so that we worked in sync. We discovered that if three people are pushing in a direction, the turns are sharper; if all are jumping or speeding up, the air time and velocity were each higher.

There's also an adjustment to the way that power-ups are handled. It's no longer every player for themselves; if a bunch of, say, cat bells tip out of a block, a single player can pick up all three, taking a cat suit for themselves and sending the other two into a special box at the bottom of the screen. It's a shared power-up store, and any player that needs one can tap the Minus button and instantly grab one – this should be very handy when experts and novices are mixed into one session.

Super Mario 3D World looks to take a really interesting approach to a co-operative game; very Nintendo and extremely fun. If there are more levels like the dinosaur stage and other touches like the power-up box throughout, we could be looking at a big winner. Local multiplayer clearly has an important role to play in Nintendo's strategy to reinvigorate Wii U in the latter half of 2013. Based on what was shown, there's plenty to look forward to.

Tom Whitehead

It was an interesting experience, and one so typically Nintendo, that in various cases wandering up to a demo unit necessitated looking around for a fellow NL staffer or another event attendee or two to play with. A lot of the units were rigged with a combination of a GamePad, Remotes, Nunchuks and Pro Controllers, and the emphasis was clearly on experiencing the games with others — though single player opportunities certainly weren't neglected. From a personal perspective I'm not always keen on local multiplayer games, because I often like or play titles that others in my house find tricky; Nintendo Land is fine, but that's pretty simple (apart from Metroid Blast!) and suitable for almost anyone. So basically I go into "review mode" when going hands-on with multiplayer games; in other words, it doesn't have to be my favourite genre or style, but I try and treat it fairly for what it's trying to achieve.

Mario Kart 8 and Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze do exactly the same as their predecessors, and that's absolutely fine. Co-operation is the key in DK's adventure, but is a huge amount of fun when it works — it's also 60FPS and absolutely gorgeous, so I'm excited about it. Mario Kart 8 was fantastic in every way, and offers up the usual mix of motion or joystick-controlled steering that will suit anyone, and has all of the tools — at least it seems to at this early stage — to be a hugely important game for the system next year; not a single blue shell was thrown, either, so I'm daring to dream! I agree with Mike in terms of Super Mario 3D World, in that it could be a treat that helps some less-experienced gamers have their first real taste of a 3D Mario game. It's far less confusing than a Galaxy title, in terms of controls, and is generous in helping those that are lagging behind while retaining enough challenge to keep the gameplay worthwhile for veterans. Just make sure all non-GamePad players have a Pro Controller or Remote and Nunchuk — running around using the tiny d-pad on a sideways Wii Remote is not ideal.

Wii Party U was a surprise to me. I don't typically buy these mini-game collections, but the three games we played did suggest that this is a compilation that could successfully satisfy gamers of all types and ages. Whether making goofy faces or playing foosball on the GamePad, it was oddly fun in the right company. Nintendo will — rightly — market this with trailers of smiling families in brightly lit rooms, but I think it could be fun in slightly darker rooms with adults full of beer and pizza; it's silly and simple enough that it doesn't seem to matter who's playing. All of that positivity aside, I don't think this is necessarily a game that'll really sell the Wii U concept in a big way commercially, but I've not seen enough to be completely sure.

One final brief point I'd like to make is that The Wonderful 101 could be a surprise co-op gem. I played it in two player with a Nintendo rep, and the ludicrous chaos of it all — you both run around with separate teams on the same screen — meant that we were chatting and laughing like buddies; if a multiplayer game succeeds on that front it's doing its job.

Yet again Nintendo wants its console to bring gamers together in the same room, and it seems on track to deliver on that promise.

Rory Cocker

Personally, I was more appeased by Nintendo's focus on framerate at the software showcase than its focus on multiplayer. Dat 60fps!

Seriously, though, like the Wii before it, the Wii U has been a fantastic console for local multiplayer ever since it launched. With the advent and rising popularity of Xbox LIVE and the PlayStation Network, local multi is something that's been overlooked for too long by Microsoft and Sony. I'm glad Nintendo still remembers how fun it can be.

From day one with Nintendo Land and Call of Duty: Black Ops II, the Wii U has been the console of choice in my house for gatherings and even the odd drinking game. Don't get me wrong; playing online is great, but nothing quite comes close to an extended gaming session in the physical company of three close friends. Super Smash Bros for Wii U., Mario Kart 8, and even the table foosball game in Wii Party U are all going to get some serious playtime in the Cocker household. Living la vida loca...l multiplayer.

Lee Meyer

The Nintendo reps clearly saw my reaction coming when they told me it was time to try out Wii Party U - after jumping into a virtual ball pit of Mario and Zelda, the last thing on my mind was a mini-game collection aimed at the dreaded "casual" gamer. Senior Product Marketing Specialist JC Rodrigo smiled and told me to keep an open mind as he explained the surprisingly robust features of the upcoming party game and corralled another reporter (an undeniable non-gamer who had clearly been sent by their magazine to cover the games) to play a few rounds of a competitive tank battle game.

Imagine the shock of everyone in the room when she decimated JC and I within less than thirty seconds. After being felled by a "casual," I kicked my enthusiasm for Wii Party U into high gear, and several rounds later we were tied for most wins. What was most fascinating about this experience - and I have a feeling JC was very happy to see it - was that I shared a gaming experience with someone from a completely different background and didn't think of the "casual/hardcore" dynamic until long after the tank game ended. For those few rounds, the playing field had leveled, thanks to Wii Party U's accessible, fun and surprisingly frantic gameplay. I can honestly say that I am looking forward to the release of a game that previously wasn't even on my radar, all thanks to the rich local multiplayer experience I enjoyed.

...But for the record, I totally won in the GamePad foosball competition. 'Nuff said.

Do you think local multiplayer will be an important part of the upcoming Wii U lineup? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Wii_Win said:

I'm a huge fan of local multiplayer, hopefully nintendo will keep it up



Funny_Moblin said:

I hope Mario Party 10 uses the gamepad like in Wii Party U, such as sharing it with another person for mini-games. I though it was a great idea!

Also, there's no excuse. Nintendo can easily have a 4 player Mario Galaxy game. I just know it can work out one way or another.



Emblem said:

Local is great for me, but i do think Online multiplayer needs equal focus.




Listen I'm just gonna tell it stright. Not having online mulitplayer on a game where MULITPLAYER is the main thing your advertising like Super Mario 3D World is STUPID!! Especally in 2013, I don't care what anybody saids. I can't believe people actually defend this??

This is something that is NOT gonna hurt the game in anyway shape or form and it can only make it BETTER! Look me in the face and tell me WiiSports wouldn't have been better with online.

You people defending this act like they can't have BOTH local and online as if they have to chose. Your turning in to what you hate.....SONY DRONES! Because everything Nintendo does is ok with you and THAT IS WHY Nintendo will never do better.



SkywardCrowbar said:

@NINTENBOY Nintendo is aiming at a market that Sony and Microsoft are ignoring. The in home multiplayer platform is not dead. In fact, I've always had way more fun playing games in home multiplayer than online. It's a smart piece of marketing.



XFsWorld said:

I want Super Mario 3D World badly,but dont have a Wii U yet. I am also dying to try out Nintendo Land!



Znerd said:

With all the multiplayer i really gonna have A lot of fun with my friends and online would make sense but for Mario and Donkeykong NO



AMR said:

To me this strategy from Nintendo is a stroke of genius, local multiplayer is one of the WiiU's key strengths against its main competitor the 3DS (that might sound strange but both consoles are fighting for the same "all ages" market as the line between handheld & home console has blurred. PS4/XBox1 are a different demographic IMO), if Nintendo promote the WiiU's local multiplayer strengths (as they seem to be doing), its graphical muscle and improved online infrastructure then they will be onto a winner as it will appear different enough for consumers to want to pick up.

TLDR: Nintendo need to keep highlighting all the things WiiU can do that 3DS can't and local multiplayer is one key area



Linkstrikesback said:

Ok, so in house multiplayer isn't dead.

So what?

That doesn't excuse the fact that they should be including online multiplayer AS WELL by default. It's not " A smart piece of marketing". Being able to say "We are the only big company to not have online multiplayer in all our big multiplayer titles!" isn't a smart marketing move, it's shooting yourself in the foot.

It's a shame none of the nintendo bigwigs outside of Sakurai seems to realise this.


Are you joking? The 3DS is better at local multiplayer, as handhelds always are, by virtue of everyone getting their own screens.



Spartacus3765 said:

I dunno. I get the fact that Nintendo holds the market in showing that local multiplayer is better than online, but to say that not adding the option of online would make it worse... :-/

Seems like a cop-out to me. Obviously they don't feel that way about the Mario Kart series dating back to the Mario Kart DS game. So why is it limited (for the most part anyway) to that series? Seems hypocritical to acknowledge it for some titles, but completely ignore it for others.

And no. People aren't going to stop playing local multiplayer if/when online becomes an option. When I play Halo with a buddy of mine, we probably play more locally/online than online only, so to me that excuse is invalid.



ikki5 said:

I actually prefer local multiplayer over online because I find it is much more socially interactive and I enjoy playing it with friends than online with people I have no idea who they are and often get random raging at something stupid. However that is me and is no problem for me because I have friends that come over on a weekly biases and we all play, sometimes a few of them will just show up and we'll have a spontaneous game night but that is not everyone and not everyone can have that for friends or well...sad as it is, may not even have friends so online is really the only option for them so Online multiplayer should be something that is incorporated. THe only issue I have with online multiplayer is I remember playing online games way back like Medal of Honour and the early CoD games and really.... I didn't have much of a social life at all, no friends or anything until really I got to university.




@SkywardCrowbar I understand that and that's perfectly fine you enjoy a game more with people that are in the room.

But a lot people aren't as forchant as you. No one in my household likes to play video games and the part of my family that I have that does lives miles away from me in different directions and my best friend is a 15 minute drive away.

Which that's what happens to some of us when we get older we go seperate paths Nintendo should understand that. This is Ninendo's first real online network I can have 100 people on my friends list right? So does is make sense that they would go through all that trouble to do so and I can't play games with them??

They live in this world it's still the 1990's and everybody's loves to hang out in the living room playing video games every night together which is ok but don't forget about the majority of people who don't have that. That's why I don't see the problem THEY CAN DO BOTH.



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

Even though I prefer a "Single Player" experience more, it's great that Nintendo provides an experience for every type of play. Super Mario 3D World with Local Multiplayer, Mario Kart 8 with Online Multiplayer, and Wind Waker HD Single Player. I look forward to each and every one of them, and more. The latter part of this year is really solid for Wii U. I'm extremely stoked for Pikmin 3!



Squiggle55 said:

Of course I prefer local multiplayer, but it becomes increasingly difficult to arrange the older you get — until you start having kids you can force to play with you. Anyway, ignoring online multiplayer is always foolish.



sinalefa said:

Nintendo puts online in competitive games, but not in coop games. Which makes a lot of sense to me. I would hate to have strangers trolling you by tossing you to lava pits in Mario U.

I am 34 and I will play with some friends this Saturday. I may not play with friends every day, but that just makes each meeting more important and special to me.



Yosher said:

I would love to have NSMBU or SM3DW in online multiplayer. I've got a couple oversea friends who I will never be able to play these games with because they don't include online gameplay.



sr388survivor said:

Based on these review and the amount of cooperation needed to successfully play Super Mario 3D World, I don't see how online would work too well.
@sinalefa Seriously. My friend thinks it's hilarious to constantly throw people to their deaths in NSMB. I can only imagine how annoying that would be with random people.



HeatBombastic said:

@NINTENBOY Super Mario 3D Land requires lots more cooperative play than the NSMB series, at least from what we've seen. Whenever you go too far off-screen, you'll bubble back toward the player. Do you really think that'll be fun with the monstrously godly players online? Do you? The same guys who somehow are so good at online Brawl even though it's super laggy. That'd be great. I can't wait to see them play without lag.



Sir_JBizzle said:

I stand by my stance that I made the other day about nothing beats the local multiplayer experience, and that it's a smart move by Nintendo, and I applaud them for sticking to that.

I will agree somewhat to the point of some of the others that there is a benefit of offering/advertising online multiplayer. Though with Nintendo, the way the games are designed, I'm not sure I would get the same feeling of fun playing with someone online as I would if they were in my company, Smash Bros and Mario Kart aside.



ScorpionMG said:

i always prefer local than online we spend hours and have much more fun than when playing online or single player, but i still want sometimes to play some online games with friends that are far away or in other countries



Pianist88 said:

All of these Mario games focused on multi-player chaos are actually turning me off to the character all-together. The last time I was truly hyped for a game from his camp was preceding the release of Mario Galaxy...I've never gotten a whole lot of enjoyment from playing games cooperatively with a bunch of other people. I know I'm definitely a minority, but I believe that these generic looking cash-ins are starting to tarnish the brand. Can't they at least explore different art styles to give these games some of the individual charm that help make Super Mario Bros. 1, 3, and World so distinct from one another? In other words, these co-op Mario games feel like new "versions" that simply replace the previous games. To me, their quest to include multiplayer has made them fail to provide these games with distinct identities.



Sir_JBizzle said:

@NINTENBOY I can see your argument. Though I perfer local multiplayer, I'm an open-minded person, so I do think that there is room for both. I do have friends in other states that I play online occasionally, or when I can't get together with my local friends, then we'll set up a time to get on XBOX Live together.

Nintendo games are patchable now, so maybe it will be something that they add in the future. As it stands now, Nintendo is relatively new in this space, so it's probably one of those things we have to give them time on. In all honesty, the Gamepad is being untapped in the online gaming space, as it has a microphone and built in camera. So for in game chat/communication, all you have to do is plug in a pair of your favorite headphones and go.



Pichuka97 said:

While I agree that many games are great for local play, there are people like me who want to play games like NSMBU with others but nobody wants to play with them for various reasons. For me, it's because it's not a M rated game with guns. I would like Nintendo in the future to keep that in mind and let online play with the option of using a headset available to people just in case we can't experience the opportunities others might have.



bizcuthammer said:

Local multiplayer > online multiplayer. I hate playing games with other people that i cant see, and half of what they say is either a drunken rant or cursing everyone else out. Playing with friends and family in the same room is so much more fun, and often times hilarious.



Epicnessofme99 said:

Local multiplayer is always the best in my opinion but some people just can't find time to visit others houses and that's a reason many want online functionalities for multiplayer.



rjejr said:

I don't play any online multiplayer - but I would if Nintendo had it. Maybe it would be difficult in Super Mario 3D World, but what about the party games? My father adn sister went back and forth for months, if not years, trying to beat each others' scores on that juggling Wii Fit game, and also on the running in place obstacle course game. I also bought my mom a tennis game but we could never get her Wi-Fi working adequately to play each other.

Any Mario type game w/ scoring - even if it doesn't have proper mutliplayer - should have at least online leaderboards. My kids would love to play w/ their Wii owning cousins in Massachusetts and Michigan on some of the Wii Fit and Sports Resorts minigames. So yes, keep the offline, but pretty much all games should have some type of online connection.



CrispyGoomba said:

Here's my stance - I wouldn't mind having the ability to play online with my friends. However, Nintendo's online structure is pretty bad. No voice chat [For a lot of games] and no type of IM [Sure you can send messages in Miiverse, but that requires you to open up Miiverse, which you can't do if you're playing online]. It's just not fun if you can't communicate with other players online in real time. Also, this kind of deals with the subject, but they should really have an account system. Not only for the sake of re-downloading games from the e-Shop if hardware breaks, but for the fact (for instance) I'm playing Nintendo Land and I unlock all these types of levels and items. Then, when someone else gets on, on their account, all the levels and items are unlocked. So stupid...




This is my last post and I'm done.

Nintendo fans who are defending this WHY is there online on freaking Luigi's Mansion 2 ON THE 3DS HANDHELD (of all the games) but there's NO online for the MAIN plummer on the HD console??

People who have LM2 did the online multiplayer TAKE AWAY from the story or the local?? The reviews don't seem like it. Whoever is defending this then I guess you're not buying the new Smash or Mario Kart then right? You people may not have really good friends overseas you really enjoy playing with but a lot people stop being only thinking of yourself! I don't want to take a plane or drive 20 minutes just to play Mario with a friend in 2013.

YOU CAN HAVE BOTH PEOPLE!! AGAIN IT'S 2013!! You say Mario 3D World seems like it takes to much cooperation for online and it wouldn't work? Then why does co-op games like Portal 2, Monster Hunter 3, all of those LEGO games, Left 4 Dead and etc. Which if you played any of those games you know they take tons more COOPERATION than Mario 3D World could have.

I'm not saying every game has to have online the new DKC is a perfect example. DKC was always meant to be played SOLO, co-op is a side thing. Don't get me wrong I'm sure 3D World is still gonna be a great game without online because it's Mario it's always been great BUT when you advertise having 4 player CO-OP and you dismiss online play in for the 100th time 2013. Which would add replay value, more people to play with, someone to play with anytime, different gameplay styles to experience and pretty much only could make the game even BETTER......that's just crazy to me and a huge miss opportunity.



Fel09ktl said:

Nothing against local multiplayer, but Nintendo also need to start focusing on online multiplayer. They could have easily included online multi. to Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros Wii U.



MadAdam81 said:

The Wii u is the best for local multiplayer, even FPS, thanks to the gamepad you can still get a full screen - and don't need to worry about screen cheats!



Datasun_7 said:

For me local multiplayer is essential, I absolutely love it. But not so much online, it doesn't click with me the same way sitting round a TV with mates does



Harrison_Peter said:

I like seeing more local multiplayer options, but I hope Nintendo doesn't neglect online multiplayer options.



SuperiorTech said:

-sigh- It's Nintendo. They won't include that stuff because they'll feel it's too similar to Sony and Microsoft and we all know they like to do things differently than those two.



ivanmata said:

Nintendo is leaving out a lot of people with the exclusion of Online multiplayer, I think this was a dumb decision, having Online doesn't affect the single player and local multiplayer modes at all!! They just did it because it was convenient for them. Also, there is a finite amount of friends you have to play local, having online opens an endless source of people you can play with.



Hunter-D said:

The local multiplayer is AMAZINGLY fun in NintendoLand & NSMBU but I'm aware that there are people who won't be able to have that opportunity to gather some friends/family and have some good ol' fashioned local fun.

I mean SEGA even has decided to go with local play on the Wii U with Sonic Lost World whereas the 3DS is online.

I'm hoping that Nintendo gives people the option of going online and having the chance to play with others in some of their future titles.



StraTTtheRipper said:


I totally agree. They need to focus on online multiplayer a lot more. It would be great to play the new Mario game online with other people, and even Wii U party.



Kirbybrawl said:

I have to wait until 2014 to get one of nintendos own ganes on wii u to have online multiplayer. Thats just crazy. Mario 3d world could have it but they dont want to include it.



WiiLovePeace said:

Very awesome & detailed impressions of the demos, NL! Thank you so much for the added detail (which the previous impressions from E3 lacked, imo). Though I rarely use local multiplayer when I do its just pure joy & epic laughter It was quite disappointing to find out the amazing lack of local multiplayer experiences on the PS3 when I first got one many years ago, hence I'm glad Nintendo is still rocking the local multiplayer awesomeness



unrandomsam said:

I am a fan of local multiplayer but if it requires 4 wii u gamepad's to work best that is quite a significant amount of money and I play computer games less often with my friends than when I was in my teen's and early twenties.

I don't care about online multiplayer unless Nintendo remove the make it easier for casuals type stuff.

Too many people without any manners as well. Lag sucks but I never disconnect from a game even if the lag is really bad and I think it is not a proper game. On Mario Tennis Open 3DS there is people who do that if they lose a point. (But keep reconnecting immediately so you end up playing the same person again they repeat until you lose a point then if you win the next one they do the same again.) In playing a none tie-break game the way to get the most points is to win your serve. (If you serve first). Then disconnect and people do that as well.

(If you get disconnected you should get the same as playing it and doing the worst possible. Perhaps without the penalty for the first few times in a month or whatever).

(3DS Streetfighter IV online was killed by that touch screen special moves thing. Too much luck in Mario Kart for it to be worthwhile. I don't mind whether I win or lose but I want it to be soley determined on who plays the best if it is with someone I don't know. Probably the same locally but with a little more leeway.)

For online mutliplayer to be good you need to find a way of keeping the game fun and worth playing but stopping people being able to disrupt the game by being morons. (As far as I know Japan doesn't have these problems).



Dogpigfish said:

Local multiplayer is always more fun, but most gamers don't always have a buddy. I would argue most players are recluses, which is painfully evident by the ps/Xbox sales.



unrandomsam said:

@Dogpigfish There is also the cost which would be fine if I was expecting to get a decent amount of use out of it.

(If I was in a shared house or whatever it was great playing n64 with 4 official controllers when I did.)

Fighting Games I don't bother with online multiplayer because I am not interested unless I know it is a fair fight. (I could get a fight stick but then I might be playing against someone without one and having an unfair advantage. Local it is something you can control). 3DS or Wii U might be an option but I have not seen Nintendo tailor an online game for what I want yet. (I don't want to waste my time or other peoples trying to play online or playing people who have not even worked out how to play the game properly yet).
I would rather use 4 gamepad's than 4 pro controllers if that is an option.
(Quite expensive). But better than needing split screen ever.

(Or local multiplayer where you can use 4 consoles in different rooms in a totally ideal world - and I suppose me living in a shared house again where everyone owns one).

I would rather Nintendo not bother about online at all. (Maybe they sort it out but trying to copy other consoles won't work for them).



micronean said:

Local multiplayer is fine, but at this point it shouldn't be a "feature". Also, it's not always possible to round-up your friends every time you feel like doing multiplayer. Once you're out of high school it gets harder and harder to bring all your friends together. Online always has that human competition available--especially on those games that are natural for it. But with the lack of sports on Nintendo consoles, or mature titles, it's probably a moot point for Iwata.



miletich3 said:

Multiplayer may be such a vital asset in Nintendo's terms, but the last thing I would want is multiplayer ONLY games, such as Zelda: Four Swords before Nintendo released the single player version.



Slapshot said:

The simple fact that so many of the Wii U's games lack online multiplayer and are so heavily focused on local co-op is one of the main reasons that is keeping me from purchasing the console.



Lassenwolf said:

Nintendo bragged how they get multi player online since the wii and as the wiiu was coming out. Well Nintendo still doesn't get it. If AAA games aren't coming out until 2014, where are the killer apps they could add. Update Nintendo land, Turn on the dvr function. Wheres are gamepads to buy if mine goes out. Is the end result Wii motes. Wheres the music app or radio app. I'm playing Ass. creed 3 on Wii u. Didn't have to. I have 2 360's. I love ac3 but no one is online. So if some 3rd party can have Wii u games out why Can't Nintendo. And it's not because they are ports. That also can take a lot of time with a new system.



RawkHawk013 said:

I'm a fan of online multiplayer, but local definitely is a better experience! On another note, I feel Nintendo should not cater casuals. True gamers should always be the priority



iHailPhilly said:

Local is great, but they need added focus with the online portion. Online is where just about everything is.



aaronsullivan said:

PSA: If you like local multiplayer games and don't have a Wii U + Nintendo Land, you are missing out big time.

For those of you demanding online play: Getting 60 fps interactivity online is freaking hard and takes a lot of resources to pull off. Nintendo not producing games slow enough for you? (Seriously, those FPS games use all sorts of networking cheats and prediction style coding that does NOT work well with the precision needed for platformers.)

NSMBU isn't particularly good for local multiplayer to be honest. NSMBW was better.

The amount of collaboration needed in the Nintendo Land multiplayer games is great and manic. Have a hard time imagining that in online. If that was going to be online, you'd REALLY need to have only people you know play with you.

Really what I'm trying to say is that adding an online version would mean making another entire way to play the game. You can't rely on people being able to talk to each other clearly and quickly or read facial expressions of the person trying to hide or sneak a peak at the gamePad and get elbowed for it, or rely on the accuracy needed to snag a gunship with a grapple beam or drop off it at just the right time (much less shoot from it). The game online would have to be dumbed down and that would suck. Worst case scenario would be that the local play would become like the online to save resources so there wouldn't even be a "good" version just the dumbed down one.

All that said, I'd like to see Nintendo do some more online real-time play. I just hope it continues to be careful where it spends its resources. Hopefully, the expansion of staff will allow for a few more titles to pick up online where it makes sense.



BossBattles said:

Can someone address how it feels to play Super Mario 3D World single player?

I can't imagine being challenged at all, and that is a frightening prospect for a 3D mario game.

with 3D Land, it was single player, so the level design was great and could challenge you. making the courses big enough for 4 people to run around in makes me worried that playing alone will be less than exciting. (although fun)



gblock said:

This "local multiplayer" experience is why arcade manufacturers of old ought to unite under this console and do what Microsoft and whoever the hell that company was that did it failed to do, Game Room, with REAL arcade games (not crappy Atari 2600 and Colecovision ports), the "virtual" arcade w/ cabinet representations, etc. There was nothing more social than the arcade scene in it's heyday. And Nintendo could kick it off with their biggest arcade title, Donkey Kong!



JebbyDeringer said:

This is one of Nintendo's big wins over the "Other" consoles. Playing over the internet is not the same experience. It's good for other reasons but it's not nearly as fun. Heck people still do Lan parties for games meant to be played over the internet.



BlackStar9000 said:

All call of duty games have BOTH local and online multiplayer, I honestly need both because im a Soldier and I travel all, and the only thing I can do with my 5 & 6 yr old boys is Wii U chat, seriously Nintendo? WE NEED BOTH!!!!!!!!



BATRA said:

how can nintendo say that wants every person in the same room to play games with wind i do not have any body to play with games need to be online for me too play with people is nintendo coming to my house and play with me ? no



unrandomsam said:

@miletich3 I would be fine with more stuff like 4 swords. Maybe a very short single player to learn how to play it and then only multiplayer.

Keep the rest Single Player maybe with local multiplayer.

I don't like stuff just being tacked on. "We are going to focus on multiplayer" up to this point has meant we will add multiplayer to everything regardless of how stupid it will be or even whether it works properly. (You should never lag at least on racing / sports games. Dunno about fighting games maybe they should just not allow you to play the match at all if the lag between players is too bad.)



BlackStar9000 said:

@urandomsam, the army isnt anything like what you see in those games except when you are actually engadged in combat, Im not a Infantryman and combat is still rare nowdays for them too. I want to play NINTENDO games online (Super Mario 3D World) with my kids while Im here in Korea, Nintendoland would have been great for us, but alas, Nintendo keeps its head up its own burro and says NO to online because they dont think about people like me who can ONLY connect with family online.....sadness. Also, Im willing to pay to play online if Nintendo needs it cause I know that free online gaming is expensive so since $20 - $50 a year is reasonable especially if they take the Sony route and give online members Huge discounts, free games and an ACTUAL online community with full chat functionality, the gamepad would be my cam while I play with my kids and family, Why are they NOT doing this?



Lalivero said:

Like someone mentioned above, things definitely change once you're grown; You just likely won't have as much of a carefree life as your childhood-teen years.

Yeah there are people who can hang in person more often still but it's also natural that everyone ends up going their own ways. I can see how it would work better with local in some instances like Nintendo Land but I only occasionally get to play with cousins and not with friends as much due to most being quite the distance away.

It saddens me a little when I see all these other users praise local because they do have a good amount of friends within a reasonable distance.

About the closest I have now is this game store nearby called Press Start which occasionally holds gaming nights.



Supremeist said:

Well I'm glad!

In my opinion, games are 100x more funner when played with friends or other people online. I enjoy it so much and I'm glad Nintendo is finally stepping their multiplayer game up.

P.S. Can't wait to get my WiiU this August!



Araknie said:

@pc999 Sonic Lost World will have online multiplayer, but if you buy a Nintendo console you do it because you think online is secondary, it's so secondary that the Wii U is the only console, home console there's also the 3DS for handhelds, with online access totally free.

Glad to see that Mike Mason was only mocking Mario, strange way to love him but i won't judge your fetish.

Pretty much sums it up for me, all games have local multiplayer and some have online also. That's what a console should do.

I didn't see Sony nor Microsoft announce at all about any new game that will have local multiplayer, in the end they force me to go online even if i want to play with a friend. I feel distant to him, even if he is next door and he has to stay in his home so we can play togheter.

To play some PS3 games with my best friend we had to take some single player games and pass the controller every now and then, why?

That's only my opinion and how i like to play, but for who else should i talk?



MatthewRPG said:

Sweet. Online would be cool as well for those of us that don't have pajama parties anymore...



LuigiTheGreenFire said:

@MatthewRPG The truest words ever spoken. Nintendo is so out of touch with the gaming industry. Online co-op is not something risky or new, it should be common place by now. The only Nintendo system with anything worth playing right now is the 3DS. The DS and Wii are just about dead, and the Wii U is in a hole.



element187 said:

"collection aimed at the dreaded "casual" gamer"

I don't get this attitude toward casual gamers. If it wasn't for casual gamers dumping their money into the video games industry, the industry would shrivel up and die... Casuals make up the vast majority of the market. There is a reason why Sony and Microsoft were willing to risk billions to get casuals to buy their hardware (Sony lost that battle to Microsoft's Kinect).

Nintendo made a KILLING on the casuals last gen, and used some of that money to make core games that didn't do so well commercially (Metroid Prime 3, Skyward Sword, Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn)

Selling to mainstream consumers allows Nintendo to finance what they love, and thats making niche, innovative titles in franchises not very many people even know about, like Fire Emblem and Xenoblade... I recognize that without the dreaded "casual" gamer purchasing games by the truckloads, I probably would never see my favorite franchises created.



element187 said:

@Funny_Moblin I really don't think it would work at all.. Where are you going to place the camera so it captures all 4 players at once? The camera is constantly changing in the galaxy games depending on where Mario stands. if you had 4 players, as soon as the camera would pan around to show a different point of view, it would cut off the other 3 players from whatever they were doing.

SM3DW level design was created specifically because they wanted to do a 4 player game, and look at all the shiite Nintendo is getting because the camera is zoomed out like in 3D Land... I can't imagine galaxy being able to follow Mario while keeping Peach, Luigi and Toad in the same shot, unless all 4 players run together in a tight group... the whole point in 4 player game is everyone gets to do what they want for the most part at the same time.... Thats why it works in this big open level, all 4 players can run to different edges of the level and look for secrets/powerups.... with a dynamic camera, everyone would have to stay in a tight knit group, which would kill the exploration part of the game.



element187 said:

@Linkstrikesback The Wii U supports online multiplayer, so 3rd parties can explore it all they want, I don't see why its so important for Nintendo do go that route when there is plenty of companies out there doing this. It kind of goes against what Nintendo has always maintained that they prefer local multiplayer... where it makes sense they add online multiplayer (SSB, MK, Luigi's Mansion, Kid Icarus, also isn't StarFox 3DS online?)

The network programming involved with making Pikmin 3 online would be an absolute nightmare, each little Pikmin will need to send a network packet of their location to the other player so their Wii U could draw that Pikmin on the screen at the right location performing the proper action. And every single change in action would have to send another packet to update his location/actions.... If online could be incorporated into a game like Pikmin, Platinum would have done it for W101.

Platforming that requires precision would be very difficult to implement. The lag (latency) would really add some difficulty in getting this to work right... When the person you are playing with presses a button on their end, there is almost an entire second of latency happening before you would see that happen on your screen.... MH3U showed a lot of the difficulty you are going to have because of the nature of network latency. You see people you are hunting with mining in areas where there is no area to mine. You see people you are hunting with attacking the monster with his back turned to the monster, yet its still magically hitting the monster... this is because of the lag takes time to catch up to update coordinates of players and NPC's... I don't see how the dinosaur level in SM3DW would work with this latency and lack of being able to communicate.... it would be nice if they could add online multiplayer, but I don't see how it would work without it being super frustrating due to inaccurate coordinates/latency issues.

Shooters don't need a super low latency to operate, where as a platformer would be detrimental.What you don't see when you play CoD online is the amount of lag (latency) that is occurring behind the scenes. up to 100ms either way of transmission even on the best of broadband connections. The server chooses the first person to fire in an encounter as long as both players are aiming at each other, so even if you hit the other player first on your screen, he can still get the kill by his system sending that data to the server faster than your system did.... how many times have you killed that guy first yet your the one dead? several times per match, right? i don't see how precision platforming can happen with that amount of latency.



Goginho said:

@Funny_Moblin hmm ..about that four-player Galaxy game, I thought about this for a while now, and I always dreamt of a multiplayer 3D Mario game, where my buddy and I could play together. But the thing is, seeing 3D World is not the way I imagined it though. The way I always hoped a multiplayer 3D Mario game would be is with different screens and same room. Back then that would have been a bit too much, but today we have a GamePad, and I feel that this would actually be a perfect opportunity for an in-depth, two-player Mario adventure. I may have mentioned this somewhere before on this site, but I think it would be pretty sick if one player using the GamePad could be somewhere completely else in the Mario playground than the other player playing on the TV. That way, through communication, they could both solve puzzles, use their specific abilities to help each other, maybe even compete and race to the Star or Shine ..I really hope Nintendo consider this idea. I mean, don't get me wrong, the multiplayer in 3D World looks hella fun, but I personally always imagined a Mario World with, ideally, two players in seperate locations.



Gameday said:

I think we let nintendo slide too much. They said on the wii that most of these games were focused on local multiplayer or they werent able to do so on wii system mostly... So if they skip online based off local gameplay i dont appreciate the assumption that we are all kids or have family around like so. We get on a game for the wii u and it doesnt have an online option and the game screams for it... Then shame on you Nintendo its 2013 your system is more than capable so lets do it proper and give us what we want.. This system was suppose to be about us so keep that im mind.

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