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Thu 7th Mar 2013

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Pianist88 commented on Aonuma Talks the Legend of Zelda's 30th Annive...:

I think fans are too needy sometimes. The gap between A Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time was significantly wider than Skyward Sword and WiiU. Let the people do their jobs at a reasonable pace. Big projects take a long time in any field of work if they are to be done well.



Pianist88 commented on Lost Game Boy Color Banjo-Kazooie Game Unearth...:

I can't imagine a game like Grunty's Revenge working on GBC. It was frustrating enough on GBA with poor perspective plaguing the platforming sections! The question is, why didn't they just delay Perfect Dark GBC...



Pianist88 commented on Parent Trap: What My Kids Want From Lego's Toy...:

Though it wouldn't have mass-market appeal, I'd love to see these games explore original themes like the Pirates and Islanders, etc. Perhaps even classic sets can be reimagined? The constant use of licensed content has become less interesting to me at this point.



Pianist88 commented on Wii Fit U Update 1.2.0 Trims And Slims for a B...:

It's fairly common knowledge that the game merely uses the imprecise BMI as a measurement tool. It seems like a tall order to ask a toy company to supply us with calipers to measure body fat percentage. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people playing the game probably do not exercise like you or I, so BMI is probably accurate enough for them.
If one is only interested in the mini-games, then there shouldn't be a need to weigh in at all. Personally, I don't use Wii Fit since I like to sit down like a bum while playing video games after an eight-mile run.



Pianist88 commented on Rumour: Nintendo Employee Discusses Work on "T...:

I can see something like this turning Nintendo's fortunes. I daresay there would be a separate division and teams within the company developing this type of product - I also wouldn't expect to see this in the electronics department but rather the toys section.



Pianist88 commented on Nintendo Confirms Live Orchestration in Super ...:

I've found this "big-band" pop sound tiresome ever since NSMB DS introduced it. A more "classical" idiom, as seen in Mario Galaxy, seems more fantastic. This music is too cheesy - and it reached new heights of cheese in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. I wouldn't mind it if it were used for specifically appropriate levels. Personally, I think the Metroid series shows true achievement in its soundtracks, perhaps Zelda and Kirby to a lesser degree.



Pianist88 commented on Pachter: Nintendo Has Lost Its "Mojo":

While I have no interest in these huge third party titles and am content to live off of Nintendo's first party content, I am not oblivious to the fact that most people are not of the same mind set. I sometimes wonder if hanging around a Nintendo-focused website alters our perception of the average gamer and their wants. And let's be honest, NSMBU is not really the innovative system seller that parallels Super Mario 64, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Mario Galaxy, or Wii Sports. Even more grim for Nintendo is the huge success of Sonic Racing is a whole lot more fun than Mario Kart Wii was in my opinion and may lessen the impact that Mario Kart 8 will have upon release. There may be a bit more truth in this man's words than we want to believe.



Pianist88 commented on Investor Approval Rating For Satoru Iwata Drop...:

While the head of any corporation bears a significant weight of responsibility and accountability, I oftentimes wonder how fair it is assume that the successes and failures are entirely their doing. For example, the president of the USA only makes so many decisions. Some of those are shot down by other factions of the government while other decisions are made and enacted without the president really taking any part. I suppose someone has to take the fall, but it is unlikely that any significant change will occur just because a new guy is giving the speeches.



Pianist88 commented on Microsoft Execs Thought They Owned Donkey Kong...:

I am confident that Microsoft's legal team (probably more like an army) was and is always fully aware as to what belongs to them when pursuing these types of exchanges. It seems a little short-sighted to suggest that the company really believed they owned the rights to DK. This is just one guy who may not even have had any true decision-making power that simply recognized a popular character.



Pianist88 commented on First Impressions: Yoshi's New Island:

I want to meet the person who came up with the "new" and "returns" monikers so that I can congratulate them for brainwashing their superiors into believing that it was and still is a good idea. I mean, the first NSMB made it work...but does every single IP need to use it? Also, topping the original Yoshi's Island would be comparable to the magic that they pulled with Super Mario Galaxy It is pretty unlikely to happen.



Pianist88 commented on Impressions: Multiplayer is a Big Deal in Nint...:

All of these Mario games focused on multi-player chaos are actually turning me off to the character all-together. The last time I was truly hyped for a game from his camp was preceding the release of Mario Galaxy...I've never gotten a whole lot of enjoyment from playing games cooperatively with a bunch of other people. I know I'm definitely a minority, but I believe that these generic looking cash-ins are starting to tarnish the brand. Can't they at least explore different art styles to give these games some of the individual charm that help make Super Mario Bros. 1, 3, and World so distinct from one another? In other words, these co-op Mario games feel like new "versions" that simply replace the previous games. To me, their quest to include multiplayer has made them fail to provide these games with distinct identities.



Pianist88 commented on A Hat In Time Developer Claims Donkey Kong 64 ...:

I really miss the freedom of N64's 3D platformers. Games like Mario Galaxy are spectacular, but they take away the sense of self-discovery. Mario 64, Donkey Kong 64, and the Banjo games are probably my most satisfying gaming experiences.



Pianist88 commented on Review: Kirby's Dream Land 3 (Wii U eShop / Su...:

I have always felt that this game was a bit underrated since it lives in the large and intimidating shadow of Kirby Super Star. This review more fairly assesses the game on its own merits rather than simply offering a comparison it to its big brother.