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Pachter: Nintendo Made The Right Decision In Skipping E3 This Year

Posted by Damien McFerran

“I think that Nintendo gave this a lot of thought"

Nintendo's decision to not hold its traditional E3 press conference this year resulted in a some rather mixed emotions, with many fans crying foul and almost as many stating that it made sense, given the current state of the market and the impending launches of the PS4 and Next Xbox.

Analyst Michael Pachter — who was kind enough to drop by for a chat not so long ago — has given his own verdict on the move in his most recent Pach-Attack show. While he's initially critical of the choice, he admits that in pure business terms, Nintendo made the right decision:

I think it is a crappy decision because you don’t get many opportunities when you’re a console manufacturer to have the entire world focused on games. So it’s the one time a year that you can be certain that everybody cares...I think that from just a basic decision it’s an opportunity for Nintendo to really show off a lot of stuff.

But you asked was it a good business decision and, from your basic economics, it’s a profit deal. If you’re expected revenues from spending money are bigger than the amount you have to spend to generate those revenues, then it’s a good business decision.

I think that Nintendo gave this a lot of thought – they said we don’t really have anything new to show...we don’t really have any new Wii U games that are going to shine that are playable and, oh by the way, the reason that Fox News, ABC, etc, are all here is to look at the next Xbox and PS4, then we’re just going to look bad next to them.

I think not doing it, probably, is a good business decision. I just think, as a gamer, and as someone who is interested in the industry, I would prefer to see everybody represented at every show. Nintendo made a business decision, and ultimately, it is probably the right one.

Does Pachter's reaction surprise you, or do you agree with that he's saying? Leave a comment to tell us.


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9th_Sage said:

I agree that it was a smart decision overall, but I'm not sure why he thinks they will have no games to announce or that they won't announce any (if there isn't at least a Nintendo Direct I'd be surprised)..



Zyph said:

I think he's mostly right. But him saying he's a gamer? I think not. lol



WingedSnagret said:

I don't think I will ever fully understand that guy. He does have a good point this time though.



bezerker99 said:

I sort of agree with him too. I mean, what's Nintendo going to show? Pikmin 3 again? lol



SuperMinusWorld said:

"I think that Nintendo gave this a lot of thought – they said we don’t really have anything new to show...we don’t really have any new Wii U games that are going to shine that are playable and, oh by the way, the reason that Fox News, ABC, etc, are all here is to look at the next Xbox and PS4, then we’re just going to look bad next to them."

That's a f***ing lie. Nintendo has plenty of new games to show and they've explicitly stated so. Once again, Pachter seems to be a perfectly ignorant idiot.

Anyway, I do wish they would just hold the big conference but I do hope this strategy works for them and is a decent replacement for the larger show. I'm really banking on them broadcasting the smaller conference, at least.



HeatBombastic said:

@9th_Sage There are going to be several Nintendo Directs during E3, and there will be private press conferences if I'm remember it correctly.



HeatBombastic said:

@bezerker99 That was a joke right? 3D Mario, Mario Kart, and SOMETHING from Smash Bros. Not to mention several Nintendo Directs during E3, surely they can't just show Nintendo Directs for Pikmin 3.



RupeeClock said:

Now, Nintendo have two main sides, their ever-strong handheld division and their fluctuating console division.
The DS and 3DS had slow starts are remain the handheld leads in the dedicated handheld gaming sector (read: not mobile gaming), however the Wii U appears to be enduring much worse than just a "Slow start" right now.

Whilst the 3DS can certainly make do without a formal E3 presentation, the Wii U seems to especially need one right now to reach a broad audience not currently invested in Nintendo as much.
If an E3 2013 presentation was delivered to present a new 3D Mario, new Mario Kart and new Smash Bros, that would be enough. We know that these titles are going to a lot of good for the Wii U.

The reality may be that Nintendo now depend on internet circulation to do the work for them. The occasional, heck frequent Nintendo Direct presentations deliver a lot of news straight to the fans, but then gaming news sites such as Nintendolife and others circulate the news for them.

Nintendo have also proven once before that Smash Bros Brawl was commercially success with thanks to the official website's daily updates. A repeat strategy for the upcoming Smash Bros title could do wonders again.

Now here's a key thing, think about it, Sony has already revealed the PS4 in their own conference earlier this year, and Microsoft have scheduled an Xbox reveal conference this month. They COULD have opted to reveal new systems at E3, but didn't. Just how relevant is E3 now?

Those are just my thoughts on the matter. The grand spectacle of E3 has since diminished in recent years, you must admit the reveal of upcoming Nintendo software in E3 presentations differs little from the Nintendo Direct presentations,



erv said:

It is the right decision, but it's a silly jump to conclusions...

He assumes nintendo doesn't have anything to show this year, or that nintendo admits there's little news. I'd argue the contrary: they know very well that the wii U is best to be experienced, not just shown in a trailer, and I believe they've got the attention of the press in just the right way.

I'm all for a few surprises with some guided nintendo hands on time. This could just be the setting that impresses people with something new to show, a new game or a new extra - anything - and make it count.

I can see nintendo running away with a very positive impression ingrained in the minds of the press. Whether they will, though, only time can reveal



rjejr said:

Nintendo should have made perfectly clear that they weren't "canceling" a big E3 presentation, they were just "moving" it from a large stage to their booth. This is probably what they said, or meant to say, and the media just distorted things, but someone at Nintendo probably uttered the word "not", as in "not having a big show" when they should have just been more positive about moving the show to their booth. Being negative is a sign of weakness, making strategic moves to shake things up is good.

Edit: found the link, thanks to DePiper, first sentence no less: "First, we decided not to host a large-scale presentation..." In a Twitter world it doesn't really matter what they said after that.

If Pachter agrees with you - and your name is Nintendo - it CAN'T be the right thing to do. Doesn't Pachter also think Nintendo should drop out of the home console market entirely?



SirQuincealot said:

ddint they allready promise smash bros for e3 i think that alone would be enough to match sony and xbox



hYdeks said:

@SirQuincealot not even close to enough anymore...

I think this is a huge mistake that will make people more focused on PS4 and the next Xbox even more so. Starting to feel like Nintendo's decisions lately are completely inane E3 is to excite people, and Nintendo is not having a big conference and is having trouble selling Wii U? Gee, maybe cause no one is excited over it? MAKE PEOPLE EXCITED!!! >< Showing us slightly updated games from a year ago on your new system for full retail price is absolutely . I hate when people say doom on Nintendo, but I really starting to think Wii U is there last system, but not portable.



banacheck said:

I think it was the right thing for Nintendo to do but only from a money point of view, as Sony's already made new games announcements coming soon. E3 Sony's will be making more announcements and showing the PS4 as well as you'll be able to play on the PS4 at E3. Then you've got Nextbox with what there doing, i'm hoping Nintendo got more then a few games.



citizenerased said:

You think it's an optimistic article, but it's actually not, haha. Nintendo could be blowing everyone away with a fantastic marketing campaign and some awesome new titles... but we'll have to wait and see.



Damo said:

@Zyph He is a gamer, hence the massive amounts of gaming junk in his office. He says he gets to play around an hour a day, work permitting.



Handy_Man said:

Patcher is probably just happy that Nintendo won't have a major presence. He probably wants Microsoft and Sony instead, regardless if Nintendo is having a big conference or not. He's just asking for our attention so he can share his biased opinion, there's nothing more to it.



Midnight3DS said:

People will be too busy drooling over PS4 visuals. The glitches will look sillier than ever!



GiftedGimp said:

An Almost sensible statement... up unto Nintendo Wont have any games that shine comment.

Nintendo are attending e3, albeit on a much smaller scale, and i'm more than certain that what they do show in terms of games will really shine.



UnseatingKDawg said:

Ugh... this guy again. But, I'd say he's right in the business decision department. But I don't think he's right when he says that there aren't going to be any new games to show. Nintendo stated that they're working on the new 3D Mario title, a Mario Kart game, and they explicitly stated that Super Smash Bros. 4 would be making an appearance. That's 3 (or 4, if you count the 3DS version of SSB4) games right there!



Gnoll said:

Pachter says Nintendo's doing right? Then, sadly, Nintendo's truly DOOOOOOOMED!!!!!



QBertFarnsworth said:

The rumors have a 3D Mario, Mario Kart, and Smash Bros. as playable. You'd have to think Pikmin, Bayonetta, Wonderful 101 will be fully playable as well as well as a surprise or two. Nintendo maintains that you have to play the Wii U to understand it. This gets the press playing the Wii U rather than watching it be played.

The criticism that will be thrown at MS and Sony will be, "Hey, more shooters!" If Nintendo only shows Mario, the reaction will be, "Hey, more Mario." If Nintendo lets people play Mario in a way that only the Wii U allows, then you give the media something to sink their teeth into.



Boukman said:

One thing we can be sure of: Nintendo has indeed given this a lot of thought. This was not a lightly made discission.



Rafie said:

@Midnight3DS So are saying that the next Xbox will look so much better? Sorry I didn't hear you saying anything about the Xbox.



TeslaChippie said:

@hydeks It's important to realize how small of a percentage of Nintendo's audience actually watch e3. I don't have the figure in front of me, but I'm sure it would surprise you. The excitement and press it generates is apparently not worth the extravagance of a large-scale presentation anymore, and I wouldn't be surprised if Sony and Microsoft follow suit next year.




I said it once before and I'll say it until I'm blue in the face if I have to. Having at least 3 Nintendo Directs this year in a way is kind of like mini E3 2013 segments in their own way from Nintendo. Also the way how I look at things with the remark Pachter said about Nintendo saying that we don't really have anything new to show is TOTAL CRAP to me. How is he to know if there's probably gonna be some demos of a Mario Kart U or Super Mario 3D out there on the show floor somewhere at all. What a total idiot. -__-



-Crystalline- said:

Too bad. I wanted to experience that yearly thrill that is E3, and with Nintendo stepping out on this one, There probably won't be a large array of interesting content in there.

Oh well, at least DICE will be there, which means a possible Mirror's Edge 2 announcement. Can't wait!



Nintenjoe64 said:

I don't care either way. They either do a main even like Sony and MS and all of gamerdom find out through the internet or they do another event and all of gamerdom find out. I am bored of waiting for the next Wii U direct at the moment though.

If Nintendo have playable demos of Mario Kart and/or Smash Bros then they will steal lots of attention without needing a press conference. I just hope the show stealing moment is them saying "we pulled out of our partnership with EA to bring you GTAV with a new partnership with Rockstar"



schizor said:

I shared my similar view on Nintendos decision when this was announced not long ago. I still believe Nintendo is doing the right thing... Still not liking Patcher though



NintyMan said:

Nintendo's not skipping E3 at all; they just won't have a traditional press conference.

Pachter's right as far as this being a good decision for Nintendo business-wise and that they gave it a lot of thought, but he's completely wrong about no good new games being revealed and playable. Hasn't he heard of Mario Kart U and the next 3D Mario not only being revealed, but also being playable during E3? It doesn't sound like it, and that would be shockingly ignorant of him if that was the case.



Midnight3DS said:


No, not at all. Just mean 'next gen' in general, with more and more detailed realism, visual glitches will look even goofier. Just a side comment, really. I will be a PS4 owner somewhere down the line.



SethNintendo said:

Nothing to show.... Why is article labelled skipping when they are just not holding a traditional conference? Wii U software showcase at this years E3 says hello. They are still showing a lot of Wii U games at E3. Pachter is a joke and this is a typical Nintendo troll response from him. Screw Pachter and I will never click on a Pachter article again. Good riddance. Shame on you NintendoLife for publishing this crap.

Nice to see you clarify traditional conference yet keep the false/misinformed article title. Title should be changed considering you are just fuelling the false information of Nintendo "skipping" E3. Way to drop the ball NintendoLife. At the very least put quotes around the word skipping. Easy to see how big of a joke video game "journalism" is.





That's just the thing right there. If there is to be any kind of mention where they allow us to have demos available on BOTH 3DS & Wii U eShops , then they'll be stealing more than just attention. That would probably be MORE THAN ENOUGH to steal the thunder and ALL of E3 2013.



bunnyking said:

This guy isn't a gamer, and he doesn't know the game industry. Why do you guys still love posting his rants and his garbage.

I still don't know why you even give him a voice? He's not a gamer, he's not a game developer, he's not a console maker. He's an outsider with no street cred.



TonyBoySP said:

I prefer 2 or 3 Nintendo Direct of about 40 min. each, that just talks about games, than 1 keynote of about 50 min, that talks about business, market, and left just about 30 minutes to games...



bunnyking said:

I'm sorry, just cause I say I'm an astronaut and I have posters of Nasa and models of space rockets laying about my "office" doesn't mean I am in fact an astronaut. I could be lying.

Please stop giving him credibility when he doesn't have any.



8thGenConsoles said:

I still dont agree with Pachter a 100%. He thinks Nintendo made the right decision but for the wrong reasons. Pachter doesnt watch Nintendo Directs so he doesnt know what he's talking about.



SuperCharlie78 said:

"they said we don’t really have anything new to show...we don’t really have any new Wii U games that are going to shine that are playable"

No way.
Nice try my friend.



pntjr said:

But what about some of the games unvieled in Nintendo Direct......... We barely got to see any gameplay, just screenshots. And isn't Smash Bros 4 supposed to be shown?



Pod said:

I think Nintendo were very unhappy with all the negative faces they got from showing off Nintendo Land last year, compared to how much joy the game is actually spreading for the people who're playing it.

Ultimately the big broadcast shows have many players around the world frown at what they see, when they could be reading all the positives in articles from actual journalists who went and tried the games hands on.

I think it's a smart decision.



jayblue said:

this is what happens when you release old getting dropped left right and centre,third party leaving in droves,doesnt look good for big n.



dumedum said:

I would consider paying money as a subscriber to a Nintendo news site that didn't quote Pachter.



TrueWiiMaster said:

Nothing to show but the next 3D Mario, which was the highest rated exclusive this gen, and the next Mario Kart, which was the best selling game of any console this gen. Both of which will be playable too. Oh, and SSB. And all of them will be in HD for the first time ever.



gsnap said:

hahaha. Isn't it amazing how when Pachter actually says something positive about Nintendo he has to spin it in a negative way? Even to the point of telling lies. Anyone who knows what Nintendo has in the pipeline would know that they have plenty to show.



dew12333 said:

This Patcher bloke is quite amazing, he can say something that I agree with but still come across as a ****.



bizcuthammer said:

I dont think its cause they have no games to show... They'll have plenty of those. Mario, Wind Waker, Smash Bros U and 3D, Mario & Luigi 4, Pokemon X/Y, Zelda 3DS, Mario Kart U, Xenoblade 2, FExSMT and Retro's next game for starters. I think Nintendo just thinks its easier for them to do it a way that fits their style, and they know that for the most part, they'll get the same media coverage they'd get at E3 anyway. I still think they should do the show, but i dont mind as much as most people. Given the miscommunication issues and poor showmanship they showed the last 2 years at E3, i think they may be better off with doing things their way.



SanderEvers said:

When are we going to rename Nintendolife to Pachterlife?

Why don't we just ignore this guy?



TheVideoGamer said:

I still can't believe this guy gets any coverage. For every opinion/prediction that kinda seems to come true, there are dozens that haven't, & this guy still has a job? His job is to guess what will happen, & he's proved to fail at that time & time again, yet he's still listened to? Just what IS this guy's credibility anyways? Seriously, how many times can he be so flat out wrong and STILL have people listen to his "educated guesses"? Must have some real dirt on someone...



Gameday said:

So no smash , no kart , no rpgs they dont have anything ? No new support , or updates... This dampers the mood a bit this year. I like all consoles and am looking forward to what the others bring to the table indeed but nothing they bring will take away my support for Nintendo vice versa ! My mind set isnt in competition with other companies , more so they should be worrying about what we the consumers actually want outta the systems and more.



seronja said:

but on the 1. Nintendo direct ( or was it the 2. i forgot ) for wii u of this year, Iwata said "wait for E3" for news about super smash bros., retro "secret project", 3D mario and mario kart... also more news about WW HD was supposed to be announced in E3



SethNintendo said:

@Gameday Looks like you fell victim to Pachter's lies. Nothing to show = lie , Not going to be at E3 = lie. Try not to obtain your Nintendo information from a Nintendo hater like Pachter.

I am pretty upset that NintendoLife would even publish this bs and not refute his obvious lies. Just a copy and paste job with a half butt attempt in first paragraph not even fully explaining the situation. Get better at countering obvious lies NintendoLife or get another job. Nintendo will be at E3 showcasing the next Mario, Mario Kart, Smash, etc. They just aren't doing the big event. Instead they are doing smaller events (aka Wii U showcase). I'm done with this site till they get better "journalist" that actually stick up for Nintendo by countering false information.

Goodbye NintendoLife till you get better at reporting the actual truth and not just posting flame bait articles for hits. Cheap tactics used by crappy video game sites. You obviously only care about hits and not reporting the facts. Do me a favor and ban me from this site.



AlternateButtons said:

well....aside from saying "They have nothing new to show" (C'mon they always have SOMETHING up their sleeve) because we all know THAT'S a lie, he's pretty much spot on and I agree with him. Nintendo made the right decision to not try to compete with two hulking new consoles. Instead they're focusing on what really matters the most: their core fanbase.



Gameday said:

Oh yea of course they have stuff to show just not on the level of the competition i feel. They showed us everything they have in store already through Direct. The other companies have more appealing software to show off this year Nintendo already did their bit i feel.

Seeing that Nintendo is supposedly taking their time to make all these quality titles. I still think showing off Kart or Smash would be a big deal but if its not even presentable idk what else they could show to woo the audience , but maybe focusing on the Wii U capabilities Vs Wii's more since some are still believing there is no difference between the two , clearing up the air more so would do them justice.



klautrec said:

I actually love Nintendo Directs. It means we don't have to wait a full year to hear about the upcoming games. That January's ND was better than Nintendo's last E3 alone. We'll be hearing about Retro game, Mario 3D, Mario Kart, Smash brothers, and bayonetta might get an actual gameplay trailer and maybe a few surprises, so I'm still hyped for their announcements.



Zaphod_Beeblebrox said:

I agree with the people above who say this is the first time the PachMan has been correct about anything related to the gaming industry. Congratulations, PachMan.



DrewTheFox said:

I Can't Wait For 3D Mario For Wii U,New Mario Kart For Wii U,And New Pac-Man Trailers



Tony_342 said:

I agree that Nintendo obviously gave this a lot of thought and, ultimately, made the right decision. But if he (or anyone else) thinks that Nintendo doesn't have some amazing Wii U games to show off (including some we haven't even heard about yet), they're crazy.



Captain_Balko said:

Hey, Pachter actually said something GOOD about Nintendo! Granted, it was preceded by some of his typical drivel, but all in all, it's a good day.



TheRealThanos said:

@Gameday How the heck did you come up with that conclusion?
Nintendo already stated that the new versions of 3D Mario, Mario Kart, of course Pikmin 3, Wind Waker HD and Smash Bros will DEFINITELY be shown and more than likely some of them will be playable. Besides that there is The Wonderful 101, Project X from the makers of Xenoblade, Bayonetta 2, maybe a preview of a new Zelda title in the works and besides that the definite bombshell that will be dropped when Retro shows all attending E3 what the Wii U is REALLY capable of when they reveal their new game engine, including the title running on it. Reportedly even the people of Nintendo themselves were pretty impressed by what they've already seen, and that was just a beta...

And then there's probably a thing or two (or three) that none of us, INCLUDING the press knows about yet, but that WILL be revealed at E3.

So, in short: there's no need for all the doom and gloom.



QuickSilver88 said:

What I hope Nintendo is going to do is focus on the games.....look Sony and Microsoft are going to be focused on showing new hardware. Like all years when a company shows new hardware they are not going to have much playable...Mostly tech demos and the 3rd parties will be showing their stuff running on current hardware saying 'it will look better on nextgen'. Meanwhile if Nintendo has playable versions of major IPs they will steel the show and get far more gaming press attention as they will look on the others and only be able to speculate while Nintendo titles they will have real impressions from playing



Williaint said:

You are right, he is twisting it around. Since Nintendo doesn't have any new CONSOLE stuff to show, they are going to be showing their games off.
They won't have to spend as much money on a impressing the public. Shiggy and Reggie are giving a smaller "event", and there are those closed off ones... They aren't skipping E3, they are exposing their stuff.



Moshugan said:

It's going to be a pretty dissappointing show if Ninty really doesn't have (m)any new games to show!
I hope there's at the very least trailers and screens to affirm the audience of new games comin'.



allav866 said:

Pachter's still talking out of his rear end, as usual, but he at least got one thing right; it was a smart move.
When Nintendo started doing Direct videos, I expected they'd be for smaller games that wouldn't be big enough to show at E3. Of course I was wrong, as Nintendo Direct videos always have something spectacular near the end. E3 isn't as great as it once was, and Nintendo knows it. They're opting to bring new information directly to us rather than waiting for an annual event.
However, to say that Nintendo has nothing that they could show at E3 is not entirely untrue. They said they'd show 3D Mario, Mario Kart, and Smash Bros. 4 during E3, but that's only great if you're a fan of those franchises. If Nintendo were to show anything at E3, they'd have to appeal to a lot more than just Nintendo fans in order to sell more Wii U systems.



SuperMinusWorld said:

@Fusion14 You literally have nothing to back you up on this. We've already heard about a new Mario Kart and Smash Bros. 4 being shown at E3 on top of a new 3D Mario. 3D Mario is a big deal, in case you weren't sure. In addition to these three, we'll possibly finally get to see Miyamoto's project, the new Retro Studios game, Mistwalker's new title, and whatever else Nintenso has in store (which they have stated repeatedly is a lot). I am excited, big show or not.



tanookisuit said:

He's being a jerk about it again but that is to be expected despite what he said in his interview. He maybe an analyst, but he doesn't have a crystal ball and Nintendo isn't going to tip him off to anything they'd have or not for E3 so his entire argument is based in fantasy.



Neram said:

I agree for the most part, just not about Nintendo not having any games that are going to shine. I think they'll still want to feel relevant during E3, just by doing things their own way.



GiftedGimp said:

I think Nintendo will have a big suprise announcment at e3, but because its done loe-key will not get as overshadowed by the console unvielings thus actually gain more attention than if they had used the big stage to suprise people.
It's something thats been done before, not sure by who now, but it did work.



Gameday said:

Well just the fact that they arent going all out this year thats my main point. Yea surprises could be in the works. I hope they do have enough content to show us indeed. Im looking for some bombshell's too , i actually forgot about retro yes that would truly make a difference if they make something epic for Nintendo again crosses fingers.

I understand what your saying , but there's no gloom and doom on my end my friend. I forgot about the new Mario 3D too , in the end im just a concerned for content being shown this year and Nintendo not shining properly overall.



Prof_Clayton said:

I think this is an excellent decision made by Nintendo, for multiple reasons:

During e3, everybody will be checking out the new XBox and Playstation. If you try and discuss what are mainly the same games as the past year (minus a 30 minute spiel on Nintendo Land) you won't hold interest. The other systems will be new, and will immediately claim the attention of millions around the world, which means Pikmin 3 and Mario Kart U stand little chance.
Nintendo also needs to make money, and by hosting a huge expensive presentation, when nobody is watching, seems rather pointless, as it is a loss of money.
In this case, it is a case of the negatives outweighing the positives.
If they are smart, a few days after the other presentations have died down, a Nintendo Direct will come out detailing new games. Otherwise they will just be lost in the shuffle.



tanookisuit said:

Considering the conference for them is fairly pointless I don't see the issue. The point of the big conference has been penetration to the public, not the media, they always get their side show. Ever since Nintendo Direct took off every month they got the spotlight all to themselves as theirs no E3, no DICE, no Pax, and no MS or Sony holding big ass conferences the same day or week so they get ALL the media buzz which is far more effective. E3 for them as far as the one big show off show is a waste of time, money and effort.



Wii_Win said:

I agree with him. Ninty does not need more love from the close fans, it should put it's money into doing ad campaigns and such.



DarkNinja9 said:

i agree i think ninty is loosing it now and going crazy to many things going on and not paying attention to the fans .-. they cant even say "hey make sure we get the DLC for that game on time along with the other consoles"



SpaceApe said:

This is just pure failure of Nintendo. Stick a fork in Nintendo because they are done. They have nothing to give fans for the remainder of 2013. They had until E3 to give fans something of value and hope but because of their poor decisions with the Wii U launch it will cost many people their jobs.



JimLad said:

(Just hearing this news)
Is this good? Good for saving money maybe, but for publicitys sake... which they need a LOT of right now, this looks like suicide.
I'm sure they'll have something to show, but who's gonna see it now?




I agree with most people here saying it's a good thing, because E3 was dying anyways so nintendo pulling almost out is a good thing, because we now have Nintendo Direct which I believe is a much much better way to announce new videogames, and you can also watch it right in the warmth of your home. I totally support nintendo in their decision, they save money and a lot of fans are happier now that nintendo direct exists, myself included.



Rect_Pola said:

Fair enough. I already thought they ran out of stuff to show as a reason. The need to rethink how they make it a real experience again anyway. I haven't really felt electrified by the last few shows.



armoredghor said:

I didn't know that ABC and Fox news covered this. Actually, this might be a smart move for the company; In the past 7 years of watching these press conferences on G4, I have heard nothing but crap form all of the anchors; Adam Sessler was objective, had a degree and left so he doesn't count for G4 anymore. If you don't want to here a bunch of negative talk immediately before and after your presentation, why not put it online? Viewers will only get what they want to hear from the company.

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