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Nintendo's decision to not hold its traditional E3 press conference this year resulted in a some rather mixed emotions, with many fans crying foul and almost as many stating that it made sense, given the current state of the market and the impending launches of the PS4 and Next Xbox.

Analyst Michael Pachter — who was kind enough to drop by for a chat not so long ago — has given his own verdict on the move in his most recent Pach-Attack show. While he's initially critical of the choice, he admits that in pure business terms, Nintendo made the right decision:

I think it is a crappy decision because you don’t get many opportunities when you’re a console manufacturer to have the entire world focused on games. So it’s the one time a year that you can be certain that everybody cares...I think that from just a basic decision it’s an opportunity for Nintendo to really show off a lot of stuff.

But you asked was it a good business decision and, from your basic economics, it’s a profit deal. If you’re expected revenues from spending money are bigger than the amount you have to spend to generate those revenues, then it’s a good business decision.

I think that Nintendo gave this a lot of thought – they said we don’t really have anything new to show...we don’t really have any new Wii U games that are going to shine that are playable and, oh by the way, the reason that Fox News, ABC, etc, are all here is to look at the next Xbox and PS4, then we’re just going to look bad next to them.

I think not doing it, probably, is a good business decision. I just think, as a gamer, and as someone who is interested in the industry, I would prefer to see everybody represented at every show. Nintendo made a business decision, and ultimately, it is probably the right one.

Does Pachter's reaction surprise you, or do you agree with that he's saying? Leave a comment to tell us.