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Sun 4th Nov 2012

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nechestriah commented on Nvidia Unveils the Daunting Project Shield:

The idea is great... playing Steam games on the couch on a personal handheld sounds very attractive to me. (too bad the console design isn't as attractive)

They've also said this is meant to work on your wifi network, and won't be something you take with you. The market is niche, but it's there....



nechestriah commented on Nintendo Is Not Working On Fix For Wii U's Slo...:

@Hokori Do you not notice the absurd amount of time it takes to load between games/other applications in the OS? Things as simple as opening Miiverse can take up to 30 seconds, which IMO is FAR too long to wait. These things should be much snappier, and I hope Nintendo is working on a fix because it really makes using those features hard to justify when you have to wait so long for them to open.



nechestriah commented on Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward Bug Infects ...:

I just got through this room last night with 1 freeze, and one total crash. Luckily I didn't save as I had seen people mentioning this bug previously. Hopefully Aksys will be able to patch it, because this game is too good to have such a game breaking bug in it.