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eBay Germany Takes a Swipe At Xbox One, Suggests Wii U As Viable Substitute

Posted by Damien McFerran

"No used games blocking, no mandatory online, no fuss"

Microsoft's Xbox One hasn't had the greatest of starts - the announcement has been clouded by news relating to blocked second-hand sales, "always online" requirements and a complete absence of backwards compatibility.

With second-hand software sales potentially at risk, many retailers will lose out when Microsoft's console hits the market — retailers like eBay.

eBay's German arm has seized on this opportunity to stick the boot in, and has posted a promotional listing on Facebook for the Wii U which features the following selling points:

  • Keine Gebraucht-Spiel-Sperren (no used games blocking)
  • Keine Online-Pflicht (no mandatory online)
  • Kein Gedöns (no fuss)

This creates an interesting situation; sites like eBay (not to mention dedicated video game retailers which offer part-exchange deals on software) could potentially throw their collective weight behind the Wii U and PS4 — both of which will allow second-hand sales — while treating the Xbox One as a second-class system. A similar situation occurred when Sony launched the ill-fated PSP Go, a handheld which didn't play physical software and therefore denied retailers the chance to make a profit on games. Could the same thing happen with the Xbox One? As ever, we'd love to hear your viewpoint.


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belmont said:

Retailers still get money from my PSPgo since I buy prepaid cards from them to buy my software!

Anyway that kind of free promotion is great for Wii U (and PS4). Leave Nintendo and Sony's marketing department to Microsoft

The mandatory online is something very stupid in my opinion. Let's say my provider has some issues and I don't have internet for two of three days or that simply I don't have a connection why shouldn't I be able to play single player games?



XavandSo said:

I have a feeling Microsoft shot themselves in the foot with no used games. If you don't please brick and mortar stores, who will sell your product to the masses? The Internet? I doubt Mother Molly from the pub is going to buy an Xbox One on the Internet, rather than going to the shop and picking up a Wii U for their 3 year old. Microsoft, Microsoft....



Mk_II said:

typical Microsoft "we know what's best and just force it down your throat" attitude.



ScorpionMG said:

I heard they confirmed that there wont be a fee for used games, even so, its still sucks bad
Go Ninty!



RupeeClock said:

I don't think it is known for certain yet that the PS4 will not block used games, but I am hoping it is unlikely Sony will make a decision like that after seeing the enormous backlash from consumer, journalist and retailer alike.
If the PS4 just doesn't do all the ill-deeds the Xbox One does, it pretty much automatically wins at this point.



Peach64 said:

Not sure how much 'weight' EBay has in a console war. Surely Nintendo don't want people buying consoles it games on eBay as none of those sales get added to their figures and they get no money for them.



nik1470 said:

Wouldn't be shocked if you could buy you fee over the counter from game retailers and only private second hand sellers miss out. Still think Microsoft drop the ball and agree simple is better. I don't even watch tv or talk to random objects so I'm not sold.



Einherjar said:

And that from amazon...the guys that promoted the PS4 on their WiiU page I absolutely hate "console wars" but that one is just hilarious
Microsofts part in this "console war" is like a man without legs trying 100m hurdle and expecting to win

Edit: Why i read "amazon" instead of ebay is beyond me...but its still funny as hell



Damo said:

@Peach64 eBay and sites / stores like it could have a massive influence in the next-gen war. Second-hand sales are still of vital importance to both stores and gamers alike. The failure of the PSP Go shows that if stores don't like a product, their lack of support can dent its chances dramatically.



DreamyViridi said:

The Xbox One is hurt bad by the first impression it's made. The fact that it has to be online all of the time isn't good. My friend and I were discussing it and he mentioned how the Xbox One, because of how it apparently works, could take a huge toll on internet and electricity bills... more so than usual.
Maybe Microsoft can do something to ease the pain, but either way; they're in trouble!



ThomasBW84 said:

@ScorpionMG In terms of second-hand games, the latest I read is that Microsoft will set license fees for second hand games that are paid by the retailers when sold; any left over money is split between the retailer and Microsoft itself. In other words, if Microsoft sets a license fee of $45/£50 for Fifa 14 second hand games, the retailer would have to sell it above that rate to make any money.

If true — not confirmed at this stage — it would basically mean that Microsoft can determine second hand pricing, and only retailers signed up to the programme would be able to sell these copies.



dumedum said:

I'm not sure what Microsoft was thinking. There was such an outrage over the Mercenaries 3D save data that Capcom said it wasn't their intention and they'd never do it again. Microsoft... It's 'nice' to see them 'suffering' over this although I would have preferred Sony to take heat.



StarDust4Ever said:

Microsoft did more than shoot themselves in the foot: they blew off their entire leg! This is the one console I'm actually looking forward to seeing "Smash my _____" videos of!



TsunamiSensei said:

This is the perfect example of situational irony. I mean, who would think the announcement of Microsoft's new console would help Nintendo?



ajcismo said:

What I find fascinating are these Pro-Microsoft propaganda-type articles that I've seen popping up on various news/econ sites (like Yahoo News and Motley Fool). Its almost as if we're in North Korea and the Xbone was the only game in town. Then scroll to the bottom of the screen to read the comments and know all is right in the world and everyone agrees that MS is BS.



datamonkey said:

"could potentially throw their collective weight behind the Wii U and PS4 — both of which will allow second-hand sales"

Actually PS4 could go the same way as Xbone as Sony have yet to reveal their exact plans for DRM etc...



Ichiban said:

Im not making my mind about the PS4 or X1 until e3 and we've seen some games. MS could still turn this whole thing around with the right games. All this hate is just getting silly. But then again, im glad the geniuses in the gaming media have laid off Nintendo for once.



fluggy said:

The 2nd hand games issue would be a real deal breaker (if its true)! Everything you buy should be able to be sold on 2nd hand... That's just the way the world works. . . especially with the carbon footprint being such an issue!! If I bought a xbox one game and finished it, I would have 2 options ... Either keep it in the attic forever - or bin it!! That's unacceptable! Aside from the waste of plastic it removes my right as a consumer to sell something I have purchased and now own. . . and if MS try to introduced high cost licencing for pre used games it should be the present licence owner (consumer who bought the game originally) who gets the money. They're the one who is selling "their" game AND "their" licence!! There must be consumer rights campaigners ready to tackle this greedy, opportunistic company!! I can really see MSoft overtaking EA in the worst company in America category!



Fazermint said:

So Xbox lost the 'console war' before it even started. Look at Nintendo. They are aware of their legacy, and play on it by including backwards compatibility and releasing old games on the virtual console. Granted, Nintendo has a larger legacy than both Microsoft and Sony, but the 360 had a lot of good games from what I've heard. Backwards compatibility should be a given nowadays. And by blocking used games and requiring you to be online at all times, they actively undermine their own legacy.



MAB said:

Well there was always gonna be that game we already knew Xboner was getting day one



GraveLordXD said:

@fluggy that's the thing when you buy a game even a hard copy you're buying the license to play the media on that disc not to own it you just own the plastic without the license its useless , same thing for music and other media, Microsoft is pushing the issue further with this, I wouldn't be surprised if years from now when you buy a game you would have to renew the license for it every so often just to play it, we don't own anything and I'll say it again I hate the way the gaming industry is going and will never support this type of thing



SCAR said:

There are ways around this supposed BS guys. Microsoft already said they have everything figured out so their console works well for consumers. It sounds bad, but Microsoft hasn't really explained anything yet.



GiftedGimp said:

Sales of Xbone is going to effected by the blocked used games. Not only from people not being able to save a few quid by buying a used game but also family/freinds not being able to share game discs.
The thing is do people really think the Ps4 will not do something simular? EA Have stopped using the online pass codes, yet at the same time have already said the extra developments costs associated with the ps4/Xbone will mean thier games will cost an extra $10 to buy.. quickly denied by Sony but seriously EA and others would insist that a used game restriction of somesort would apply to Ps4.
Sony have only ever said Used games would work on Ps4.
Also if ypu think about it, The best reason to not go digital is so you can trade games when you've finished with them. By creating a Used game market where there is no or little actual saving to be made by trading it forcefully steers consumers towards going Digital only, a system all publishers aswell as Sony/M$ want the consumer to fully adopt.



Denkou said:

Prepaid cards don't work that way. Game retailers can only make profit on physical copies of games (and used consoles, and accessories, and this that and the other thing but you get my point regarding the games themselves). When you buy a prepaid card, 100% of the profit goes to the company that produced said prepaid card. For example, buying a nintendo eshop card will give the retailer a profit of absolutely nothing, and all profits go directly to nintendo.



SCAR said:

They've already confirmed used games will work. Like @ThomasBW84 said, they are basically forcing collaboration with second hand shops to be able to sell their used games.
It will only require one extra step, which is deactivating the link between your account and disk to be able to part with it. This process will most likely be done automatically at the said second hand shop, to avoid anyone looking like an idiot that thinks they can sell back a game that is still installed on their console. As for online, they could easily just put a cellular data think that literally processes 54kb/s, for ONE second every 24 hours or whatever.
I think alot of people are seeing only one side of things, so once again everyone is jumping the gun... They haven't explained anything yet.



SCAR said:

Used game stores won't be hating Microsoft when they know more about the value of their games than they do. Does Metroid Prime Trilogy or Xenoblade Chronicles ring a bell, anyone? Those games cost more used than they did new. That isn't right.



belmont said:

@Denkou Are you sure about that? If it is true why retailers stock them in the first place? If I buy a 20 euros PSN card I gain 20 euros of credit on my account but Sony may somehow lose some small percentage that would go to ship costs and to the retailer. If it is true though it may explain why Nintendo doesn't offer prepaid cards where I live (I want to buy stuff for my 3DS and I can't).



SCAR said:

I think they pay retailers 20% prepaid card sales. As long as alot of cards are selling, it doesn't matter to give retailers that much, especially for a digital sale which has no physical product.
So my guess is that a $60 game actually costs $48 to make, then $12 per physical copy from outsourcing to make the case and disc.
20% of $60 is $12.



TheRealThanos said:

Although Microsoft did indeed make a couple of BIG mistakes iniitially, nothing is fully confirmed yet.
Larry Hryb, sometimes also known as father of the Xbox, comments on his own site:
So we'll have to wait and see how this pans out.
So far I'm still going for the Wii U and nothing else, unless this situation gets fixed, which I don't think it will, from what I see and hear now. Maybe E3 will have some more details on all of this.
@MadAussieBloke Nice One...
@Araknie That depends on keeping the original console or not. If you would have had an Xbox 360, why would you want to trade it in? I keep ALL my consoles and games, so I can play them whenever I want, on the original hardware.



banacheck said:

Sony have only ever said Used games would work on Ps4.

Sonys already said "we are listening" the whole thing about DRM ,also a few Sony employees have said "this is why we love Playstation gamers, passionate about games as we are". Sony are not going to announce anything untill E3 which is very wise, and when Sony announces there is no DRM on the PS4. Microsoft will have to delay there Xbox One to make changes which will have be set-in stone, which i cannot see Microsoft doing after reading some of there other statements.

Come E3, this is all great PR for Sony.



DarkNinja9 said:

dont know if this should be a good thing or bad xD but good cuz Wii U gets some sort of advertisement and some fingers pointed at that make ppl think that wii u is actually new gen...but at the same time its kinda bad cuz its letting others advertise for nintendo instead of taking this advantage and show the console and tons of ads with gameplay and such



123akis said:

it just shows how bad Nintendo's advertising is.. Nintendo needs third partys to advertise for them



Varia01 said:

Interesting... I thought that the lack of backwards compatibility (Xbox One) was bad, but now everything needs the PAID () subscription to use. The Wii U is at a surprising lead for sure. Hi- fives to eBay of Germany and German gamers!



AJWolfTill said:

Not exactly, Nintendo don't gain anything from a consumer who has no intent to further support their purchase, if this is then picked up by someone who will continue to buy games for it then they will make money. Granted, it's better for them when people pick up a new console but it still brings them revenue.



SkywardLink98 said:

I'm waiting to judge the XboxOne 'till after E3. Every time on representative confirms something, another comes out and says the opposite.



GiftedGimp said:

@banacheck Sony will Not announce No DRM for Ps4, Sony learned very quickly about the 5 console limit with the Ps3 and reduced it to 3.
Sony also know that Account Sharing is pretty rife on Ps3, Hell I did with a family member we would take it turns buying dlc and games on download and most of the people I knew on ps3 did the same with a someone they knew.
This is why Microsoft had the limited drm transfer system or insisted on the purchasing account having to be logged into Xbl, and Nintendo have hardware linked drm.
Wether or Not Used games are untouched by Sony remains to be seen, but consider the WiiU is the only current and next-gen system suffering from lack of publisher support and is also the only console going forward known to not restrict the used game market/Disc sharing option I would be extremely suprised if Sony do not follow M$ in some way.
Obvously Sony PR are going to hold on to DRM information for as long as possible and if they had leaked info that M$ we're also placing restrictions, (which Sony probably did and Vice versa, other wise M$ wouldn't of gone ahead being the only one to place restrictions), Sony are going to put out positive statements like 'we're listening to our community' etc, etc.
Gotta be M$ some credit tbh, they have been pretty open about the drm/used game restrictions, but as was the case with Ps2 & Ps3 Sony are bragging about specs, but leaving out info about about the fundimentals of the system for as long as possible.
I hope M$ are the only ones to restrict used games, I wan't the console retail to survive well into the future and if Ps4 and Xbone do both hamper the retail sector with used game restrictions being so strong its more than likely the dedicated gaming retail sector or going to suffer big time this next generation.



Undead_terror said:

We need to change something, we need to call this site come on, so much xbox one news on a Nintendo site.



Wii_Win said:

Lol, I thought we got last this console war.
(We will actually get second and lose by a lot )



ueI said:

And this is why you don't predict the best console of the generation before it's even announced.



Captain_Toad said:

It's up to E3 and full details of the console more that is still withheld to give Xbox1 more insight.
But I still think that this console may sell but not even close to super effective sales due to the details were getting.



Mario-Man-Child said:

Ebay I'm sure generate a lot of revenue from second hand games sales so they will certainly want the second hand games market not to be destroyed by Microsoft.

Microsoft have truly shown their hand. I think if Xbox one doesn't fail it will spell disaster for gamers everywhere and lets remember MS are the new kids in console gaming, but they obviously feel they have enough of a fan base and brand name in gaming that now is the time they can start to do what they want.



hYdeks said:

About time someone took a cheap jab at another company other than Nintendo, and Xbox definitely deserves it. I can see alot of companies that make good money off used games basicly treating the XBOX1 as if it barely exists. To me, the XBOX1 just seems like Microsoft is, yet again, try to scrounge ever lil penny they can, how pathetic. I haven't cared about Microsoft since the original Xbox, and I already plan to buy a Wii U and PS4. I'm hoping this will be the nail in the coffin for the Xbox brand, I don't want to see Xbox around anymore.



Mario-Man-Child said:

Its a Nintendo fan site but it is also a gaming site, are not allowed discuss gaming from other company's? That would be communism your looking for, try China or North Korea.



Denkou said:

they sell them for three reasons, actually. First of all, they have contracts with video game publishers to sell products created by the companies. Secondly, they sell them for convenience. Video game retailers (despite common belief) are not heartless monsters. Where else are you going to buy a purchase code for minecraft? The common consumer will automatically think of a game store, such as gamestop or GAME. Third, most people don't just come in, buy a prepaid card and walk out. Most of the time, a person will purchase something alongside the card. This is what actually earns them revenue. Anything that brings a customer into the store at all is considered good business. to prove this last point, ever notice how the prepaid cards are never at the front of the store? They put them near the cash register or at the back, so you either have to look for them amongst other products or make eye contact with a cashier, who will usually attempt to push another sale on you.
So technically, retailers do generally earn a profit on prepaid cards, but not directly because of them. Its all business, convenience, and bringing in customers.



-Crystalline- said:

Why use a T.V to watch television, when you can use XBOX ONE to watch television? Gaming? Who needs that sh*t.

In stores this holiday.



-Crystalline- said:

@hydeks Want to know the difference? Nintendo and Sony are Japanese brands. They actually care about the quality of their products, and aren't greed-driven.



DerpSandwich said:

Meanwhile, on Amazon America at least, the Wii U page is filled with ads and suggestions for other systems (and no, it doesn't work the other way around too).



tanookisuit said:

I could see new and used retail being all over that. Game developers who are on the more greedy side like EA clearly like this new abusive power The One has, but retail is getting harmed by this just as consumers are. More power to them throwing MS and anyone backing that garbage under the bus. Good for them.




Undead_terror said:

@BestBuck123 It's alright to talk about it in the forum threads, but why on the news, I want to expect upcoming 3ds and wii u games and not people hating on xbox one, sure the wii u can benefit from it, but we already had 3 or more threads about the xbox one.



ompgsag said:

"eBay's German arm has seized on this opportunity to stick the boot in"

Das boot?



bunnyking said:

XBOXone's unveiling was a disaster. Even the most hardcore of XBOX owners are looking the PS4 longingly. Microsoft really did an awful job, I feel really bad for their PR team.



marck13 said:

It is acctually sad and really up to the gamers to react and not support Microsoft in this! If this console succeeds, we all lose!
I hope some Xbox-gamer step up and don't buy this time.

IMO "one" should anyway buy a (real) computer instead of this crossover machine.



Tuturoopa said:

@belmont "Anyway that kind of free promotion is great for Wii U (and PS4). Leave Nintendo and Sony's marketing department to Microsoft " I now understand nintendos marketing strategy



DaveC said:


No, BC is not a given. Both PS4 and X1 don't have BC bcause they completely changed the architecture to a MUCH BETTER X86 core SoC solution from AMD. It will be vastly more powerful than X360 because of this change. To have BC you would have had to keep the PowerPC architecture and these new systems would suffer for it in power and development ease. They also didn't want to keep the 3.2 GHz power PC because it is a heat monster. If they slowed it down for heat, then no BC anyway. The Wii U has BC because it does keep the PowerPC architecture and is basically a buffed up GameCube/Wii. It suffers power wise because of this and ends up the weakest of the 3 systems.

I would MUCH rather have better graphics than a gimped system just so that it can play old stuff. If you want that old stuff so bad keep your X360/PS3 too. No one says it all has to run on the same box you know.



P-Gamer-C said:

AS a real gamer i expect inprovement i expect bigger and richer worlds larger vistas bettter online multiplayer and more features if you dont demand better u will remain in mediocrity and behind the curve



mikeyman64 said:

I wonder if the reason Microsoft announced the ONE early is because they want to know how the crowd thought of the original ideas. They may come back at E3 and say "just kidding guys! We listened to you and changed how we're gonna do a lot of things." I can see a company like them doing a 180 even if it cost them a bundle.



Sakura_Moonlight2421 said:

@DaveC What is with gamers and this obsession of graphics? So what if you can see every crease in a made up character's design? Its not like you'll have any time to enjoy it and look out for it while playing a video game that requires your attention. Why would you put in the extra effort for finer details for it to not get appreciated when gaming?

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