Earlier today, Ubisoft announced that its hotly anticipated title Rayman Legends has been pushed back to September and will no longer be exclusive to Wii U. The game will now be coming out on other platforms, representing a big blow to Nintendo as it was seen as one of the Wii U's big third party releases that would help boost console sales.

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has moved quickly to soothe Nintendo fans' woes by saying the company has plenty of titles yet to come out on Wii U. However, he finished by cryptically stating that Nintendo would make "necessary changes" to the system to make sure it continues to grow.

Here's the full quote from Guillemot, which has the same effect as applying a soft bandage full of salt to an recently exposed wound:

We have a pipeline of games of very high quality coming on that machine, like Rayman Legends, which makes fantastic use of what the machine can do. [Nintendo] will make the necessary changes to the machine to make sure that it continues to grow fast on the market.

We have no idea what those mysterious "changes" may be at this time, but it seems Ubisoft has some issue with the Wii U. Guillemot did go on to say that he felt that "big games" would be less likely to be exclusively tied to one console in the modern era; he feels most exclusive content will soon be found in the online stores, such as the eShop.

What's your take on these comments? Perhaps the "change" Guillemot is hinting at is a price drop? Leave a comment to let us know your thoughts.

[via uk.ign.com]