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Ubisoft: Nintendo Will Make "Necessary Changes" To Wii U

Posted by Andy Green

"We have a pipeline of games of very high quality coming on that machine"

Earlier today, Ubisoft announced that its hotly anticipated title Rayman Legends has been pushed back to September and will no longer be exclusive to Wii U. The game will now be coming out on other platforms, representing a big blow to Nintendo as it was seen as one of the Wii U's big third party releases that would help boost console sales.

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has moved quickly to soothe Nintendo fans' woes by saying the company has plenty of titles yet to come out on Wii U. However, he finished by cryptically stating that Nintendo would make "necessary changes" to the system to make sure it continues to grow.

Here's the full quote from Guillemot, which has the same effect as applying a soft bandage full of salt to an recently exposed wound:

We have a pipeline of games of very high quality coming on that machine, like Rayman Legends, which makes fantastic use of what the machine can do. [Nintendo] will make the necessary changes to the machine to make sure that it continues to grow fast on the market.

We have no idea what those mysterious "changes" may be at this time, but it seems Ubisoft has some issue with the Wii U. Guillemot did go on to say that he felt that "big games" would be less likely to be exclusively tied to one console in the modern era; he feels most exclusive content will soon be found in the online stores, such as the eShop.

What's your take on these comments? Perhaps the "change" Guillemot is hinting at is a price drop? Leave a comment to let us know your thoughts.


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Kohaku said:

Plenty of games from Ubisoft are coming, after they released it first on the Xbox and PS3.



alLabouTandroiD said:

With the current functions the Wii U brings along i can't see me paying more than 279€ for the black version with Nintendo Land or another game i really want. When it drops to that price it will be mine.



Everly said:

If he is expecting a price drop than I would anticipate we won't see any Ubisoft games for the PS4 or 720 as those will be considerably higher priced. Having the game on multiple platforms doesn't bother most people, it is delaying the game that has the Nintendo crowd up in arms.



starshaped420 said:

i think the wiiu is an amazing console with really cool features ..... just keep the content flowing and ill be happy



Bulbousaur said:

Publishers will never be happy if a console is doing less well than expected... They have made their relations with Nintendo and their fans weaker by delaying Legends...



Folkloner said:

@ngamer155 Sir! NOBODY is complaining about the game being multi-platform. The issue is that at a time when the Wii U needs games and Nintendo needs third-party support, Ubisoft have delayed a finished title until September for absolutely no reason.

You'd think you'd know that already from the floods of similar posts appearing on this and other sites, but apparently you don't since you claim there isn't a problem.



shinokami said:

@antdickens Price drop is out of the question since they actually lose money with every Wii U hardware sale. Software sale is what gives them profit



rjejr said:

"will make the necessary changes to the machine "

He said "the machine", not "the console", which makes me think it is a mechanical issue and not a price or marketing issue. I'm guessing it's still a limited storage issue, though honestly I haven't seen anybody mention any issues. Maybe it has something to do with those 2 patches Iwata said are coming spring and summer.

Whatever the problem, SCREW THIS GUY!!!! 7 month delay on a game coming out in 3 weeks w/o a decent explanation is inexcusable.



Oscarsome said:

I've never really like Ubisoft, anyways. I felt they're a pretty mediocre video game software company at best. Things like these just make me lose even more support for them (from the little I already had). I was gonna buy Rayman Legends, I enjoyed Origins and felt Legends seemed even better, but now what's the point? Come September there will be much better games than anything Ubisoft will have. Enjoy your stagnant sales, Ubisoft!



element187 said:

@ngamer155 its not the exclusive we are mad about. Its taking a completely finished game, and pushing it to September just so it can coincide with a multiplat release.... I had $60 ready to plop down on this game in FEB. Come September, my money will be chasing much bigger titles than another Rayman game.

Ubisoft just transformed this title from a "insta-buy" game in february to a "i'll rent it on gamefly in September" game.



Moshugan said:

Har har, maybe Nintendo will release an expansion pack to the Wii U, much like N64 had the RAM expansion. It's likely to do with the upcoming firmware updates.



Vletrmx said:

My kids were really looking forward to this having played the demo to death. In 7 months they'll have forgotten about it which saves me the expense of buying it from these idiots. The household budget thanks you Ubisoft!



Moshugan said:

I bet we will have additional statements from Ubi to clarify and to contain the situation.




I was just saying how ubisoft is my favorite 3rd party on Wii U until the news of the delay. Ill still buy the game, but I will buy it used to make sure they dont get any of my money.



cyrus_zuo said:


If I still get Rayman it will be after it is HEAVILY discounted.
I'm sorry, but no.
I was going to be getting the game this month, then you pulled the rug out...why???

So you can make it a worse game by focusing on other less unique platforms. Maybe I'll buy it used just so it doesn't count as an additional sale for Ubi.

TOO LATE! You can't decide not to swim after you jumped in the water!
It's just too late!



123akis said:




oOo-Sega-oOo said:

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot says."He feels most exclusive content will soon be found in the online stores, such as the eShop". Which is what I said earlier in the previous article about this topic. Nintendo support the Indie Devs more and get their content out sooner. The games I've seen so for coming to the e-shop, look far better then anything Ubisoft is bringing to the table.



GameLord08 said:

Honestly, a multi-platform release was ultimately inevitable. This alone is a somewhat trivial matter to fuss over.

However, delaying it for seven more months three weeks from its initial release date? Furthermore, delaying it to around the start of Q4? Around that season, we know we'll be getting GTA V, Madden, Pokémon, Wind Waker HD etc., two new consoles to be hyped about and, most importantly, not forgetting that it's now releasing post-E3?

And they say they did this so they could reach a wider audience. Talk about a shot in the foot.



AgentAPE said:

I think this is going to be a reoccurring trend in the industry, its been to hard to bank on one console for sometime now. It sucks but expect to see alot of this when the MS and Sony consoles drop too. 3rd party exclusive arnt economicly viable anymore. Nintendo has already started by combining their handheld and console division in to one development sector as well as trying to have mutliple dev engines working system wide for easier porting.If companies dont do this they'll be joining THQ in a few years. In the end the stage has already been set for the next generation sales tactics, were just getting the first glimps.



Void said:

Which games do Ubisoft have coming? Besides Rayman Legends in 7 months I don't see anything coming for Wii U.
@Vletrmx Just wait, you'll have to sell your wallet to pay for it.



zionich said:

What I'm not getting is how does it profit them to delay the WiiU version unless it wasn't close to completion and this is just convenient timing to save face. But from what his comments might suggest is they found a programming flaw that Nintendo needs to fix or possibly a gaping hole in security.



-KwB- said:

Oh and by the way, high quality games I'll NOT be buying Guillemot !!!!! Not if you treat your customers like this ...



Mr-DNA said:

There was no need for name-calling on P184's part, but your post does ignore the bigger issue. Namely, the seven-month delay of a game that was previously only a few weeks from (an already twice-delayed) release.



FluttershyGuy said:

He can take his "pipeline" and shove it... right up his right nostril! One day, Ubi is one of Wii U's biggest supporters. The next, THIS happens, and he suggests "changes." Not sure how anybody could support Ubi when they're this inconsistent.



MasterWario said:

Funny thing was, I considered getting Rayman Legends so I could add another quality game to my Wii U library since I only have two games. But now, I'm just going to spend my money on all the Nintendo games that come out before September!



artofmana said:

Yeah, their whole PR shtick is getting very thinly veiled. They couldn't stop praising Nintendo's latest work and now they're changing tune. I don't know, ever since their E3 presentation I've had some hesitations about this company. It was the first time I saw any keynote of theirs but it felt very unprofessional.



artofmana said:

I do like Rayman and Jungle Run on the iPad is one of my favorite apps for iOS. I just wanted to point that out.



TingLz said:

I don't understand the delay either. I'm guessing something came up.



TheAdza said:

I'll bet nothing "came up". They are purely delaying it to appease the somewhat small amount of people (judging by the not so great sales of Origins) who would buy the game on PS3 or 360. If what they say is true that going multi platform is to satisfy customer demand (even though I think it isn't), them surely the outcry of fans on sites like this all over the world and Miiverse should sway them into back flipping and releasing the Wii U version early. I hope it does because if they don't I don't think they can save face.



AVahne said:

Doubt it's a price drop. Perhaps making tweaks and setting clock speeds a bit higher?



MitchVogel said:

Haha, it's the new Capcom! After that stunt with Rayman Legends, I'm buying all their stuff secondhand...



TrueWiiMaster said:

The problem with Rayman Legends isn't so much going multiplat as being pushed back by 7 months, supposedly just to allow the other versions to come out at the same time. There would be a lot fewer angry gamers if they just kept to the Wii U release date, and then released the game for the other systems later.



shinpichu said:

Are people really that butthurt over the Rayman Legends thing?

Guys, if you want companies to support your platform, not buying their stuff isn't going to help out.



TwilightV said:

Yeah, compared to Capcom and Square-Enix, this really isn't that big of a deal for me.



Xcape_DuCkMAN_X said:

BUBISOFT, GO TO HELL!!!! I never liked you bums ever since you took the Ninja Turtles from Konami, RIGHT BEFORE TURTLES II ON NES WAS SUPPOSED TO BE SLATED TO APPEAR ON THE VIRTUAL CONSOLE!!! You could have worked out something with Konami for a proper VC release, but no!!!! Y'all released a lame butt, soul-crushing movie tie-in, and had the audacity to release a poopy butt Smash Bros. Clone and you punks aren't going to do anything else with them???? Give them back to Konami barstewards!!!! As far as Rayman is considered, I don't like him or his series. But that little hoe-move y'all just pulled on my fellow Nintendo-heads all over the world by pushing it back and lifting its exclusive status is just straight female-dog!!!! Once again, Bubisoft, Go TO HELL!!!! WE DONT NEED COWARDS HERE!!!!




@shinpichu Well, the game was just delayed for several months right before its intended release date (February 26). In addition, there is an ongoing controversy behind the publisher's rationale of delaying this game, since it's implied that its done and that it can be released to retail. So yeah, people are angry. Vowing to not buy this game does sound silly though.



doctor_doak said:

I already have a low opinion of UbiSoft, and this announcement doesn't exactly surprise me or alter my opinion of the way they operate. It is however, unclear who's responsible for this outcome. Nintendo or UbiSoft??

I think Nintendo have dropped the ball big time on their software launch, and i'm almost inclined to think that the E3 presentation highlighting the likes of Pikmin 3 and Rayman Legends were merely empty promises, because they didn't have much else to show off at the time (apart from Wonderful 101, which they bizarely left out of the main program). It was Pikmin 3, Rayman Legends, and Wonderful 101 that interested me in the Wii U. Exclusives that gave you a good reason to get a Wii U. They were supposed to be 'launch' titles. Then they were supposed to be 'launch window' titles, then Pikmin 3 and Wonderful 101 were pushed back to Q2, now this game (a formerly exclusive title) has been pushed back to September 2013 to launch alongside PS3 & XBox360. It does say to me, that UbiSoft aren't particularly bothered about upsetting Wii U owners, much like they're not bothered about upsetting PC gamers.

I haven't bought a WiiU, but i'd be pretty upset if i'd bought one based on the titles promised for launch. Because as far as i'm concerned, there's not much of a reason for owning a Wii U at this stage, and the system's been out for almost 3 months.



erv said:

I don't see how nintendo can make changes to the console in time without new hardware, at least not significant ones? I don't get it.

If there's new hardware required to get the most out of wiiU I'd be seriously bummed. Whatever changes there are better be software updates and such!



Capt_N said:

@ this time, I imagine they have run into issues for the WU version, they would rather the game be released to all current consoles, possibly as because the install base for the 360, & PS3 are very high, or they don't want this game's WU version having any possible negative effects on the other console version.

Edit: There is another possibility: the tweaks coming out to the WU, may allow, or possibly require them to fix some, or all of the game code, to make it work. Unless Ubisoft gives an explanation, people will merely assume what they want, or what is a popular thinking on the matter.



defrb said:

all we need is an update wich unleash the real power of the wiiu!
or cast a spell wich makes our wiiu an 8 core game machine



Farmboy74 said:

What has upset people is the needless delay of what appears to be a finished game. Nintendo should have had this locked down tight as an exclusive when it was first announced, Ninty now have to make sure that Wondeful 101, Lego City & Bayonetta 2 stay as system exclusives. They also need to get their sh*t together and get releasing games, they relied on third parties for the 3DS launch that didn't work, they have done the same with the Wii U and it appears this also is not going to work. The Wii U should of launched with some killer Nintendo games, don't forget new Xbox and PS are around the corner this situation could get worse if Nintendo are not careful



Lopezdm said:

This is the SSDD for Nintendo.. I wish I worked there so I could get fired for having a opinion.



Lopezdm said:

@Farmboy74 I totally agree with you and I have been saying this for months. They seem to forget wtf they are doing ever since the wii came out. I feel like they lost their edge and think that they can do little to no work and still get our money. They finally got some of hardcore gamers back and now they have no idea how to please us.



Farmboy74 said:

@Lopezdm, I think the success of the Wii took Nintendo by surprise, this has I feel made them a bit complacent. The writing has been on the wall for a longtime as third party support is concerned with them looking for excuses not to release or delay games on Nintendo platforms. Nintendo need to give independent devs more support for the eshop and maybe set up some dev teams and studios of their own to keep the games flowing on Wii U



Grubdog said:

Nintendo won't change a thing for Ubisoft after this. It's about time third parties were held accountable for their own actions, and Nintendo stopped trying to do all the work / publish their games. Hopefully it's a wake up call for Iwata, don't hold back.



grenworthshero said:

I played the demo and it was fun, but not $60 worth of fun. There will be plenty of [better] games that come out for WiiU between now and September, and people will buy those rather than Rayman. This is a stupid decision on Ubisoft's part. release it now while the pickings are still slim and even mediocre games will look much better in when you have little with which to compare it.



Beta said:

Wait, they're actually complaining about the price? Really? I mean, it's next gen and is about the same price of current gen! Oh, and wait till the other two (PS4 and 720) make and appearance with a bigger price. But oh, both of them are justified to have higher prices because they're not "Nintendo...



MAB said:

Maybe they're making the game more difficult because I haven't even died once in the demo... Add that extra extreme MadAussie difficulty or I'm not buying



lebad said:

The problem, I think, is that the wii u is not Hacked, they want to bring the game in PS360 because people can get their games for free



AugustusOxy said:


If you believe any console making company when they say "lose money on each console sold" you're naive and I feel sorry for you.

I suppose you believed Billy Mays when he told you that you can get all this, a 99 dollar value for 19.95 if you call now?



rjejr said:

After Ubisoft's recent announcement that it wasn't a developmental issue, just a business decision to release all the multiplat games at the same time, I think the "necessary changes" that Nintendo needs to make is not working w/ @hole publishers like Ubisoft.



AVahne said:

Seems like the "Necessary Changes" is a ZombiU bundle.
And actually, it looks like a REALLY good bundle!
For $40 more than the usual Deluxe price, you get at least $110 worth of extras!
A copy of ZombiU, a Wii U Pro controller, and an artbook with developer commentary.
And all of that combined with everything that's in the Deluxe Edition, INCLUDING Nintendo Land (but as a digital download copy).
I know this sounds like advertising, but this is actually a pretty good deal.
Hopefully Capcom can make a bundle for Monster Hunter 3U to help spark more Wii U sales.



Banker-Style said:

It isn't the fact it's multi-platform that pee's me off,it's the fact they leave it to the last minuet and announced it.



rtr0GMR1 said:

I am tired of Nintendo systems getting crappy third-party support. Time to send a message to Ubisoft and stop buying their games.



Amigaengine said:

Really dont understand all the Ubisoft backlash ? They are a third party developer and one of the very few to admit to having more WiiU titles coming and suddenly everybody is saying they wont buy them ?

Not that nintendo console owners have showed their support for 3rd party games in the past !



aaronsullivan said:

I don't know if he meant a change to hardware. He may just mean software updates and possibly networking infrastructure. I mean you can't change the machine in any fundamental way. It's launched.

Reading between the lines here and with EA, I wonder if Nintendo promised deeper integration with Origin and USpace and all that but pulled the carpet out from under them. If not that, it may have to do with the battle on used game sales that the nextBox is championing (and PS4 will likely follow) but Nintendo has not supported.

To me, it just all feels retaliatory. If not that, it just feels logically stupid to me.



aaronsullivan said:

This practice of selling consoles at a loss is not new or surprising. It's just surprising that Nintendo has elected to do it this time. Nintendo was distinct in how it sold each console for profit in almost every generation while the competitors lose money on each sale of a console.

This is an old business practice called a loss leader. Ink jet printers use the same scheme to get printers into people's hands and then begin to make money back on sales of ink cartridges.

Later in the life of a console as component prices come down and economies of scale take hold, the consoles can become profitable individually. This never happens with ink jet printers, though.



aaronsullivan said:

How are people not understanding the frustration? I was going to buy this game in ~2 weeks. Now it will be 7 months. Plus, it's happening at a time when people have an admittedly awesome console with very few new games to look forward to in the next month and a half.

The "I'm not gonna buy anything Ubisoft" thing is a bit silly, but it's just lashing out when they feel powerless.

The game looks and plays awesome, but I will say that it went from a guaranteed purchase to a tenuous one just because of the environment it will be in come September.



Tryken said:

I'm glad that Ubisoft isn't making Nintendo exclusives. I don't think a Nintendo launch could survive anymore "help" from Ubisoft's shovelware titles after the crap they released for 3DS. Ubisoft is absolutely one of the worst companies in gaming aside from a few of their AAA titles they sprinkle throughout the year to keep gamers distracted.



Lopezdm said:

@Farmboy74 I do feel that nintendo has become complacent because of the wii's success. I think they expected owners of the wii would go buy the wiiu just because but most people that own a wii in tha casual market don't know why they should make the upgrade. I think the name WiiU, was a bad choice for the console. During my black Friday shopping most of the people I talked to had no idea that Nintendo even came out with a new system. One lady even put a wiiu back to buy a wii because she didn't know that difference. I talked my sister into buying one for my nephew. The big thing that sold her was the Mii Chat, and the fact she could play old wii games on it. Netflix was another reason but yet again I put in the work to let her know about the system. So Nintendo owes me a solid for the console and 3 games she bought.LOL In any case the people over at Nintendo America need to start using there big boy pants and letting Japan know what we want. Yes we want Mario and the gang but I want my GTA5 and ex too.



WindWakerLink said:

@Banker-Style "EXACTLY!!! TOTALLY AGREE!!! I think that is what ANNOYS me the most! I could care less about Legends being on the over consoles. That's whatever. It's more of that they waited last minuted to say this... What a bunch of malarkey....'bunch of malarkey...' "

Watch. Then Wii U sales of Legends will be less than the other systems and Ubi will say, "Oh. Legends is not selling as we expected on the Wii U. It's a good thing we release it on the other systems" and crap.

I just feel like Ubisoft gave all of us Wii U owners the "finger" for 7 months.... "Tch..."



Shanksta said:

I just don't care anymore. Yesterday I was angry, now that I've calmed down I'm debating on returning my preorder and not buying it or just try to forget until September. I mean it looks fun, but after his comments which may or may not mean anything, I'm still not sure of whether or not I want to kick them to the curb.
Yes, it was a douchey move, yes, it makes no sense to delay our version, but I'm still glad I got to play Assassin's Creed III and ZombiU. If they are just going to jump ship then screw 'em I guess. I just don't want to see third party support go down the toilet because of something like this.



SCAR said:

It doesn't sound like that at all. He said a 'changes to the machine'. I think he means quality software and perks that can help define why it's worthwhile to buy a Wii U.
Anyone asking for a price drop of anything within less than a year, is a fool.



OGGamer said:

@007 Hit it right on the head thank you Mr.Bond . Mediocre with some shining light on their record in the form of games like beyond good and evil for example . There are some others but you get the point . Retro they are not . "High quality games coming " oh okay humor us by naming one .



HouseofBees said:

It needs a price drop...but that's not viable without quality third-party exclusives to push sales. You know, like Rayman Legends?

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