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United Kingdom

Fri 30th Nov 2012

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Vletrmx commented on Ubisoft Confirms Rayman Legends Delay Isn't Do...:

I can understand the delay to avoid doubling up on marketing costs, but surely they have not thought through the fact that the gaming landscape will be very different in 7 months. Released in Feb this would have been a day one purchase for a lot of Wii U owners (myself included). Now, it'll be be a sad also-ran against Mario/Zelda/Pikmin for us and GTA and the other huge franchises on the PS360. Baffling.



Vletrmx commented on Ubisoft: Nintendo Will Make "Necessary Changes...:

My kids were really looking forward to this having played the demo to death. In 7 months they'll have forgotten about it which saves me the expense of buying it from these idiots. The household budget thanks you Ubisoft!



Vletrmx commented on Feature: EU Wii U Launch Day - Live!:

Kudos to the midnight queuers! Took the easy option and Amazon delivered mine today (no missing Nintendoland!). All updated pretty quickly and wii data transferred. Very happy!