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E3 2012: Our View of Nintendo's E3

Posted by Nintendo Life Staff

Christopher Ingram, contributor

Going into E3, I had no doubt that this was a year where Nintendo would shine the brightest at E3, seeing how they were the only company showing off new hardware. Sadly, its monotonous presentation style and promises of future showings (Monday’s 3DS Roundtable) just wasn’t very exciting for me and initially disappointed – even though it showed off some great games.

Reflecting back, it’s all started to make perfect sense. As a multiplatform owning core gamer, I expected a much different attitude from Nintendo this year. While it never stated it, its Wii U presentation sent out a clear message: Wii U’s core offerings aren’t Nintendo’s central focus. If it was, the presentation would’ve been much different: Friend Code omission announcement; achievement system showcasing; multiple core first party Wii U titles presented (e.g. Metroid, 1080, Super Smash Bros., etc.) and a deeper focus on Wii U’s online multiplayer capabilities – aside from Miiverse. Most importantly, it would have had much deeper third party showings to reassure core gamers that all upcoming multiplatform titles will be coming to Wii U, by having a few of the big-hitters like Crytek’s upcoming Crysis 3, 2K Games’ BioShock Infinite and Borderlands 2, Activision's Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Square Enix’s Tomb Raider presented on stage, instead of titles that the majority of core gamers have likely already played and can cheaply purchase on their other systems (Batman: Arkham City Armoured Edition, Mass Effect 3).

While I might have initially been disappointed by Nintendo’s placid presentation, I’m actually very pleased with the new direction it’s decided to take with Wii U. It shows that Nintendo is staying true to its loyal fans with the new system with upcoming titles like Pikmin 3 and Nintendo Land, while offering a deeper core gaming experience to them at the same time. There’s still a huge market for family friendly gaming in today’s market, and nobody can do it better than Nintendo.

Marcel van Duyn, contributor

Aside from Ubisoft's, I found all conferences this year a bit disappointing, but Nintendo's was definitely the least bad. I enjoyed finally seeing Pikmin 3 (which looks great) after Miyamoto said it was in development years ago, and Nintendo Land seems like a fun, if not particularly beefy experience that will hopefully continue to receive extra games beyond the initial set of 12. The F-Zero game looks way too slow though!

Apart from those, though, there wasn't really much this year. I was quite disappointed that Nintendo literally did not have any new (non-third party) games to announce besides those two, as I was expecting at the very least a little teaser for a new Zelda, Metroid or Star Fox game, or even one for the new Smash Bros. Of course the games that are still coming all look great; I just would've liked to see more new stuff. Nintendo's the only big company releasing a new console soon, they really should've tried to blow people away a bit more!

Jamie O’Neill, contributor

I was so hyped for E3 this year, I anticipated a Wii U software avalanche and I had great expectations of a massive Nintendo announcement. I set aside time to ensure I watched as many events as possible, starting on 1st June with a 6.30am rise for Konami’s pre-E3 show. Each presentation made me more and more excited for Nintendo’s conference. I enjoyed watching the Nintendo Direct pre-E3 presentation, because I presumed that any discussion regarding hardware would make more room for the conference to focus upon games. I had images of HD Wii U games imprinted into my mind: F-Zero and Star Fox were top of my list, but I was just as hopeful for a new 3D Mario, Zelda, 1080° or Wave Race. Perhaps even a brand new blockbuster IP. Monday 4th June was busy for me, from 4.30pm until 4.30am Tuesday I enjoyed an E3 marathon of four successive press conferences. I hoped EA would have demoed a Wii U game, but I was happily blown away by Ubisoft’s Rayman Legends and the care spent on the CGI ZombiU trailer suggested that they are taking Nintendo’s console seriously.

Nintendo’s conference was my most hotly anticipated of them all. I was content with the steady pace of its progression, presuming we would receive one huge reveal. Pikmin 3 was a decent opener, hearing that Wii U could support two GamePads was welcome and I was pleasantly impressed by the visuals and gameplay on display in New Super Mario Bros. U. I found it a bit hard to build enthusiasm for Batman: Arkham City, regardless of an ‘Armoured Edition’, as I have not finished the PS3 version yet. It seemed more logical to me for Aliens: Colonial Marines to receive a demonstration, given the support Gearbox showcased at the end of May. Yves Guillemot and Ubisoft were excellent again; I was expecting a number of familiar Japanese faces to be the highlight of the show, but it was the French who were the knights in shining armour of my E3. At 6.06pm, during the tail end of the conference, I sent out a tweet expressing that "I'm happy with Nintendo Land as a bonus, presuming it's not the final big announcement. C'mon Wii U F-Zero/ Star Fox, there's still E3 time left." I was hoping for a bang, but five minutes later the conference ended on a fizzle.

I could not help but feel disappointed. In the aftermath I wondered if Nintendo had their heads screwed on correctly for not revealing Project P-100 as a conference treat for core gamers. I enjoyed the 3DS Software Showcase, because my expectations were not as lofty and I am always eager to watch more of Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate and Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. There is a lesson to learn here regarding how building your hopes up can lead to a fall, but I am sure I will never remember it.

So, what are your thoughts on everything that we saw at E3 2012? Are you excited about what's on the way from Nintendo, or did you want more? Let us know in the comments below.

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Kirk said:

I was extremely disappointed with Nintendo's E3 presentation.



Dodger said:

They won, but not by much. These were soccer/football scores this year, not basketball scores.

What can I say that hasn't been said? Most of what they showed was good. Ubisoft could of used less time after they announced everything the day before and Nintendo Land needed 10 less minutes. Then they would of had time for other games. It is annoying that there were no big game announcements and they didn't even cover everything we knew about (Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem were missing E3 entirely. Animal Crossing! How I've wanted to play you in 3D since I first heard about you in 2010 and how Nintendo has insisted on giving no news or information whatsoever! I expected you at E3 after we had that one roundtable video but now I'll likely have to wait until next year!) but it wasn't as bad as everybody said.



RevolverLink said:

I'm still going to need some serious convincing on the Mirror of Fate front, but I can't be too disappointed in a year when I finally saw my most anticipated game in years (Pikmin 3) and when we finally learned something about my most anticipated 3DS game (Paper Mario: Sticker Star).

Which is not to say I wasn't disappointed with the overall lack of exciting surprises and reveals between the Big 3 this year. Those are my favorite part of E3, and there really weren't a whole heckuva lot of them in 2012.

And really, Nintendo, you couldn't have revealed one new game at that big 3DS Showcase you got us all excited for? Fire Emblem: Awakening coming to North America wasn't worth five seconds of everyone's time?



XCWarrior said:

The staff doesn't sounds all that thrilled with E3. "the least bad" "strongest of the major 3" and well some of them just flat out admitted it was disappointing.

There were no real reveals of games we didn't know about before E3. There are 3 or 4 games I want, so that will be enough, but I'll be waiting on a Wii U,that's for sure.




Its hard to say a winner in any E3 as opinions vary wildly. Its been especially the case this E3. Nintendo should have won convincingly with their new console and "innovation" but probably only scraped it. Presentation let them down in the end. Also, a few missing elements wrt to software and not talking about NFC. Also, why did they miss an open goal in project p-100. As for the 3DS, there was a few missing games like Prof Layton MoM, Pheonix Wright vs Prof Layton, Brain Training 3D, Project x zone in particular. Major games. Still, overall, there is a lot there to be excited about and mind boggling number of games I need to buy. My wallet hates me.



LonelyGreyWolf said:

Nintendo were AWFUL. They started great with Pikmin 3 but then it went downhill. They would dedicate their conference to Wii U yet they barely showed any exclusives at all. Multiplatform games and, oh, yet another 2D Mario game. For the love of everything, the Wii U is getting released THIS YEAR. Launch date? Specs? GAMES? Nope, none of that. Nintendo said that they had learned from the mistakes they did with the 3DS. Clearly not.

Now, I'm a huge Nintendo fan and I will definitely buy a Wii U. But there's no way that I'm getting one at launch. Two-three years alter — absolutely. Can't wait to see what Nintendo will release over time; Retro's new game, Zelda and so on. But buying it at launch ain't gonna happen. Nintendo are very ineffective. Again though, Pikmin 3 looks fun and Scribblenauts look great too.

Regarding the winner of E3, it's a no-brainer. And it's actually not a first-party publisher. Ubisoft blew everyone else away. Mediocre presentation, but easily the best games, with Rayman Legends, Far Cry 3, Assassin's Creed 3, the big surprise Watch Dogs and whatnot.



Purple-Pikmin said:

even though i was disappointed by the conference, nintendo still won. sony was close behind because the last of us and beyond looked stunning, but their efforts to simply copy the smash bros idea was awful. i really wasnt impressed by playstation all stars. and the harry potter thing? really? microsoft actually got usher to perform on stage, and smart glass cant do nearly as much, in terms of functionality, as the wii u gamepad can. it was appalling to see how reliant sony and microsoft are on ubisoft.
although nintendo didnt have any metroid/zelda and what not, they still have incredible games for the wii u at launch, and i just cant wait for pikmin!



randomlypikachu said:

i said this once i'll say it one more time

nintendos presentation was good but it just missing something .-. do i think it was it good enough to win though .... no and to be honest i dont think anyone won this years e3

anyway since im bored mine as well make some super early guesses at what i thinks gona happen in nintendos presentation next year

nintendo anounces what retros been up too, they mention a few things about the new smash bros games, we find out what miyamotos been working on, maby a trailer for a zelda or metroid game.



OoOshii said:

I wanted new franchise from Nintendo, a new hero, a new adventure, a new epic story. Am sick of sequels!!! GET CREATIVE



Token_Girl said:

When Ubisoft wins E3, you know there's a problem. I think Ninty could have easily had a better showing, if they had squeezed more into the main presentation. The Nintendo direct on Sunday at least could have fit in there, and most of the announcements I was interested in happened outside the presentation, which is fine. It was just crazy to me how they said that the main presentation would be about the games...and then...there just weren't that many games.

I'll tell you though, now that I know the shop channel is transferring, if I can play Wii games on the tablet only (at least VC games and Wii games you play with the classic controller/wiimote on it's side), I will pick it up day one. With a shared TV, it can be difficult to get through the backlog.



Knux said:

It's sad when Ubisoft were the ones that won E3. While Sony was the best of the Big 3, they should have shown more Vita games. Microsoft made me laugh like they always do.

Nintendo surprised me in how much they disappointed me. I was expecting to be blown away by the Wii U with tons of games, but instead they gave me the impression it's just a more powerful Wii with the same games (except with possibly more third party support). Hopefully Nintendo can prove me wrong in the future, but I'm not holding my breath.

@Sony_70: You are joking, right? Microsoft's conference was a complete and utter epic fail.



rjejr said:

After Nintendo's pretty bad presentation I've been trying to convince myself that they still won E3 based on all the news outside of the presentation, but I've given up and declared Sony the winner. Not that their presentation was much better, it wasn't, and I feel for all the Vita owners (I'm not), and Wonderbooks is going to flop after all the collectors get the Harry Potter stuff, but watching the 2 "sizzle reels' as Sony calls them for the PS3 and Vita I realize they do have the games, and games are what matters. Sony's presentation felt a little too "adult" with Beyond, GOW, and AC3, but they still have Battle Royale (even if it is an embarrassing ripoff it's still coming) and LBPKarting (have there been enough karting games that we don't have to consider them all Mario rip-offs?) and Sly Cooper.
But here's why Nintendo really lost - they are launching a brand new home console and they coudln't close the deal. There was much more of a "gotta-have-it" vibe towards the WiiU last year than this year. You can't announce a new console and not be the clear winner, b/c if you aren't the clear winner then you lost. Project P100 and Game and Wario and all the social media and the VC and save transfers should have been in the presentation. And Miyamoto should have CLOSED w/ Pikmin 3, waving that Pikmin doll around saying good-bye, not opening it. Whoever set up NintednoLand as the finale should be fired.



Slapshot said:

I don't get into the "who wins E3" debate(s), simply because it always boils down to said person's personal preferences — it's subjective with no clear terms for victory.

I didn't really get into anything outside of Nintendo in the article, but I was quite pleased when Sony boldly stated that their top priority is their core gamers, and have a massive list of upcoming games to prove it. It's a shame that their mismanaged time didn't overly show it. Their virtual E3 show-floor on PS Home was a real treat this year though, and I hope Nintendo does something of its ilk in Miiverse in coming years.

Not much to say about Microsofts' conference. Their two big titles are late sequels that aren't even being developed by their original creators. I still a bit baffled by their conference. It's almost like they're losing focus on the gaming side of their company.



LittleIrves said:

As Damien and Corbie said, once the dust clears a bit I think everyone will scale back their extreme negativity and see the goods that were outlined at this year's show. Also: "Winning" E3 has very little affect on the actual outcome in the market. GameCube was a smash success at E3. Wii and DS were both seen as weird, underwhelming curiosities. If nothing else, the lukewarm response to Wii U this year will hopefully keep its release price in a reasonable place...



shingi_70 said:


When talking about what's the mainstream as well as retailers want Microsoft won. They have a mature ecosystem as well as major anmouncmemts.

They showed that they will have arguably the two biggest games this holiday season in halo and call of duty with exclusive content on one of them.

A lot of people use the Nike+ line so having a product that intergates then is a smart move. Have seen a few non gaming websites I go pick up on that.

Smartglass to the mainstream media was the higloht of the show and they had some nice support behind it. (All Microsoft games, ubisoft,EA, media partners)

They showed off a major content win in getting all of espn as well ss content partners like sesame street as well as nick ans stuff like sesame street kinect.

With that and showing ally of interconnected between there main platforms (xbox,Windows 8 ,Windows phone 8) as well as supprpting other platforms such as ios and aneroid Microsoft is poised to won he holiday season.

Or are you one pf those people who think E3 is still about gamed when its quickly becoming an event comparable to CES.



Blaze said:

In my opinion Nintendo still won, but only due to the fact that Sony's conference was completely lackluster and Microsoft's was as crap as ever. But yeah, E3 was disappointing.



Drewroxsox said:

If you think nintendo making me undecided about WiiU is a good thing, then they definitely won e3 :/



komicturtle said:

Of the big 3, Sony stole my heart. However, the lack of Vita games hurts me

I want a Vita but they haven't convinced me enough to get one... Nintendo showed 23 games on WiiU (which is a lot) and 3 big 3DS hits coming out in two months and then holiday season... Don't know if I can afford the big hits at once...

Microsoft's presentation was lame. All these Xbox Music and ESPN crap should have not been shown at E3.

As for who won E3- Ubisoft. imo.



TheDreamingHawk said:

E3 was great for nintendo, guys, you should know by know that not EVERY year will be like 2004. NSMBU was amazing, and I think so far it is the best game on the wii U currently announced. I don't get why people are complaining about it, especially since this and NSMB2 have been the ONLY 2 titles in the 2D series released within the last 3 years. NSMBW was 3 years apart from the original, and even then people complained. No need to whine because there's too much mario, as that's actually a good thing. (They are on different platforms to appeal to everyone."

Also, I was really hoping for a new starfox or 2D metroid, but after Nintendo land, I am really happy about that. It's a little game to tide us over in all series until a new series. THEY EVEN BROUGHT FREAKING MYSTERY Of MURSAME'S CASTLE back to Nintendo land! And that was even more rare than the mother games in Smash bros references, as the game only had 1 reference in the whole SSB series.

Plus, think about it. Wii didn't have a groundbreaking launch either, but got really good the next year. (I don't care about the wii version of TP, that was just a simple port compared to a zelda game being made exclusively at launch.) Just wait before we all worry about the miiverse moderation and ETC.

As for the 3DS conference, I will agree that it was bad. That swapnote and the little speech at the beginning of the conference said that "There will be NEW games revealed tonight." Yet every one was a game we knew about to some extent. Not even ANIMAL CROSSING was shown, which was more expected than Paper mario and confirmed for Japan already for this year. Luckily Reggie saved it with NSAF and Fire emblem.

I think it was a fantastic year, and it was not bad at all. Guys, if you want to see what a terrible E3 is, check out 2008's events. No good titles of any series (No Mario or Zelda), Animal Crossing was a wii port of Wild world (DIRECTLY), Wii Music was poorly shown, Cammie Dunaway was as scary as Giygas, and the aftershow had nothing of interest to play either. Microsoft and Sony's conferences were like that this year.

So I would rate each conference:

Nintendo: 10/10 (Not compared to other years, only to the other conferences this year)
Ubisoft: 6/10
Microsoft: 5/10
EA: 3/10
Sony: 1/10



Silvervisiona said:

I'm still a bit stunned at Nintendo's E3 strategy, which only resulted in good in my mind because I have been forced to change my typical expectations. Nintendo showed off some great games, and I am honestly impressed how successfully they are pulling the Wii U launch together with only a few months to go.

However, I am stunned at how we have literally zero information or official announcements on any titles outside the launch window. This is the first time I have ever seen this happen at a Nintendo E3. Every company always shows off the newest title and IP way ahead of time. Heck, almost half of 2011 Nintendo E3 was for games of this year. In 2012 they showed nothing beyond one year. This is severely disappointing to fans, and surely investors. It's a little disconcerting to not know what will be coming out after launch. What third party support will the Wii actually have? What will I have to look forward to after I get the stellar games they showed this year? Why not use E3 the way it is set up for, publicity?

Due to the legitimately good titles shown this year, Nintendo won it's own E3, but not the E3 that I am accustomed to.



Reala said:

I thought they where all lacklustre with nintendo being the least worst, not a terrible E3 where a few good games shown but no real wow factor for me this year, pretty mediocre over all I'd say.



Mahe said:

Pikmin - sucks. Luigi's Mansion - sucks. Lords of Shadow - sucks. Why should I be interested in sequels for games I didn't like? Nintendo is no way showing the kind of creative bout they had with the DS and Wii. The 3DS is a complete cluster of boring games and been there, done that, and Wii U is looking quite ho-hum itself - not the kind of excitement you want going into a new console's launch. Whether that impression is true or not, Nintendo failed E3 by leaving an impression like that.



LavaTwilight said:

I for one am fed up with everyone being so disappointed. I think the final paragraph is true to everyone; they're all expecting some huge unveiling of a new game or something unexpected but there wasn't. So where do we go? Well the Wii U will still be purchased at the end of the year by most of us with the initial releases keeping us happy! Meanwhile with that underway Nintendo will most likely be entering a lot of B2B meetings to negotiate inviting more developers and designers to port their games to the Wii U. And come E3 2013 we'll most likely see the games people naively expected to see this year: Starfox, F Zero, Zelda(?), Metroid, SMASH BROS WII U!
In the meantime what Nintendo have already offered should see us through until the end of Q1 at least!



mamp said:

They were good compared to everyone else (well not Ubisoft) but overall I wouldn't say they were good.



hYdeks said:

Win is such a stupid word for it all Honestly, it was a not too bad of a E3 in all, not one company was really better than the other this year.



BattleBorn said:

"Once the dust settles and we learn more", we might look back slightly more positively... except that's what people were saying about Nintendo's E3 2011 showing. Everyone assured us that it was just a preamble for the giant blow-out of system specs, network information and blockbuster game announcements that E3 2012 would've been. Except it wasn't. And now E3 2011 looks even worse.

There were too many "maybes" in this E3 from all three console manufacturers, but the "maybes" from Nintendo are by far the most painful and disillusioning. They are in absolutely no position to keep people hanging like that. They should have created some hype for future titles, not focus exclusively on the badly-defined "launch period".

Even within Nintendo there is too much contradiction. Reggie assures us that it'll be a hugely-powerful machine geared towards core gaming, yet Katsuya Eguchi goes around bleating that "performance doesn't matter" and other excuses identical to the ones used to justify Wii's inferior horsepower. How are they going to articulate a coherent marketing message if the figureheads themselves aren't in agreement of what they want to convey?



Knuckles said:

Overall I was dissapointed by Nintendo's 3DS showcase. I was wanting more games revealed.



Radixxs said:

I don't care who won, but Nintendo lost me a little bit. I don't really care much about getting the Wii U at launch or soon after. If it's priced over $299, it will be a long while before I get one at all.



NintyMan said:

All I can say is that once again people shouldn't have lofty expectations that only lead too easily to disappointment. They do it every year, and every year they moan and groan, but you know what? Most of them will give in and still get the Wii U when hype builds up toward its release.

There's not going to be a truly amazing E3 conference every year like in E3 2010. Next year, I think Nintendo will try to do better, but I'm still going to have my expectations low. People will forget to lower their's and will still moan and groan, just like this year.



Radixxs said:

@NintyFan Nintendo sets their own expectations. They keep mum about the Wii U for an entire year, telling people to wait for E3. I doubt anyone was hoping for Nintendo Land when they heard that.

E3 2010 was great for Nintendo, many new games and surprises. Anyone who saw that will expect the same year after year.



verymetal said:

Ok, let me see if I understand this. Xbox showed Halo 4, Sony showed the Last of Us, and Nintendo showed...Pikmin 3! I get it now, I see the direction Nintendo is going in and it is not for me, sorry. I have supported them ever since the NES, but after this E3 (yes, it was very bad) the casuals can have them. I don't get how anyone can justify that E3 was good for Nintendo. I mean when your starving even a cracker looks good, but I am looking for a ribeye steak, not a cracker.



sc100 said:

People were disappointed with Nintendo Land because they were hoping for something else but I think people will find Nintendo Land is going to be a lot of fun, especially as it's hooked up to the Miiverse. I also think Animal Crossing 3DS was delayed so they could integrate Miiverse into it, which should be really cool and fit the series well.



JamieO said:

@NintyFan Yep, I had loft expectations and I was easily disappointed. I knew from the very first Wii U announcement that I would buy it on day one. I even have a Wii U savings kitty, which I throw any spare money into, so that I am ready for a possible holiday release.

I feel that in time history will regard 2012 as not being a memorable Nintendo E3 conference. It did not have enough impact, considering the launch software possibilities and the expectations that surround the impending release of a brand new console.

Gamers should be able to share an honest opinion, without being considered moaners and groaners. I felt exactly as you described, I own both Sony and Nintendo platforms and consider myself a fan of Nintendo, since arcade Donkey Kong and especially from my console/ handheld purchases at the very start of the Nineties.

If someone has a strong objective opinion and shares their disappointment, it is not necessarily a "moan", it is a genuine reaction to their experience of E3.

On a side note, I agree that E3 2010 was stunning for Nintendo and a very hard act to follow.



Adhrast said:

Overall a "so-so" E3. Nintendo is building hype for Wii U in a good way, imho, but the 3DS part was depressingly lacking, it's all stuff we had already seen or heard of
Anyway, I'd like to remind everyone that there's the TGS in September, I think THAT'S what we should be waiting for



Slapshot said:

@Alucard I think Nintendo's presentation was a bit hard to swallow for older gamers. It's great to have a Nintendo system with that wonderful Nintendo 'magic' that only they can develop, but it's also nice to have games that fit an older gamer's taste as well. When they started showing off Mass Effect 3 and Batman: Arkham City, I knew it wasn't a smart move on their part.

Pikmin 3 looked really good, but when Miyamoto stated that it was designed for Motion Plus, I really couldn't believe what he just stated. You're opening the show unveiling the final form of your new system, and you just stated that it's not designed to play with its control.... really? Instantly, I though: This means I'll be running my TV, the Wii U, the Wii U's Gamepad and a Wiimote and Nunchuk to play Pikmin 3. That's a lot of equipment, and two of them are battery powered and need to be charged beforehand. It's a bit too much in my honest opinion, and was the first disappointment of many during the press conference.



y2josh said:

Reggie looks so slow in that picture with the Pikmin. Iwata and Miyamoto are at least trying to disguise the fact that they are holding plush dolls.

And "Win" is a silly word to be used, but I really can't say Nintendo "Won" because this should have been a huge E3 for them with the Wii U and they managed to let people down. Not all people, but people.

Overall, E3 sounds like it was a snooze fest.



cammy said:

I think Nintendo are being very clever in the information they are presenting across E3. They are carefully showing that the Wii U is not just an upgraded Wii and that the Wii Gamepad is not just a novelty. The presentation did not blow me away, but it carefully pushed back many of the bad memes surrounding the Wii U. They are trying to prevent what happened to the 3DS where people assumed it was a DS with 3D tagged on as a novelty.

That said, I think the Wii U is possible revolutionary. But not in terms of pure gaming. Reggie hinted at in the presentation, "it will change the way you interact with your TV" and he is right. All the research at the moment in TV and social media indicates that people are using tablets and laptops while watching TV and here is Nintendo offering you a tablet connected to your TV, internet capable and with a full moderated social media network. It's going to change how families use their TVs especially supporting streaming services like Amazon and Netflix.

Though I'm very disappointed that there is no mention of price. This is what is holding me back about being excited about the Wii U. It has to be reasonable priced to be a success.



3DS_Supporter said:

Their's was pretty meh aside from Pikmin 3. 2010's E3 had to have been the best of Nintendo in some time.



JamieO said:

@Alucard I like your comment, because your description of a category of "games as games" does not require gore, bloodshed or any crassness to be considered a core gamer's game.

It just need needs to be imaginative, exuberant, inventive and fun. They can be colourful and by today's expectations, they can be childish.

However, the 8-bit or 16-bit era's games were not just for children. In the modern gaming landscape the colourful expression of a game can be construed as being infantile, regardless of the complexities, or intricacies of its gameplay,

By your definition I would consider that Kirby's Epic Yarn and Klonoa are both a "game as a game" and the more titles that are released like that, quite frankly, the better. These are games that are ideal for core gamers, unfortunately there is some confusion regarding their art style and presentation, which can unsettle a more gruff type of gamer.



TimboBaggins said:

They had more titles to talk about that they flat out ignored. Game and Wario and Project P-100 should have been mentioned, even briefly. And they should have made a bigger deal about Mass Effect 3 instead of glossing over it. Ubisoft was the ish this year.



Yrreiht said:

Nintendo didn't win, they didn't show anything new or really interesting except for Pikmin 3 and some 3DS games.
Sony was pretty bad, only had 1 interesting game: Last of us, and messed up bad with Wonderbook
Microsoft failed miserably like every single year.
EA started its presentation saying DLC are great... answer: they aren't.
Ubisoft had a ton of stuff this year: AC3, Rayman Legends, Zombi U and the winning game of E3: Watch Dogs

So yea, Ubisoft won by a landslide, imo.



Slapshot said:

@Alucard I agree, but if you look at both Sony's and Microsoft's digital storefronts' you'll find that they've also got their share of retro styled games inspired from that age in gaming. Most all of these are indie developed games, as the low development cost give way to little risk and much more freedom to be creative. That's where I find my most enjoyment on all the platforms.

@JamieO I see and completely agree with your statement, but I just as I don't believe graphics alone can benefit a game, I don't think that "blood and gore" always detract from them either.

In my observation, and I'm not being crass when I state this, but there's become an unwarranted sentiment from loyal Nintendo gamers toward the more core games that are on HD systems. Maybe it's because the Wii has gotten shoddy ports of these game — mostly shooters — but I find the idea that anything that has elements of these game's automatically warrants it a bad title that's ill fitting of Nintendo platforms. I personally enjoy a bit of violence in my game's from time to time, but I also enjoy the simple "game as a game," or as I like to put it, games' with Nintendo's "magic" in them too.

My reasoning for it being unwarranted is that when an overly violent game(s) do make it onto Nintendo platforms, they're praised and heralded in the utmost highest of esteem (e.g. MadWorld, No More Heroes, Resident Evil 4, etc.), but put those same exact game's on competitor's platform and you'll hear the "blood and gore" argument instead.



JamieO said:

@Slapshot Fair play Chris and apologies for the misunderstanding, I see the care and attention that is invested into violent games like God of War III, or the animation of slicing a Helghast enemies neck in Killzone 3, plus I know that they play brilliantly. I completed those games and thoroughly enjoyed them, squishy blood visuals were irrelevant, but not unnecessary.

I just feel that gamers should not judge games based upon visuals, they could be as cutesy as the Care Bears, or as gory as The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, but it is always the gameplay that counts.

I definitely didn't mean to come across as a critic of violence in video games, I would be a hypocrite, because I hotly anticipate The Last of Us and God of War: Ascension. I also consider Ubisoft's ZombiU as one of the most potentially impressive Wii U games and I truly hope that its tone is as dark and adult as a TV show/ comic book like The Walking Dead, as I am a huge fan of what has been achieved in both The Walking Dead comic and the TV series that it is based upon.

I am with you completely, gameplay rules the roost, fella.



1wiierdguy said:

For me Nintendo most certainly did NOT win E3. After telling us that the Wii U would be a system to win back "core" gamers. Nintendo concentrated on what? SiNG, Just dance, Wii fit U and Nintendoland. WTF!
Ubisoft won E3. Nintendo could learn a lot from Ubisoft this year. Ubisoft still had the casual stuff, but the attention was on their core titles. It's their core titles everyone remembers and is talking about.
For me Nintendo sucked a lot of my enthusiasm for Wii U away. I had to look past Ninty's effort and seek out the info I wanted. The good news is there is enough good Wii U stuff to look forward to. Nintendo just didn't tell us about it themselves.



MAB said:

The Internets won E3 this year she knew months in advance what was going to happen and killed all the excitement that this show used to garner. We already had a good idea about Nintendos show save for a couple of surprises. Sony is trying to hide Move in the closet and hope nobody remembers their blatant ripoff and they don't seem to care about the failing Vita. Microsoft had more of the same shooters and started clutching at straws with the introduction of SmartGlass as a 'look we can do it too' concept and now everybody put your hands together for this guy no one cares about anymore USHER



Slapshot said:

@JamieO Yep, there was not a bit of personal jab in there at all. I agree with you, it's all about the gameplay. The perfect example of the game you were previously describing earlier for me, is Pushmo — adorable graphics and simple gameplay, that's terribly addictive and insanely fun. One of the best titles in recent years IMO and just oozing Nintendo's magical charm. No blood, no guts, just stunningly brilliant gameplay.

To be honest though, Sony is starting to burn me out on their first party games. God of War: Ascension really didn't impress me, as I'm just not ready for another GoW yet — it seems like yesterday that God of War III, God of War HD Collection, God of War God of War: Ghost of Sparta and the God of War Origins Collection all released. For me, it's all been a bit of an overkill.



Redfield_Lynch said:

For me E3 was horrible. Nintendo`s presentation was badly managed... the main problem is the message they try to give us. Last year was EA our biggest partner, now it's ubisoft who is giving us all the support... on the other side, it`s not just about casual, it's about the "core gamers", but then you get more than half of the show around sing, wii fit, just dance and nintendo land... where's the next tomb raider? Where's the next splinter cell? Where's RE6? Even the game that got me the most excited, ZombiU is now announced to get a multi-platform release...

I love nintendo, i love what they represent and there`s no way won't buy a wiiU, but i have to be honest, the future seems a little darker after this year's show, and it should have been the exact opposite.

I trust nintendo will deliver, but for all the promisses that have been made, i still see 0 beeing delivered. I exepected killer games from the wii, exclusive ones, to show up in all HD glory... a new conduit, an rpg to blow us away, a new sequel to red steel... instead i got a lousy presentation that only makes me scared of the future.

I trully hope that a lot if nintendo directs are on the way



JamieO said:

@Slapshot No worries at all Chris, I know that we are on the same page, I have read enough of your reviews and chatted with you enough times to realise that.

Perhaps I am less burnt out by the God of War franchise, because I have not bought God of War Collection, yet. I will purchase it one day, though.

On a side note, Ubisoft's Wii U Rayman Legends was the best game showcased at E3 2012, for a Nintendo platform.



arrmixer said:

agreed though I actually think nintendoland is one of those games you must play to appreciate.... I agree with your comments



Sir_Deadly said:

For me, i felt like Nintendo won by the skin of there teeth. Just because of there new console and i was interested in half of there games compared to anyone else.

For me:
1. Nintendo: New console and a TON of game i am interested in.
2. Ubisoft: There Nintendo games and watch dogs
3. Sony: Like only two new games (NOT counting prequels and sequels). but still The Last Of Us looked boring and Beyond: Two Souls looked like Heavy Rain.
4. Microsoft: I think its hilarious there trying to compete with Nintendo new HD console which is more powerful with a built in touch screen controller with there own little "smart glass" app. besides that they had the new gears but i am done after the third one.
5. EA: They only had Dead Space 3 and I haven't even played Dead Space 2 and that looked really hard to play so yea. And it was mostly sports and i HATE sports game!!!



New_3DaSh_XL said:

The thing about this E3 is it was missing something. It was ok, odk why there are so many haters, but they needed a really big title besides Pikmin. Like a teaser for Zelda. No, I didn't want to hear anything about SSB3D/Wii U because Sakurai's been working on it for 2 months, so if he had a trailer done, that would show he's rushin the game, which he said he intends not to, but to take longer but deliver a really great expirience. Nintendo's biggest fail this year, I'll have to say, was time. Pikmin had a decent amount of stage time. Then Ubisoft got an ok amount of time, Arkham City took way too long for being a game already out and this just being an upgraded version. The 3DS's time stood out like a sore thumb, so to speak. It had all of 3 minutes, which frankly, was sorta odd. Not 10, not nothing. A weird 3-4 minutes. Nintendo Land got WAY too much stage time. Even with all of this, I know Microsoft didn't win. I watched their conference(but not Sony's) and even though I didn't watch Sony's,(you won't hear me say this often) they were better than Microsoft. Microsoft "unveiled" SmartGlass, trying to make it look new, and honestly, it's already been invented. It's called "Apple TV". You can even control it with your iPod Touch.
However, Nintendo had the most games that I'd want to play, Pikmin 3, NSMB2&U, LMDM, and possibly Nintendo Land, which I really hope turns out better than it looks.



Sondheimist said:

@verymetal - "Xbox showed Halo 4, Sony showed the Last of Us, and Nintendo showed...Pikmin 3!"

"The Last of Us" looks amazing, but I'm about 2000x more excited for "Pikmin 3" than "Halo 4." Remember - there's more to great gaming than "photorealistic" graphics and "mature" content (not that those things are bad - people just seem to focus on them too much, ignoring a lot of truly great games.)

When it comes to highly entertaining and innovative gameplay, the "Pikmin" series beats just about anything out there. Nintendo's show was very disappointing, but "Pikmin 3" was one of the highlights of the entire convention.



kdognumba1 said:

I feel all console companies didn't really have the most amazing conferences though I feel as though Nintendo did touch a lot more content then either Microsoft or Sony did in their conferences. I really wish in the Nintendo conference that less time was spent talking and more time demoing games.

With that said, I didn't find the Nintendo conference bad but it didn't end on a good note. I heard that Retro Studios was supposed to show their new game off at the end of the show and it really felt as though they literally had to change the conference on the fly. I also think it is because of the lack of that huge AAA blockbuster reveal or trailer that most conferences end on is why the Nintendo conference didn't set well with people. It definitely didn't help that there were some strong titles, some big reveals, like Project P-100, and things that just the mention of made waves at E3, like fire emblem, weren't even mentioned in the conference either.

Don't get me wrong, there was a lot at E3 on the show floor and a lot collectively between all.... what.... 4 of their conferences/talks however they need the bulk in the main show and this is something they just didn't have. Either way though... Ubisoft owned ALL!!!



BXXL said:

Nintendo has missed an opportunity, but imho, not in this year's E3 but in recent years...

A small example will be better than a long speech: many fans were expecting a new reveal by Retro Studios, and rightly so as the studio is easily in Nintendo's Top 5 teams... but with the fortunes Nintendo has made thanks to Wii and DS, tens of billions in 5 or 6 years, they should not rely on a few development teams, they should have build/bought many others....

If Nintendo had three or four Retro Studios, three or four Intelligent Systems, and the double of their own EAD teams, by example, THEN they could produce (and show at E3) the amazing line-up which could blow us away...

We all want games with creative gameplay, incredible lenght, amazing graphics: but in this day and age, such games take two, three, four years to be made... if Nintendo doesn't expand its production force, it won't be able to offer all the goodies needed to provide the two consoles a very strong line-up. And as we all know, third parties won't help, or only minimally...

Ubisoft is this year's exception, but once again, Nintendo needs three or four strong partnerships like this to really impress the gaming community. With all their money, i just can't imagine how they don't offer more friendly deals with all the best third parties: by example, get some good exclusives and then offer the promo for these titles, or at least be assured to get all the best multi-platform titles in the making...

So that was i wanted to say: the missed opportunity was made way ahead of this year's E3, and Nintendo needs to change strategy and invest massively if they want to secure a good place in gamer's hearts. A big Zelda game every 5 years, a Mario Kart for each console, and some very fine (or very average) 2D or 3D Mario's just won't be enough forever... even for a 20 years-plus fans like me...



thanos316 said:

its hard to pick a winner. i guess nintendo won, but not by a long shot.. if these 3 console makes don't do something big soon, they can leave themselves open to an attack from apple, or maybe even google. nothing really blew my mind from ninty. so lets hope ninty clears things up by november..



Cyrso said:

It was a complete fail.

About their press conference, the only good thing was the unveiling of Pikmin 3.
Some Ubisoft games on Wii U were interesting too (ZombiU, Rayman Legends, Assassin's Creed), but Nintendo Land, Wii Fit U, New Super Mario Bros. U, Sing, Just Dance 4 mehhh .... and some old 3rd party ports (while there were awesome current gen 3rd party game shown, it was nothing new and not exciting).



Cyrso said:

Between Nintendo, Microsoft, Ubisoft and Sony:

1. Ubisoft >>>> 2. Sony >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 3. Nintendo >> 4. Microsoft



Cyrso said:


Completely agree with you. I often wish Nintendo had much more first-party studios. Now there's only Retro Studios, Monolith Soft, EAD Tokyo and EAD Group 3 (Zelda team) And Intelligent Systems.
Other EAD studios mostly produce games aimed for a casual audience..



doctor_doak said:

I actually believe the launch line-up is comparatively quite strong when measured against previous launches. You have to remember that announcing titles that are further down the track will only serve to deviate attention away from the launch lineup. From Nintendo's perspective, I think they'll want to get the console out the door and promote the titles it already has before turning attention to what lies ahead..

If you only game on Nintendo's systems, or like me, are yet to pick up a game like Arkham City, I think the launch window is going to be really quite good for you, with a fair bit of quality on offer.

'Pikmin 3' is going to be a really solid 1st party launch title no doubt. Then there' s Zombi' which is looking superior to most survival horror titles on the market atm by virtue of its punishing gameplay mechanics and novel control scheme. It looks genuinely good..I mean, i'd buy it on PC based on what they've shown so far.. 3 high quality action/adventure titles in 'Assassins Creed 3', 'Batman: Arkham City' and 'Darksiders 2'. 'Rayman: Legends' looks fantastic as well, and really I don't know why you'd want NSMB when you can get this, because visually it looks terrific and its doing some really novel and neat things with the new's not simply iterating on the same thing for the 100th time.. 'Project P-100' looked fun too...and with Platinum Games behind it, you know the final product will be worth playing..

Aside from those, there's two other games that either weren't on display or haven't officially been revealed for the WiiU, but will likely release in the launch window and are sure to be of high quality....'Sonic & Sega All Stars: Transformed' (which looks very Diddy Kong Racing N64 inspired) and 'Fifa 13', for those wanting a sports title. Yeah, they might be cross-platform titles and they're not the highest profile games around, but as I said, if you're not gaming on the other consoles, then there's going to be at least 8 titles within the first 3 or 4 months that you're probably going to want to get...well, at least I know I do.

Also, why EA are releasing Mass Effect 3 instead of packaging it as a trilogy, i'll never know..



bezerker99 said:

I'm sure Nintendo had great games if you were there to actually witness and play them. For us viewing at home, it was extremely boring, tedious, and forgettable (for me, anyways - I've seen better presentations from Ninty in the past).



Alexneon said:

Wha what??? did nintendo win??' you have to be kidding guys, nintendo E3 presentation was a joke.



Sgt_Ludby said:

Ahh the Internet... Where everyone argues their own opinions as if they were objective truths... I read about 50 comments before I just couldn't take it anymore =P With that being said, I personally enjoyed Nintendo's overall performance. I'm not looking for 5+ Wii U launch titles; at $65ish a piece, I'm only going to pick up one. Pikmin 3 looks great to me and I'm extremely excited to buy that alongside my Wii U!

Now nobody dare share an opinion that differs from mine!!!



ThreadShadow said:

They must have pulled a game that would have been shown after NintendoLand. The ending of the conference just felt weird.

You know what third-party games would have been as good to show as a Nintendo or Retro Studios reveal? Here are a handful.

Shenmue 3
Beyond Good & Evil 2
Half-Life 2 Episode 3
FF Versus XIII
Better yet, something from Hironobu Sakaguchi.
Maybe a Bungie or Respawn tease.
Skies of Arcadia 2
Or hey, how about LostWinds 3?
Or a showcase of indie delights?



Game0ver_Gavin said:

This years e3 i would give probably a 6/10, because the only new games they really announced were Pikmin, Mario U, And (booooo) Nintendo Land.
In my opinion the best e3 ever was either 2004 or 2010. I have to say, i cried and yelled when they announced tp. greatest game ever...



needmorecowbell said:

While it's been said many times already on this board, I feel Nintendo's E3 was a downer. A lot of it is about personal preference and opinion of course, but I feel like nintendo is essentially moving on without needing to appease its more old school fanbase (of which I am a part of). Don't get me wrong, there will still be a few killer AAA titles in Wii U's lifespan (many of them essentially HD versions of games we already played, granted with some potential for major improvement, I'm looking at you f-zero 32 players online). But perhaps the bottomline is a lack in novelty, which makes sense with the focus on new ways to play instead of new technology and/or franchises.



CaPPa said:

Out of the three companies I think that Nintendo had the best presentation. Reggie was entertaining and there were a ton of games shown that I'll likely be buying. The only thing it was missing was a big reveal at the end, a short CGI of something like Starfox or F-Zero would have made them clear 'winners'.

Sony had the best games (The Last Of Us and Beyond), but not much else interested me and their conference was boring for a large part. I wish that they'd change their format or presenters because I always nearly fall asleep about halfway through their shows. There wasn't much Vita support shown, their SSBB clone looked sub-par and Wonderbook was one of the worst things shown (just behind Usher).

Microsoft convinced me that my 360 will probably only be used for streaming media from now on. I did find Halo 4 kind of entertaining to watch, but only because it looked like it had been given a Metroid Prime paint job.

EA was sports, sports, social gaming, sports. Sim City did look pretty awesome though.

Ubisoft had the worst presenters and horrible segments; but the amount of quality games that they brought just blew everyone else away. The ZombiU reveal was stunning, Rayman Legends and Splinter Cell looked great but Watch Dogs was by far the game of E3. I hope that it comes to the Wii U but I'll buy it on whatever platform it's released on.

So I'd put them at...
1. Ubisoft
2. Nintendo
3. Sony
4. EA
5. Microsoft



AdanVC said:

DAMN! That Yellow Submarine t-shirt from Mr. Miyamoto!! Yes I know I'm writing a comment on a 2 year old article but I couldn't resist after watching his shirt hahah.

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