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Happy 122nd Birthday to Nintendo

Posted by James Newton

An auspicious day

While this year is full of anniversary celebrations — Zelda, Super NES and much more — today is a particularly special day as it marks the 122nd birthday of Nintendo itself.

As many will know, Nintendo started off producing so-called hanafuda cards often used for gambling. It was Fusijaro Yamauchi who opened a small wooden stand called Nintendo in Kyoto on 23rd September 1889, although the company wasn't officially registered until new corporate regulations came into effect in 1933.

If you're interested in the very early days of Nintendo, you may want to look out for The History of Nintendo, an in-depth chronicle of the company's formative years. Stay tuned to Nintendo Life in the near future as we'll be giving away copies of this fascinating tome.

For now, let's all wish Nintendo a happy birthday.

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Tigus said:

Happy B-day to my favorite video game company and many many, more!



RoryLee said:

Wow! I had no idea Nintendo has been around that long. I hope to see many more years to come from Nintendo.
Happy Birthday Nintendo!



NintyMan said:

Happy birthday, Nintendo! From cards to toys to games, they know how to make fun!



Morpheel said:

Wow, happy bd Nintendo, you've grown so much
W-wait, did I read something about free books?



daznsaz said:

happy birthday nintendo.wonder if theres any direct relatives from the founders in the company.might be a bit of a stretch though



3widsicun64snes said:

Happy Birthday Nintendo!!!Your the best video game company ever!
There are more happy years to come now though........
Its so great that they're 122 now........!
I love you!!!



Jgam said:

Happy Birthday Nintendo my first option for gaming always!!!!



Supremeist said:

Sep. 23 is the date, eh? Happy birthday to the coolest company in the world. Nintendo will live on.



bonesy91 said:

Happy birthday Nintendo! thanks for the great games and systems over the years



Blaze said:

Still not as important as my birthday!.....



OK, Happy Birthday Nintendo!



Capt_N said:

Happy B-day to you! Give NA gamers the OpRain games, too! Happy B-day Nintendo! Or as Lip the fairy says, "Neen-Ten-Do!"



AbuJaffer said:

Happy day of birth oh Nintendo! This cake is delicious and moist! Quote of the day Or will be delicious/moist...



TKOWL said:

Fools! I only celebrate 138th Anniversaries!

Happy bday Nintendo, btw :3



ZEROGAME53 said:

This day should be a holiday to all nintendo fans.
Happy birthday big N, and i wish more success for you in the future.



Nintonic said:

122? Wow, Nintendo's old. I think that nintendo should never quit making games. Best of luck!



BJQ1972 said:

@ 15.daznsaz - the previous president of Nintendo, before Satoru Iwata, was Hiroshi Yamauchi, who is a member of the family that founded Nintendo. I believe he is still one of Nintendo's major shareholders.



Azooooz said:

Happy birthday, Nintendo. You are the first company that made me as a video game fan, best luck with the future.



sinalefa said:

This even appeared on one of our local newspapers. Here is for another 122 years!

Nitpicking note: the name should be "Fusajiro"


Nice to see a fellow costarrican here!



Punny said:

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
I love your great games,
Looking forward to Wii U!
Happy 122nd, Big N!



pntjr said:

Oh well, while i do my research, HAPPY B DAY!



timp29 said:

Happy B'day Nintendo!!!! Now gimme a present

EDIT: JAMES!!! Where's the cake?!



Pj1 said:

Happy Birthday Nintendo, wow how they have changed from a company that use to make playing cards and then a providing tax service! Now they are one of the biggest companies in the world!! but please don't mess up the Wii-U....



AVahne said:

Once again, happy birthday Nintendo!

It's just too bad that two days ago I've been robbed, so I can't play any of your games at all on your birthday



sinalefa said:


I got a free Pokédex 3D, a free 3D Classics Excitebike, and 10 free NES games.

I will later get a free Four Swords, a free Zelda soundtrack, 25 free Mario pins and 10 free GBA games, all in 2011.



Javin said:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NINTENDO!!!!!!!!!!!! Your totaly absolutly AWESOME!!!!!!!!



Kage_88 said:

Happy belated birthday to my all-time favourite company, Nintendo! Heaven will always be smiling upon you!

I received my copy of 'The History of Nintendo' yesterday - and my god - it's a fantastic read. I cannot put it down! Seriously people, you need to buy it!

Fusajiro Yamauchi - I salute you!



robohobo93 said:

First comment here, and it's to say: Happy birthday Nintendo! I've been a Nintendo guy since I was born. Literally. My first consoles were NES and SNES and to this day, Nintendo's my main choice (though my PS2 has also served me well). Don't let a little bumpy road bring you guys down! I know you'll get things back on track, then you can laugh in the faces of all the investors and Apple fanboys!

Yes, I realize I'm a few hours late. I just didn't plan on leaving a comment til just now.



schumaga said:

Happy Birthday Nintendo!!! I wonder what would Fusijaro Yamauchi say if he could see the success the company has achieved...



ZukutoBen said:

Yo happy birthday to you
looking forward to playing Wii U
and thanking you for all those great games.
Happy Birthday to you and many more.



Aqueous said:

Happy Belated Birthday Nintendo!
Unknowingly that was the day of our last streetpass meet



Henmii said:

Happy birthday Nintendo! Thanks for all the cool games you have given us so far! Keep making family-friendly games, AND on your own devices! Don't listen to those investors who want to force you in the mobile-phone market! I wonder if they ever bugged Sony and Microsoft about this. Probably not, because the majority of their games are mature and violent, while Nintendo does the family-friendly stuff (and Nintendo did a lot of casual stuff the last 6 years). So it's a different demographic. Anyway, Nintendo: Don't do it! Keep going strong!



misswliu81 said:

happy belated birthday to one of the last video game and console companies still around today. stay true to yourself and don't sell out by listening to the investors. here's hoping to 100 more years and more great nintendo games!

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