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Thu 15th Sep 2011

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schumaga commented on Feature: Celebrating the 15th Anniversary of t...:

What a great, great console. I had many great experiences with it... After all, it was my first console! However, if I had to pick my favorite 64 game, it'd be Paper Mario, without a question. I must have cleared it at least 10 times



schumaga commented on Feature: Staff Memories of the Game Boy Advance:

What a great console it was! Some of my best gaming memories come from deciphering puzzles on Golden Sun or training my Blaziken on Pokemon Saphire. Those two games were my favorites on the system, alongside Leafgreen and Sonic Battle. LordJumpMad, glad to see someone share's my opinion on that game



schumaga commented on Pokémon Black Nominated for Inaugural GameCit...:

@Mickeymac I can also think of a lot of great Sony and Xbox games that weren't nominated. If this prize wants to be different, it has to nominate different games, it's that simple. As far as I'm concerned, Pokemon Black is a great game, and besides, this prizes is certainly not changing people's view on Nintendo, so nominating a "better" game wouldn't be that relevant.