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Sun 15th May 2011

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resort55 commented on PETA Launch Campaign Against Mario:

we can jump on poor gombas, use koopas as living projectiles, burn up fish with fireballs, wear turtle shells and put small, cute penguins on mario, but if we touch a DEAD leaf and turn into a racoon-style mario, they start a campaign? Take a pita, PETA.



resort55 commented on Review: Asphalt 3D (3DS):

i think this has to get a better rating. only bad sites are money and drift contests, and that your enemies have a much better acelleration and top speed than you. and yeah, maybe the handling is bad, but realistic!



resort55 commented on Plants vs. Zombies:

i think i gotta downlad this and maybe super mario land from the eshop i downloaded 7:00am today XD



resort55 commented on Current Nintendo Points will be Useless on the...:

Well, i haven´t bought nintendo points before, i just by the games, but i think that would change very soon, i really miss the gameboy games for a handheld. my old GBA is getting pretty weak, so i will at least download some mario games. I just love him.