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Super Mario Land 2 and Metroid II Heading to 3DS Virtual Console

Posted by James Newton

GB sequels confirmed

Nintendo just announced two more classic Game Boy outings on their way to the 3DS Virtual Console in the coming months: Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins and Metroid II: Return of Samus.

Both games are down for a vague "Quarter 4" release date so don't expect to see them long before Christmas.

Will you be picking up either of these two classics?

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ImDiggerDan said:

Somewhere in my distant memory banks I seem to remember that 6 Golden Coins is a great game. Never played a Metroid before Metroid Fusion, though.



LittleFuryThing said:

Yay! Super Mario Land 2 is a great game. I never played Metroid II so I will definitely pick that up at some point.



ville10 said:

According to the official Swedish Nintendo site, these games are also on the way to Europe:

25 augusti - Gargoyle's Quest (Virtual Console)
15 september - Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge (Virtual Console)
Q4 - BIONIC COMMANDO (Virtual Console)



WolfRamHeart said:

YES!!! I used to own Metroid II but I never completed it because I lost the cart. I never played Super Mario Land 2 but I always wanted to so this is great news for me.



Grackler said:

Never got very far in Metroid 2 before, but everyone seems to like it and the other Metroids are ace, so I'll give it a go. I also seem to remember really liking 6 Golden Coins once upon a time (until getting stuck at some giant fists in Wario's Castle, if I recall!).



Kifa said:

I will get Metroid II right after it is released - I still own the original cartridge but carrying a GameBoy around just to play that and look for good light each time is not my definition of fun. Six Golden Coins is an awesome game too, so... Yeah, there will be a lot to buy this year...



Azikira said:

FINALLY! Metroid II is the only metroid I haven't played besides Other M.
Picking up both day 1



ToneDeath said:

I'll be getting both (and might actually get somewhere in Metroid II this time), but I'm STILL hoping Balloon Kid is on the way too.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Beat the Metroid II cartridge and found it's an alright GB entry of the series.
Can't wait to finally see all of Super Mario Land 2's stages. Just played parts of it with my cousins years ago.
Will be a great time for classic games from September on.



Fuzzy said:

Mario Land 2 is awesome. Heaps better than the first one. Would love to play it again.

Will probably also pick up Metroid when that comes out too.



MrMagpie said:

Lot of love for Metroid II, even though it's lack of a map is a little infuriating.



Bass_X0 said:

carrying a GameBoy around just to play that and look for good light each time is not my definition of fun.

Surely you must have a Game Boy Advance SP!?



Blaze said:

I'll probably pick up both, seeing as I never played them to begin with!



Samholy said:

ill pick up both. theyre gameboy essentials.
mario land 2 was great! even today it features superb platforming ideas.

metroid 2, never had a chance to finish it. my friend had it, i could borrow it for a try out. it was a stressing me greatly when i was a kid. i still remember it clearly. You entered an area, saw that shedded skin, and knew you were in trouble.



Link79 said:

YES! I was really looking forward to this.
Return of Samus will be mine once more! The game that made me a Metroid fan.
I already own the Mario Land 2 cart but what the heck.
I might get that one too just to have it on my 3DS.



Kevin said:

Can't wait for them to announce Wario Land, my fav of the Land trilogy. Excited to play these two again.



NintyMan said:

Good! Mario Land 2 was my most anticipated VC game and Metroid II is good as well. I never played Mario Land 2, but I have listened to the music on Youtube and it sounds amazing, especially the main overworld theme and Star Maze. I'll get Metroid II as well since I never played it as well.



Ragnarok said:

Seems like a long way away.

But atleast they're coming, been waiting for SML2. _



Danglybits said:

I was hoping both or at least Metroid would have got the 3D treatment & Metroid REALY needs the default colour pallet from the Super GameBoy, It may have only been 4 different colours but it really brought the game to life.



MetroidMasher17 said:

Super Mario Land 2: Oh, cool. Definitely gonna buy this one.

Metroid II: Return of Samus: YEEEEEEEEEEESSSSS!!! Day one buy!



XyVoX said:

Question for me is Metroid II: Return of Samus was much nicer when played on the Gameboy Color, are they going to include that version aswell?



20thPaul said:

They're both pretty good games. My problem with Metroid II is that I've never been able to get past the first boss.



Kid_A said:

YES! Metroid II is the only Metroid game I haven't played, and Super Mario Land 2 is the only Mario game I've never played



GeminiSaint said:

Yes, I will be getting both. Super Mario Land 2 is leagues better than the first one, and Metroid II is an awesome game too, full of exploration and a quirky ambient soundtrack that I love. It's all around better than the original NES game too, in my book.



TKOWL said:

I'm definitely picking up Metroid II, I've been looking for that one for awhile.



Taya said:

I played so much Mario Land 2 when I was a kid. I won't be able to resist buying that one.



Ren said:

yeah! So thats the Metroid that was lost in my mind. maybe my favorite one. I kept thinking that Fusion was this one when people talk about it, I guess I never played Fusion then. This Metroid 2 was fantastic, lots like the first one.



Odnetnin said:

I will put my money on my doorstep, and I expect my 3DS to be returned from repairs with Metroid II and SML2 loaded on it.



komicturtle said:

I still have the main theme of SML2 in my head after all these years. Great game. Will get it again and may check out M2 for the first time.



LittleIrves said:

After playing Super Metroid, I spazzed out a bit and bought both Metroid 2 and the original Metroid at a local Funcoland. Sadly, I never put too much time into either. And now I can't find any of my Gameboy carts. So yeah, I'll definitely pick up Return of Samus for a sweet $3.99. And I held off on getting SML, waiting for 6 Golden Coins. Yowza, when will I have time to play these along with the 20 freebies, and oh yeah, new stuff too. Seriously, anyone complaining about a lack of games has problems.



littlebigplanet said:

I still have an unopened copy of Metroid II. Its a collectors item, and worth a ton if its unopened. So are all my unopened Earthbound copies. I hvae 7 in the box.

I cant wait, Metroid II is awesome. See, Nintendo would never forget the classsics. I couldn't care less about the gamegear games, besides sonic. With these AAA titles coming soon, expect the GBC line up to grow, too..
I talked to a Nintendo rep about a problem i had with connecting to the eShop. And I asked: How many games are coming to the GBC line.
She said, there are many games, all currently going through the ESRB. I cant name many, but I can confirm Pokemon Crystal, and the Oracle games.

I hope they come out soon, too.



MeloMan said:

FINALLY Metroid II, just as I predicted would be out sooner than later, and it still can't come soon enough, lol. THAT'S one half of the duo I have a goal to finish completely... now just bring on Kid Icarus:OM&M and I'm happy.



Spoony_Tech said:

I will be picking up the only metroid I've yet to beat. Couldn't play it back in the day need light! That game was dark enough as it was.



Link79 said:

@ mgray5159
What the hell are you talking about? Stop releasing Gameboy games?
Who doesn't like Gameboy?



TheGreenSpiny said:

I'll buy Mario Land, but Metroid better have Super Game Boy support. The damn cart colorizes on my GBA, so they better put that in.



Nintex said:

great news i'll be getting both! sml2 is awesome and metroid 2 ive never beaten even though i own the actual game



SuperLink said:

Yes! I'm just finishing up Donkey Kong (on GB) and will be getting both of these.



Blink said:

Yessss. The saving on my cart of 6 golden coins was corrupted, so I never got the opportunity to actually beat it. The farthest I got before being interrupted was Wario's Castle. So close... First day buy for me!



Blink said:

Oh, and @50, you shut your dirty heretic mouth. Nothin' better than old gameboy games.



CosmoXY said:

Getting both, never played either before. And I had the original GameBoy. Bring on Pokemon Red/Blue too.



EarthboundBenjy said:

IMO, Metroid II is best played using the original cartrdige in a GBC or GBA, as Samus actually appears orange, the environments are blue and the enemies are red. It's brilliant, and I severely doubt that the VC version will support this.



littlebigplanet said:

This just sounds great. And seeing how Nintendo is bringing NES games to the eShop, maybe seeing SNES games isn't such a shot in to deep blue nothing. I'd like to have Super Mario World, Super Metroid, and the Original Star Fox (I love it, i dont care if its a bunch of flying triangles). I mean, Miyamoto is considering bringing ALttP to the eShop. Hopefully we'll see the countless other SNESgames. I couldnt care less if they were in 3D, I just want SNES games wherever I go.



Powerglove said:

Luckily, those were the two games I wanted most! I just watched a Youtube video on the Metroid Queen boss fight yesterday. I'm not too thrilled about the "Quarter 4" release dates though.



brandonbwii said:

Super Mario Land 2 for me. Metroid 2 has been my least favorite Metroid. I've heard bad things about Other M and Prime Hunters but those were masterpieces compared to Samus' sophomore effort.



littlebigplanet said:

Metroid 2 is great. It pushed the limits in terms of creating a lenghty game with limited hardware capabilities. Its hard to compare it to Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion, because it was different. Although, this game is one of the most influential to what metroid became after that.
It introduced the shoulders for the Varia suit, save rooms, and when samus finds the baby metroid, which has a lot to do with metroid from then on. And Other M was a great game. I think the only true flaws is the voice acting, and that its much more linear. And Prime Hunters was awesome. Everyone who I know that has it loves it. You get used to the awkward controls quickly, and the graphics are pretty nice for the DS.



Javin said:

I'm getting Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins. I've never played this game before and I really loved Super Mario Land so I'm gonna try it out!



Blue_Yoshi said:

Both love them even tho I never played them and love investing in Nintendo. Finally they have some great ideas being put out on the market I was pretty ashamed there were no VC releases this week, I guess they wanna put more emphasis on Avenging Spirit



grumblegrumble said:

I remember these two games quite well and I remember thinking Metroid 2 was AWESOME.... also remember 6 Golden Coins was a blast. Can't wait to see these two games show up!

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