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Rumour: Nintendo to Launch "Wii Select" Budget Range

Posted by James Newton

Coincides with console price drop

Last month we reported that the Wii may drop to $150 this month, but according to the latest rumour it's not just the console dropping in price, as Nintendo is set to introduce a budget line of software along the lines of its past Player's Choice lines.

According to Kotaku, this month will see a new range of $19.99 titles called "Wii Select", offering big name games at small time prices: Super Smash Bros. Brawl, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Mario Super Sluggers are all slated to drop in price, but the real surprise is yet to come.

The same rumour also claims that the new $149 Wii deal will come with Mario Kart Wii instead of Wii Sports, which will jump to the Wii Select range and become available separately for the first time.

We'll keep you up to date as this rumour develops.


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They won't even release Super Sluggers over here in the EU anyway - otherwise I would've gone for that.

I expect this will apply to non-Nintendo games as well?



Terra said:

I imagine some 3rd party games would be included as well. No More Heroes springs to mind as a potential candidate in particular



Kirk said:

I don't care about the reality of this being possible but imo the console needs to be £99 new and games need to be £19.99 new at most.

The App Store has changed everything.



daznsaz said:

waiting for new console now happy with power of 3ds just want some games to back it up



Sneaker13 said:

Too bad I already have all of time. Wished I had waited with Super Smash Bros. Brawl though.



juanduran1 said:

Now i dont have to spend another 50 bucks for a fourth brawl disc! =D (long story.... >_< )



NESguy94 said:

Awesome! I still don't have Sluggers and my copy of Twilight Princess was practically destroyed on my last tans-atlantic journey. I hope this will happen to more games (like the ones I don't have!)



Rensch said:

Super Mario Galaxy series and New Super Mario Bros. Wii also, please!



Kid_A said:

Seems like a pretty big leap to make from $50 to $20. Not that I'm complaining.



sillygostly said:

Pity this deal won't be coming to Australia. Most of those games still retail for $80-$100 despite the strength of the Australian dollar. We'd be lucky if the Wii Select range is available to us for $50.

I'd be happy to pick up New Super Mario Bros Wii for $50 though.



Xkhaoz said:

I hope so. Player's Choice was great back in the days of GBA and Gamecube.



LztheQuack said:

@3 and 4: 3rd party publishers set their own price, not Nintendo. I doubt Nintendo would include them because I have never seen a Player's choice 3rd party title



DarkLloyd said:

if they do that for super paper mario i'll bite as i already have all of them except super mario sluggers



Stine said:

Yay, that means I'm getting Twilight Princess! Hopefully MKW drops in price as well.



Hardy83 said:

Only about 5 years too late Nintendo, what happened to value to the customers?



rjejr said:

About g*d d*m freakin' time. "Wii Select" actually works for me.

Who the heck is gonna buy Wii Sports for $20? Especially if Resort is included in the box?

I really wish I could use my Club Nintendo account info to transfer all my Wiiware and VC games. Heck, they're already all on an SD card, all I need is to activate the new console. Isn't eShop supposed to do this on the handhelds? My 5 yr. old Wii is acting up so I'ld buy a new

According to Kotaku this news comes from NORTH AMERICAN retailers and NOA refuses to comment on rumours and speculation.

Now excuse me while I go see what Gamestop is offering for Brawl and Sluggers.



Splat said:

About freaking time. I'm a fan of SSBB but not as much as most people I wouldn't play it enough to drop $50 but $20 I could see. TP is also a must at that price.



Popyman said:

Sweeeet. I sold TP and Brawl a while ago so it'll be nice to buy them back for less than I sold them for.



Ren said:

I hope there are other games, too. I want galaxy 2 and bring back prime trilogy!



Doma said:

Why would they after so long? i doubt they'll bother.

@4 Old 3rd party games are already cheaper. Only Nintendo games stay at full-price for years on end.



weirdproq said:

Twilight Princess might go down to only $20! I have to get that game if it's going to be that price. I highly doubt it though because it is currently $60.



Ryno said:

About time is right. I will actually get Twilight Princess now.



thaantman said:

I had both mario sluggers & smash bros. both stop working on me @ one point, i've been waiting for these games to drop in price for ages so i can get them again



motang said:

Much needed, and it would be nicer if this was done sooner. But the Wii needs to be in the budget range now, as sales have slowed down and by lower the price will surely help it.



Dodger said:

I'll get Twilight Princess if it's $20. Don't care about Super Sluggers that much. I tried it once.



argus said:

Twilight Princess is one of the best games on Wii. With this price drop, everyone should get it.



freakpower70 said:

Depending on the release date of Dragon Quest X, I'd get a wii. If it was 400 bucks my tune would be different, but at 150, that's decent even with the new system on the horizon.



Token_Girl said:

@Rensch - I'd love to see NSMBWii drop to $20 too. I have all of the listed games I want. If it's still selling at $50, that probably won't happen though.



DarkEdi said:

I doubt this price drop will be in Mexico. Here a first lauch game like Zelda is in a joke price of 1000 pesos (like 82 dls).



deftheman said:

Good price, only imo it aint nice for the people that bought the game for the full price.



Lan said:

that's good. all but two of my wii games recently got stolen so i can hopefully get some back for cheap. i still need my metroid prime trilogy though... :/. $100 used on ebay



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

Surprised there's been no player's choice but better late then never.

Although I'm sure over here Brawl and Zelda can be picked up for way cheaper. Still, gimmie Sluggers for its first UK release at £20 please!



Noire said:

Aww Nintendo, you're so sweet, making it even easier to buy back all the Wii stuff I sold~



WaveGhoul said:

Looks like I'll finally be purchasing Mario Kart Wii....Then again, knowing me i don't think I'd be able to withstand an ugly Yellow Label saying 'Wii Select'



bonesy91 said:

"reads post"
so glad I ordered TP the other day. (would hate to end up with a different box with a possible yellow banner across it)



kurtasbestos said:

Ahh jeez, Twilight Princess and Smash Brothers Brawl are two games I always wanted but was too cheap to buy. Now I just might have to pick them both up.



Punny said:

I hope this is true. Some people didn't have a Wii when Smash Bros. Brawl or Twilight Princess came out. When they finally did, these titles were harder to find. Now, they can try them out! I don't think this will make me get Mario Super Sluggers, though. Still, great idea!



NintyMan said:

This would be great news for those that missed out. People have really called for a Player's Choice style price cut series, so if this is true, then it would calm them down.



JohnDoe123 said:

This came too late. It seems like they are just trying to sell their old stock. There were virtually no decent $19.99 games for the Wii before now. I hope they get ahead with the 3DS.



ToastyYogurt said:

I started disbelieving it after I read "Wii Sports will be sold separately." That game is not enough for $20 and deserves to be included with the console.



ToastyYogurt said:

@Kirk: The app store can get away with small prices because the development team is much smaller (sometimes even one person), the games don't come in any packaging that needs to be paid for, and the games themselves have less content than retail games.



Capt_N said:

I might bite. Depends on my finances. My finances are tight though, exceptionally so...



1080ike said:

Hoping New Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Galaxy get included. And speaking of Player's Choice, how come it was never used for the DS?



Henmii said:

"The same rumour also claims that the new $149 Wii deal will come with Mario Kart Wii instead of Wii Sports, which will jump to the Wii Select range and become available separately for the first time"

That sounds weird and not very likely. After all, this version of Wii sports is clearly aimed at the people who have bought the Mariokart wii bundle. Other people won't buy it, because they have Wii sports already!



JustanotherGamer said:

A Wii console with Mario Kart Wii as the pack in game. $149.99 with 1 motionplus controler and the nunchuk and the plastic Wii Wheel.

Good for Nintendo to change things up. Since Wii Sports has been the pack in game since November 2006. So a new pack in for May 2011 is a good thing.



Gameday said:

im mad if that smash bros brawl becomes 20-30 i just bought a new one a week ago cause my old one got scratched up... better late than never tho

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