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Okay Australia, Your Zelda 3DS Pre-Order Bonus Beats the Rest

Posted by James Newton

Music to your ears

While a golden sleeve and poster is an acceptable way to celebrate the release of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, what every gamer really wants is an actual ocarina. If you live in Australia — or intend to import from Down Under — your prayers have been answered.

EBGames is offering a bonus ocarina, branded with the iconic Triforce, as well as two song sheets to help you play those classic tunes in the hope of making it rain or travelling through time.

The bad news is that Aussies have to wait a little longer than the rest of the world, as Ocarina lands on 30th June, a couple of weeks after Europe and North America. But hey, bonus ocarina.


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LightSamus said:

I already have an amazing Ocarina of Time replica from SongBird ... but I might get this anyway lol



sillygostly said:

I wasn't even considering purchasing Ocarina of Time, at least not at launch as I'm still stuck on Phantom Hourglass (as I'm struggling to keep track of my progress whatwith all the backtracking), but this pre-order package may just be too sweet a deal to pass up. Of course, this also means paying the outrageous Australian recommended retail price (AU$68). .



bonesy91 said:

resists throwing keyboard against the wall
Ok America where is our Pre-order bonus?
I bet the best thing we will get is a pair of green socks _



Azikira said:

I think an Ocarina is the perfect pre-order gift, especially for those of us who not only played this as a kid, but have purchased the same game from you 3+ times.



daznsaz said:

id want the extra stuff too if i was paying $68 find out on 17th if i get any extras but game will do the trick for me



Eldin said:

It's just a shame that the case cover is not even close to European standards



taffy said:

Shame JB Hi-Fi aren't getting it. They do international deliveries.



Highwinter said:

Get one of the SongBird Ocarina's if you really want one.. This is a pretty cool pre-order bonus, but looks like nasty cheap plastic.



Burny said:

@13 Agreed!

They can keep any cheap pieces of plastic for themselves. Just give us a decent 3DS Zelda 25th anniversary bundle.



iPruch said:

Totally agree with #13. This fake is a dream with this 3DS special edition, and the game's boxart is even more beautiful than the european official one.

GBA SP and DS Lite had two amazing Zelda special editions, so why didn't you make this real, Nintendo?



Kaeobais said:

Why are the bonuses in EU always freaking awesome, and then NA gets, like, a downloadable costume? sigh ....... I want an ocarina ........ I don't even HAVE a 3DS and I would've pre-ordered this for that! I'm dead serious!



Tails said:

I agree Shadx.. NA hasn't gotten anything good..except a very few amount of things... I wish we could atleast get something special for this game. A poster, or something. Heck if anything i'd even take a 3D Slipcover for my game like how they did for Super Street Fighter 4 3D.



HandheldGuru97 said:

Meanwhile in America..we get nothing! Absolutely Nothing! Come Nintendo every other Country gets something so why can't we!?



CerealKiller062 said:

Thats it! I'm importing this version and still buying the U.S. version. Darn, I hate region lock or else I would've just bought this version. XP



AltDotNerd said:

Nintendo of America should offer Link's cap or a 1:1 scale replica of the freaking MASTER SWORD!



Ichiban said:

Hell yeah!!
Im so glad to be an Australian right now!!! Going straight after work to Eb & demand they take my money! (in exchange for a pre-order lol)
Man I kinda wish I hadnt found out about this just as I start my shift, gonna be a long ass day now!



RedYoshi999 said:

Yeah! I might just pre-order it before I've even bought a 3DS. But I thought we were getting the EU boxart not the NA one? I liked the EU better too... Maybe this is reversible and has both boxarts.



Ichiban said:

My order is down!!
I had a pre-order for LA noire which I hadnt picked up yet, so called up Eb & presto! Order changed over to Oot, all pre-order bonuses included:)
So excited for this!!



SunnySnivy said:

Grrrr where is ours Nintendo?! I pre-ordered mine months ago, and for what? Nothing! UGH.



626b said:

I don't know why people call the Australian price outragious, becouse the price is the same in Euros. And all we get is a lousy poster



Fuzzy said:

That looks cool, but I doubt I would ever bring myself to take it out of the cupboard.



Zeldaterasu said:

I wasn't going to pick this up since I still have my copy of the N64 original. But if we were getting this bonus I would have pre-ordered last week!



G-MaxiMillion said:

In my local gaming store in Belgium, there's a limit edition offer by pre-ordering. It contains the US boxart (the golden cover with Link and Epona) instead of the ugly Europian/UK version), an ocarina (I don't think it's playable like this one.) and a deku planting tree.

That's awesome, too, right?



StarDust4Ever said:

It just goes to show you no matter what part of the world you live in, the grass is always greener on the other side of the pond.



timp29 said:

OK, preordered my tacky plastic ocarina. Maybe I'll sell it on ebay (after having a toot or two )

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