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Rumour: Could This Be the Next Nintendo Console?

Posted by Corbie Dillard

More scrumptious rumours to mull over

Well the rumour mill marches on with yet another interesting development in the form of some pictures that may or may not be of the actual Wii successor.

While it's easy to see that the system and controllers match the descriptions we've already seen popping up around the internet lately, there's absolutely no way to tell if these are real or fake.

Take a look at the images for yourself and tell us what you think of this latest piece of information regarding Nintendo's next home console. We'll all know more once E3 rolls around and we get some concrete information. And who knows, we might even get some juicy nuggets on Nintendo's April 26th investors meeting as well.


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Corbs said:

I believe it's an investor's meeting Nintendo holds each year. There's speculation that some news on this console might possibly be revealed at this time. Here's hoping!



Sylverstone said:

Wow... Split screen console gaming is now less annoying.

Of course.... Waiting until that meeting, and E3 of course.



XCWarrior said:

Come on Nintendo Life. That's about as fake as it gets. Like they'd make a box up and actually put "Project Cafe" on it. There are few things that sound sillier than Wii, and Project Cafe is one of them.

April Fool's Joke I can't wait until it ends.



Corbs said:

I remember a time when people swore that there was no way Nintendo would release the console as the "Wii". In fact some bet money on it. We know how that turned out.

That being said, I don't think these are boxes, but documents or photographs of a tv screen of some kind and I don't foresee them releasing the console as "Project Cafe" either. LOL



Arcanum said:

Just saying: when this thing is officially announced, KEEP YOUR VOICES DOWN! You remember what happened with the 3DS?



Sneaker13 said:

I still think it's an incredible stupid idea on behalf of Nintendo to announce a new console on the upcoming E3 then wait till the end of 2012 (and a new E3 in between) to release it. Guess what this will do to the sales of the Wii console. I just hope that they will announce a load of Wii and 3DS games.



TwilightV said:

I'll believe it when Nintendo themselves confirm it. Until then, I call shenanigans.



Corbs said:

Announcing this thing at E3 this year makes me wonder if perhaps they're not aiming to release it before E3 2012.



Aviator said:

If it isn't fake, it mentions that the Wii will support 1080p resolutions.



Panthon13 said:

They wouldn't have plans in English. They should be Japanese, at least some of it.



WaveBoy said:

This is such BS....I don't believe any of this. Why on earth would Nintendo resort to going back with a traditional controller as their 'main' controller IF this is their main controller? It's a huge step backwards and goes against everything they've done innovation wise for the Wii....

A screen on a new Wii Remote device just makes more sense.....BUT as a traditional controller that's ment to be the main controller's side kick, this seems like a decent idea, but these are just fan made mock about unoriginal design wise.



Kid_A said:

I think some of the recent rumors have some merit, but I'm calling BS on these pics. I have trouble believing that the next console's controller will look nothing like the current Wii Remote; I just don't see Nintendo abandoning that design concept.



Henmii said:

Fake! Nintendo won't throw "motion" stuff out of the window! What's more likely is a improved wiimote with new features!

What's happening on April 26th? Have I missed something?



V8_Ninja said:

I think it would be nice for people to know that those pictures originally came from 4Chan. Everyone can interpret that as they please.



Jr-Joe said:

Perhaps this is an attachment(if its real), maybe the game remote would slide in from the top and power the controller. It also looks like the controller has a camera lens at the top. It looks like it could function as a Gamecube and Nintendo 64 controller. Maybe an updated remote with 4 or more action buttons and shoulders would function as a NES and SNES controller.



skywake said:

I call BS on the explanation. "Screen stream takes the 1080p image and pushes each rendered quarter to the player's personal screen"....

Why would they explain it like that? Surely they could push whatever they wanted to the screens so it'd be a bit strange to limit your explanation to split-screen gameplay. And if it IS just split screen gameplay what's the point?

Also, if it's a pamphlet designed for the investor meeting..... why is it in English?



Yadoking said:

There's a good bit of stuff that makes this seem more fake than real. What makes me disbelieve it the most is how similar the controllers are compared to rumour mock-ups. Hype is so delicious; trying to get underneath Nintendo's veils is mega fun too! I love this stuff.



Nintendo-64 said:

It looks like it was photographed from a screen. Look at the top left corner of the picture with the four controllers.



pixelman said:

If I want to play a handheld, I'll play my 3DS. Really hoping this is fake. :/



PSICOffee said:

probably real. I don't like the controller, it looks too much like a game cube layout with SNES face buttons, or a mutated GBA. I kind of like the look of the system though. It has that computer-memory-storage-external-hard-drive look to it. But of course, at the moment I really can see no reason for a new system to be speculated upon yet.



jaffa said:

I do like the design of the console but the fact there are screens on the controllers disgusts me :/



Simmer_E said:

If that's reminds me SO much of my ideas in that thread in the Wii forum



Malkeor said:

Well if it is released next's probably a prototype, and will be changed.
Heck that thing could even be just a concept.

Silly rumors....but who knows, it certainly isn't ugly.....could be worse



timp29 said:

The writing could be badly translated.

It could be real. The colour on the controllers seems like a likely marketing focus on that technology. Also, if it is fake, they've done well to photograph it off something else to make it appear more authentic.

Not in its favour is the graininess of the image. Makes it seem less authentic.



armoredghor said:

6 inch controller screens more likely to happen than these. If anything I could see a traditional controller shell coming with the new remotes for traditional gaming + tilt.



Tasuki said:

The controllers remind me of the cable that you used to connect the GBA SP to the GC to play some games like Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.

Just out of curiosity is that the official code name Project Cafe? It makes it sound like theres an espresso machine built into it lol.



Raylax said:

Fake. So fake it's funny. But I made my own fake so NL can write an article on it I have an official no-word-of-a-lie leak that Enumoa, that Zelda guy, emailed me this morning. See, what all the fake leak artists have missed is that clearly Project Café is going to double as a coffee machine.


They modeled it after an Octorok, of course, for its ergonomic, clean design, space-saving properties, and because Eumuna shouted at people a lot. It also uses the Vitality Sensor to detect when you're getting tired, and automatically dispenses you another coffee. Also Nintendo acquired Saeco recently. Or changed their name.



Markystal said:

Title if the word "Wii" is included in the title: Super Nintendo Wii
If Wii isn't included: Nintendo Gamesphere/Cube2



motang said:

Pretty cool, that will be one heck of unique controller (if it does have a touch screen on it) and will surly force the other two to do the same. Just as when they brought over motion controller to the table, Nintendo is going to over turn it!



Raylax said:

@39: Me and Emoemu are homies because I beat OoT Master Quest without using GameFAQs. He tells me everything. Sheik is a dude. And he hates that localisation keep spelling Gannon's name wrong.



joelcairo72 said:

Okay first off project cafe is just the code name, it won't stick to the final product. Having said that...

I think this design makes a lot of sense when you take in to account Nintendo's recent posturing on the iPhone and iPod Touch being their biggest competitor right now. Looking at the design it would definitely be something that would evolve from Nintendo's desire to compete with Apple in the touch screen space while retaining the console mentality. Also if I am reading the blurb in the photo correctly it looks like you can move the image from the TV screen to the controller and then turn off the TV image so your opponents cannot see what you are doing on the controller. The image also shows the controller having some sort of tilt functionality which means the remote would have gyroscopic control.

It all makes sense when you think about it. This would certainly, in Nintendo's mind at least, respond to their concerns regarding Apple's aggressive push into their territory...Nintendo would see this type of control scheme appealing to the iPhone crowd.

Also I can see how this control set-up would certainly appease the hardcore game player as it's somewhat of return to standard control schemes and Nintendo has gone on record saying they want to recapture that audience.

Finally whose to say this controller won't just be a reversal of rolls of the Wii's classic controller. Nintendo could technically make this the default controller and then release a Wii style wand later as an additional accessory. If it's backward compatible, a Nintendo staple as of late, then it will almost be required to support Wii remotes. Hell if that mock-up turns out to be real I wouldn't be surprised if the console has the mini jack port on the back to plug the Wii sensor bar into.



Ecto-1 said:

I think that with the Wii's recent price drop, these rumors are starting to gain some credibility. However, I think these pics are faked. The disc drive slot (assuming that is what the vertical line near the bottom of the console is) doesn't appear large enough to accept Wii game discs. Gamecube maybe, but not Wii. Also, like someone else pointed out, why would pamphlets created for a Japanese company's investors meeting be printed in English rather than Japanese.



danschemen said:

i was worried about the controller if they were going to have screens but never mind they look pretty cool almost like a gamecube controller and i think a touch screen game controller will be a lot cooler than a wii remote



MasterGraveheart said:

I'd almost believe this if it weren't for the fact that the screenshots on the controllers are in color. However... I do LOVE that controller design. GameCube inspired... <3<3<3



koops330 said:

This seems like a really long drawn out prank that needs to die because I'm getting tired of hearing about it



joelcairo72 said:

@ Ecto-1
The slot would be too small if you are assuming that this console is the same size as the Wii. However if Nintendo addresses the internal storage issue the Wii was plagued with by including a hard drive and then an HD graphic card this console could technically be significantly bigger then the Wii which in turn would make that slot bigger. The renders really give no reference to size.



Morpheel said:

I know, let's instead make the 3DS the official controller for the Wii2.

And why not, it should be able to blend coffe too.



joelcairo72 said:

One more thing to consider. These days most companies leak their own rumours to get the early adopters and fans frothed up and excited. The image renders or mock up are often professional but made to look like some internal employee filched the images. These renders fit the bill quite nicely and while we may not be fans of a flat 2 dimensional images of the controllers I must say the technical drawings certainly look like technically drawings I have seen for previous product renders.

I don't want to go on record and say these are real but the rumor mill ramped up pretty fast on this one and has been supported with a lot of follow-up that all seems to feed off the same concept. I think the image is real and I think Nintendo is leaking this stuff to see our reaction.



Gamesake said:

@WaveBoy Dual analog controllers aren't a step backwards. Having to use a Classic Controller with a foot long cord attached to a half pound Wiimote--that's backwards. If Nintendo truly wants to innovate, they won't make a controller remotely like the last one.



abINC4L said:

Remember the original name for the Wii was the Nintendo Revolution (although it did create a revolution in gaming) so yeah, same with Kinect which was originally Project Natal. I think putting the word "Project" in any name is obviously something to call it by before the actual name is revealed.



DF2506 said:

IMO, the pictures look fake. It looks like someone redesigned a Gamecube controller. lol.

I still don't believe this "Project Cafe'" thing is real. I doubt Nintendo is going to announce a new system this E3 (next year at E3? Very likely imo). Because 1) We just got the 3DS and Nintendo wouldn't want to take attention away from that. They've been hyping the 3DS this year as the "next big thing". Introducing a new system would just take the spotlight off of it 2) Nintendo has already stated they won't be doing another system until the Wii sells more and 3) The whole 'Project Cafe' thing sounds like some fans day-dream project. It just doesn't sound like something Nintendo would do. HD, a hard-drive, Blu-ray, and a touch-screen controller? Its like some fan thought up a way to combine a PS3 and a DS. lol.

I won't buy any of this until I see it straight from Nintendo. Have to say though: I'll be disappointed if this thing is real. It sounds more like something Sony or Microsoft would do. It doesn't scream "Nintendo" to me.



Marvelousmoo said:

Thats a perfect idea for split screen gaming!!!!!! Why didn't anyone think of this before!?
Rumor or not, that's pretty cool.

I'm pretty sure the controller will be a redesign of the gamecube controller after all the crap the wiimote has gotten for its waggle controls. It is no surprise to me that Nintendo will play it safe and go with a tradition, but they will always innovate.



jerryo said:

this design has too many similarities with 360. it is most probably fake and definitely ugly.

for split screen is the perfect solution, but we have 3DS with 3D graphics too if we needed a handheld controller like that it could be the next edition of 3DS and not wii 2 unless this is family pack 3DS Ultra with Home game Server



jerryo said:

and whoever thinks this is for real, just check the technical drawings.
the buttons and sticks are crammed leaving no safe area around the screen.

there is no chance they would leave so little plastic around a button and no breathing space for each element. check your every handheld you will see that there is never so little space between the buttons and the screen. if this was real, it's really bad design.



sc100 said:

What do you guys think. Will the next Nintendo console be backwards-compatible with GameCube games and controllers? I hope so.



Edwrd said:

I call fake, 1. Too many status lights, those little squares near the rounded edge, what could they be possibly used for? 2. The size of the disc trey, the slit in the middle on lower portion? That means the entire device is huge and thick, if that is not the disc trey then where is it? And 3. The screen on the controller looks haphazardly crammed on there, the proportions don't look good at all.



Link79 said:

I can't wait until we get some official news on this. I have no doubt that Nintendo is working on the next console. That's pretty obvious. So much of these rumours are quite rediculous though. A screen on the controller my good eye. Yeah that's gonna work well. Buying new batteries all the time and screen protectors. One controller could cost you nearly 80 dollars or more. I smell something. Do you?



Capt_N said:

I don't necessarily buy this. The design looks too much like an amalgam of a Dreamcast, Xbox 360, PS3, mesh of some kind, w/ a hint of Apple thrown in for (neither good, or nor bad) measure. Plus, the 3DS just came out. Why would Nintendo take the spotlight from its newest platform? Not only that, but the rumor mill has just been going absolutely crazy lately. Fake, & legit news can very easily get mixed together under this somewhat immense tide of rumors. Nintendo probably will cut the Wii's price this year, but I do not fully yet believe that they will also usher in a new console this year.

I will say however, that:
1. whenever Nintendo brings out a new handheld, there is generally a newer Nintendo (home) console coming in the works sometime in the 1, or 2 years following right around the corner. That is, as far as their release history is concerned.
2. There is a chance something similar to what joelcairo72 said is going on; perhaps Nintendo is leaking random non-sense to see/hear our reactions, & follow-up accordingly by tweaking ideas their r&d departments might be throwing around.
3. This Nov. the Wii/PS3 will be 5 yr.s old. I think the 360 will be 6 yrs. old this Dec. Nintendo may introduce their next console next, or the following year.

This is all speculation to me, until Nintendo themselves make public announcements. In the meantime, I'm gonna try, & eBay sell games that I have a feeling will drop in value the closer-to-any-announced-launch-date, & the more-concrete-info-gets. Rumors have an effect on prices too, not just concrete fact. Keep games however, that you want. That's what I say.

Edit: Those things on the bottom middle of the controller could be home, & something else buttons (similar to 3DS), regardless of whether these images are fake, or legit. They may not necessarily be status lights.



moosa said:

The most obvious reason why this is fabricated: Nobody wants to pay $100 per controller just to play split-screen multiplayer.



default12345 said:

I think it's funny how most of you think you know what you're talking about but in reality we all know nothing at all.



tripunktoj said:

This looks fake to me, impractical, expensive, just not original! Looks like other fan made pic out of a router, 360/Classic control with random screenshots slapped using MS paint. I could be wrong, my perception (and most people's) cant stop this to be a possibilty for the future.



madgear said:

There's no way this is the new Nintendo machine - it'll use a form of the Wii-remote. Also the picture quality is terrible - this is the 2011, if you're working around electronic giants you're going to have access to a phone/camera with a higher resolution than something from the 90's.



Corbs said:

Have you guys thought that you might be able to use a regular Wii Remote with this console like you could the Gamecube controller with the Wii? I mean the Wii was backward compatible with the Gamecube, but it didn't come with a Gamecube controller.



moosa said:

@Corbs, sure I have. But considering how much the shown "controllers" with their large, hi-res screens, high speed wireless communication, and small processors built-in would cost themselves, the idea of the console having other controllers to purchase just makes it all more silly.



Wolfenstein83 said:

I know it's just a rumor, but I don't really feel interested or excited about having a screen on a console controller.
This would be a step backwards, because motion-control is more of an innovation than this.
Until I see the real thing at E3 or from Nintendo, this is all fake.
Amusing to read about, but sure looks fake to me.



Corbs said:

I'm personally sick of all this motion-control stuff. I'd like to get things back to gaming and stop all the dancing and swinging around.



GameLord08 said:

Fake? I disagree. It seems... a speculation of sort. I do like the controller. But what's up with the console? Dude, looks like a sealed toaster.

If this continues to be Project Cafe, I better see a free coffee dispenser.



cornishlee said:


General points regards all these rumours are that I'm really not a fan of this touch screen idea - I just don't see the benefit and will have to be persuaded. If it is true though, a logical implementation might be an iphone style implement which has controls on the reverse and connectors down the side which you could then slot into the top of a controller like an old-fashioned cartridge, but allowing separate use as a motion controller too. Regardless of actual implementation, however, Nintendo have revolutionised gaming with motion controls - they may want to recapture hardcore gamers, but they do not want to lose the market they have created. Motion controls are here to stay.



DrCruse said:

Definitely Fake; the controller is just a 360 controller with a screen in the middle, the console looks too cheesy, and Nintendo "Project Care" doesn't sound realistic at all.



NintyMan said:

This looks more fake than real. The console looks too much like an Xbox 360 and the GCN-like controllers have screens that look like they were just pasted on. The next Nintendo console has to have motion control.



XCWarrior said:

@Raylax Well after seeing the design that Enumoa leaked to him, I would expect Nintendo Life to have another story on his much more realistic coffee-machine-like design for the next system.

Nintendo Life, you're going to regret posting this one, mark my words.

There is a better chance Barry Bonds never took steroids than this one has of being a real document.



TanookiSteven said:

Looks at plans Squints Fake. Ok, I'm going home. It's easy to tell. The biggest reason is cause IT'S ENGLISH!



TanookiSteven said:

ALSO, if you look into the screens, it's playing MKWii, The console is a modified, but obvious something between a mixed Wii and 360, and the screen is to big to actually let people play comfortably. Plus, screens on a controller is stupid. :<



TanookiSteven said:

sorry for the triple post, it also shows that smaller controller's screen. Yeah it's screen image is coming off a bit. XD FAKENESS



thebluelight1 said:

well I for one fully trust with their images off 4Chan...
In case you didn't know I was being sarcastic!
Well duh!



6ch6ris6 said:

i dont think the controller can handle a 1080p screen. you know all the data has to be streamed to the controller. that is just way to much. especially when you play with 3friends



JayceJa said:

im not gonna call fake on this yet, even though it seems unlikely

to everyone saying theres no way the new controllers will be nothing like the wiimote? whats to stop them just using the wiimote for motion control games?



Yosher said:

Not believing anything like this until it's officially announced or actually leaked from an official source (like the 3DS info was before E3 last year).



Lordy said:

Probably fake, but I couldn't care less about motion controls, so I sort of wish they'd go back to the old way of doing things...



NintenDude97 said:

It might be real......It might be a prototype......It might be fake. Whatever! xD
I'll just wait till' E3 to find out.



Gene said:

I think that looks kinda cool, but those screens are from Mario Kart Wii, I think.



HandheldGuru97 said:

I think the remote is close to what the real thing is going to be, the console unsure, looks a little strange to a real Nintendo Console



Wheels2050 said:

This picture is fake. i can tell from some of the pixels and having seen quite a few fake pictures in my time.



Nintendaholic said:

i would love it if the controller were to look like that just with bigger handles. and why are just the screens in color



emirblade said:

I say fake. It must look like a coffee machine(and give real coffee) for the casuals. Casual love coffee, right?



Sir_Deadly said:

I think its fake, i mean the controllers look like a 360 controller with a screen slapped on it. I say this cause of the shape and the botton layout.



Leathersoup said:

I don't think that the device will be streaming full game data to each of the controllers. I think it will be player specific things as to customize the controller for the game. Sort of like the lower screen on the DS.



ColtTheNotsoEpicGamR said:

looks fake the screen shots on the game featured are from mario kart wii, the system has not been anounced so it is cery unlikely that thaey would showcase games on the system further more even if they did they would not show a wii game



ImDiggerDan said:

I think these pictures are nonsense. For starters, if you're playing a split screen game looking at your controller screen, you might as well be playing on a handheld system. They might stick a screen on the controller, but there are so few games that could actually make use of that. They've sort of already done it - the Cube could use the GBA as a controller. Also, a relatively high res screen on the controller == expensive controller. People don't like forking out more than the base cost of the console in peripherals.

As for whether Nintendo's next home console will be like the Wii or not, what's to say that the Wii lives on for the "casual/everybody" crowd and this isn't a console specifically aimed at hardcore gamers? Nobody said the new console has to kill off the Wii.



triforceofcourage said:

Where did the wiimotes go!?!?
I don't really believe it... but, you never know...
I hope it's not real anyways. I hope a screen on the controler isn't the next "ground-breaking innovation" they have for us. Well, I geuss we'll all find out at E3. /crosses fingers



evimonkey953 said:

you people are all insane this clearly is fake because for one it's not like nintendo to make a early design for a console and put into the public view if they did that on porpose we would probably see the next ds ya know and nintendo is so tight on what they release to the public remember ocarina of time 3d we werent suposeed to see that what so ever and that was the end of the year 2009 it's 2011 people and we barely have any word as to what ocarina of time 3ds is gonna be like and still have to wait for june



JebbyDeringer said:

No Nintendo wouldn't release this info but someone else with access would. It looks either fake or a concept, the design is a bit too weak to be anything close to final hardware. I kind of like the idea for multiplayer but I think it would be strange to abandon the Wii pointer. There were a lot of gimmick games but there were a few excellent uses of the waggle and such.

This makes me miss playing my Wii. I played it once in the past six months because I haven't had a house or my own TV. I bought a new TV yesterday but I may return it because it has a TN panel instead of S-IPS.



Hokori said:

I cant see nintendo getting rid of the wii remote, since you can play with the wii remote in many ways on the wii currently, I hope that the controller wont replace a DS/3DS



1080ike said:

Fake, for one thing it's in English. Nintendo is a Japanese company. For another, Nintendo wouldn't abandon motion-controlling this early, after all the profit it's brought them this generation. However, I wonder if it's backwards compatible with Wii AND Gamecube games? That would pretty much make this an early purchase, if the first-gen lineup is good.



Token_Girl said:


Best system ever! It all makes sense now. How come Eonuma doesn't talk to me though? I also beat MQ without the guide.


On topic, this is totally fake. The controllers look too much like IGN's fake mockup.



dizzy_boy said:

if the pictures are real, then these are obviously just concept designs, and not the end product.
they`re probably fake though,because there`s no official nintendo press stuff to go with it.
besides, it just looks like somebody just slightly re-designed the wii console and added a screen to the classic controller pro.



rwq said:

@Raylax. Now we are talking! I can see the execs noticing they could deliver something the iPhone cannot.



StarDust4Ever said:

@35 Raylax: "See, what all the fake leak artists have missed is that clearly Project Café is going to double as a coffee machine."


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