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Fils-Aime: Next Home Console Unlikely to be 3D

Posted by Trevor Chan

Are you bothered?

Nintendo's taken handheld gaming by the ankles and slung it into the 3D pool, so it's long been a question whether the successor to the Wii will also be capable of pumping out 3D visuals too. According to the president of Nintendo of America Reggie Fils-Aime, it doesn't look likely.

Speaking to CNN, 3DS producer Hideki Konno spoke about Nintendo's efforts in 3D gaming experimentation and the position the company is in right now:

We've never actually stopped looking at 3-D as a viable product... And it just so happens that the technology in the marketplace now coincides with what we wanted to do. So actually, it was just very fortuitous timing... I think at Nintendo, we realize that any sort of goggle-type 3-D technology was not going to work... In order to make 3-D technology viable with video games, we thought we needed to have glasses-free 3-D.

Will that also translate into home console gaming? According to Fils-Aime, it's unlikely:

Glasses-free is a big deal... We've not said publicly what the next thing for us will be in the home console space, but based on what we've learned on 3-D, likely, that won't be it.

Whatever features the next home console will have, you can bet on it surprising you. That's the plan, anyway.


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Radbot42 said:

Nintendo should also produce televisions, that way they can make TVs with 3D the way they want. I bet they could do it.



DrCruse said:

I'm glad.
Even if Nintendo had the resources to produce 3DTVs, I doubt there is a much more efficient way of making 3D than the current way.



WaveBoy said:

This sucks! If Glassles HDTV's were available on the market Nintendo would obviously be changing their tune. But with Nintendo's current stance on the 3DS 'not having to wear those goofy glasses when viewing 3D' they'd look like fools if they resorted to 3D Glasses technology for their next console.

I have a feeling '3D' will be the 'HD' of Next gen, where Nintendo will once again be behind in that area. BUT, it's understandable that Nintendo never went HD with the Wii seeing how HD technology regarding plasma's and LCD's were far behind, especially compared to CRT's. Nintendo even said themselves the technology just wasn't there yet.
As for 3D, looks like we'll have to wait until None glasses 3D sets become mainstream. Personally I wouldn't mind wearing glasses...And I'm kind of Pissed off that that 3D is going to be a no go....I was really hoping to experience 3D Nintendo games on the big screen!



Raylax said:

@2: But who's going to shell out for a Nintendo console that can only be played on a Nintendo TV?



EliPro said:

I could care less. Nintendo is bound to release something better for their new home consoles anyways.



Slapshot said:

After witnessing the frustration that the 3D can be without glasses with staying in the "sweet spot" on 3DS, I couldn't imagine trying to stay in the "sweet spot" when using a TV.

This new is good news to me!



WaveBoy said:


Which is why Glassless 3D isn't exactly the best option. Sure you don't have to wear any glasses which is a big deal, but that darn sweet spot....Which isn't exactly the case when wearing 3D glasses and viewing material on an HDTV Plasma....3D LCD's and LED's on the other hand have the same viewing/sweet spot spot problem.



Lordy said:

I'm glad, but not surprised. I mean, how many people here even own 3D TVs? It's really just a gimmick. A really neat one at first, mind you, but I'm sure the positive effects on gameplay are probably minimal, IMO.



Supremeist said:

What I've always loved about Nintendo is that all of there systems are creative and brand new. The first Nintendo DS was the first and original. The DS Lite was thinner, and made the screen ALOT more see-able. Nintendo DSi was just a HUGE step forward. The camera, DSiWare, Flipnote, the homescreen, and much much more. XL was cool because when I got it, I was happy with it. and now the 3DS which is in 3D. Awesome, Nintendo!



NintendoLee said:

Hasn't Iwata already said this? I'm pretty sure he mentioned that they woudn't go with a 3D home console until 50+% of homes had a 3DTV that's why the wii didn't launch in HD.



Gamer83 said:

I think it's a mistake not to at least include 3D capability with the system even if I wouldn't be using the feature much until glasses-free 3D tvs are available.



Colors said:

I'm not that suprised. Like WaveBoy said, there are no glasses-free 3-D TV's on the market yet. And since it would be nearly impossible for Nintendo to make a 3-D console with no 3-D TV, they couldn't possibly know how to make a new glasses-free 3-D console.



XCWarrior said:

Makes sense, you don't want both of your current systems to be doing the same thing.



melvin2898 said:

3D is pretty stupid. They should work on trying to get their consoles a more social experience like the PS3 and Xbox360.



Phobos said:

Even so, most people would go for Sony Bravias for HD 3D. Oooh, sales for competitors. Wouldn't be good. And those things are expensive, don'tcha know.



Boshar said:

What do we expect. Nintendo opted out of HD TV output because (at the time) HD TV's where not installed in every household. There are even less 3D ready TV's in use at the moment.

I did see a PS3 with 3D game demo at a store. Its annoying to look at if you're not playing/wearing the glasses. Its a very anti social activity when you compare it to the console setups we are used to.

I experience the same with the 3DS. People will not watch what you are playing because its hard to see whats happening on screen. Less spectators being wowed means less sales. 3D games are harder to sell because of this.



WaveBoy said:

Well, It still won't stop me from buying a 51" 1080p 3D Plasma for 3D movies. Anyways, since '3D' is out of the question i'm really curious(hell we all are! Durp!) what insane and crazy breakthrough innovation Nintendo is cooking up!?....Head tracking? Holograms?

1080p Full HD games, along with at least 5.1 Dolby Digital for sound, Next Gen graphics, HDMI and advanced motion controls are a given at least, along VC transfering, and backwards compatabilit with Wii games.



DarkLloyd said:

why not just make it an option to use 3D no? thats no excuse but then again..........



TheBaconator said:

Don't care. I don't have a 3D TV nor do I plan on getting one. All I want from the next console is HD graphics, a normal controller, and strong emphasis on free-online gameplay...And no random error codes.



Token_Girl said:

If they come out with a new system this year or next year, it would be silly to spend the $ on 3D capability. 3D uptake is so low now (everyone got hd tvs in the last 5 years...ppl. won't upgrade until they start dying, prices drop, and 3d channels are available). That will probably start happening in the next 6 years, but it shouldn't be as much of an issue hd was. They'll have to think of something new, or it will just be "Nindendo PS3 Move" without 3d.



NintyMan said:

That's good. You can't have a 3D console without a 3D TV, and very few people have a 3D TV. Even if glasses-free 3D TVs were created, it would still take too long for most of the population to get one, so this is a smart move.



warioswoods said:

They've found the one viable format for 3D: handheld, glasses free, and adjustable via a slider.

On televisions it's a disaster, IMO (and it's also only useful in cinema for very narrow genres of films, a great setback for all others). Let it die except for portable context, at least until a real revolution in the underlying tech comes about.



GammaGames said:

a no 3d console! that's great! i don't even have a 3d tv, so i dont even care. I could use a 3ds though...



PALgamer said:

I'm sure 3D will be an option, just not the feature of the next console. All next gen consoles are going to be in full HD, with just a little bit more of power you got stereoscopic SBS view for those with 3DTVs, be it with glasses or sans. Come on, both the GC and the Wii have 3D features built in, just not functional.



suburban_sensei said:

Sounds good to me, really. I think it would be too much for gamers if they wanted to play a game on the home console, then took their DS maybe on a long ride to school or work. If all that time you were staring at 3D screen, your eyes would really hurt. I would just love to see the new console with great graphics and better online.



Moco_Loco said:

Nintendo's next console won't even require TVs. It will use your eyelids. All you have to do is your close your eyes and let Shigeru Miyamoto take over your world....



Wolfenstein83 said:

I am sure whatever they come up with next will be amazing, 3D or not.
It would be cool to see 3DS type action on the big screen, but then only people sitting at certain angles would get the effect.
I am not worried, I know the Wii2, or whatever they will call it, will be worth the wait.



SunnySnivy said:

Good. Playing with 3D tires my eyes too quickly.

I want HD, too. But you know, graphic aren't the most important thing in a video game. As long as it's fun, that's what matters, good graphics are just the icing on the cake in my opinion.

Nintendo always brings something new to the table, whatever will come out I'm sure will be great.



pepsilover2008 said:

I'm sure they could still add it later down the line if they use hdmi cables, look at the ps3 or even xbox360 sure no first party games but a few 3d third party games so I'm sure we will see it either way



SpicyDuck said:

There's nothing wrong with options, I think that nintendo is waiting to where things like a huge hard drive, full 1080p graphics, and 3D graphics, doesn't cost you a arm and a leg, plus they can add their new feature to the table (whatever it may be) And all this, won't cost you a arm and a leg. The 3DS is pricy but it's worth it in my opinion.



Gamesake said:

@SpicyDuck It's more likely Nintendo is waiting for when things like a huge hard drive, full 1080p graphics, and 3D graphics, doesn't cost them an arm and a leg. The new Slim Xbox 360 is the same price as a Wii.



motang said:

Makes sense, 3D TVs are expensive, and hardly anyone has them. Not to mention they required expensive glasses!



jaffa said:

Well it's good to see Nintendo has shed a little bit more light on their next console.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Like many here said before it would be cool if it was optional at least.
And if it would be pure understatement.
Like 480p mode can be chosen on the Wii.



topnick12 said:

I can understand the no 3D. Im not too fond of 3D televisions. I wonder what new stuff Nintendo will bring to the table this generation. I can't wait to find out. "My Body is Ready"



Bassman_Q said:

I think it'll utilize some other revolution in technology, like... holograms!

But seriously, as long as they include better graphics, better online, and another revolutionary concept, I'd be happy. Hell, with only one of those things I'd be happy.



Varoennauraa said:

I guess I can stop dreaming about the Nintendo On for a couple of years more then.


YES! Nintendo tablet has been my second fondest gaming dream for a long time.



Mach-X said:

I don't think the next console will be that much of a mystery at all. Nintendo's past shows that they choose to go smaller and more efficient. Case in point: Genesis vs SNES, SNES used a lower powered CPU and allowed for games to upgrade the system's abilities with better chips as tech got better. Saturn/PSX vs N64, instead of clunky, inefficient 1x cd roms, they stuck with carts and simpler hardware design, xbox vs gamecube, when the xbox was big (heh heh pun fully intended) gamecube was smaller, more efficient. BTW since xbox classic was HD and DD 5.1 out of the box, how come nobody complained about the lack of HD in the PS2? 360/PS3 vs Wii. gargantuan power sucking behemoths with hardware issues, compared to small efficient and trouble free wii console. I think the next system is pretty easy to figure out, really. The nunchuck/wiimote will be uncorded using bluetooth, and I would bet the farm that it will use some type of design around the Tegra series of all in one chips like in the ZuneHD which can generate nice looking 720p visuals without being a power hungry hog. And don't be surprised by a switch back to some type of solid state media similar to sony's next gen portable, which will offer up to 4 gigs per game card, which is already close to what single layer dvd games are now (4.7 gigs). I can see them doing away with easily copyable dvd discs, and I wouldn't even bet on any type of hard drive unless SSD drives become inexpensive enough by then. Dolby Digital might be included, but don't count pro logic out, as dolby still develops it and continues to push what can be done with a standard stereo mix (they now have height channels!), and it requires less circuitry in the console itself. Think something PSOne or PC Engine sized delivering HD visuals while maintaining a small footprint both physically and power consumption wise. And forget about 3d, do people with 3d tvs REALLY sit around watching tv all day with those glasses on? The only issue I see with this idea, is if they switch to Tegra, it will throw backwards compatibility with Wii/GC out, so who knows, I could be completely full of it



triforceofcourage said:

Reggie: "Here it is the Wii2!"
General public: "Wow, didn't see that coming. "
Reggie: It's just like the Wii exept we've added slightly better capabilities, and it now has (insert cool sounding revolutionary gimmick here)!"



y2josh said:

@Mach-X: I hadn't even heard about HD tv's at that point in time so why would I have cared if it was HD or not. Now HD tv's are much more common.



Hawker said:

Glad to hear it. I'm gonna laugh at all the people who bought 3d tvs when this 3d fad goes away again.



Peppy_Hare said:

I have a 58" 3D television and honestly I love it. I originally didn't think I'd use the 3D functionality very often but that's not the case.



komicturtle said:

I'm sure through an update like Sony did with Playstation 3, 3D will be incorporated into Nintendo's next console. They kept talking about 3D on the Gamecube and how using a 'screen' to put over the television screen to show glasses-less 3D. I doubt they are going to give up on that but I know it won't be their consoles BIGGEST feature from the start.



default12345 said:

High definition visuals. Solid online platform with user profiles. 3DS interactivity. Enhanced MotionPlus control.

This is all I want from Nintendo's next home console.



Boshar said:

@warnerdan That made me think. The 3DS is another big promotor of the Mii Avatars. They will probably extend the Mii Avatars and use them in games to increase the immersion (it's great to see your own Mii in Pilot Wings). Maybe online voice chat out of the box. A motion controller which also has decent classic control options or an adaptive controller with the same touch screen from the DS for controls and of course HDTV support.



TikiTong said:

if it aint 3d what could the new Wii possibly do to make itself different from it's predecessor!!??



Sean_Aaron said:

I wasn't terribly impressed with the 3D in the 3DS and I've yet to hear anything good about 3D games on the PS3. In both cases it seems you sacrifice detail for the 3D effect. I'd much rather have a crisp, detailed high-res 2D image with the game engine rendered in 3D. If I have to sit still for the effect, then it's not really that "3D" is it?



Capt_N said:

I think the next gen console should allow many options, 3d just being one, although I am not too into the whole 3D thing. I just tried out the 3DS yesterday afternoon, & for the few minutes I tried it, it resembled 3d, but 3d like those little cards that when you move them, or look @ them from different angles, they appear to be moving/animating. I am not sure if I was in the sweet spot. The slider appeared to work to reduce/enhance this effect quite well. But, I don't know if long term it will effect my eyes for the worse/better, or not.

W/ this in mind, I think 3d should be simply an option of the next gen console, & certainly not the main feature. I'm content w/o 3d for right now.



rjejr said:

Late to post but since nobody has mentioned this - SSBB, Kirby's Epic Yarn, DKCR - 2D side scrolling. Why would Nintendo even need 3D? (Tried a 3DS at Target, cool effect, turned it off to "focus" (pun intended) on gameplay.)

Considering how far behind the curve they usually are I'ld say no 3D with absolute certainty in the Wii2. Maybe in the Wii3 8 years from now if most tvs have it standard along with Netflix (which the Wii can't show in HD). 3D not a selling point to all the old age home folk who bought Wiis for bowling. Even those senior centers probably have HD tvs by now though



MeloMan said:

I could careless as 3D TV tech is expensive as of now anyway, but I say include it in the system (like they did w/ the Gamecube) so if in fact 3DTV becomes more viable, the system will be ready for stereoscopic 3D... Just sayin', big N...

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