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Bomberman Hero Gets Rated for Virtual Console

Posted by James Newton

Good old ESRB

Remember that old Nintendo 64 romp Bomberman Hero? If you never got to play it, you soon might, as the ESRB has rated the game for Virtual Console.

Bomberman Hero is most notable for being a completely single-player Bomberman adventure, forgoing the series' famous multiplayer options in favour of a solo quest based largely on the plot of Star Wars.

Naturally the ESRB rating doesn't come with any kind of estimate as to if and when we'll see Bomberman Hero hit the Virtual Console, but as soon as we know we'll post it here.

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_Joejoe_ said:

Wait! Did Hudson do this as a final good-bye, or is this Konami's doing?
Yay if the latter, Bomberman is in good hands. Aw, if the first option, I'm going to buy it anyway.



FonistofCruxis said:

Even though I don't care for the bomberman series, it's great to see some third-party nintendo64 vc support.



MasterGraveheart said:

If we're taking ESRB ratings as concrete evidince that a game will eventually come out, then I guess we ARE getting EarthBound after all, huh?

Wait a minute, WE'RE GETTING BOMBERMAN HERO! Check one off of that list I had! Nintendo's listening, maybe?



Shugo said:

Oh God yes, it's been so long. Definite buy; this should've been on VC ages ago!



Megumi said:

Never played Bomberman 64, hopefully that one will come out too...but I did enjoy this one.




I never got to play an N64 Bomberman game, although I loved it for the Mega-Drive, so this would a definite purchase, even though I always remember Bomberman on the N64 being slated!

But I think I would be buying any N64 game released on the Virtual Console anyway!! My fingers are crossed for Pilotwings, Shadows of the Empire and Snowboard Kids!



Link79 said:

Whoh I never expected this! For some reason I never did play this back in the N64 days. I may have to check this game out.



_mikero_ said:

Never played this one.. maybe i'll give it a shot.

Hopefully, bomberman 64 is released too!



gojiguy said:

Wow. This is fantastic news.

Here's to hoping the full Bomberman N64 trilogy sees release.

With this and Adventure Island II coming, I think Hudson being swallowed up won't be so bad after all. Just hope this comes soon!



Robo-goose said:

This is such good news. I never played it pack in the N64 days, so now I'll finally have the opportunity. @gojiguy Yes, cheers to Hudson!



RantingThespian said:

Ah, I loved this game and Bomberman 64!

I am hoping the Bomberman 3DS game still is coming out and is going to be like this one or the BM 64 one.



BlueBandanaJake said:

Ah, sweet! I can only hope Bomberman 64 Second Impact (or whatever it was called) comes out too, I really wanted to play that one back in the day but I could never find it. Alot of my friends had the same problem.



PSICOffee said:


I <<<33333 this game! This game never gets the recognition it deserves and it's generally hated by "true" bomberman fans. I'm so happy.



Malouff said:

Does this mean we will also maybe still get
Bomberman Live: Battlefest for WiiWare?



Betagam7 said:

The real excitement here isn't that a mediocre Bomberman game might be coming but that a third party N64 game might be coming!



SKTTR said:

@gojiguy #21 : N64 Bomberman Trilogy?
There were four Bomberman games on the N64, one was JP ONLY though.

1. Bomberman 64 (originally titled Baku Bomberman)
2. Bomberman Hero
3. Bomberman: The Second Attack
4. Bomberman 64 (JP)

Yes, there are two games called Bomberman 64 that are very different from each other.



pixelman said:

What the crap? Third party N64 support on the VC? Someone at Hudson needs to be told it ain't 2012 yet.



komicturtle said:

Really loved this game. Music and all. I had no idea it's plot was based on Star Wars though...

Oh, and Nintendo published this game, so, even though it is by Hudson it isn't directly published by a 3rd-Party unless the VC re-release changes it to Konami.



Knux said:

Oh [CENSORED], I have been wanting to see this game on the VC for a long time! Consider this a first-day purchase for me!



Zach said:

I hate to be the guy who says it, but Bomberman Hero was not a very good game in my opinion. I think it has a 57% rating at GameRankings, so I'm not alone. I hear that the two best N64 Bombermen were The Second Attack and the Japan-only one (I never got to play either), but in my opinion, this and the original Bomberman 64 were big let downs.



WaveBoy said:

I'd much rather have Super Bomber Land for the SNES, ahhh those were the days. Having a bunch of friends over, using the SNES's Multitap and going at it for hours. The Single player was fantastic too!



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

I wonder if they skipped BM64 because it uses the Memory Cart? Okay, it only used the Memory Cart for saving custom BMs, but no reason why that can't come too.

Still woo, the N64 lives AND the third party support starts rolling! Here's hoping more companies follow suit, and here's hoping Hudson continue the increase in support with new TG16 games. :3



Objection said:

This is seriously a pretty damn good game. Un/fortunately, I already have it for N64, but I can wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone who likes the genre. And I always love hearing (N64) VC titles hopefully coming soon.



Cheezy said:

But...what about Bomberman 64? THAT'S the one I still need to play...darn.



OverlordMao said:

Bomberman World was the first Bomberman game I ever played, so I'm interested in getting to play for the first time



Adroitone said:

I am very happy that this is finally getting a VC release, but doggoneit, it's the wrong one! Bomberman 64 is the one we really need!!!!



Popyman said:

YES!! I've always wanted to play this! I think I'll watch the rest of the Bomberman anime to get pumped for it. =D



Jutrzen said:

Guys, gamerankings says this game is pure crap, so maybe don't get to excited.



GammaGames said:

wait, an old game has to get rated by esrb again? just learned something that will never help me...



The_Fox said:

Yeah, like some others have pointed out this game kinda sucks. Third party support is nice, but a Bomberman title with no multiplayer is a joke.



komicturtle said:

That's just based on what other people think.

A few like me enjoyed this game back then when I didn't know things like IGN and so on existed. I'd still be downloading this game when it comes out.

Though, I was disappointed that there was no multiplayer like Bomberman 64. It was my brother's game and he though the game had some type of multiplayer for me to play story mode with him- but no.

At least the music was good and memorable.



bro2dragons said:

Wow. I loved this game! Amazing news that just turned an awful night into a fantastic one!



Vinsanity said:

I was aware of this - and almost got it - but never got to play it. I'd rather see Bomberman 64 (I find it a charming example of the colorful, fun N64/PSX era of early 3D titles), or Bomberman 64 2: The Second Attack (a game that's more true to the Bomberman lineage). But you know what? I'll take it! A platformer is a platformer, and N64 support AT ALL these days on the Virtual Console is noteworthy. And it's not published by Nintendo? Even more shocking.

But man, that's not cool. We shouldn't have to leap at the only option in months just because...well, it's the only option in town. sniff I'll weep for you Virtual Console. You're going to die soon, aren't you?



astarisborn94 said:

I played this a few years ago, although briefly, and I suddenly ended up wanting it. Glad to see that we'll finally see this game on the Virtual Console.



Bass_X0 said:

wait, an old game has to get rated by esrb again? just learned something that will never help me...

Well, you'll know why games just can't be dropped onto the VC at will. It takes time and funding to get a VC game rated before it comes to the VC.



MeloMan said:

Huh, my comment disappeared? Well, anyway, This is one of those games for the N64 that I wanted to "get around to" but never did. Not bad being a 3rd party N64 game too... I sure hope more are on the way. I always wanted to play Hybrid Heaven, Mega Man 64, and Mischief Makers to name a couple.Konami, Capcom, Treasure/Nintendo, get ON IT!



sonicphoto said:

OMG, best news ever! Yes finally my favorite bomberman games, I just hope bomberman 64 and the second attack also come out to VC.

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