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Wed 14th Oct 2009

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_mikero_ commented on Game of the Year: You Decide!:

Some tough choices. Especially for the DS since there were a lot of great games this year (Solatorobo, Ghost Trick, Radiant Historia, Professor Layton, Okamiden, Pokemon, Kirby).



_mikero_ commented on Review: Picross 3D (DS):

I think this game easily deserves a 9/10, and is bordering on 10/10 territory for me.

The control system / camera works great and is a huge improvement over Picross DS, where you constantly had to zoom in and out.

The puzzle creator is also quite a bit better. In Picross DS, you'd have to reformat your creations multiples times (the puzzles couldn't be solved), but I've had no such problems so far in Picross 3D. It's also a lot more interesting to see your creations come to life in 3D.

The only negative to the game is the music.

Picross 3D is one of my favourite DS games and is one of the most addicting puzzle games I've ever played. And at only $20 it's a bargain.