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Thu 13th Jan 2011

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the_randomizer commented on Hands On: Nintendo 3DS:

15 days left - 360 hours - 21,600 minutes, which would make it only 31,104,000 seconds left to go. 31,104,000.....31,103,999....31,103,998....



the_randomizer commented on Japanese Virtual Console list - March 2011:

Final Fantasy VI? Wow. Hell really DID freeze over! What happened, did someone bribe the CEO of Square Enix? I'm thinking someone bribed Satoru Iwata as well. Now if only someone would bribe Reggie Fils-Aime, there will be much rejoicing. The PSX port sucked, by the way; heavily compressed sound effects, long loading times and cheesy FMVs. At least it didn't suffer the horrible fate of Final Fantasy V's Engrish.



the_randomizer commented on Sakaguchi: To Succeed Internationally, JRPGs N...:

@SolarJetman, I don't think some titles need to be directly translated; if you translated Shin Megami Tensei for example, you'd get "New Goddess Reincarnation", which would be weird. I do agree with mickeymac, that they need to localize these game outside Japan. If not, I'm importing it and playing it on my non-Japanese Wii. Luckily I can read the language, so it shouldn't be that bad to play it in the US.



the_randomizer commented on Nintendo Has "No Plans" to Bring Last Story We...:

See, these are the types of asinine decisions that tick me off; first Nintendo announces that the 3DS is region locked, and now this. Pure asininity at its finest. If Nintendo wants to solve these so-called "piracy" or "illegal" related issues, they need to release these games in the US, make the 3DS region free, and moreover, to stop making dumb decisions.