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Bomberman Hero (Wii Virtual Console / Nintendo 64)

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Everyone's childhood hero Bomberman returns in his own full-on action game!

One day, out of nowhere, a spaceship crash-landed on Planet Bomber! Journeying to the Peace Mountains to investigate, Bomberman encountered Pibot, the dazed robot pilot. According to Pibot, the evil Garaden Empire had attacked Primus Star - and kidnapped Princess Millian from Pibot's escape ship! Hearing this, Bomberman vows to save the princess, even if he has to travel the length of the galaxy to do it!

Bomberman is equipped with an infinite supply of bombs, and can count on a variety of upgrades to aid him in his quest. His search for the princess takes him to 5 exciting planets, reuniting him with his old friend Louie and uncovering all-new items. Fly, swim, shoot and bomb your way through the galaxy and save Princess Millian!

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Bomberman flies solo

Apart from the very first game in the series, Bomberman has always been famed for its frantic, fast-paced, and, above all, fun multiplayer modes. Pretty much every single game starring the little guy has featured support for multiple players, with most of...

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marktheshark said:

HUH! There's finally a 3rd party N64 game coming to the VC?!

(can't believe that some people would rather wait 4 years for some 3rd party N64 games to come to VC rather than to get the carts.)



Bass_X0 said:

You could say the same thing about any VC game not yet on the shop (other than NeoGeo and arcade games). I just sold SNES cartridges that I would buy again if they were to be released next week. I don't care for having a large amount of different consoles and cartridges lying about. Those days are long gone. I prefer my retro games to be on either my Wii, PS2 or XBOX 360.



Capt_N said:

^ The problem w/ that, however, is the support/lack of it, that any co. gives to their virtual/emulation library.

Myself, I like owning both cart, & VC if it's a really great game as far as I'm concerned. If it's an ok game, I'll take it in 1 of the forms, but don't have to necessarily own it in both.

One of the best ways to deal w/ the issues presented by the VC, is to own the carts you know won't come to VC, & if you're a space-saver, just don't get games you know are on VC, or you know for a fact are coming (to it).



Bass_X0 said:

At the time, the Bomberman series was experimenting with a wide variety of different genres from karts to baseball to puzzles games and yes, even adventure games like this.



gojiguy said:

if oyu guys are complaining about lack of multiplayer you're nuts. the N64 could only do 4 player anyways. Go get Bomberman 94 or Bomberman Blast



dings said:

I wonder if it's really difficult for companies to port 64 games or they just haven't felt like it?



Bass_X0 said:

I wonder if it's really difficult for companies to port 64 games or they just haven't felt like it?

Kinda both I should imagine. I'd think its a higher risk to put an N64 game on the VC if its not guaranteed to sell well because of the higher costs involved to the publisher. Also, many third party N64 games relied on the memory pak to save games whereas with first party games, the memory pak was used for optional extras (such as ghosts in Mario Kart). Nobody would want to play through Goemon 64 for example in a single sitting, unable to save your progress.



vegeta said:

This game is alright but most of the stages seem too short and the game dosen't really have much features.



RegalSin said:

Oh the horror the horror of this game. Loading it up and playing it for the first time felt like I walked into an trap. Curse you Hudson Soft for making this thing.

If they re-release this game I hope they update everything. This game is too small and too boring only leaving you with the bosses and some enemies to play with.

Seriously the giant crab and baby crab are not real bosses. I could sit in an corner blind folded and deal with that thing. The entire game is THE MOST LAMEST EXCUSE TO USE STORM TROOPERS. The last game that did that was "Brave Fencer:Mushashi" But at least it was fun and weird unlike this game. This game is horrible and I wished I put my money inside an "Money Market Account" instead.

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