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Mario vs. Donkey Kong and Pilotwings Out in Europe This Friday

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

DSiWare and Virtual Console both get a Nintendo game.

The hotly anticipated Flipnote Studio only just came out, but Nintendo seems to have decided to continue supporting their download services with their own games - They're releasing another two of them later this week.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again is the third game in the Mario vs. Donkey Kong series, and plays more like the second game, a puzzler, rather than the first, which was a platformer/puzzler hybrid. It's basically similar to the famous Lemmings - As the cute little Mini Marios move around, your job is to modify the level to create a path for them to safely reach the exit. Some people initially thought this would just include a bunch of levels from Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2, but in fact, every single level is completely new. Just like the previous game, there is also a level creation feature, and you can share the levels online. You can see what we thought of the game here.

Pilotwings is the first of only two games in Nintendo's seemingly dead flying franchise. You fly around with a plane, rocket belt, hang glider, helicopter, or skydive, and try to complete various objectives around the map while doing so. The game is almost entirely rendered in Mode 7, the SNES's 3D effect which was quite impressive for its time. Of course, most fans will agree that the game's N64 sequel is the superior experience - But that doesn't mean this one isn't good. We'll review the game later this week.

Previously confirmed to be released this Friday are the excellent Bit.Trip Core for WiiWare and the DSiWare sequel to a WiiWare launch game - Pop Plus: Solo. This could be quite a stellar week.


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User Comments (86)



suburban_sensei said:

You lucky people in Europe...I can't wait to see Pilotwings in the states, I only played the 64 version.



Dazza said:

Pilotwings! Oh yus, this is a true SNES classic.

Also I love Mario Vs DK on the DS cart... it's about time us Europeans got the DSiWare version for added convenience.



blackknight77 said:

Pilotwings finally being released. Well I guess this gives hope that Pro Wrestling will be released since they were rated along time ago at the same time.



FATEM said:

Europe and Australia are finally being given the same treatment as America. Now I just need some points.



Terra said:

For me, Pilotwings would have made the week great on it's own, but Mario Vs DK and Bit.Trip Core on top of that? Fantastic. I have the N64 Pilotwings so I'll pick this one up.



Gizmo said:

Awesome! (If Pop Plus: Solo is good,) I will download all four games =).



Gavin_Rozee said:


Best update ever! I can't remember the last time that there was an update with all games that I want. 4!

Nice job Nintendo of Europe, nice job!



Betagam7 said:

Great to see pilotwings finally arrive but I have it for Snes already. Here's hoping Nintendo will bring the N64 version to the VC. But only if they fix its horendous PAL borders first.



Supermarioman said:

Yes! Wait only in Europe, Damn It! Well that means more weeks of waiting because of the Super Star Wars games, I'm glad Europe doing well in VC.



David77 said:

For those who love Mario vs Donkey Kong 2, this new one is a must have. I have them both, and this one is better.



elife989 said:

Bad luck for Nnooo. I think it is a big challenge for them to stand face to face with the number one DSiWare game in NA for weeks now - if we take out the browser and flipnote as they are free -



warioswoods said:

Pilotwings is the most enjoyable flight-based game ever game; I hope it makes it to NA soon.



skywake said:

Nice! didn't know about Bit Trip Core comming out so soon. Finally something can spend some more of my Tetris Party winnings on! Also, with Flipnote Studio and now Mario vs. DK I am finally envious of people who own a DSi.

But where's Super Mario Kart? Did I miss an update at some point?



Knux said:

Pilotwings is going to be released on Europe this Friday!? We Americans have not even recieve Super Smash Bros. yet!



Egg_miester said:

never had a chance to play pilotwings but it seems that noe is more caring with vc and wiiware then noe most of the time eu gets all the good stuff first



warioswoods said:

"Of course, most fans will agree that the game's N64 sequel is the superior experience"

Really??? I've known / spoken with countless SNES Pilotwings fans over the years, but I don't know that I've ever encountered much of any praise for the N64 sequel, which to me is nowhere near as fun as the first game.



Luigi-la-bouncy said:

A big Randy Savage 'Oh yeah'. I love pilotwings, especially the snes version, I'll probably stay up thursday night and instadownload it. How lame am I? Ha ha



Cheezy said:

Glad to see you're getting MVDK AND PilotWings and those two others in one week, wish we had updates like that



Rum_Rapture said:

@SuperSonic1990: Well we've had to wait over two months for Mario vs DK just like you've been waiting for Super Smash Bros for just as long. NoE and NoA do things differently. Okay? OKAY. Great.



calculon said:

Have to agree with warioswoods on Pilotwings being much more fun the Pilotwings 64. The onyl thing 64 had over the original was it was the freedom, but Pilotwings is a lot more challenging and fun as a game.

Good job I'm getting paid on Thursday!



Digiki said:

Cool Pilotwings...not that I've played either, but I did pick up the 64 one at a pawn shop yesterday, soon it'll get some love soon.

I also picked up Vandal Hearts which is awesome so far.



N64_Gamer said:

Wait a minute... Pilotwings for SNES haven't been released in Japan right?
How can this be possible? Did we get a Nintendo game before Japan? Wow...



Rapadash6 said:

Great... good for you guys, I guess. I'm tired of waiting for first party VC games in North America. We don't even have Smash Bros yet and you guys are getting Pilotwings as soon as this week. It's completely unfair.



TourianTourist said:

But you in NA usually got all the retail games long time before us. Europe was the end of the line for a very long time, but now it's unfair, when we get some old SNES/N64 game rereleases earlier? Gotta be kidding me.

I mean, take for example SSB. When it originally came out in NA in April 99, we had to wait until November to get it. That's what I call unfair.



Kafei2006 said:

Maybe they'll announce a new Pilotwings at GC very soon and keep the N64 episode for the launch period of the new Wii outing ? I really hope so =') !



Metang said:


This can't get any better for Europe. Now get it over here in the US and I will be a happy man.



Bass_X0 said:

* sigh *

When will Europe get its next N64 game? Its been ages since the last one... Its not fair.



Shortay said:

Amazing week. With the release of Flipnote Studio and Mario Vs. DK I'm finally interested in DSiWare games other than the Art Style titles. If only the DSi still wasn't so out of my price range...



brooks83 said:

Wow, NoE and NoA have really gone in seperate paths regarding the VC. From 2006-2008 we almost got the same exact games on the same weeks, but this year is so much different.



Stevie said:

Yes, I have been waiting on Pilotwings for a long time now, and Bit.Trip Core aswell, excellent update !!!



warioswoods said:

Now they need to create a Pilotwings sequel using Wuhu island, and expanding on it with different seasons and weather, visits to other nearby islands, etc. Could be a great success.



rustythekid said:

PILOTWIIIIIIIIIINGS!!!!!!!!!!! lucky people you Europeans

I'll wait NoA, I'LL BE HERE WAITING!!!!!!!!

and at least we're getting the Super Star Wars games here... so I won't complain.




Pj1 said:

I must get some more Wii Points!!!

I Loved Pilot Wings back in the day, it's quite a hard game to play but it's an essential download in my opinion. However despite how pleased I am with the forthcoming update I'd be really happy had it been Super Mario Kart, I would have jumped so high I would be on the moon! but overall I am very happy that Pilot Wings is coming to VC. Nice one Nintendo but please don't leave it too long for North America...

Does anyone know if Japan has Pilot Wings yet?



Bring_Back_Pluto said:

BBP has gone unstable

Lark, Hank, AND LILY, are going to dominate! I still have all the challenges memorized and the spots for all the freebird stars on the Island.



Bring_Back_Pluto said:

.......This requires the double post.

I loved the N64 version for the freedom and calming music but just ok.



Jazzem said:

Wow, what an excellent week! I'll resist Pilotwings due to owning an original SNES cart, but it's great to see it being rereleased I could see myself getting Mario vs Donkey Kong, Bit Trip Core and Pop+ Solo quite easily.



bestbuck said:

Automatic download. Would have preferred super mario kart. Snes Pilotwings is a great game I had it back in the day. I also still have the N64 version gathering dust somewhere in the attic. So for my Opinion Snes version is better. Pilotwings64 better graphics. Snes Pilotwings Better Gameplay. This game is Hardcore



JoeDiddley said:

I am dreading Friday 'cos of a scary interview but now there is light at the end of the tunnel! I will be getting Mario vs DK & Pop & maybe even Core



Sage_Joch said:

Wow, as i never played pilotwings when it was originally released, I will most definately download this one. It's been a long wait...



Roopa132 said:

Wohoo finally Mario vs Donkeykong I'll have to get points that I can download it immedeately when it comes out



tylero09 said:

WOO! MvDK=fianally properly must buy
pop plus will wait for review, but should be good




Wow! What an amazing update we are getting this Friday. Pilotwings, Mario v DK MMA and Pop Plus Solo. Not to mention Bit Trip Core on WiiWare! Thank you NoE.

I haven't completed BEAT so I won't be downloading CORE. Also, I actually prefer Pilotwings 64 than Pilotwings SNES. Thus, I may save my Ninty points w.r.t that download



The_Fox said:

Huh, I must be one of the few that didn't care for Pilotwings. Good news for those of you who have been waiting forever for it, though!



SilentJ said:

Oh man am I jealous. I still remember renting Pilotwings for the SNES and trying it for the first time. I really hope we get it soon in NA.



Lotice-Paladin said:

@Tony: Don't jump the gun just yet. I'm hopeful that you'll get SMK first. We've had SSB, MM and now this before you guys so I think it's your turn to get the golden oldies before us. After all, you got Super Star Wars and I am super jealous. Don't lose faith my friend .



Ristar42 said:

Pilotwings!!! So cool - instant download - SNES stuff tends to be far better PAL optimised than the Megadrive too! - now bring on Shinobi Arcade!



Kojak said:

Pilotwings is a wonderfull game - even for todays standards!



Bass You got ssb june 12 we got Majoras mask may 18. Na's been waiting for an N64 longer than Eu by almost a month. We should get another 64 before you to be fair but as far as we all know nintendos not fair.



Twilight_Crow said:

I'm glad for EU, you will get a great update this friday .
Also, the fact that Pilotwings is coming out anywhere is good news, it's such a good game.



touffeboy said:

PilotWings? Wow, i'm jealous

NoA get a lot of Sega craps games when NoE gets a lot of NINTENDO GAMES! just hope Mario Party releases for chirtmas



tripunktoj said:

I wish we had weeks half as good as this upcoming week for Europe.

We are still missing the latest VC first party title (SSB) and we got yet another to hope for



Nnooo said:

Man Pop+ Solo faces some tough competition in Europe this week! How about you download Mario Vs DK next week guys



JimLad said:

Could this be a hint at them re-igniting the Pilotwings franchise?

...probably not.
but imagine motion plus pilot wings... mmmmm



Aenaida said:

Well, I can't say I'm excited, but it's great that it's finally being released soon.



StarDust4Ever said:

Didn't Pilotwings have a special chip, just like Yoshi's Island? Well, now that we have confirmation that SNES Mode 7 is out of the bag, when will they finally open up the Nintendo Vault and bring us Yoshi's Island???



Jolted85 said:

I have pilotwings on the SNES, so I may pass on the VC version, but still good to see more Nintendo games being released




@Nnooo, don't worry I'm downloading both the dsiware titles out this friday

I don't want to sound "spoiled" , but I'd prefer more than just one solitary wiiware title this Friday especially considering the debacle of the april-july release list thingy.



nintendoduffin said:


Brooks83 is indeed correct, Yoshi's Island featured the Super FX2 chip whereas Mario Kart and Pilotwings used a co-processor to help with the calculations needed for advanced use of mode 7.



Bass_X0 said:

NoA get a lot of Sega craps games when NoE gets a lot of NINTENDO GAMES!

We already got most of those Sega games.

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