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Sun 15th Jun 2008

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bestbuck commented on 3DS Launches in Europe on March 25th:

I'd say nintendo aren't sure, they got the price of the wii spot on but believe me 250euro is not the right price and if it does hit the market at that price it will have a price cut after 6 months. 150 euro is the right price and they know it.



bestbuck commented on Nintendo Praises Sony and Microsoft's Contribu...:

I personally think Nintendo is loosing it. Where are all the hardcore games? I'll tell you, there aren't any because Nintendo don't make them any more they are more interested in making games for the casual gamer and girls. I play all 3 consoles and the wii is played the least.



bestbuck commented on New Super Mario Bros. Wii Named Game of the Ye...:

I got NSMB wii when it came out my first impressions were it was very hard. I played trough to world 8 and have to say I taught it was ok bit hard I didn't complete it. Then I left it for nearly a year and started playing it again and this time I wanted all the star coins. I now think it is one of the best games ever made. For anyone who didn't think it was that good the first time go back and play it again. I did the same thing with galaxy and also enjoyed it more the second time round as well 10/10



bestbuck commented on Features: We Want Your NES Stories!:

The Nes was my first Console but it could have been so different. I wanted a Mega Drive the adds were on TV it looked incredible. So saved up £150 and headed for my local Quinsworth only to realise for the £150 you only get the console no game! The Shop assistant pointed towards the NES which was £120 and you got 2 games with it, Super Mario Bros ans Duck Hunt. Really glad I got a Nintendo that day. I have had every Nintendo Console since and all because Sega didn't package a Game with the Megadrive. I feel really lucky I got a Nintendo that day because Nintendo are a pretty special Company



bestbuck commented on First Impressions: GoldenEye 007 Multiplayer:

"it felt like a standard first-person shooter with a Bond lick of paint" eh did you really think it would be anything else? Activision Suck. Rare did the original Goldeneye with Nintendo holding there hand, now "Activision"? are rip off's.



bestbuck commented on E3 2010: New GoldenEye is Real and it's Coming...:

I am a massive fan of the original Goldeneye. But now we have a new Goldeneye? and its not by Rare its by Activision. I don't mean to be a damp Squid but I just know this game will be rubbish. Activision are s**m. why not make your own game instead of cashing in on someone else's Masterpeace. Activision make me Sick



bestbuck commented on Classic Controller Support Comes to Android Wi...:

Yeah what's the deal? Nintendo don't make any money from these games I taught we'd all be against this sort of thing? I personally don't think its that big of a deal because I've been playing ZSNES with the classic controller on my laptop for ages with Glovepie



bestbuck commented on Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber:

So let me get this Straight $10 in America and 12euro in Europe? Hmmm Which is the equivalent to $16. Nintendo get a Grip and stop trying to rip of Europe. Europeans Don't buy this Game.



bestbuck commented on Review: Perfect Dark (Nintendo 64):

I played this game to death back in the day. If it were to be released on VC I think I would pass. There are a lot of better games out there FPS have moved on big time



bestbuck commented on Feature: The Making of Unirally:

When this game came out on SNES there was a lot of hype surrounding it, so I bought it. I don't think its that good, Probably just about worth 800 points at a push if it came out on VC but I won't be getting it if it does.



bestbuck commented on Wii Software Sales Outmuscle Xbox 360:

Here's my review of Wii Play, Eh 2 out of 10 and the only reason it got that is because you get a free Wi-Mote LOL.
These Figures mean nothing the Wii is starved of decent Software. The last Game I bought for Wii was New super mario bros where I'm all the time buying Games for my PS3 which as a matter of interest is the Best Console on the market