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Flipnote Studio is an application for the Nintendo DSi that can be downloaded at no cost from the Nintendo DSi Shop.

Flipnote Studio provides users with simple tools that let them draw and save a series of images to create an animation reminiscent of flipping through a notepad called a Flipnote. Users can add sound to their Flipnotes using the built-in microphone of Nintendo DSi or by using sounds they previously recorded in the Nintendo DSi Sound application. Flipnotes can also be created using black and white images imported from user's Nintendo DSi Camera album.

After connecting to the Flipnote Hatena service from within the Flipnote Studio application, users can view and download other people's Flipnotes, and modify them to create their own works. Once people become registered users of the Flipnote Hatena website, users can also upload and share their own completed animations for others to view and download.

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

A DSiWare application that you'll definitely flip over!

It's no secret that Flipnote Studio has been one of the most anticipated DSiWare releases to date. The application has been described as like having your own portable animation studio right in the palm of your hands. Not only can you draw sketches and...

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Flipnote Studio 3D Free Download Details Point to a Stripped Back and Offline Experience

You can download your own DS creations from Flipnote Hatena, though

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Unless you opt out

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Ever wanted to know how to draw Link in both his Toon and Adult versions? Here you go!

User Comments (78)



IndianDan said:

I also want this Application but no one knows when it's coming (Only In The Summer). No date yet thou. some say 6/30/09 which isnt Monday. some say it's 9/20/09, And some have it as TBA again.



BleachFan said:

I was heartbroken when i realized that thiss didn't come out on launch like i expected it too.
Oh well, at least i know i can get it soon!



TheEmulationZones said:

ugh <.< so mutch comments ; ITS COMMING MONDAY! No its not! jeesh all of u peaple so freakout for that thing, i want it to but gives no reason to make evryday an fake date, cus if it would come monday ill totaly freakout! then all my upcoming data is incorect!



thaneds said:

they should, we bought the dsi solely for this app, plus some other minor stuff, but this is what will make psp hate us. jk, lol ... or am i??? this is why i atleast bought my dsi...



elucas said:

I think I played this online a long time ago, and I had a lot of fun. If this is free, I'll definitely be downloading this.



legochesser said:

in the USA DSiWare release (almost) always on an Monday, EU get's it on Friday, so I'm waiting. If it comes this summer the last day is 20 September 2009, now hope Nintendo doens't change it's release date from this summer to this winter ^^

@TheEmulationZones: Where did you find that info?



Tri-Fist said:

GIVE IT TO US AND NOT LAME BRAIN CHALLENGS AND MORE "ART STYLE:LAME WASTE OF POINTS" games that really are NOT nesscesary. Huff-puff-sigh....




infoterror said:

Even if its 9000000 points im still gona get it, (may be a tiny tiny overstatement btw) ,
but you get the picture ,
and its FREE!!! .
Then again not agreed date so may be a while ,
although it defenatly IS coming .



Brer said:

I love how Japan already has version 2 of this > And we haven't even got the 1st one damnit



PowerGlitch said:

That's so awesome!!! I make so much little movies one Picto Chat (on my old DS Phat) and now we have this!!! I can't wait!

(And this is free!!!!!)



infoterror said:

i dont know man but if it dosent come soon im gona take over the world by that meaning jpn and get moving memo transulated then make crappy movies mwuhahaha!!!btw im wrighting this on my dsi



alexbros said:

i have got it! someone just email nintendo a complaint about flipnote studio!



alexbros said:

I have just emailed nintendo about flipnote studio and hopefully will get a reply soon.I will give you all the deatails



alexbros said:

Dear alexbros, thank you for your email.

Unfortunately, there is no definite European release date for Flipnote Studio on DSi, although this may be announced in the future. We recommend that you keep an eye at www.nintendo.co.uk, as any information regarding this would be posted there first.



Wiiperson11 said:

@alexbros- I just sent an email to Nintendo asking them when Overturn is coming to Europe.
They sent me the exact same mail but the name of the game was the only difference.



infoterror said:

i just hope two thing 1 its free 2 its coming soon i really want it free because i just used 1000 points last week and my dad hasent given me my £15 monthly pocket money yet for this month and if its free then let me have it now.



infoterror said:

urgent news! its not flipnote studio thats coming 7th of auguse for uk its a silly map thing nooooooo!



Geo1AR said:

this is the reason i bought a dsi and i've been waitin for this for about 4 months now :[



Anotheralex_x said:

i've been waiting for this and it might come out tonight, i'm so happy. I will be the first to make a 10 minute clip : ) ()



infoterror said:

nintendo i dont care if the date is next mounth but please just tell us the date and the reason how i knew was it said the date on here



Mama_Luigi said:

@ dsi app man100

Not really 50 50, there are more than 2 or 4 DSiWare games.
Edit: you deleted your comment



Gogata said:

I am really dissapointed in Nintendo, for both, the DSi release long delay and not releasing most of the Japanese apps earlier...



Martidog said:

Gogata has got a point. Nintendo should do more than release one game/app a week. They should release a few games like they do on the Wii Shop.



LGamer said:


Get the Flash Player to see this player.


IndianDan said:

Thank God For Flipnote Studio Forever. Now Give Me 2LT for a Company. www.lhrgaming.com is where i am and want to know if you are 16 or over. And would like to join it. Please message me on XBOX 360 Live.
LHR DANIEL173 is my gamertag. Thanks.



Moochr said:

This game rocks! If you're on the shop I command you to download it! DO IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



videoqueen1000 said:

i love the game. it allows you to use your "creativity muscles" as i call them, to sketch anything, and you can bring it to life. plus, if you go to this one place called hatena.com, you can see other people's downloaded flipnotes. amazing.



Cats said:

The 3DS would have sold a lot more units if this was available for it. Here we are almost a year after launch and we still don't have it. If you don't move to a 3DS, Flipnote is probably the reason.

Hatena would have been perfect if it had 1 rule:
1 - Anyone that even mentions "stars" in a flipnote receives a 2 week ban and full erasure of all of their uploads.



VShadow said:

yeah, i agree w/ ya. i go on hatena nearly every day & see lots of pls add strs! i hate it!! >:U



TheAwsome said:

yea its alright, most of the flipnotes are good, its just hard to make one if you dont know how to draw

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