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Pop Plus: Solo includes not only all the great modes from the WiiWare and iPhone versions; Training, Normal, Advanced, Chill, Bonus Mode and Timed Mode; it also includes two brand new modes, Adventure and Challenges as well as two new bonus rounds and many new badges to collect.

Adventure mode takes the existing bubble bursting framework and adds boss battles, a first for the series. As the player progresses through the game these bosses will make themselves known and make life a little harder.

The new Challenge mode will allow players to create their own custom challenges. Want to see if you can beat 'Wave 5' in two minutes? Or try to pop 5,000 bubbles on 'Wave 7' in sixty seconds? Create a custom challenge and find out.

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Posted by Adam

Who would have thought that popping bubbles could be so much fun?

For the uninitiated, Pop Plus: Solo is an enhanced remake of the original game, Pop, released on the WiiWare service last year. The game garnered a reasonable amount of popularity and was widely praised for its simple yet addictive and eloquently executed...

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User Comments (47)



IAmNotWill said:

Never played the WiiWare version. If this is better than it can go on my to get list.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Getting for SURE. The WiiWare game is great and I can only imagine this being better since it's a bit more fleshed out. You can't go wrong for 500 points! Plus, I'm interested to hear Pop Plus: Versus!



StarDust4Ever said:

Lookin' good!!! I downloaded the original Pop on the morning it launched, an absolutely loved it. I hit 3000000 points on my first try and managed to rank #17 on the worldwide leaderboard, a victory that was short-lived! Another thing I appreciate about this game is the fact that it is not an over-bloated file size like many other Wiiware games. It is simple and it works, like a good puzzle game should be. My fiance, mainly e non-gamer, enjoyed playing this with me in sit-back-and-relax mode.

Although I don't plan on getting the DSi on launch, I do plan to get one eventually, and unless they start up a "game boy" Virtual Console service, then this will be my first download ;-)



geek-master said:

overal the game dose have a goal to pop the smallest bubbles but your goal is to not buy this game for ever :P



geek-master said:

the wii vershion relly sucked this one is a must buy thats werd how could a very bad game turn into a big hit? :P omg i want to buy this game already



Kenji510 said:

Cant wait for this game to come out in the DSi shop.. the wii version was cool. :D



chr1sbean said:

Was intreuged by Pop! on the Wii but didnt bother, but I will probably get this for the DSi as I feel it will be more fun to play with the Stylus than the Wiimote!



Rawk_Hawk said:

This looks like a perfect fit for DSi. I think the stylus would work better than the Wii mote



LGamer said:

I haven't played the Wii version because it looks so boring... But if all of you say it's nice, I buy it...




Pop on wii was excellent.

This is kind of like "POP 2" but on DS.

I have read a preview of this game and it seems to have improved on the original in that it has more modes (FOUR new ones) including an "interesting" adventure mode. The adventure mode includes bosses (apparantly one of them is an octopus that fills the dual screen). There is a timed mode; 3, 5 and 10 mins. Challenge mode allowing you to create your own challenges. Then a Bonus Games mode (one game is a simple poping game whilst the another is a combo shockwave pop game or something; there may be more bonus games thatn just those two). Most likely you'll get it for 500 points. I think POP plus DSiWare may even be more tactile that POP WiiWare. Can't wait.

EDIT: Apologies if this is a repeat of the above preview, lol.



slangman said:

This sounds like it will be better than the WIiware version. This game always sounded better suited to DS stylus controls. I hope this retains the same single player mode as the WiiWare version. :)



Pastry said:

I hope this comes out relatively soon. I'm gonna need some entertainment on the 5 hour bus ride next week.



jhuhn said:

Nnooo is hoping to get some finishing touches and to submit the request to Nintendo and is projected to be released on August 10, 2009.



ballistikboy said:

This has been confirmed for North America DSiWare release this Monday on August 24, 2009. Yay!!!



Kenji510 said:

Wooooooooo! Cant wait to download and play this game now! :D

TIme to buy some DSi points now for this!



will_dsi said:

I am not going to buy this although it looks good.
I only have 10 blocks left on my DSi and i had to delete 4 apps/games to make room for flipnote studio.

Pop+ solo looks amazing though.
I loved the first one that was on the Wii.



Gogata said:

I bought it today and it rocks! It has tons of badges and the effects are cool!




dont really understand all the hype. i mean its definitely worth 5 bucks. but its just kinda average. pictobits is far better!



CharlieisEverywhere said:

I played the 8/10 rated Pop for wiiware and it's the worst money I ever spent. Now this gets a 9/10 rating? It's about popping bubbles and they're saying it's comparable to most Mario games. Okay. I smell a biased website with Pop as the background for their home page.



ballistikboy said:

Wow. You guys amaze me. You sit there and hype up a game you have never played and say you'd give your first born for it and then when it comes you are all like "i don't get the hype!" Please. Make this your one and only reality check about loving something before it even comes out. I, for one, love this game, but maybe that's because I wasn't posting about it every day in the forums and freaking out about its release. Have fun!



GotWii said:

Pop on WiiWare was over-rated!
Its a so-so game, that had an original idea.
The problem is it gets so-so-boring after playing it for 5 minutes.
You Pop Bubbles for a score that's the entire game, add some different points for size of bubbles and combos, a hint of color and direction variety and you have the entire game. May be worth $5 but $4.99 is more like it.



postmanX3 said:

This game is addictive with a capital A.

And a capital D. And another capital D. And a capital I. And... you get the idea.



TheKingOfTown said:

GotWii I played the DSiWare version and I don't think it is very good. If you don't like Pop on WiiWare, you won't like Pop+Solo on DSiWare.



weekip said:

I don't get why people like this one. You pop bubbles. It's okay for a few minutes then....ZZZZzzzzzzzzzz. Wish I would've passed on this one and saved my points.

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