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Pilotwings (SNES / Super Nintendo)

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Welcome to Pilotwings Flight Club, where your career can really soar! Produced by the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto, this Super Nintendo classic wowed audiences by putting a fun new spin on flight simulation.

Pilot a range of flying machines as you earn your wings and advance through the ranks. Jump into a biplane and soar through the floating rings, before bringing it in for a pinpoint landing. Perform a precision skydive on to a distant ground target. Soar silently on a hang-glider and catch the thermals. You can even test the experimental Rocketbelt!

If you're very skilled, you can unlock bonus stages for extra challenges; the best graduates will be called on to pilot a helicopter in a daring rescue mission. With Pilotwings, the sky's the limit!

Game Review

Wii U eShop Review

USA USA Version

Posted by Philip J Reed

Empty skies

Most readers here will remember the launch titles of the 3DS quite well, and as such they're probably familiar with the existence of Pilotwings Resort. While we certainly enjoyed the title there was a great deal of talk about it essentially feeling like a...

Game Review

Virtual Console Review

Europe PAL Version

Posted by Mat Allen

Soar like an eagle

Sometimes games deserve second chances. Let us tell you a story... A long time ago in a television studio far, far away, a member of our team took part in an episode of Games World, Hewland's Gamesmaster clone shown on Sky 1 in the UK. Everything was...

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User Comments (52)

__The Kid


The Kid said:

A very unique game. take advantage of this game hang gliding , sky diving , flying (plane& heli's) and jet paking around makethis truly a one of a kind game



Mendez said:

It is really good, I had it on the SNES, though I'm not sure I'll make the download...
It depends on what games come out on the VC and Wii at the time really!



Jazzem said:

Oh gosh, don't release this again Nintendo! I love the game so much, I know I won't be able to resist getting it again



RSENA said:

Awesome game. Actually, I liked this one more than the N64 3D version. I will get it a soon it is released.



Kenjara said:

Cant wait for this one! Hopefully it will be closly followed by the n64 version which was even better. I never actually owned a nintendo console before the cube so the only time ive got to play these are on emulators or at a friends house. I loved the sky diving/parachuting on a target from this .



Kevin said:

I'll take Pilotwings 64 over this one. Don't get me wrong, the SNES is pretty good too.



ante said:

one of the best game on snes. the 64 version was not that good. I will get it a soon it is released.



SKTTR said:

Both are good games. They are very different from each other.
If you don't know them and want to fly around in parachutes, rocketbelts, hanggliders, helicopters, flying cannons, and other cool stuff, get both versions.
I would give them both a chance if I didn't already bought the originals back then. the N64 one is of course technically much more advanced than the SNES one.

Both: 4/5 Stars



sashaboo said:

Pilotwings was a hugley enjoyable and challenging game for the SNES and was used as a base to form the technichally more advanced and improved N64 version. I will not hesitate to download this for the wii and i hope a wii version of pilotwings comes out.



Jamie said:

I used to love this game when i was younger, and will definitely be purchasing it. I never played the 64 version but im sure ill be wanting to try it on the VC.

I also hope that a Wii version is in the works.



Alan said:

This can't come soon enough! The SNES version played much better than the N64 version in IMO but both are still great fun to play. I played this on an import Super Famicom when it first came out and along with Super Mario World it consumed my summer holiday! Plus, it's got the best music of any SNES game. Does anyone know of a release date in Europe?



Mendez said:

It's a great game, and worth the download if you're into that type of thing. I would be downloading it, but I have my SNES set up again now due to impatience making it pointless for me to rebuy. Doh!



michinmuri said:

A great game. I absoultely love it, and want the N64 version even more. I'm a bit of a sucker for flight sims and plane games (especially Ace Combat series on PS2) and this game is highly entertaining. I can't wait for it!



sashaboo said:

Jamie- if you loved the SNES pilotwings then im pretty sure you wont be dissapointed with the N64 version. In my opinion its one of the best sequels ever made as well as being in my top five games ever. The more you play it the more addicted you get.The flying is awsome in pilotwings64. Oh and by the way, with a lot of dedication i managed to get a perfect score on every single test in the game so see if you or anyone reading here can match that and i will be impressed.



Spivsy said:

Meh, I prefer the n64 version. cannoning them into a statue of mario was fun.



LikwidSnaque said:

This game is just plain, straight-up better than the N64 version, but I'll tell you all that Wings 2 was better, IMHO. I tell you this with a straight face too... I'd love to see Wings 2 on the VC...



Roo said:

"This game is just plain, straight-up better than the N64 version..."

SCREAM! No way! This is like the N64 version, only with worse graphics, sound, gameplay and lastability! But still, it's Pilotwings! And Pilotwings is mint!



captain-banana said:

the 64 version was/is awesome!!! lets hope big N gives us the 64 one soon!!! its at the top of my list! even above majoras mask



Ricardo91 said:

This game looks pretty good. Now do I wait for this or PW 64? Eh, whichever comes first.
Also, we need a wii sequel. The Wii needs more (good) flight sims anyway.



Nobarai said:

"This is Control Tower. Pilotwings; you are cleared for launch on runway Virtual Console over."



Andio_Pandio said:

Solid little game, but once you've soared over the islands in the N64 sequel, this starts to look a little crappy. Pilotwings 64 please Nintendo ...



Twilight_Crow said:

Is this going to be released? Cool, I have the N64 version and I thing both versions complement each other, so I hope when Ninty gives the surprise I'd have money.



Terra said:

Honestly, this is taking forever to be released. Nintendo are being careful not releasing all their AAA games at once, i guess. Still, a year and a half wait for this? It's ridiculous.



tatemon555 said:

Yay!!! We need this now, since Pilotwings 64 was a very good game, and if Nintendo doesn't put this on VC, I'm selling my Wii and getting a PS3.



Terra said:

Pilotwings 64 was a classic. I hope Nintendo release that on here one day for those that don't have it.



Shiryu said:

Always nice to see my videos ending up here. _
Im not sure if anyone has previously pointed this out, but like Super Mario Kart, Pilotwings has a DSP chip inide the cartridge to help process the objects on screen (the markers) much like Mario Kart uses its own to process shells, opponents, bananas, pipes, etc. These DSP chips seem to hav been made solely to help the SNES cope with the processing, namely, by processing the sprite scalling of said objects. Sadly I do beleive that the current Wii SNES emulator does not support any of them, and this is the reason why we dont have Piltowings or Mario Kart, and probably not ever get Starfox, Stunt Race FX2, Ypshis Island (SFX chip), Megaman X2 and X3 (C4 Capcom chip), Street Fighter Alpha 2 and some other custom cartridges. Heres hoping im dead wrong... x _



StarDust4Ever said:

Is this game better than the N64 version? I need some opinions, because I bought the game for N64 and it didn't really "Wow" me that much.

@Shiryu: Some hackers got F-Zero working on the Wii [injection], so if that's any indication, the actual Nintendo emulator obviously supports at least some enhanced games even if they're not using it - I think the programmers are just too fat and lazy to bother with enhancements...



Capt_N said:

I really want N to release this, & more so it's 64 sequel.

@Shiryu, & @StarDust: There is a very minor bit of controversy over whether, or not each VC game has, & uses it's own specific(as in tailored specifically for each rom image) emulator. I can understand why N would choose such a venue, as per anti-piracy. But I'm not so sure this is true



toonsim2 said:

The N64 version is better but the SNES one is stil a decent game. Hopfully they'll bring the N64 version out soon aswell.



Knux said:

I rather have the N64 version then this one but I might buy it anyway.



Supermarioman said:

I perfer the N64 version simply do to with its graphics you can see what your doing better and as for this version if it comes to the VC, I'll probably buy it.



Willybomb said:

This game was so simple but yet really a breakthrough from any other games around. The use of the mode 7 in this game was great, how they made the feeling of the flying in the air so real. I can say that theres nothing better on the snes that beats this game when you just want to sit back and relax. The music is perfect for the style of game, the range of ways to reach to the sky also is good. The next best thing is the N64 version.
This game is a breakthrough on its own with what it achieved.



bestbuck said:

I've played both n64 and snes versions of this game and I can tell you the snes version is the best and hardest.



PSL977 said:

Asking which of the two versions of Pilotwings is best, is like asking whats best Snes Super Mario World or N64 Mario64



sashaboo said:

This game is really good but i wud prefer it if the superior N64 version was released to the VC instead. Everything about it was improved over the original especially the graphics, the music and sound was better, and it had more games, but it still had the same feeling of the original in terms of gameplay which is partly why i loved the N64 version so much.



Vann_Styrke said:

This has always been one of my favorite games to pick up for SNES. Probably the first basic flying sim that was actually fun to play.



Terra said:

The rating goes all the way back to 2007? Geez, I'd forgotten how long it'd been since it was first rated.



Davva said:

I loved this game back in the day and still have the original cartridges for both this and the N64 version. The SNES version is a bit limited, but it never stopped me playing it over and over trying to get as near perfect scores as possible. However, I never liked the helicopter mission on level 5 the change of pace really spoliled things for me.
As much as i enjoyed SNES Pilotwings for its innovative and fun gameplay, I think the enhancements and added variety in the N64 version make that a far far better game.
Please Nintendo make a new Pilotwings Wii game...



Schrempf11 said:

Didn't try the N64 version, but I owned Pilotwings for the SNES and I loved it! It was easy to advance levels in the game, but it was hard to master the different categories available, and I find that a very important thing in any kind of game. Moreover, it was one of the most playable games of 16 bits times, imo.



WWammy said:

I played this back on the Super Nintendo mid life I think and man it was very addictive and completely different to what I was used to and even to date there isn't nothing else out there like it except perhaps Pilotwings 64



RegalSin said:

Nicest thing about this game is that you can keep the demo running on all day long. It was fun and graphics do justice even for todays market. Shows of the SNES 3d abilities ( mostly Mode 7 ).

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