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BIT.TRIP CORE continues the BIT.TRIP saga in this retro-arcade-style game.

BIT.TRIP CORE adds up to an exciting action/rhythm game that’s best played while zoning out on the tunes and letting the visuals swallow you whole. The experience is inspired by games from the ’80s, but with a modern twist. The game play is entirely new to the series, leaving the single-axis controls of BIT.TRIP BEAT behind in favor of the ability to control two axes. If the difficulty gets you down, grab a friend and play cooperatively with two-player multiplayer. Make it to the end and you’ll have journeyed one step further to completing your BIT.TRIP.

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Gaijin Games are back with the second game in the BIT.TRIP saga

The original BIT.TRIP BEAT took the old-school play control of Pong and created a unique and more modern spin on it. It was a bit like the original Pong games, but with far more charm and visual flair. Now Gaijin Games has taken that successful formula...

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User Comments (26)



Radbot42 said:

i cant wait to play this and be so angry and frustated because of how hard this shall be



St3b0 said:

must get it bit trip beat. did ok not as good as anticipated though



MDee14 said:

Alright i need to know...would this have a leaderboard? I have the first one, and i really hope they update it and allow it to have a leaderboard



BleachFan said:

I refuse to get this game until I beat...BEAT! This game looks ten times harder. I can't even beat the second level of BEAT...



Radbot42 said:

at bleachfan888 once you figure out the paterns to each level the game actually becomes quite easy, now if only i were good at the final boss.



stokley316 said:

re: I refuse to get this game until I beat...BEAT! This game looks ten times harder. I can't even beat the second level of BEAT..

do 2 player.... much easier



wiiplayer_415 said:

Has anyone noticed that on the nintendo channel in the information for core it says:
wii points: free

This must be a mistake.



TRON said:

I loved how challenging Beat was, in fact I'm still trying to finish the 3rd level. Core's first level takes Beat's 3rd level and laughs at it for being so girly. Core is seriously hard so far, and I'm not sure if it feels as flowing as Beat did. Even fans of Beat should seriously consider if they really want this kind of "challenge" in their life.

If you enjoy sitting in a corner weeping and feeling unworthy, then by all means download this right away, this will be the best 600 points you ever spent.



Virus said:

I agree with all those that say the game is difficult. Although I'm tempted to agree with TRON, the first level of Core seems to be in between the difficulty of the second and third stage of Beat.

While I would also recommend this game so far, there are faults in the game that make it unfairly difficult. For one, there is no warning sound when you miss a beat. The warning sound was quiet in Beat, but at least it reminded you that you screwed up. With Core, since there is so much happening, you could easily lose without even knowing you screwed up. Controls aren't as intuitive as last time either considering you could get the same enjoyable experience by tapping on the control pad instead of needlessly tapping on the 2 button and the control pad.

Lastly (concerning the difficulty), unlike in Beat when you always knew when a beat would be lost (by going off the left of the screen), you never know when a beat will be gone forever in Core. Some spiral around the core for a few seconds, but seemingly identical beats stop after passing one axis. When assailed with multiple beats that spiral or stop, your stuck in a cluster*#$% in which you will essentially screw up every time until you memorize the beats. Unless you have ridiculously quick hands, failure is around the corner every time.

My last complaint is that the beats still have random notes. Since the beats are actually part of the song this time, it's a huge letdown that they do not make a concrete melody. As it is now, the game has nice background music, but the beats are grating when they don't sound right.



totallyNECTAR said:

I beat this game last night and I have to (honestly) ask: Does everyone here really think this game is that hard? I think this game is x10 easier than Beat. The only times I failed were on the boss of the 2nd stage and I only replayed it about 4 or 5 times (and that's because I just kept making dumb mistakes. I could have easily beaten it in less tries if I was paying better attention). I beat the first and last levels on the first try. After reading everyone's comments about the game's difficulty I was intimidated, but at the same time excited...only to find the game to be easy to complete (WAY easier than Beat).

About the "random" beats: All the "bits" are on some kind of beat whether it be the actual beat of the song, or the melody. Just listen more carefully. Some notes may SEEM off-beat because you are hitting them on a different axis than the bit was intended for. If the beat crosses the axis you were supposed to hit it on and you miss it, but zap it on another axis that it may cross, it can seem off (diagonal bits for example or the blue swirling bits). Just listen to the music more carefully and use your reflexes and peripherals to take out the oncoming bits.



Virus said:

Well, I'm glad you find the game easier than Beat. Different minds approach games differently.

And I apologize for mistaking you, but my complaint was not about Core's rhythm but the notes each "beat" makes. Each beat makes a random note (whether it be high or low) every time you play the game (as you know already). So technically, you can get a whole series of beats that produce all low notes. The notes are all on-beat if you play the game correctly, but the music they produce is disappointing when the randomized notes do not mash well.

When you say "save bug," are you talking about that problem in which the game only saves if you get a high score? If you are, well, the answer is "somewhat." The high scores have been lowered so drastically that it is almost impossible to pass a level without getting a high score. So technically, the game should save everytime.



Ferret75 said:

Guys, they announced on their site that the save bug was fixed for this game. =)

BTW, I got the game and it's great.
But wow, it is HARD.



Ferret75 said:

And the spiral beats aren't random.

They follow a pattern.
For example: R D L U R D L U R D L U, L D R U L D R U L D R



Virus said:

It all comes down to the control scheme in my opinion. Would you rather have a more traditionally-controlled game like in Core, or would you like to rotate the Wiimote instead like in Beat?



Kirk said:

I think both these bit games look cool but it just looks too hard to be able to predict where each bit is going to go unless you already know it and have learned the pattern and that seems a bit unfair to me. Rather than it being about skill it's about failing multiple times and then memorising patterns.

I dunno, maybe I'm wrong, but I like the idea that you can see what's about to happen and prepare for or react to it rather than inevitably failing it the first time, at least, and then realising what's going to happen for next time.

It's like there is no way you could possibly predict what some of the bits are going to do in advance, and the same goes for the original too where some bits would stop and there is no way of telling when they were going to move again and which ones would move first etc, unless you had played the level before.



Virus said:


It is much easier to predict the bits' paths in Beat than it is in Core. While some parts are trial-in-error, most of the bits in Beat move in a noticeable pattern so it is easy to pick up when you'll need to hit them. In Core, however, since bits can spiral around the core several times, it is difficult to determine when they stop. So definitely, don't be afraid to pick up Beat; it's just Core that you should worry about.



Schrempf11 said:

I am getting dizzy only looking at the video!!! I think I will get it, because I love this super-hard games that bring me memories from other times, when finishing a game was waaaaay harder than "I save, I die, I load, I die, I load, I pass the level... and so on).



World_1-1 said:

I've yet to beat a single stage in this; it's pretty freaking hard! So far I'm not finding it as enjoyable as Beat. It seems just a whole lot harder and less fun. But on I'll go as I really enjoyed Beat and want to see all that Core has to offer!

But you guys made an error in the Game Overview section. The number of players is definitely more than 1. A friend and I did 2-player, so I'm guessing it goes up to 4-player but I'm not sure.

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