Mega Man Finally Out On Monday In USA

This Monday August 4th could be one of the best Virtual Console days since the very early days. Not only have we confirmed that the outstanding Neo Geo brawler Samurai Shodown II and the renowned TurboGrafx RPG Ys Book I & II are coming out on Monday, it seems there will also be an appearance from the blue bomber!

Yes that’s right, Mega Man will finally be released in the USA. In a bizarre twist of fate Europe got this over 13 months ago, but finally this injustice is being resolved. Mega Man 2 will follow in September also. We think it’s the better game so if you are only going to buy one, you might want to wait a bit longer. Still the original Mega Man is still great, so we think you should own both!

Here’s what John D of the Capcom Unity blog had to say:

To prepare all you Mega Man fans for the release of Mega Man 9 in September, we’re going to offer you the opportunity to play the game that started it all. The orginal Mega Man game returns on the Virtual Console this Monday, August 4, 2008. Yes, that’s right. Brush up on your old school skills and prepare for some cool contests we have in store. We also plan to re-release Mega Man 2 in early September as well.

Of course the greatest news of all is that Mega Man 9 is out in September for WiiWare!

Could this be a week without any moaning on VC Reviews? Samurai Shodown II, Ys Book I & II and Mega Man all on the same day is surely a winning combo! Combined with the WiiWare release of Wild West Guns it really doesn’t get much better than this does it folks?

EDIT: As you're probably already aware, Mega Man didn't actually come out on the 4th. For some reason known only to the overlords at Nintendo, other games were released instead. Over at the aforementioned John D blog the original post confirming the release of the game has now been removed.