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Mega Man Finally Out On Monday In USA

Posted by Darren Calvert

This Monday August 4th could be one of the best Virtual Console days since the very early days. Not only have we confirmed that the outstanding Neo Geo brawler Samurai Shodown II and the renowned TurboGrafx RPG Ys Book I & II are coming out on Monday, it seems there will also be an appearance from the blue bomber!

Yes that’s right, Mega Man will finally be released in the USA. In a bizarre twist of fate Europe got this over 13 months ago, but finally this injustice is being resolved. Mega Man 2 will follow in September also. We think it’s the better game so if you are only going to buy one, you might want to wait a bit longer. Still the original Mega Man is still great, so we think you should own both!

Here’s what John D of the Capcom Unity blog had to say:

To prepare all you Mega Man fans for the release of Mega Man 9 in September, we’re going to offer you the opportunity to play the game that started it all. The orginal Mega Man game returns on the Virtual Console this Monday, August 4, 2008. Yes, that’s right. Brush up on your old school skills and prepare for some cool contests we have in store. We also plan to re-release Mega Man 2 in early September as well.

Of course the greatest news of all is that Mega Man 9 is out in September for WiiWare!

Could this be a week without any moaning on VC Reviews? Samurai Shodown II, Ys Book I & II and Mega Man all on the same day is surely a winning combo! Combined with the WiiWare release of Wild West Guns it really doesn’t get much better than this does it folks?

EDIT: As you're probably already aware, Mega Man didn't actually come out on the 4th. For some reason known only to the overlords at Nintendo, other games were released instead. Over at the aforementioned John D blog the original post confirming the release of the game has now been removed.

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dark_moogle said:

Oh there will be complaining




Virus said:

I really don't see this happening for some reason...three VC games, all of them acclaimed? Please, let me apologize for being skeptical, but this seems too good to be true. And considering Plattchen (or however you spell it) is supposed to come out on Monday also, that's means we'll get five games in one week. That seems absurd!

My guess is we'll get Ys, Mega Man, and Wild West Guns, but darn, I hope I'm entirely wrong!



Link79 said:

Damn this VC week is awesome! I can hardly believe this. Our wishes are finally being granted.



Jon2 said:

Awesome week for the U.S! NoE needs to step it up so they can top this!



Terra said:

The US are gonna have an awesome week. Shame Plattchen got delayed again but these things happen and on top of 3 Great VC Games, Wild West Guns to. Good stuff for you guys



CanisWolfred said:

Hah! el cabarto and WorryBomb mentioned this in another thread, and I didn't quite believe them! So the original Mega Man is finally coming to American shores. Good news, good news indeed. I just hope none of the other games that were confirmed for Monday get moved around because of it. I was really looking forward to Samurai Shodown II!



Virus said:

Thanks for the link. At least I won't be confused about that game's absence. And I can't help but be a cynic. I'm distrusting three press releases because it just seems crazy! Have we even received three games on one week this year? God, I'm setting myself up for some major head exploding on Monday.



WolfLink22 said:

When i found this out it made me very happy indeed and now i have a reason to get another Wii Points Card as well.



Roboto said:

im gonna get them all (mmmm no samurai shodown 2 no no no)

more reasons to stay at home hehehe



Lugia2 said:

When was the last time we got three games in one week? Let alone three games that we all knew about beforehand?

I guess now that we're caught up with Europe, we can finally return to normal! Hopefully this means that the 2nd half of 2008 will be way better than the first...



Link79 said:

I wonder how long after MM 1 and 2 releases they will wait to add the rest of them? There's a heck of alot of them. The only one I really would want that wasn't on the collections was the SNES version of MM X3. It's like 70 dollars on E-bay so for only 8 on VC would be a steal.



hansolo350 said:

Damn, now I have to choose between this and Ys. Of course I'll have to get this since I love Maga Man so much.



y2josh said:

thats cool, i already have the mega man collection with this on it and thats good enough for me.

plus a bit of info on the storage situation, i dont know if posting links are okay on this site, but this right here is something i found.

if thats what nintendo does, they have been watching too much translated star trek



Kevin said:

Thank god! What a great monday! Mega Man and Ys Book sounds like a great game.



DarkLloyd said:

maybe i'll get this instead of getting the collection that way it will give me more time to beat and enjoy other games as well. on top of that there will be more controller options of your choice. when it said to prepare for the release of 9 you mean for japan.



AlexSays said:

Oh dang.
I'll be on vacation tomorrow too, so I won't get to play any of these.
Guess I have something to look forward to for when I come back.



deadly_by_design said:

I'll wait for Megaman 2, but this is still great news.

Also - is it true that the GC Megaman Collection has the shoot/jump controls reversed? I read that in a review, and I think that'd keep me from ever getting it. That, and the fact that Megaman 2 is all I really care to play.



Rexy said:

Excellent, you're all finally getting Mega Man 1 and 2! If this comes true, then yes, this WILL indeed be one of the best VC weeks in a long time.

Now, all there's left to do is petition for Ys to come out in Europe, and all will be complete <3



Atlantis1982 said:

I have the collection...

And I DONT CARE about the button configuration. Its not that BIG of a deal. Yes, I used to play MM on the NES (3 and 4 to be exact).



tnk4god said:

I had almost given up hope on the maybe some of the other great games truly have a chance to be released....maybe even another n64 game or banjo-kazooie in connection with his new one.



capcom83 said:

I'm surprise that some people in EU can't download these games. I've got these already over a month or 2! Mega man 1 and 2 are already released.



MasterMario said:

Finally! The U.S. gets 3 VC games tomorrow!. I was waiting for Mega Man to come out. The wait is finally over!



Chipmunk777 said:

Wow! 3 great VC games, and probably a decent game or two on wiiware! I'm not interested in mega man since I have both the anniversary and the X collection on PS2 (so the control scheme is perfect), but it's still good news!

You know what would make this monday the best ever though? If Mega Man 9 came out on wiiware



David77 said:

Good week. But again it's all japanese games. I love japanese games, but i lost hope for Super Star Wars, Ultima, NHL 93, Flashback, Maniac Manson and everything that's not from Nintendo, Hudson, Sega, Capcom or Snk.



Shiryu said:

About time you guys get Megaman over there. We are stillw aiting for SNES Axelay on this side and Gyrostarr, too... Its hard to be a retrogamer Wii owner. Theyshould have put a caution label that read "Caution: Random game releases. Patience is required".



Adamant said:

Got the collection, so I don't care too much about this, but I'll be getting the two other games for sure.

As for the collection, IT'S NOT THAT BAD! One button shoots, one button jumps, that's not hard to learn. People who denounce the thing usually haven't ever tried it.

" but finally this injustice is being resolved."
NoE, I believe the Europeans would like their Axelay and Tecmo Bowl now, please.



lordbowser said:

What a horrible week to be broke. I'd buy all three if it wasn't so hard to find a job.



Objection said:

August is looking to be a super great month!! I wonder if it has anything to do with me being Virgo? lol Geez, at this rate, my crazy dreams for next week might actually come true!



MrDziekuje said:

Nothing I care for, but in terms of mass appeal this is by far the best week we've seen in ages.



ttplayer92 said:

Megaman is the only one I might buy but this seems too good to be true. Wild west guns might not sell as well as it should have because its not as well known. Good thing Plattchen twist got delayed though because that game would bomb if it was realeased this monday with such a high price tag.



David77 said:

I don't understand people being so easily happy. Sentence like best week ever is said every time a better than average game is released.



7th_lutz said:

This is a very good vc week.

I will be downloading Y's book 1 & 2 only.

Megaman is a fun game. I will not be downloading it though. I own a Megaman 1 cartridge and the Megaman Collection.



Mayhem said:

MM2 is pretty much the best of that series anyhows... and MM9 is gonna rock from the demo played so far



TheWiiMan said:

Well thats really good for some people but not for me I have the anniversary collection



Jolted85 said:

What the... 3 releases in one week? I must be dreaming, I'm definitly downloading Mega Man!



DEMON212 said:

If ANYONE complains on Monday, I'll personally kill them.

And hell, I think Super Mario would join me.



CanisWolfred said:


Don't forget, a third button does a triple shot, it's great against the big guys! Not that I ever remember to use it, but it's still there.


The original Mega Man was pretty damn good, annoyingly hard, but still very good. Samurai Shodown is a great fighting game, and the first I've been interested in in a long time. Ys is both the greatest RPG on the TG-16, as well as one of the greatest games on the system in general. I'm looking forward to all three, and I can't remember the last time I've ever said that, if at all.



Jolted85 said:

The only bad part about Mega Man is that final stage, the annoying Rock Monster, Mega Man clone, and the final bosses make it harder, but other than that the first Mega Man is a classic.



DJ_Philanegro said:

"Brush up on your old school skills and prepare for some cool contests we have in store."

Oh snap, I'm looking forward to this. Luckily I got the Anniversary Collection, so I should probably play through the 6 NES games just to be safe.



Cocoa_Man5 said:

i will only get mega man2, but hopefully this means we will be seeing three game releases again, but this could only be because they want to hype mega man 9.



Kultist said:

This Monday is going to be the best in months. 3 excellent games in 3 different genres is hard to beat
I'm looking forward to both Ys, which I've never played but which looks great, and MegaMan, which was first contact with the NES!

@DEMON212 : Yeah I'm with you on this one, 3 grade A games released in the same week deserves attention, even if you're not into fighting, platform and RPGs (does such a gamer exist?!).

BUT (and I do wish my eternal skeptical half is proven wrong tomorrow), we'll get whining like we've never had if the release lineup is changed. Big announcement brings high expectations.



Ghouls_n_Ghosts said:

@ Yes the buttons are reversed. It was very annoying when I first played it because I was so used to NES button placement, but eventually I got used to it. Just give it time.

Anyway, this is going to be one heck of a release day. A fighter, a platformer and an rpg? A winner is us!



Bass_X0 said:

I hope Samurai Shodown 2 gets released in Europe this week. I'm gonna download it for sure.



Ricardo91 said:

Eh. I'm glad that America is finally getting MM on VC after it's been available in Europe forever, but I'll save space and Wii points and just get the Mega Man Anniversary Collection.

@Kultist. A gamer like that does exist, and that gamer is me. I love platformers and RPGs, but I'm not wild about fighters, though SFII has made me appreciate them a tad more.



DEMON212 said:

@ Kult.

Plus you're getting a good WW game in WWG.

@ Mr. Cheez.

Pretty sure he meant a gamer whom dislikes those 3 genres. You've just said you love 2 and are slowly liking the 3rd.



Mike1 said:

I totally agree with your comment about the Mega Man Collection. It isn't a big deal that the buttons are swapped. It's the same as people who complain that Majora's Mask was clitchy on the Zelda Collector's Edition when the game was free to begin with.



Tides_of_Chaos said:

Well, I already have the Mega Man collection for PS2, I'm planning on getting those Neo Geo collections and Wild West Guns doesn't really interest me much. Hmmm....Ys is looking pretty good right about now.



Mike1 said:

What's even more important is that the U.S. is getting Mega Man 9 in September.



PHANTOM93 said:

@DEMON212 #49

Is it ok if I complain that I don't have enough Wii points to download all three of these excellent titles

@ Kultist

I have met such a gamer! all that he plays are FPS games (and he skips ALL the cutscenes no matter what) and Wii sports
(though I did trick him in to playing F-zero GX one time)



worrybomb said:

I'll debate on getting this since I have Mega Man Anniversary on the PS2. Gotta save my Wii Points for SSII and Ys.

Now when Mega Man 2 rolls on into the VC, that's a different story. =P



Rapadash6 said:

Either one of two things will happen tomorrow. One, we could not get any new Wiiware games and to compensate Nintendo is releasing a THIRD Virtual Console title, or two, one of the three "confirmed" games won't make it out. My guess would be the second of the two outcomes and it will likely be Mega Man as a blog entry blurb is not quite as official as a press release or website schedule.

Of course I'd LOVE to be wrong and it end up being the first three Virtual Console games update of 2008 but somehow I have my doubts. If that does happen, that'll be the first time in a great while that the VC update actually EXCEEDED my expectations.



el_cabarto said:

@Adamant #34: You European types can't have Axelay or Tecmo Bowl yet. We're holding them hostage until we get Vectorman!

I guess it's great that a lot of people could enjoy the GCN Megaman Collection despite the reversed buttons. I tried and tried to get over that myself but to no avail. I've been playing Megaman for 20 years now, though. That's too much muscle memory to overcome.



Iggy said:

sweet looks like something to look
forward to tomorrow:P good i got 1500
ill propally buy Megaman & Y's book



lockelocke said:

Hey, I'm standing with the "can't stand the reversal of jump and shoot in the Anniversary Collection" crowd. I traded my Anniversary Collection based on solely on the switch, which I know a lot of you think is stupid, but, yo, the original controls are just ingrained in my head, so when I jump on the Anniversary Collection, I'm constantly jumping when I want shoot, y'know? That's what happens when you've been playing Mega Man since FIVE YEARS OLD. And for all of us long time Blue Bombers, WHY WOULD YOU SWITCH THE ONLY TWO EFFING BUTTONS IN THE GAME?



Bahamut_ZERO said:

I've never played MM or MM2 on the NES, but how do you save? Do you use passwords, does the game have a save slate, or is it like SMB where you can't?



jones2929 said:

Damn Nintendo. Come on, where's SMRPG?

Just kidding. This is the best week since I bought a Wii last November. I'm trying to limit my purchases to one a week (assuming that there is a game worth downloading---that hasn't happened for three weeks)--but I don't think I can with both Ys and Mega Man coming. You know it's a great week when I'm not going to be getting a game as good as Samauri Shodown 2.



North99 said:

If they really release the games predicted, I figure I'll throw $50 at the VC Points and buy all of tomorrow's games just to show my support.



StarDust4Ever said:

If Nintendo were a Whacka, and VC-Reviews was Mario's hammer, and Mario the loyal fans, then that Whacka have been konked on the head and revealed a great prize. [if you're not familiar with the Paper Mario series, then just ignore the analogy] - hmmm, should I wait for Megaman 9 or take the bait and bite Megaman 1???



Rockman_90 said:

Bahamut ZERO

In the VC version of Megaman and Megaman 2 they use the suspension point where ever you stop playing in the game and go back to the wii menu thats is where you start up when you start to play again. Megaman 2 on the virtual console also has a password system that you can use just like the original nes and anneversary collection of the game. Megaman in the other hand didn`t have any of these features back in the days so you had to complete the game in one round.



DEMON212 said:

@ Phantom.


I wouldn't call someone who sits and plays FPS' all day a gamer. I'd call them an FPS gamer.



That_One_Guy said:

I may get it. I am kinda hopping with Mega Man 9 seeing release on XBLA (as well as Wii Ware), Mega Man and Mega Man 2 will be seeing the light of day on that service. If not, both of those games are bound to be on my purchase list. And if that is the case, it will be first VC game(s) I have bought since few months ago.



Jockolantern said:

All I have to say is that it's about damn time, Nintendo. PLEASE keep it up! These are the weeks we fans would like to see MUCH MUCH MUCH more often.



That_One_Guy said:

@ Bahamut ZERO:

Both Mega Man and Mega Man 2, along with rest of the Mega Man NES/SNES franchise, use password system.



blackknight77 said:

Wow! are we really getting a total of 4 games(including Wii Ware)

What a week. Mega man is a must download for anyone who has never played it. Yes it is a hard game, but with practice it can be beaten. Mega Man 2 is a little easier as well.

Good week Nintendo!



Bahamut_ZERO said:

@The One Guy and Rockman 90

Wait... which one's right....

You both say MM2 use passwords, so I'll just re-buy the Aniversery Collection, but MM1 you both say different stuff for how to save. If MM1 did not have any way to keep progress in the Anniversery Collection, I would buy it on the VC for the suspension point.



Draygone said:

"Mega man is a must download for anyone who has never played it."

Maybe, but I'm tossing around the idea of skipping this and letting Mega Man 9 be my first Mega Man experience. Not sure what I'll do, but looks like I've got to make my decision, too. The fact that Ys 1&2 is coming out at the same time does not help.



That_One_Guy said:


I would say that be better for you to play Mega Man 9, first. Otherwise, unless you have retro feelings for Mega Man franchise (which, you do not), the only appeal I can see in the game is being fresh experience for you. Otherwise, from what I can tell, Mega Man 9, more or less, appears to offer more of the same material from previous NES titles.



hamispink said:

great week but sadly im not a megaman fan, i just hope this keeps up. . .i dont have my hopes up



RevolverLink said:

Samurai Shodown II, Ys Book I & II and Mega Man? This is the best Monday we've had in a long time. Hopefully there'll be even more great weeks to come!



deadly_by_design said:

If you've never played a Megaman game, I'd go with Megaman 2 first. MM2 has the password feature, so it's less hardcore than having to finish it all in one go. It's the best, IMO, and even Capcom admits they're aiming for MM 1&2 quality in 9.



Adamant said:

@Bahamut ZERO: Mega Man has no save feature, though it does have infinite continues. Mega Man 2 uses passwords. Both games have a save function on the Anniversary Collection, and of course suspend saves on the VC, like all NES games do. Suspend saves on the VC and a save system on the collection makes both MM1 and MM2 just as "hardcore" (and they're both short games anyway. SMB3's lack of a save feature was annoying, but Mega Man only has 10 levels).



SlapStic_com said:

I missed out on the original Mega Man games, sadly. I'm definitely going to try this one out to educate myself in a piece of gaming history, though.



evilralfwiggum said:

so original button configuration may be worth me spending my money on 1,2,3 rather than getting the collection lol..
just because i'd rather it be like normal than not..hrmm..i need an NES retroport as well :0



Geeyoff_Sebastian said:

It's all about the music - it rocks my world. And stealing your opponent-boss's weapon - just savage. But those spikes and the death drops and timing your jumps in the ice world - that always breaks my balls. Still, the music....



Ghouls_n_Ghosts said:

@ Geeyoff Sebastian & Kreegs07

Yeah, I love the music in this game, too. Sure, it's not as good as part two, imo, but listening to the elecman, cutman and the wily castle tracks always brings a smile to my face.



elbo21 said:

YES!!!!!!! This is def one of the best VC weeks ever -- I'm a huge Mega Man fan and have been waiting anxiously for the Blue Bomber to come to the VC. My all time fave game is Mega Man 2... but I must have them all! So, tomorrow can't come fast enough! Thank you Capcom! (Boy, I was in a VC slump for months now... not buying anything and quickly losing interest... but now I've been re-renergized!)



uncle_smuck said:

Oh you will pay! will all pay!......mark my words With such a good week everyone is going to get some pile of crap in the next few months....if im wrong i'll eat my two piece.



MVP said:

GRRRR I want it now in europe!!! (to play some in holidays.... )



tnk4god said:

you must have long holidays over there, ours are only a day here or there. are your national holidays longer then ours?



tnk4god said:

what the hell is two piece? 50 cent?

gotta quit reading other peoples



Terra said:

What we need now, after the US get MM1 & MM2 and MM9 is releasesd, is MM3, MM4, MM5 and MM6. Please Capcom, don't give the US those first and make Europe wait a year, like how the US have had to wait for MM1 and MM2

Then again, if that happens, i might as well just import the Gamecube compliation.



FunkMasterRitter said:

well I already have the MMAC so im going to pass on that one. Samurai showdown does not interest me in the least bit. Never played Ys but I did enjoy Ys 2 so Ys book will be a download for me.



Rockman_90 said:

Bahamut ZERO and That One Guy

Nes: Megaman does not have a save feature.
Nes: Megaman 2 has password.
All of the megaman 1-7 and X - X3 games has password.

Anniversary collection: Megaman has a save slate
Anniversary collection: Megaman 2 has password and save slate
All of the Megaman games in the Anneversary collection has save slates.

Virtual console: Megaman has a suspension point.
Virtual console: Megaman 2 has password and suspension point.
All Nes games on virtual console has the suspension point feature.



Cipher said:

Well, none of the VC titles you mentioned in the article are out. You get Sonic The Hedgehog on Master System and Splatterhouse 2 on Genesis. (Sega Week says hi. )



Kevin said:

Grrrr. I'll just get sonic then. I hope they didn't decide to do the metroid prime 3 vc release like schedule thing. (1 & 2 in the two weeks before 9 comes out) I was looking forward to it getting it today so bad too.



Rockman_90 said:

It was to good to be true why bother saying some games to come out when its the complete opposite even if it doesn`t affect me i think its so unfair for you in America i hope you get these games at least next week.



blackknight77 said:

"@Adamant #34: You European types can't have Axelay or Tecmo Bowl yet. We're holding them hostage until we get Vectorman!"

Although we will make a fair trade with Europe, how about Ordyne for E-Swat



CanisWolfred said:

Well, I'm not totally suprised by the fact Mega Man didn't come today - it was something slipped into the first blog of a Capcom employee, not an official press release. I'm just surprised that NONE of the mentioned games were released! I'm sure they'll do a MP3 thing and release it a few weeks before MM9 is released, but I have no I dea when or if we'll ever see SSII or Ys.



mixahman said:

oh well, i'm glad i didn't get my hopes up. i bought splatterhouse 2 instead... & i wish i didn't good ol' nintendo... don't even think big N will release mm 1&2 at the same time as mm9. lol



CanisWolfred said:


No, we still have to wait.

@Ian Daemon

G-D I wish! I've been holding that off for months, but I just got R-Type Final, and unlocking all 100+ fighters is going to take a while.




lol,i have the megaman collection for gamecube so i would not download them until they released 1-7 and that would just be to support them but for now i wont wast money on something i have on disc.



DDR_Paladin356 said:

Knowing Nintendo, we'll never get EarthBound or Mega Man....or any other good game for that matter...though i do like the Sonic SMS game.

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