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Sun 3rd Aug 2008

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capcom83 commented on USA VC Update: Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars:

THis game is already on the xbox360 and PS3 with the 60hz option! For europe it's the best to get it (sega ultimate mega collection) for only 35 euro over 40 games! Glad I haven't bought all on the WII. And with achievements I've got at least a goal.



capcom83 commented on Gunstar Heroes:

Guys to be honest you can better play this on an emulator instead on WII. why? You can choose NTSC or PAL. They really should give the option to people to choose 50 or 60hz! It's not that hard to add that option if you ask me.

BTW: i've bought dozens of games from the VC, but some games are really needed to be played at 60hz!