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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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DJ_Philanegro commented on USA VC Update: Kirby's Dream Land 3:

YES! My favorite Kirby game! I know I don't normally comment and leave it to myself, but seriously - this game is amazing. Thing is, most people won't like it just because it isn't Superstar. I honestly didn't like it at first for the same reason, but man is this game worth it. 15 more min until it's mine! >



DJ_Philanegro commented on USA VC Releases: Super Mario RPG and Clu Clu Land:

FINALLY - CLU CLU LAND! I used to get pretty far in this game, but that was back when I actually had skills at it. I'm probably going to get owned when I play it now.

Oh, and I guess that's cool for SMRPG. Whatever. In all seriousness though, I do enjoy both games. I got CCL on Animal Crossing, and my friends play SMRPG to death to this day, so I kind of got my fill on it.



DJ_Philanegro commented on Mega Man Finally Out On Monday In USA:

"Brush up on your old school skills and prepare for some cool contests we have in store."

Oh snap, I'm looking forward to this. Luckily I got the Anniversary Collection, so I should probably play through the 6 NES games just to be safe.



DJ_Philanegro commented on Tetris Party To Support The Balance Board:


I like the way you think. Online with Wiispeak = awesome.

And honestly, I'm pretty interested in this games extra modes. I was kinda skeptical when Tetris DS had their extra modes, but they were pretty cool. Looking at that third and fourth screenshot seems like it'll be loads of fun with a friend watching/playing too. "K, now put that piece over there and we can clear - WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!?"



DJ_Philanegro commented on Keiji Inafune Reveals More About Mega Man 9:

"The whole point is: you play this, you die a few times, but you keep trying and you get past the difficult spots. That’s the pleasure gamers get from the challenge and overcoming those challenges."

True that! =) I'm loving that quote lol.



DJ_Philanegro commented on Mega Man 9 Is Coming To WiiWare In Retro Style:

Whoops, I forgot to comment when I first saw this! (Too busy showing everyone the news lol) Man, it's basically what I've been dreaming of - stop reading my mind, Capcom! Seriously, this game will be purchased the moment it's on the Wii Shop. =)



DJ_Philanegro commented on USA WiiWare Update: My Pokemon Ranch:

You'd be surprised, man. I used to hate Pokemon with a passion too up until 9th grade. I was finally trying out all the things I passed up as a kid, and Pokemon Blue just happened to be one of them. Instead of just making fun of the game as I played through it as my original plan was, I ended up loving it to death. Something about my Charmander barely beating that Rock Gym...Maybe that's more reason to avoid it, though... >.O

Awesome! Even though it's IGN and not 100% trustworthy, (in my book anyways, no offense bro) feels good to get a new Pokemon everyday! I'm gonna feel kind of cheap if I end up getting a lot of good ones, but I guess after stopping in Pearl for like, a year, I might as well get all the help I can to catch up lol.



DJ_Philanegro commented on US VC Releases - 9th June - NES Import Duo:

What? No Earthbound? Lame. Naw, I'm kidding. (Although I wouldn't mind getting Earthbound...)

Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa (which I had to copy/paste) looks like a lot of fun. It kinda figures since it was made by Konami, after all. And with My Pokemon Ranch on the WW side of things, you can't go wrong. Good day for VCs for a bad night for me - I'd say that's a fair deal. =)



DJ_Philanegro commented on USA WiiWare Update: My Pokemon Ranch:

Sweet, I've been wanting to play this game for a while now! =) Only problem is, I haven't played Pokemon Pearl a lot since I got it. (I'm probably gonna get made fun of, but I stopped playing after I skipped a gym. Don't remember my way back, and lost interest as a result lol) Does it only take the Pokemon that're on my DS, or can I just grab a bunch of Pikachus and stuff by default?



DJ_Philanegro commented on Protöthea:

Oi, just got it. I'm honestly not liking it - very little action on the screen, the music sounds uninspired, and the difficulty is too low. The enemies seem a little special in the mind and take a while to shoot after they get on the screen, and if they crash into you, you barely take any damage. Should've just grabbed Toki Tori or Metal Slug. =/

I think the awesome link thewiirocks posted made my hopes go up way too high, though lol. That game looks amazing, btw.



DJ_Philanegro commented on US VC Releases - March 10th - DoReMi Fantasy:

Wow, that's awesome how two games I've wanted come out on the same day! I'm a Puyo fanboy, so I kind of have to get Puyo Puyo Tsu, but I've wanted to play DoReMi Fantasy after I first saw a video of it at this site. This is looking to be a pretty good Monday if ya ask me! =)



DJ_Philanegro commented on Check out the updated Check Mii Out channel:

Oh snap, it's your birthday tomorrow? I got 700pts sitting around, so if you want something within that range, just hook it up with a friend code and ask.

And what can I say - I honestly do love the Check Mii Out channel, so this is an awesome update.



DJ_Philanegro commented on Puyo Puyo 2:

Oh man, I can't wait for this to be released then. Luckily I didn't give in and get Kirby's Avalanche in the blind hope that this game would come, and now I just got more! (hope, that is)

I've been pretty addicted to the series, and since this game introduced the ability to block incoming garbage puyo, it seems it's a must have for fans.



DJ_Philanegro commented on US VC Releases - 1st October - Two Japan-only ...:

Wait, I don't get it. How come Europe gets a limited release, and we don't? I think that's highly unfair - Europe really has been getting the bad end of the draw after all. They always get new games late, and now they're the only ones who get a limit? Although kind of out there, I think American gamers should get a time limit and Europe can buy it whenever. Give them something, Nintendo!

Other than that, I'm grateful as always! =)



DJ_Philanegro commented on Yoshi's Story:

Sweet, you guys used my video! Anyways, obviously I love this game, and still play it to this day. I'm not sure it'll apply to everyone, since the game is easily beat. Of course, there are other challenges, and the Trial Mode is what kept my attention in this game for so long.

If you consider yourself a Yoshi fanboy/fangirl, though, then you need this game. Otherwise, you might want to avoid for its simplicity.



DJ_Philanegro commented on US VC Releases - 11th June - Sonic 2:

Pretty good stuff this week. I had my fingers crossed for Super Mario Bros 2, though. (AKA Doki Doki Panic) But hey, with a major title like Sonic 2 released, I guess I have no right to complain!



DJ_Philanegro commented on Europe VC Releases - 20th April - Lylat Wars:

Omg, they seriously put up Donkey Kong Jr. Math? That's amazing. I remember back in the day, my friends and I would seriously battle on that game and test out our awesome basic math skills. Needless to say, we made that game more extreme than it needs to be. =P

Congrats Europe on finally getting Lylat Wars! Hope you guys have fun! *Has a U.S Wii*