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United Kingdom

Thu 29th May 2008

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Junichi commented on Super Turrican 2:

What the ** are you on about Badknux? "except for a few titles that are really memorable." Only A FEW titles that are really memorable? HA HA HA! Thanks for that! I needed a laugh on this miserable morning ! Feel free to voice some of your opinions again tomorrow morning as well, because I might just want a good chuckle again ! Please don't develop yourself a decent knowledge of retro gaming, if you do that I wouldn't have anyone to cheer me up in the morning! HA HA HA!



Junichi commented on USA VC Releases: Super Dodge Ball and Vectorman:

Quote: Badknux

"As expected, Mega Man 9 did come out. I downloaded it, and even beat Galaxy Man! It's just as boring as the other Mega Man games, but I've been looking forward to it anyway.

Other than that, what a boring VC week. I already have Vectorman on three different consoles, and I definitely don't care about that volleyball game. Hopefully something good will come out next week.

Oh, and these are my opinions, I'm not putting words in anyone's mouth."

I know it's your opinion, but who can anyone take your opinion seriously when you can't even get the facts right? Super Dodge Ball is not a volleyball game, it is a dodge ball game. I would of thought the name Super DODGE BALL would be a clear enough hint.



Junichi commented on Vectorman:

@Stevii's Father:

Yeah, Sega stole the idea of WALL.E for Vectorman.

I played this on Sonic Gems Collection, and I couldn't really see what the fuss is all about. Maybe if I played it more I would like it, but I couldn't get into it.



Junichi commented on Cue Sports - Snooker Vs Billiards:

Hey, Mickey Mac, do you think you're funny? Snooker is a cue sport which is popular around the world (oh right it isn't well-known in the USA so it obviously doesn't matter) not a candy bar (I don't believe you are stupid enough to think snooker actually is a candy bar, I just think you were just making a failed attempt at humour). Also if you actually bothered to read properly you would find it is snooker not snooker*s* (no s/plural). From now on don't make comments about things you are completely ignorant about.

Anyway, by billiards do they mean cue sports/pocket billiards as a whole? Or the game of English Billiards, which is usually just reffered to as 'billiards' in the UK.



Junichi commented on Sandy Beach:

Can I make the sand castles like I do in real life? When I make sand castles I put bricks in them so that when the nasty little children come and kick them over, they'll have a little suprise. It will teach them an important lesson in life - not to be mean by destroying people's work. It also provides me great amusement when I see the little bones in their foot shatter, and hear their cries of agony .



Junichi commented on USA VC Releases: Cho Aniki and Final Soldier:

You're going to get a knock on your door and you'll find an accountant on your doorstep ready to stomp on you. I bet you're quivering in your boots aren't you, Ben? Never mess with an accountant,



Junichi commented on EU VC Releases - 11th July - Neo Geo Duo:


Ha, ha! 'W(ank) Ware!' That's genius! Your definatly the funniest person I have ever seen! You're an amazing comedian! The way you replaced the word 'Wii' with another word beginning with 'W' is absolutely hillarious! Hold on, let me try... 'W(est) Ware'. Hmm... not as good and original as yours unfortunatly. I wish I was as funny as you .



Junichi commented on Mega Man 9 Screenshot Blowout:

Sometimes I find it difficult to express feelings using words, so instead I am going to express my feelings regarding this game by using a barage of smilies:



Junichi commented on Super Mario RPG Released in Japan Today:

AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO ACTUALLY WANTS SUPER MARIO RPG?! NOONE ELSE EXCEPT ME SEEMS TO CARE ABOUT IT! Seriously, all the time I've been on this website I haven't seen a single member say they want Mario RPG on the VC. Very strange. I seem to be the odd one out here. I am weird for being the only person who wants this game?



Junichi commented on RUMOUR: PopCap Games To Develop For WiiWare?:

POOP CRAP! FOR GOD'S SAKE! Why has nobody said 'lol' yet?! That's the wittiest thing I've ever typed on a Wii Ware website, and nobody gives me recognition for it?! (I like using both a question mark and an exclamation mark to end a sentance btw. I learnt how to do it from Lylat Wars). I people on this website don't start giving me the regcogniton I deserve, then, well, I may have to take my genious comments to instead. Is that what ya want? 'Cause that's what'll happen!

Please laugh at my turning-developer-title into two words that both mean excrement (yeah I've probably spelt that wrong - I'm an idiot) comment. I need you to do it. It's the only possible way for me to derive self-esteem.



Junichi commented on LostWinds Is Best-Selling Euro WiiWare Title:

I now have 256 so I have downloaded it. I love it, it's a fantastic game, probably one of the best games I've downloaded from the Wii Shop.

Not like anyone cares, but I'd thought I'd tell ya anyway.



Junichi commented on EU WiiWare Update: Block Breaker Deluxe and Co...:

I could hardly withhold my excitement when I accesed the Wii Shop Channel and saw the phrases "Fishing Master" and "Block Breaker Deluxe". I'm just glad "Cocoto Watch Paint Drying Master Deluxe" wasn't there was well. If it was then the excitement could... well... cause me to make a bit of a mess (which would put me in a bit of a sticky situation)... if you know what I mean. Thankfully the game was postponed meaning the excitement didn't lead me to a climax of any sort (came pretty damn close though).



Junichi commented on EU VC Releases - 20th June - Epic Fail:

We all know what will happen. 2 weeks ago it was "OMG NO VC GAMES NINTENDO HATE US!!!!1111ONEONEEXCALMATIONMARK!!!!11111!!!1!!11one", then the following week it was "OMG 5 VC GAMES!!1!11! YAY! NINTENDO LOVE US!!!11, then this week its the same "OMG NO VC GAMES NINTENDO HATE US!!!!1111ONEONEEXCALMATIONMARK!!!!11111!!!1!!11one NINTENDO YOU HAVE LOST ME AS ONE OF YOUR 10 BILLION CUSTOMERS!!!11!11ONEONEEXCLAMATIOMARKONE!1112", then next week we'll be back to "OMG 5 VC GAMES!!1!11! YAY! NINTENDO LOVE US!!!11 ISN'T NINTENDO GREAT!!111ONEONEONEFOUR" and of course some 'epic fail' picture that VC Reviews have kindly searched and found from Google and posted on their site. Which is of course extreamly 'lol' (that is what the ganstas say now-a-days, isn't it?)... I predict it'll follow that pattern .



Junichi commented on EU WiiWare Update: Actionloop Twist:


Yeah, why should 'us guys' complain? After all we get everything, and poor old 'you guys' get nothing. Us guys are incredibly lucky. After all we get all the best games, all the best games get released to us guys first, all the consoles come out to us guys first and us guys get games for cheaper than you guys. I feel really sorry for you guys, its not fair you always get the sort end of the stick. Especially when us guys got Mario Kart Wii a weeks before you (how unfair was that?!). All you guys had to play was that pretty minor game Super Smash Bros Brawl - I mean, what Nintendo fan on earth would what to play that terrible game?! And you unfortune people had to wait over SEVEN DAYS for Mario Kart Wii after it came to us guys- it was really unfair for you guys. We're really lucky that Smash Bros Brawl is coming to us guys months after it came to you guys, because its obviously a terrible game, honestly I can't see a single us guy Nintendo fan buying it - doubt any have even heard of it! Its just a shame Nintendo has finally released (well in a few days time shudder) this monstrosity on us, although it would be selfish for us guys to complain as you guys have had to put up with this horrible game for MONTHS before us - how on earth did you guys cope (America truly is the land of the brave)? Us guys are really lucky.

I really feel sorry for you guys. I hope Nintendo start giving you guys something good for a change instead of giving it all to us . We're really selfish to be complaining - shame on us guys!