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United States

Sun 11th Apr 2010

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Fill commented on Max & the Magic Marker:

This was fun! There could have been more levels and more interesting/challenging puzzles. Sometimes it was a bit downright tedious. But, the idea, graphics and play was fun. One bug I found: Robot Factory, stage 1: You can collect as many special black orbs as you want. The black orb shot repeatedly upwards that you use some ramps to deflect down to you through the laser beam re-spawns when you do. So, just die after collecting it, and grab it again and again. You can get more than the total allowed for the level pretty easily, which is 4.



Fill commented on LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias:

This is a great game, love the graphics. I got confused and lost trying to travel back through previous levels, and got tired of missing platforms all the time using 'wind' to jump or move things. I didn't play the first one, is it worth buying the first after playing this?



Fill commented on World of Goo:

This is an amazing game. I have it on the Mac but not the Wii (I assume they are the same?). You might consider the Win/Mac/Linux version first before the lower-res Wii version, but it does cost $5 more ($20).



Fill commented on Art of Balance:

This game was quite fun. Most of the puzzles can be solved in just a minute or two, but a handful of them are really tough. Thankfully you can often skip some puzzles and come back to them later. Music and graphics are very 'zen', I like it. I found myself starting a second profile and solving them all over again. Thumbs up!