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Sun 1st Mar 2009

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vonboy commented on Super Mario Maker's eShop Pre-Load is Live in ...:

Doesn't really make much sense here. How big is this download? Only like 1 or 2 gigs? It's makes much more sense for much bigger downloads, like smash bros, or the new xenoblade x.

I was glad I could pre-download GTA 5 on the PC, as that was a good 60 something gig download, that took me a good few days to download, but it doesn't make much sense in this case.



vonboy commented on World of Goo:

i bought this a little before Christmas, and i'm still getting fun outta it. i have put over 20 hours into it, and i now have ocd on a little over half the stages . the other ones are probably gonna be torture, so it'll probably take me awhile.

oh, and my highest tower ever is about 30 meters.



vonboy commented on Art Style: Orbient:

i just bought artstyle cubello last week and i loved it. i thinking of getting this one too, when i actually have the money >.<



vonboy commented on Review: Bomberman Blast (WiiWare):

i just bought this game last week, and it doesn't seem like theres that many people playing it online anymore. whenever i play, i always get buddied up with the same group of players (plus or minus a player or two), and there was someone with like 2 million points pwning everyone else whenever i played. i think theres maybe a dozen or so people playing the game online at a time, so it's kinda weird.

of course, this is coming from a person whose only online game he's played much was mario kart wii, and you NEVER EVER play the same person twice on there.



vonboy commented on Review: Defend Your Castle (WiiWare):

i decided to play the game again after not playing it for a few months, and i ended up playing it for 4 and a half hours lol. i lost my save data for it (stupid corrupt sd card >.<) so i started over, and i'm at around round 65 now, with 400 archers, 500 mages, and about 350 stonemasons. it's getting really hectic now in the game. if i was to stop doing anything, i would probably be dead in about 10 seconds 0.0.

overall, it's still fun, even after a few months of leaving it to collect dusts.