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United Kingdom

Tue 22nd Jan 2008

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jammy_uk commented on Competitions: Flipnote Studio - Amazing Giveaway:

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Rainy Day Horror!



jammy_uk commented on World of Goo:

Downloaded it this morning and reached chapter 3 after 5 hours play. It is SOOOOOOO GOOD. I am very very impressed.



jammy_uk commented on Final Fantasy CC: The Little King - Media Blowout:

I'd guess that the reason Nintendo doesn't let you play games straight from an SD card is so people don't share them from console to console. There could also be an issue of streaming a game direct off a card. Im not sure, either way a Hard Drive is a certainty soon after Wii Ware is up and running. Nintendo are just being their normal secretive selves and not telling.



jammy_uk commented on EU VC Releases - 25th January - Super Street F...:

It strikes me with all these sequels coming out within a relatively short time-scale (3 street fighters in a about one year) that it would be good if there was some sort of offer in place for those who have purchased previous installments. Perhaps they could make this version of Street Fighter half price for those who have already got the previous two. I know this is highly unlikely to happen, but it's just a thought.
On another note, the reason there may be fewer VC games recently may be the fact that the Wii release schedule has been pretty packed recently (in the UK at least). What with Zack & Wiki, Nights, Ghost Squad, Geometry Wars etc. Perhaps Nintendo thought it should save a few games until the release schedule has slowed.



jammy_uk commented on F-Zero X:

Excellent game that is in my opinion the highlight of the F-Zero series. The graphics move at a remarkable speed and handling is tight and rewarding. I still get the same exhilaration boosting past an opponent on the finish line as I got when I first played the game on the N64. I love the way your closest rival in the points table is highlighted during the race and the thrill you get from barging him off the edge. Special mention must also go to the death race mode. Highly recommended.



jammy_uk commented on Bonk's Adventure:

Good platform game, nothing more nothing less. 'Stick to Mario' may be cliched advice, but is certainly true with this game.



jammy_uk commented on Gate of Thunder:

I have to agree with DEMON above. Probably the best shmup available on the VC at the moment. Excellent graphics and audio. Difficulty is pitched just about right too.



jammy_uk commented on Bio-Hazard Battle:

Was fairly disappointed by the game. Whereas the presentation was quite unique, the actual gameplay was lacking and quickly becomes dull. Only get if you have completed the other, far better, shooters on the VC.