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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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jeffo commented on Review: International Karate (C64):

Used to have a version of this game on an Atari computer. I remember both fun and frustration in the mid-late 80's playing this. I'll probably get it simply for the nostalgic factor.



jeffo commented on Sonic the Hedgehog 2:

I remember borrowing my friend's Genesis back in the day, he had this and Aladdin and a couple of other games. This one was phenomenal. I'm enjoying it best out of the three "Sonic the Hedgehog" titles for the Genesis at present, though I'm currently only at the casino (pinball) level.



jeffo commented on Target Toss Pro Bags Coming To US WiiWare On M...:

"He said Bags
Huhuhuh Huhuhuh"

"Yeah, yeah, bags"

Seriously, I'd rather download some Atari 2600 games for VC (if it would happen) than another pong toss/let's catch with virtual bags.



jeffo commented on Review: Alien Crush Returns (WiiWare):

Great review, I agreed with every bit of it. My only gripe with the game so far (still in keeping with this review) is the music. The music is good, but not nearly as sinister or as imposing as it needs to be. Of course the updated sound quality of the music is better here, but the scores to the original Alien's Crush and Devil's Crush were more complimenting to their 16 bit counterparts than the music found in ACR is to...well, itself.



jeffo commented on USA WiiWare Update: Alien Crush Returns and Ho...:

I really don't get why Nintendo feels they have to release different Wii Ware to different world markets at different times. Making folks wait for the best Wii Ware stuff is just short-sighted and unnecessary and kind of shows lack of care for the consumer in my opinion. I could see if something in a Wii Ware title were to be really culturally sensitive or had a whole ton of dialogue to translate something, but Alien Crush, for example, is just a Pinball game for crying out loud. Anyways, I feel bad for you European folks right now, you probably won't have to wait too much longer though.



jeffo commented on Alien Crush Returns:

Sweet. I'm enjoying this one A LOT already. $8.00 is nothing for this. It definitely feels like you're playing a very, very updated version of the TG16 game as opposed to a pinball sim. I love, for example the William's Pinball collection for the Wii which is a really good pinball simulation with far more realistic table and ball physics than here. But here...the ball physics don't have to be totally realistic, just fun; afterall, you aren't playing on a pinball table you are playing pinball on a living alien organism. Anyways, here's to hoping for a Devil's Crush remake next.



jeffo commented on Review: Art Style: Rotohex (WiiWare):

Yet another great Art-Style game with laid back get-in-the-zone style gameplay. It takes a little while to get used to the strategy of moving your "cursor" between the appropriate hexagons and rotating the hexagons to get your color matches. Once you get the hang of it though, it starts to get fun really quick...then it kinda stages up the difficulty in the Tetris sense. The music is the best, I think, out of all of the Art Style games so far, a blend of modern euro-jazz mixed and techno but it really compliments the game and the gameplay. I think I like this a little bit more than Cubello but not quite as much as Orbient. For $6.00 this is another must-have. My only gripe is, again as with all of these Art-Style games, all they really need is on-line leader boards to really bump up that competative drive to play more and to get better and better.

Oh sorry to hear about the troubles with distinguishing the colors, I guess that does suck. "Groovin' Blocks" had a remedy for color-blind people in it's game, a feature where you can change all of the different colored blocks to different shapes instead.



jeffo commented on Review: Art Style: Cubello (WiiWare):

This game is seriously fun for a 6 dollar game. I'll throw my hat in with many of you in regards to the robot voice though. It's not bad when it's just playing through my TV speakers though.



jeffo commented on The Incredible Maze:

Or like Marble Madness from the Olden-Days. I might have to get this but I'll wait for a review or more user comments.



jeffo commented on Toki Tori:

For all of the talk and (deserved) hype going on for World Of Goo right now, it makes me remember this game...which I'm still very much stuck on at the moment and will have to revisit it soon. Ugghh another refigerator cleaning is due. Anyways, Toki Tori is simply genius. Hopefully we get more of these level design-focused puzzlers, like Toki and World of Goo..



jeffo commented on Alien Crush Returns:

I'm really looking forward to this one. I loved the original, and especially, Devil's Crush for the Turbo. This looks like one damned fine-looking Wii-ware game. Hurry on up with the release date.



jeffo commented on World of Goo:

10/10 is exactly what I would give this game. For how good it looks and sounds, I still can't believe it's only a 320 block Wiiware game and not a disc-based game. I know that people complain about the pricing and all but look at it like this, If a game like this were released on the DS, (and it wouldn't look or sound nearly as good as it does played on your home theatre and larger screen) it would probably sell for like 30 bucks minimum. The PC version of this game is apparently $19.99. So in that respect you can't go wrong getting this for $15.00. If you love games like Toki Tori (which for me still has a little more charm to it than World of Goo even if it's not quite as good) you'll love World of Goo. It's definately a head-scratcher at times.



jeffo commented on Art Style: Cubello:

Loving this game. I made some comments about Orbient (on it's page), and again, like Orbient this game relies on addictive gameplay. How can you lose with combining a really responsive first person shooter mechanic with a combine 4 like-color blocks mechanic? For 6 bucks and 47 blocks of memory this game is almost a necessity...that is if you like addictive gameplay. Sorely missed, is any kind of 2 person play, Co-op with one cubello would have been cool, or a split screen competative race would have been fine.



jeffo commented on Art Style: Orbient:

For 6 bucks this is a no-brainer. Basically this game relies on one thing, addictive, yet laid back gameplay. the two-button gameplay makes it so easy anyone can have a go. And the addictive factor is through the roof. World of Goo may be the best thing on Wii-Ware right now, but the 2 Art-Style games published by Nintendo, though far-less polished are so damned addictive, easy to pick up and hard to put down, that for 6 bucks each, you should own them both.



jeffo commented on Groovin' Blocks:

7/10 a good score for this game. If you don't have Lumines already, this one is worth a look. If you love other falling block puzzlers like columns, take a look. The key is in dropping your blocks to the Rhythm of the music. I'm not a techno fan by any means, unless it's in a game (always works in sh'mups) and it works amazingly well here. The tracks are very listenable and they really start to change up the gameplay once you start getting the odd-time 3/4 stuff in there. The presentation and graphics are plain but pleasing, nontheless and work well enough.



jeffo commented on Ninja Spirit:

One of the better ninja games for sure. I think it beats the early Gaiden's hand's down. No incredibly frustrating platform jumping (falling) elements. The Ninja-meets-Supernatural elements of the story and art design are also far more appealing than dodging street thugs and bazooka shells imo. Anyways my criticism is it's way, way too short. The more awesome and meaner looking bosses are also way, way too easy and there's that one really unnecessary falling bit at the very end - which you can find the solution to pretty easily online and save yourself the frustration of dying a million-zillion times like I did when I first played the hucard. Good weapons and powerup selection, great graphics for their time just a shame that its way too quick and pretty easy. Worth a download if you're into the ninja games but getting frustrated with overly aggravating platform jumping elements. 8/10.



jeffo commented on Blazing Lazers:

Do yourself a favour and download this old gem. Definately in my top five of all time. Currently working on area 9 (I forgot how freakin' hard it gets). Good assortment of weapons, although, come on, who really uses the photon blaster or the ring blaster. I take the deceptor wave and sheild all the way to the bubble level if I can and then it's pretty much field thunder from there on. Superb shooting gameplay. Excellent graphics (for their time). Great cheesy 80's style electronic drums and keyboards music (kinda like mid-eighties Phil Collins' Genesis-but better). I have also downloaded SSS and Soldier Blade but I'm waiting until I can finally crack this one again before I really venture on.



jeffo commented on Bloody Wolf:

Loved this game back in '89 or '90 whatever year it was that it came out. Still have the Hu card but alas the Turbo Grafx was fried a long time ago. I'll Definately download this one. Good gameplay, blissfully retro music and graphics, terrible (inadvertently hilarious) dialogue, and yes it has major slowdown issues (just look at it as giving you more time to react to the oncming gunfire). Great game warts and all.