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Wed 23rd Jan 2008

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sandos commented on World of Goo:

Just insane. Ive been waiting weeks for this to appear on my shop. Now I see its supposed to be boxed for the EU? I can't even find any release date!

Edit: Oh, dear. Q1 2009 according to IGN. Might get it for linux before that.. who knows.



sandos commented on The Last Ninja:

Controls works, I guess, with a gamecube controller. I find the analog stick easier for this and IK. d-pad+diagonals doesn't really cut it for me.



sandos commented on International Karate:

This is game is just awesome. It seems almost random in the start (even though I did play this a lot back in the day) but slowly, slowly you start to learn



sandos commented on Bomberman '93:

Me, girlfriend, her sister and her boyfriend play this every time they are over at our place. This beats all our newer wii games, guitar hero III etc hands down when it comes to multiplayer.

I really hope we will see similarly interesting multiplayer games on the Wii proper eventually...