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United States

Tue 8th Apr 2008

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azariaspice commented on ToeJam & Earl:

I always liked this game, I played it with my cousin on Sega Channel. I bought Panic On Funkotron for my Sega Genesis a few years ago (I still play my old school systems) but it wasn't this game. I thought it was, but I was happy to see it on VC. I'll probably buy Panic since my Genesis died.



azariaspice commented on Pop:

it looks fun, but we'll have to see about the price. I don't know how much replay value it'd have. It'd probably get boring after a while. So for 300 points, maybe. It couldn't have cost too much to make the game.



azariaspice commented on World of Goo:

It looks amusing, but I'd probably lose everytime. Hopefully it's only like 500 points.



azariaspice commented on Tetris Attack:

I love this game!!!
I was hoping it'd be brought to VC. My friend had to order away for it because it was hard to find here, and I fell in love with it. I can't wait for it!



azariaspice commented on Toki Tori:

I laughed throughout the video, especially when the camera hit the vacuum. It does look cute, so I'd probably buy it if it wasn't too expensive. But will it fit on my Wii w/all those other virtual console games I have? AHHH the suspense!



azariaspice commented on Bomberman:

I'd buy it anyways. I absolutely LOVE Bomberman. It'd be nice if it went online, but sometimes, online gaming sucks when you're not placed with ppl who rank the same as you do.