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Wed 10th Dec 2008

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mojo25 commented on Muramasa: The Demon Blade "Massive Attack" Tra...:

They shoulda called this Viewtiful Okami Joe. Nahhh...

My point is, this game looks awesome. It has a lot of enemies that look similar to the ones in Okami, which btw was my favorite rpg ever. sigh good times...



mojo25 commented on Official Bit Boy!! Game Play Trailer:

OH MY GOD!!! That looks too cool. I really hope the levels aren't too easy. And I hope that there aren't only two levels of each "bit-era", because that's what it seemed like in the video...I can't wait. >:3



mojo25 commented on Review: Swords & Soldiers (WiiWare):

I really want to try this, but is it good when you're playing by yourself? Like, will the gameplay last for more than a couple days when you just play with yourself? :



mojo25 commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (8th Apr):

Hmm...who knows? If this keeps up, we could have an Elite 5. I just hope Onslaught stays up there. I just got it two days ago, and man, it's amazingly fun.



mojo25 commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (25th Mar):

You know what I just thought?

What if...WHAT if...Hudson payed people to buy My Aquarium to keep it up in the charts?!?!

XD lol, jk...they wouldn't do that... >.>

Oh well, at least WoG is back up top! And congrats to Bit.Trip.Beat for such a big leap to #4.



mojo25 commented on Brand New Harvest Moon Series: Ranch Store Scr...:

"Congrats Bahamut! You've been nominated for the Douche awards 2009!"

lol what? Anyway, I've never been really interested in Harvest Moon yep, I think I'll just save future Wii Points on something I'm more in to.



mojo25 commented on EU WiiWare Update: Beer Pong and Snowboard Riot:

Not the best update for

On another note, guys/girls, I might be getting a Wii Points Card this Saturday. I'll have 2500 points total. What games should I get? I know I want Onslaught, which will leave me with 1500 points left.
What should I get with the rest of the points, or should I save up for some more games?



mojo25 commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (25th Feb):

Man, I reaaaaally need to get Onslaught. I should of brought my money when I went to the mall on Monday...dangit, missed my chance.

So when I get me Wii Points card, I will definitely get Onslaught, then maybe Paper Mario 64 with 500 points left...or I can wait until Super Smash Bros. 64 comes on VC...OR I can wait for Toribash, assuming it's less than 1500 points (probably, of course) or I can just download that on my PC....>.<



mojo25 commented on USA WiiWare Update: Onslaught:

OMG I JUST REALIZED THAT DEADLY CREATURES IS OUT FOR WII NOW!!! Yay...I shall get that after I get Monster Hunter 3!!! (or before, depending when MH3 is coming out)

And in between (or before) those dates, I shall get this game. Man, the Wii is getting some pretty epic games this year!



mojo25 commented on Review: Evasive Space (WiiWare):

Man, I am pretty good at predicting games, whether they would be good or, I like the last line, Matthew: "We had such high hopes for this title, but ironically it has turned out being one piece of WiiWare software that you'll probably want to evade"

ha great review too.



mojo25 commented on EU WiiWare Update: Onslaught and Pop-Up Pirate!:

Ooh, Deadly Creatures...I was looking forward to that, and I still am, but I'm more interested in Monster Hunter 3 now (whenever that'll come out...this year, i hope) it looks pretty epic.

Hmm, I really hope that Onslaught is good, because I'm really looking forward to it.



mojo25 commented on Toribash:

Man, I've just downloaded this yesterday....and...
It's awesome. Man, I just love it. I'm actually pretty good. I did this one move, where I grab the opponent, then keep kicking, private area, yea...and it looks really funnnny. I also did this move where I tear of my arm, throw it at the enemy's head and grab him, then i keep flailing around and keep gaining points...its pretty sweet.



mojo25 commented on Onslaught:

Man, this looks EPIC. Omg, I want this and, so many cool looking games coming out...



mojo25 commented on Toribash Coming To WiiWare:

This looks awesome. I've played a game like this in 2D form and I was so addicted. Now that it's 3D, this is a must download for me



mojo25 commented on Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse:

Hey people, I have never gotten a Castlevania game and I happen to have 500 points left from buying World of Goo

I am pretty sure I will get this, but will it still be good since I haven't played the other games in the series?



mojo25 commented on Nicalis Updates Cave Story Progress:

I agree with everyone who thinks the DLC should be free. I don't want to pay for extra levels if they are part of the storyline. If they are just levels that don't have anything to do with the story, then fine with me.



mojo25 commented on USA WiiWare Update: Tiki Towers & Fun! Fun! Mi...:

Yes, I now agree that TT deserves a lower score than I thought before. After the first island, things get too complicated. There are too many things that you have to keep in mind. I haven't played WOG, so I really hope it is much different (different, as in better) than this game.

I would probably give it a 6/10 as well.



mojo25 commented on Metacritic's Best Wii Games of 2008:

Don't get me wrong, but Brawl is good. It also takes no skill...I almost got beat by some noob at a tourney. I still got 3rd though. Melee, now that was a great game. It was, and still is, awesome. A few days ago, I decided to switch back to that game due to it's uberness.

I agree with the placement of the other games of the year following brawl. I think that Okami should have been 3rd though because it is just simply the best 1 player adventure game I have every played in my whole life. My whole life, as in 12 years, so that means I'll probably run into other great 1 player games, but probably none that would meet the awesomeness of Okami. Unless there's a Okami sequel...that would be cool.



mojo25 commented on USA WiiWare Update: Tiki Towers & Fun! Fun! Mi...:

Hmm, yes, when I opened the Wii Shop Channel, it immediately said there was a gift awaiting me...Is your WiiConnect24 on? And did you set your setting to Allow gifts on the Wii Shop Channel? Because if you didn't...then that would suck because RealArcade might have sent it but if your setting weren't correct, then you would never receive it... D:



mojo25 commented on Tiki Towers:

I agree with AlexSays. I haven't gotten WOG yet (about to get it on Christmas) but I can already tell that this game has many different qualities than World of Goo.
For example, the building structures are bamboo poles, not goo, so it creates tension under more weight, which can cause it to break. The break might even create a chain reaction for many more breaks. This makes the game much more challenging than I would have thought.

It's not a stand-out game but it's a solid 6 or 7 and is a fun little game once you give it a chance.
I actually would give this "fun little game" an 8 or 9 because of the very cheap price for those people who can't buy World of Goo.

Tiki Towers is a great game and definitely not a World of Goo rip-off.



mojo25 commented on USA WiiWare Update: Tiki Towers & Fun! Fun! Mi...:

@Wiiloveit: Yes, how silly of you Wiiloveit...
...thanks for your *cough* not help *cough*

lol, just kidding. I was looking at Niki Rock 'n' Ball! yesterday, and was thinking of getting it myself. But then I realized it wasn't released in NA yet

@chunky_droid: Hey, chunky_droid, have you checked the Wii Shop Channel yet? Because I thought a message would come to the Wii Message Board, but nothing came, so I checked the WIi Shop Channel and it said there was a gift awaiting me.

UUGH Oh my, now I'm thinking of getting Megaman 9 and LostWinds...TOO MANY GREAT GAMES!!!

Should I get Megaman 9 and LostWinds?
Or World of Goo and Super Mario Bros. 3?



mojo25 commented on USA WiiWare Update: Tiki Towers & Fun! Fun! Mi...:

Ok thanks guys! You guys (and/or girls) rock!!

@shadow262: Thanks for letting me know that! I just checked My Aquarium's block size, and it's 227, so I think that I'll have enough room for WOG and SMB3. If not, then I guess I'll have to say goodbye to Everybody Votes channel. After all, I don't even use it lol...thanks again!!

Man, I wish Nintendo put Super Smash Bros. 64 on Virtual Console. Those were the good times...

Merry Christmas* to all!!

*Or Hanukkah/Kwanzaa