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For more than twenty years, Mario and Luigi have been tirelessly running and jumping across these caves and castles to put a smile on every player's face. Squash Goombas and crawl down pipes. Swallow mushrooms and Fire Flowers. Discover or rediscover the most popular video game of all time.

This ground-breaking platform game has inspired creators and artists worldwide. If you whistle one of Super Mario Bros.' unforgettable tunes in public transports or in a waiting room, there is little doubt that at least one person around you will be filled with nostalgia and good memories.

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Wii U eShop Review

Europe PAL Version

Posted by Philip J Reed

Forever running to the right

Mario. Say it loud and there's music playing. Say it soft, and it's almost like praying. Super Mario Bros. was, is, and will always be one of gaming's great masterpieces, and its availability on any additional format is a good thing. It's come to the Wii...

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3DS eShop Review

USA USA Version

Posted by Philip J Reed

Yet another way to experience a masterpiece

Mario. Say it loud and there's music playing. Say it soft, and it's almost like praying. Super Mario Bros. was, is, and will always be one of gaming's great masterpieces, and its availability on any additional format is a good thing. Now it's come to the...

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Virtual Console Review

USA USA Version

Posted by Darren Calvert

A timeless classic

This game needs no introduction, this was really where it all began with our favourite Italian plumber. Having been originally bundled free with the NES console in 1985 Super Mario Bros. Proved to be a killer app at the time helping to shift millions of...

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User Comments (127)



Bass_X0 said:

I remember getting very excited as a kid when I discovered the first warp zone by myself without any help. This game brings back many special memories.



German said:

I pop it in for nastalgia reasons but man, this one has not aged well. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy myself playing it, but like Bass X said, SMB 3 and Super Mario World are far better and worth the points. Keep your points and save them for games you'll play more than a week.



Jam_Enslaver said:

When and if they release the Lost Levels, I may get this for the sake of completeness. I already have it on the GBA, but it would be nice to play on a big screen.



Dakk said:

Bass X and German have it right. Purchased for nostalgia. Fun for 30 minutes. Haven't accessed it since.



primitiveworker said:

Anyone know how to reset it to "normal"? It saves its state and always plays on "hard" mode now, after having finished the game on "normal" mode.



Baldasacoot said:

I have the original PAL NES cart and this downloaded game runs faster. A good thing? Well for me, no. As I'm used to the gameplay speed on the PAL version, this is very off-putting and I now regret downloading it.

It's a shame the VC games don't have a standard option on the Wii menu to alter the general speed of VC games. That would be highly useful and not outside the capabilities of the Wii technology.



Eric said:

Great game. I have the NES game also but got the VC version for simplicity. Recommending DL.



BuckTwenty said:

primitiveworker - You have to erase the save file for it. Not the game itself, mind you, but the save state for it. That happened to me, too, and I found it really annoying.



Mart said:

bought this just to try out the nes control style with the remote. quality.



Dazza said:

Just press the home button then exit, when you come back you'll be at the point you left off. This works for all games except N64.



Saves lol in my day we had to play the thing though to the end lol.

__Mr 64


Mr 64 said:

What can you say about this game? It's one of the most influential titles in the history of computer games.

Super Mario Brothers is one of the earliest NES games to make it across to Europe and that certainly shows in the visuals. Minimalist would be the kindest way to describe the graphics. Yet in a weird way, the primitive world has a beauty that few modern games can actually reach.

As for the gameplay, it's brilliant! This game is 22 years old and it is still great to play. Very few modern games tap into the fundamental levels of fun and enjoyment that make this game so fun. It's also got a level of 'quick play' value that seems totally devoid in modern games. You are thrown straight into the action from the word go and it never lets up until you rescue that the princess.

In terms of technical quality, it does beg the question of whether or not this game is worth 500 points and viewed from that angle, probably not. Yet it's so much fun. I downloaded a wealth of games in a big glut and this game is one of the three I play the most, so there's got to be something going on there.



LOL people will be telling us all the Sonic level select next little joke.

Anyway I love this first game I ever got first game I ever played 20 years ago. Without this I would not be into gaming I love it and still have the Nes version. I think that the lack of save is great as it was hard like all games where back then and thats how I learned how to play. The addition of a save is ok but I wont be using it.



Tull said:

This is the game you play as the hero Mario on his quest to save the Internet from Bowser and his evil plan to clog up all the tubes.

__Dan W


Dan W said:

For all the people complaining about saving the old NES trick works. Hold down the "A" button on the classic controller or the "2" on the Wiimote when you press start after losing your last life. This will start you at the beginning of the last world you died in. (So if you die on 3-3 you can restart at 3-1 instead of 1-1).



Clayfrd said:

This comes highly recommended. The only reason not to buy is if you have it and a working and connected NES right now(as I do).



mack2404 said:

This is, for me, the game that started my addiction to gaming. I still occasionally hum the BGMs and imitate the sound effects. I still remember the first time I orphaned some Goomba children by stomping on their father......*sniff*



CastlevaniaTest said:

This game sure brings back memories. It's probably the first thing most people think of when they think of NES games. Unfortunately, it hasn't aged as well as some of Mario's more advanced 2D adventures.

If you really want to try this out and don't own Super Mario Bros. Deluxe for the Game Boy Color or Super Mario All-Stars for the SNES, go ahead and download it, it's only 500 Wii points. Otherwise, go for Super Mario World or wait for Super Mario Bros. 3. They're more advanced and a lot more fun.

Four stars, mainly because it's still a fun platformer game but there are still better games out there.



Greg said:

Does anyone know where the save file can be found so I can delete it after completing the game on easy? Only see the channel when I go to the memory manager to delete.



link64 said:

I think this game has not aged that well I mean the controls are tight but there is not that much variety in the stages.



JustAGuy said:

To clear the save state, press home and click on reset. It resets the game (the same way your brother or sister reset the game when your were a child) and will take away any and all progress you have made.



Guilherme said:

This is not a game I played "back then" (my country was a Master System country). This game can be slightly frustrating at times, and the level design is not that brilliant to say the least. If you are just looking for a good solid 8-bit platformer, try something else like the later Marios or Kirby.

With that left behind, this game is a landmark in videogame history and it can be appreciated for just that. I've been slowly working on beating it (well I am a bit far really) and while it's a bit rough on the edges, criticizing it feels beside the point. It's Super Mario Bros, stupid.



Grooter48 said:

If there is one game that should be on everyone's Wii, it would be this game. I've memorized every course by heart, but I still find something new to do in the game, be it give myself a goal to rack up a certain amount of points, or go through all the courses without losing a life. It's cliche, but Super Mario Bros. is indeed a must buy.



SKTTR said:

this game is not on my Wii but on my Super Mario All-Stars (SNES) and as an NES Classic (GBA). that means more than enough. i prefer the remake Super Mario Bros. DX (GBC) over every other version. So this one gets....

__Mii be you


Mii be you said:

A Excellent game that deserves to be downloaded! More than 20
years old and it still reserves the right to be played!
(People would download this even if they have it on Super Mario All-stars(SNES), the DX version(GBC) and the NES classic itself!
I'm one of them.)I downloaded the game even though I had Super Mario All-stars. The SNES version dosen't have the Minus world.



Shortay said:

Amazing and Legendary Game, finally downloaded this because heck, it deserves to be bought



TAL76 said:

getting a problem downloading this,will only download half the game and won't run properly,then try redownloading and get the same problem!!!!!super mario 64 and opera web browser work sound so why not this?????please if anyone else gets this problem then please let me know cos this game rocks and wanna play it!!!!!

__Mii be you


Mii be you said:

Would anybody believe me if I said that this game's on Animal crossing?
Sorry, but it's true.



alvieao said:

The one that saved the video game industry... A legendary game that lasted 20+ years and still is playable today. The first and only game (or should I say pack-in with Duck Hunt) I had with the NES system. I downloaded SMB in the summer and I still can't beat it yet. Luckily, I can continue from the last world I died by pressing 2 on the Wii Remote. SMB is the first game everyone MUST download...



SamuraiSonic said:

This is a game you must buy. Not should, but MUST. The music, the warp zones, the power-ups, the perfect platforming skills, the secrets, and the very history of the game itself - as alvieao said, the game that single handedly saved the video game industry... everyone owes this game a debt which is too big to be repaid - put simply, video games may not exist if it wasn't for this game. What isn't there to like?!?!?



Chris said:

Still a great, classic game. Only thing now is where as you used to find yourself concentrating on every single jump nowadays it seems very easy. You can find yourself just staring through the Tv and tapping jump.



Waluigi said:

i downloaded SMB and when i try and open it on the Wii
i get a blank black screen. If i press the home button i can see the game in the background and i can always hear the background music. Anyone know how to fix this?



darthmix said:

There's no denying that this is a classic, or that its significance on gaming history is massive. But for me, playing it today, it just doesn't have the depth to keep you coming back in the way that Mario's other 8-bit adventures do. Platform gaming really matured on the NES, and SMB1 is at the beginning of that curve. It's a nice distraction, and worthwile for its historical value, and it obviously deserves endless respect for the empire it set up but on its own it just doesn't have the epic feel of some of the other Mario classics on the VC. Unless I had points to burn I'd probably skip this and download SMB3 or World.



WiNG said:

Honestly this was my first VC buy, and I regret it. This game sure is a classic, and it was great at the time, and inspired tons of great sequels and other games. But it's just not that good for $5.

The graphics are horrible. Compare this game to Tecmo, or Kirby, and it looks like garbage. Hell, compare it to Super Mario 3, which is about 10x of a better game.

The sound and music is fun, until you realize there are only about 5 songs in the whole game.

The difficulty is pretty high, in my opinion, and considering the game's length it can be much more frustrating than games like Kirby, Sonic 3, or Super Mario World, which let you save your progress.

If you are thinking of this game, just get Mario 3 instead. This game is NOT as good as you remember it.



Jakob said:

re: WiNG - Yeah it is. It's graphics outdo tons of modern games, not in technology but in style and flavour and well done art direction. The frustration level is something we Nintendo fanboys were brought up with, that's how we learned the hard way, back when games were games and not jobs where skill (and a healthy dose of memorized levels), rather than amount of time spent made you win the game.
I mean, this game, like lots of other Nintendo games, require you to have the jumping sequences in the back of your spine.



BigKing said:

This game is simply amazing. Even after all those years I still knew most of the secrets. This shows how a game with poor graphics and simple gameplay mechanics still can create amazing experience. Challenging, memorable and a true classic.



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

My thoughts echo those of darthmix above. I remember getting a NES for Christmas the first year they were available here and playing through SMB with my dad. Great memories. Classic game, tons of history, plus nostalgia factor are all things to consider, but down to the game itself and whether it's worth 500 points nowadays... maybe not quite. The platforming isn't as tight as it could be (of course not, it's 20+ years old!), some of the stage designs are repetitive, and replay value is pretty low (especially if you've already gone through it a hundred times like us old-schoolers).

I'm of the opinion that these ancient "classic" NES titles should be discounted to 300-400 Wii points. There's no way this game should cost as much as SMB3.

__chris h.


chris h. said:

nice game. nice classic gameplay. i think it is something you should get if you can spare the wii points. the only reason i think you should not get it is the difficulty. if your the type of person who does not like hard games that dont have a save or password feature.

__J. Hill


J. Hill said:

I was actually disappointed when i got the original PAL version for my NES and I saw how slowly it ran. And people wonder why the Master System was more popular in europe... still, the VC version fixes that, and is worth a pop. Mind you, my local shop has a SMB/ Duck hunt cart - I may pick that up.



learn_japanese_ds said:

It's weird to see the box art for this game. I don't think I've ever seen just a Mario bros box, I've only ever seen the Mario Bros/Duck Hunt combo.



TheRealNaveed said:

This is a classic game, and I'm one of the few, it seems, who thinks this is a better game than SMB3. SMB3 didn't have the right feel of controls, I feel. Both are totally excellent, but, I've always felt SMB was superior.



tank2tank said:

Its an essential download BUT if you're going for the PAL version then be warned... the speed of the music is not right at all, the colour isnt as rich and there are borders. It's annoying because the lost levels runs fine, and comparing the two I'd much rather play the lost levels (even tho its way too hard)
Why can't Nintendo just emulate this in the same way as Lost Levels! It's so annoying! Those of you who aren't Mario veterans probably won't notice or be too put off but be warned anyway.



mysticmight2 said:

Wasn't there an arcade version of this game at one time. I remember it had better graphics and sound.



Dazza said:

@mysticmight2 - Yeah the NES game was based on the original arcade game. I remember it was a strong pull to tempt me to buy a NES at the time. I don't remember the graphics and sound being too much different to be honest with you.



wowtriumph said:

i dont know anyone who didn't play this game. Come on you have to like the original mario



GameGod3008 said:

I love this game. it was magnificent piece of gaming history that i love to go over again and again



zelda_freak said:

No less than 5 stars! This game is Nintendos icon. I miss the Duck Hunt game that I think of when I think of Mario. Maby Wii VC could try Introducing Duck Hunt with the Wii Zapper.



Ivan said:

i remember wanting this game on gamboy color when i was a kid. it is definitly on of the best games in the mario series



Charco said:

We have this game to thank for saving video games after the crash in 1983. If it wasn't released, who knows what would have happenened? Five stars.



Marvel_Maniac said:

I almost gave this 5 stars. I know its legendary, and I agree it is a very addictive game, but I have to go with 4.5. In comparison to Mario 2 and 3, this is just not in the same league.



spuck said:

The legendary and the original. Must have for 80's nosthalgics.
SOUND: 5/10
PLAY: 7/10



Clayfrd said:

I finally beat it! Huzzah! I unlocked the harder quest, too. Another reason to buy. I honestly don't know why it took me so many years to beat, but who's counting?



Smileface said:

Ive played this game about 30 times,
and I never noticed the extra life at 1-1
Now I HAVE to get this game^^



megacody said:

I've beaten this game only a few times. This is one of the most fun games. Thank god Virtual Console, I hate playing this on my NES, it always glitches. A must have.



samman said:

this is horrific. its a 50hz game sped up and now the music sounds horrible like its on steroids.



PsychoFish said:

Super Mario Bros. is the ultimate Jump&Run. Everyone should have played this game. It' a big part of my childhood.



Ricardo91 said:

is there anything to say that hasn't already been said about Super Mario Bros.? If you haven't played this in some form over the years (or any other mario game for that matter), your gamer's card needs to be revoked.

5 stars. Easy. Who can deny what this game has done for this industry?



Beau_Skunk said:

Like Pong & Pac Man somehow over the ages, this game is a what made games what they are today. Don't let the low-tech graphics fool you, even after all these years, the game can offer a nice challenge to newer gamers. While Donkey Kong was Mario's first game, this game is what made Mario a household name. The game was innovative for it's day full of secrets & surprises. You never know what a brick block could contain, or if you could go down a certain pipe.
I never tire of the original Super Mario Bros. trilogy. I prefer their original graphics, and sound over their updated remakes for SNES & GBA personally.



Tabbyluigi said:

Played it as a kid, no game is better than this classic, it is a true revolution, bravo great game, bravo.



Mixer152 said:

This game can be really frustrating at times. Not necessarily cause its too hard, but if you lack patience and are quick to anger, this game will not do ur controllers any good.
Sometimes I just wanna breeze through levels but thats just me, this games still legendary though.



pikmin95 said:

Ehh, its kind of challenging to get through the whole game with no continues. Plus, its hard to get extra lives once you die a whole bunch of times in one stage. The farthest I've gotta is 6-1 in 5 tries. I guess I just have to practice some more! 4/5



ZBomber said:

They sure dont make em like they used to. Even after having this game for 18 years, I probably have beaten it only once or twice. Some of the levels are just tough!



Marvel_Maniac said:

I actually never owned this game until the end of the NES. We bought the NES on its own, then went out and bought the grey Zapper seperately. Then bought Duck Hunt seperately. I'm not sure if we even knew about the bundle pack system, but my first Mario game was Mario 2. I did, however play this game at friend's houses, so I'm not a Super Mario virigin. So yeah, I'm probably the only person who has Duck Hunt and Mario on different cartidges. Love the old-school grey Zapper though.



Kaluba said:

This game is pure joy and fun. I do not own this game on the virtual console, I own it in the gba version in the classic nes series. I have played the original nes version as well. Both are pretty much the same except for a smaller screen in the gba. This is probably one of my favorite games of all time.



famikoi said:

This is definitely my single most favourite game, I love it so much that I own it in many many instances (Famicom, VC, GBA port, All-Stars etc) and never get tired of it; I play it pretty frequently. I don't think any Super Mario Bros title (apart from perhaps SMB2J, as in "The Lost Levels") can reach up to this all the way.

The GBA port is horribly ported by the way.



Cally said:

Whoa, the legendary Super Mario Bros. Widely considered the greatest game of all time on many list, both reader and editors'. Buy it a jillion times. I got it on the NES, GBA, GBC (SMBDX), Super Mario All-Stars, and now the VC. You gotta have it! REQUIRED!



soniczelda_dude said:

One of the first games I played on my Game Boy Color (Super Mario Bros. Deluxe), this game is amazing. Along with Pokemon, this game pretty much defined my video gaming childhood. While some parts of the game during the later levels really pissed me off - especially the Hammer Bros. in World 8-4 - it is still an amazing game, and should be respected for creating one of the oldest and greatest video game franchises ever.

For some reason, I'm really good at this game, but not at some later mario games, such as Super Mario World. Not quite sure why.



DeliriouS said:

Question to anyone who can answer: I have the Gameboy Advance SP and somehow after I saved high score I'm not getting a normal game anymore. I don't know what I did but don't get them little mushroom things anymore that you just stomp on now I'm getting the little black shelled guys that you can't fire at to kill just can stomp on them and hope they don't come back at ya and hope ya can jump and miss them all the time. The game is Classic NES Super Mario Bros. Anyone know how I can get it back where the guys you can just stomp on and they die? for example on World 1-1 under the first bar is usually the mushroom guys comming at ya but now i only get little round hard shell guys... only thing is every level i am on i get the black guys now.



soniczelda_dude said:

You're playing the game on Hard Mode. After you've beaten the game once, you get alternate enemies on your second playthrough if you continue the game on your original save file. To rectify this, just start a new game on any other save file, and the enemies will go back to normal.



Samurai_Sonic said:

What is there to say about this game that hasn't already been said?
If you haven't got it, download it.
If you've already got it, but not on VC, then download it anyways.

@soniczelda dude
Yeah, I'm the same - I think I'm better at SMB (and Lost Levels) than SMB3, and better on SMB3 than on Super Mario World. Probably due to the spin jump



Nintendork said:

^ You don't know what the Minus World is?
Basically, it's a underwater level that constantly repeats until you die or run out of time. The glitch is accessed at the end of level 1-2.



Cally said:

How do you even do Super Mario Bros. justice? It's almost certainly THE perfect game.

The controls, level layout, difficulty curve, enemy placement . . . not absolutely the first of its kind, but it made an impact so great on the game industry that it set standards for those aspects of game design, and few game designers could rightly dare to deviate from SMB's blueprint.

It's the only Mario game where you really DO want to collect every last coin in the game. Yet it's never overly frustrating--perfect difficulty balancing. Never too hard, and yet after playing it so many times, it never feels too easy or like something rehearsed.

Would be worth having a copy or download just to have it on every system you could get it for. Just as fun today as it ever was.




retro_player_22 said:

Two of the overviews for this game are wrong, this game is a platform game not an action game. Also it could be played by either 1-Player or 2-Players (even the screenshot proved this). Also the same could be said about Super Mario Bros. 3 as well.



Kifa said:

Ah, the SMB, first game I've ever played on any system... And it's just as old as I am, almost. It's a classic and I got that first when I got some points to spend. I still happen to suck at the game, but despite that and all those years that passed since it's release it's still a blast and a 'living' definition of "platform gaming", and only Sonic the Hedgehog can be considered the second pure platformer. Absolute musthave!



mariofan5000 said:

this game is awesome! although i cannot get past world 5-2 with those stupid bullet bills and hammer bros. in the way! but i still give this game a 10/10.



krobin said:

Okay see like this game is 2 players by itself but it says 1 does that mean its just one player online



Naren said:

me toooooo...... i love this game when i was a kid... can u tell how to download it...



Pj1 said:

It's a good game, a tad slow though. Brings back memories when I use to play this at a friends house, I was saving my money to buy a NES but at the time the SNES was due out. After playing the Mario All Stars version of Mario bros I find the nes version a tad tricky! but that's me...

Super Mario bros is worth a download.



Sylverstone said:

Whenever a current-gen game pisses me off when I can't finish a level, I back out to the Wii Menu and play a few rounds of Super Mario Bros. to get the blood flowing!

Best (NES) game ever!, saved the video game industry for generations to foloow, and is still alive today on the Wii's Virtual Console!

Here's to you Mario for saving the video game industry.
raises 1-up mushroom along with iced tea



Nintendoman667 said:

What can be said thats already been said. This game is a classic 10/10. The gameplay is still tight as ever, the graphics, (especially through Wii Virtual Console) are still crisp and very well color/constructed. Beating the game over and over again never gets boring. On a good run I can play through completely till world 8-1 before I start losing lifes. Beating world 8-4 with 1 life is a real heartpounder, (happend about 3 times so far ) and is a real pat on the back if achived. DOWNLOAD THIS GAME TO YOUR Wii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and its true sequel Super Mario Bros.2 (The Lost Levels) and SMB3 and World all of which deserve 10/10s .



mazz said:

I just recently bought and beat super mario bros. on both difficulty settings and I don't know how to change the difficulty setting back to normal. I tried reseting the game multiple times but that doesn't work. Anyone know how to do this?



NintendoFanatic98 said:

Not really, actually, SMB3 is about 3 googolplex times better, and Galaxy is thrice as good as SMB3.



Marios-love-child said:

Although I played this version many times round at friends houses I never actually owed a NES, so to me the version I mainly remember owning and playing the most is the Super Mario Allstars version on the SNES.

I have to say that I prefer the SNES version even though on paper its exactly the same game other than the visuals.

I dont think the origional has dated very well, it probably seems worse to me as i'm used the the allstars version, but that being said its still worth 500 points worth of anyones money



nintendogamer12 said:

I was playing this game on my NES but it was funny how you can't go back to the previous screen. funny is in it.



alexntb said:

I think I can be so contentious to say that this is both the most important video game and the one most taken for granted. How many times will it be ported before the world realizes that? I guess it hardly matters; count how many times you've paid for it, then think about that.

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