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United Kingdom

Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Jam_Enslaver commented on Donkey Kong:

One of my friends had an old NES and I'm fairly certain he had a cart which had both DK and DK Jr. on it. Wouldn't that have been a much better release for the VC than trying to sell two very small games separately?



Jam_Enslaver commented on Super Mario Bros.:

When and if they release the Lost Levels, I may get this for the sake of completeness. I already have it on the GBA, but it would be nice to play on a big screen.



Jam_Enslaver commented on Dungeon Explorer:

I tend to disagree with the others here. I had never even heard of the Turbografx before the VC, and I do quite enjoy DE. True it is murderously difficult, but get some friends round, build up a party, and you're bound to have fun.