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Thu 9th Oct 2008

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famikoi commented on Super Mario Bros.:

This is definitely my single most favourite game, I love it so much that I own it in many many instances (Famicom, VC, GBA port, All-Stars etc) and never get tired of it; I play it pretty frequently. I don't think any Super Mario Bros title (apart from perhaps SMB2J, as in "The Lost Levels") can reach up to this all the way.

The GBA port is horribly ported by the way.



famikoi commented on Spelunker:

I don't actually own the game for VC, but I own the famicom cartridge, and I'm very fond of it. Might be a bit tough due to the difficult jumping-off-ropes moments and the sheer amazing amount of things that can lead to your death, but I don't think it deserves to be rated so low.
..Then again reviews and ratings are highly subjective, so they don't really matter whatsoever as they don't prevent me from enjoying this, so why am I complaining.



famikoi commented on Ghouls 'n Ghosts:

This game is pretty fun, considering that it gives you infinite continues one can bear the pain.
Once it gets near the end when they throw multiple bosses into rooms together I just gave up though. Blast to play nonetheless.

Another reason why I grabbed this instead of Super GnG was because this is playable with the wiimote tilted instead of the classic controller, which was significant since I didn't have a classic controller when I bought this.