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Mon 24th Nov 2008

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DeliriouS commented on Super Mario Bros.:

Question to anyone who can answer: I have the Gameboy Advance SP and somehow after I saved high score I'm not getting a normal game anymore. I don't know what I did but don't get them little mushroom things anymore that you just stomp on now I'm getting the little black shelled guys that you can't fire at to kill just can stomp on them and hope they don't come back at ya and hope ya can jump and miss them all the time. The game is Classic NES Super Mario Bros. Anyone know how I can get it back where the guys you can just stomp on and they die? for example on World 1-1 under the first bar is usually the mushroom guys comming at ya but now i only get little round hard shell guys... only thing is every level i am on i get the black guys now.