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Tue 22nd Jan 2008

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tank2tank commented on Talking Point: The Virtual Console's PAL Problem:

It really is completely ridiculous... I have both SMB1 and the Lost Levels and the VC port of SMB1 is a complete mess and for some reason the music actually plays faster than it should- like they tried to compensate for 50Hz but screwed it up completely. In comparison Lost Levels is 60Hz and runs fine, so its annoying if I want to play SMB1 its a choice between awful 50Hz and really insane difficulty, and I'd go with the latter.

Like people have said there should be a 50/60Hz option, and if thats 'too hard' then I say screw 50Hz altogether and just make the Wii run on 60Hz only, because if your TV doesn't support it, you shouldn't be playing games on something so old.

And another thing, it's abysmal that there's no way to download trial versions of VC games because there's no way of knowing how awful the 50Hz version is going to be.



tank2tank commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (N64):

Oh my god.
It crashed.
It actually crashed.
And here's me thinking it was perfectly emulated...

Snowhead Temple. Right near the end as well. I hadn't saved for a couple of hours. DAMN I'm annoyed! Why the hell did it freeze? Why??! WHY?!!!!!!!



tank2tank commented on EU VC Releases: Super Mario RPG and Super Mari...:

Is anyone else finding it impossible to actually get onto the wii shop channel because it keeps timing out? The internet connection's fine but the channel seems to be getting so many users its currently impossible for me to download super mario rpg!!



tank2tank commented on Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Tro...:

The only thing stopping this from being the best in the series is that it didn't bring anything really new to the gameplay, except the new overworld which is a bit pointless really. And also it came out too late when everyone was going nuts over Mario 64. One more thing... what's a DK game without Donkey or Diddy!

Oh but its still an excellent game, and I mean really excellent. If you liked either of the others you'll like this too, but its basically the same thing over again.



tank2tank commented on Super Mario Bros.:

Its an essential download BUT if you're going for the PAL version then be warned... the speed of the music is not right at all, the colour isnt as rich and there are borders. It's annoying because the lost levels runs fine, and comparing the two I'd much rather play the lost levels (even tho its way too hard)
Why can't Nintendo just emulate this in the same way as Lost Levels! It's so annoying! Those of you who aren't Mario veterans probably won't notice or be too put off but be warned anyway.



tank2tank commented on The Great Internal Memory Debate:

The SD card solution would be best for me, seeing as I've permanently got a 2gb one inside the Wii already (it can pull pics, music and video off SD cards pretty damn quick anyway so why not VC games?) The USB solution is alright but not exactly the most practical.

I had an idea that Nintendo might do which would be VERY ANNOYING to those of us that already have a Wii... what if they... launched a redesigned Wii like they did with the DS, which has an internal hard drive, also comes with DVD playback and proper HD support... wow, if that was true it'd be a big kick in the balls...