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Wed 20th Feb 2008

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wowtriumph commented on Shining Force:

I never Played RPG or any game of this sort when they were out originally. Simply because I was to young to understand what I would be doing and had no friends that played these types that I could learn from. Basically I played Super C and the shooters. Since I have gotten into these games I wanted to try something old school. I took it to my buddy's to play and we couldn't put it down. Took me a lil to understand what everything did but not much a simply strat guide for the potions and such helped me know what everything did. Grade A from me I wish there was more turn based just like this. If anyone knows of anything Please let me know, as I said before I never played these types when I was young.



wowtriumph commented on Super Mario Bros. 2:

A lot of my friends didnt like the 2nd mario bros. but i did its actually my favorite i just loved pick up my enimys and throwing them off the edge



wowtriumph commented on Super Mario Bros.:

i dont know anyone who didn't play this game. Come on you have to like the original mario



wowtriumph commented on Streets of Rage 3:

I loved these type of games in the arcade, the ones where you can play with multiple people and i dont mean just two.



wowtriumph commented on Punch-Out!!:

I agree with Jon! I used to have the arcade stick with my nintendo to play this.



wowtriumph commented on Bubble Bobble:

This was the best multi player game when i was little cause you could actually play with another person. was korny but still loads of fun



wowtriumph commented on Bomberman '93:

I always loved bomberman. I remember we got if for the comp and networked it so we could play with 8 people that got a lil nuts. It was only computer class at school we had fun for weeks with that.