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NES Remix 2 Review

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Electric boogaloo

Shortly before the end of 2013 Nintendo suddenly surprised us — during a Nintendo Direct, it announced and then immediately released NES Remix, a very unusual but, we thought, very fun collection of small challenges based on various games from Nintendo's NES catalogue. A few months later and, in a different Nintendo Direct, Nintendo announced NES Remix 2, which unfortunately was not also immediately available. It's here now, however — has the wait been worth it?

If you've played the previous game, you should know what to expect here. There are a number of challenges based on classic NES titles, which you can play in practically any order you want, ranging from simple tasks to clearing entire levels. While you can just take your time with these, the real goal is to try and figure out the fastest way to clear each challenge. Depending on your clear time you'll receive a number of stars which will unlock further challenges. Clear times can also be posted on Miiverse to start some friendly competitions, and completed challenges also earn you "Bits", which will unlock 8-bit stamps for use on the NES Remix 2 Miiverse community to accompany these posts.

A frequent complaint about the first NES Remix was that, although it included challenges based on all-time greats like Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda, there were also a few less exciting inclusions such as Clu Clu Land and Pinball. A number of games also did not have their own set of challenges, relegated to only appearing in one or two in the final "Bonus" category.

NES Remix 2 goes a long way to fix this. While it has four less games overall — twelve compared to the first game's sixteen — the higher quality of the game selection is undeniable; as before, you'll start out with just a few games, but as you clear unlocked challenges the selection will become bigger. When all is said and done, you'll have access to challenges for Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, Super Mario Bros. 3, Kirby's Adventure, Dr. Mario, Kid Icarus, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, Punch-Out!!, Metroid, Wario's Woods and NES Open Tournament Golf. Also included is Ice Hockey, but it falls victim to the same curse as most of the sports games last time, not getting its own challenge set and only appearing in a few challenges in another category.

Just like last time, each game's challenges start out simple and get progressively harder, with some actually being multi-part tasks that require you to finish two or three different goals rather than just the one. In Punch-Out!!, for example, it starts off as simple as dodging and landing one hit on Glass Joe, but a later challenge has you taking down Don Flamenco, King Hippo and Bald Bull all in a row.

Once again of note is the "Remix" category of challenges, which features stages based on various games and gives them some interesting twists. While there are the usual ones, such as stages in which Mario or Kirby cannot stop running forward automatically, it seems that the handful of "crossover" challenges in the last game were a hit, because there are a lot more of them this time around — one particularly amusing example is Princess Peach from Super Mario Bros. 2 having to defeat Bowser in Super Mario Bros. 3 so she can, err, rescue herself!

While NES Remix 2 as a whole includes fewer games and fewer challenges (about 30 less), there are some new features that up the replay value considerably this time around. One of these is the ability to save and share replays of your best times — if you just can't figure out how to get those triple rainbow stars on a particular challenge, you can watch another player's replay and discover the best strategy. Or if your own execution is flawless and you think it's unbeatable, you can share it and gloat!

But most likely the bigger new feature is the included full game, Super Luigi Bros. Based on a particular challenge from the last game, this is basically a fully mirrored version of the original Super Mario Bros. in which you play as Luigi. This means that not only do you move from right to left, but you've also got the usual Luigi features, like a high jump and slightly more slippery movement. While these might seem like simple changes, we were thrown off frequently and had to restart a number of times before managing to clear the game.

For veterans of the first game who have a save of it on their Wii U, there's also a neat little extra challenge to select on the main mode, entitled Championship Mode. Heavily based on the Nintendo World Championships competitions, which gave birth to one of the most valuable NES cartridges in existence, in this challenge you get a time limit in which you must collect 50 and 25 coins in Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 3, respectively, after which your remaining time allows you to play Dr. Mario. Once the time's up you'll get a total score, and if it's good enough it will appear on an online leaderboard. It's quite cool of Nintendo to acknowledge this gaming rarity, and the fact there's a leaderboard is just icing on the cake.

Like before, there's not too much to say about the graphics and music. The graphics and sound in most games are exactly the same as in the original releases; all of the other themes, while still catchy, are just slight remixes of the ones from the first NES Remix. One neat feature that won't come into play until near the end is that there are a few bonus challenges featuring remixed music from their respective games this time around — perfect late treats for those that stick with it.


NES Remix 2 mostly plays it safe, with a new set of games and challenges and a few small, yet welcome, additions such as a replay feature. While the game selection this time is undoubtedly stronger, there are fewer games and challenges overall, and we just couldn't help but shake the feeling that the challenges were easier this time around, as we got rainbow stars on almost every single challenge on our first try. Luckily, however, Super Luigi Bros. and Championship Mode (if you own the first game) help fill these gaps, providing yet another enjoyable package of rapid-fire retro goodness.

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User Comments (81)



Wiidsguy said:

I can't wait, I loved the first one, and with the new games like kirby I will be loving this.



Azooooz said:

They should make a price reduction to those who have the first NES Remix.



XCWarrior said:

This and the first 1 I'll pick up when there's a sale. $15 for remixes of games.... a bit too pricey.



XFsWorld said:

Will be getting this. The first NES Remix game didn't look too appealing to me.



NintyMan said:

I'll be getting this game even though I didn't get the first one, though I might get that eventually. The better selection of games on offer is what enticed me to get this. I'm looking forward to it!



TruenoGT said:

Sounds great and I loved the first one, but it's a bit too soon for a sequel for me. Continuing on the backlog until Mario Kart and get this down the road.



Yoshi said:

But then again, this got an 8, and the first got a 9, and both reviews were done by the same person. Does the original beat this one out, or was the score for the first one not as accurate as we thought?



Stratostar said:

I refuse to give up hope that the physical release of both 1 + 2 will someday make its way to the West.



Pahvi said:

@brewsky Personally, I see the lower difficulty level and the smaller number of challenges as major reasons to rate this lower than the first one. Even if the games remixed are now better.



TheRavingTimes said:

From what I'm getting at, NES Remix 2 falls victim to a more limited selection of games due to Super Luigi Bros. Yet compared to the original NES Remix, it would seem Nintendo has placed an emphasis on quality over quantity (lets be honest, Donkey Kong 3, Pinball, Ice Climber and Donkey Kong Jr are far less desirable then Zelda II) and the fact that these games came out around 1986-1994. I'm genially excited to try out this game, it's a pity that it comes out around the game time as Child of Light and many classic GBA titles (still clawing through Advance Wars).



Gerbwmu said:

I will download this right away. I love the 1st one. It is the perfect amount of nostalgia for me and is something I can pick up and play for a few minutes here and there.



bofis said:

I still haven't even unlocked all of the games from NES Remix 1, but will gladly buy this one too. Just wish it was available as DLC to the first game so I could save an icon on my WiiU screen!



Drake said:

@brewsky Like Pahvi said, less games and less difficulty (When the original game's difficulty was pretty much perfect) were the main reasons I gave this 1 lower. The extra additions are cool but they're not enough to fill the gap.



SavoirFaire said:

Good to see I'm not the only one holding out for a physical release! Nintendo should really state if physical releases are on the table for the remixes and the new sports games. I am holding onto my money because I prefer a physical copy.



TingLz said:

@Drake I'd take quality over quantity any day. I just didn't care for most of the challenges in the first NES remix (not counting the remix stages).



IronMan28 said:

I'll definitely get this one once I finish the first. Child of Light will also be mine, but when will you guys review that game?



JaxonH said:

I will be buying day one, which, awkwardly enough, will be on FRIDAY as opposed to the traditional Thursday releases (assuming April 25 is the correct release date).



Sean_Aaron said:

A welcome payday release for me. I had hoped to have finished NES Remix by then, but I've been playing too much Earthbound and the Golf challenge in Remix II is kicking my donkey. So sad to see there's more golf in this!



Dpishere said:

Nice to another good remix of classic titles and if I had a Wii U I would likely pick them both up. Though I do wish I could get the retail version since the box art looks so cool.



Swiket said:

It's great that they're using a better selection of games, but hearing that their selection of remixes are playing it even safer is pretty discouraging. I don't want to play remixes like "land one hit on Glass Joe" to get to the actual challenge.



Azaris said:

Lol electric bugaloo.
I always make that joke myself anytime a game is "____2"



ULTRA-64 said:

Promised myself I'd finish the first one before I get this. About 20-30 stars to go!!!



readyletsgo said:

Looking forward to trying this out even though I missed the first one. What's the price gonna be? €15?



readyletsgo said:

Looking forward to trying this out even though I missed the first one. What's the price gonna be? €15?



Action51 said:

Having bought the 1st game on a whim directly after the direct, I was very pleased and I feel I've gotten my money's worth out of it.

Definitely a day 1 for part 2. If you're a fan of Wario Ware, or just love some of the actual classic games, I'd reccomend these remix titles. There is a surprising amount of content in the first one, and it's a good game for off-screen couch play.



sinalefa said:


I think it is the correct date. I find Child of Light's Tuesday release more awkward for eShop purposes. SM3DW and Tropical Freeze were also released on Fridays.



WaxxyOne said:

Is the difficulty of the challenges actually lower or is it just that you're more familiar with the games on offer? I know the challenges I had the toughest time with on the first NES Remix were for games that I never played or only briefly touched as a kid — Games like Clu Clu Land (which I'd never heard of before Super Smash Bros. Melee), Golf and Ice Climbers gave me the most trouble, and it's probably not because of the challenges actually being that hard but more that I just didn't know what I was doing most of the time.



BinaryFragger said:

I bought the first Remix this weekend, and wow, it's a lot of fun.
Most of the games in the collection did not age well and aren't a whole lot of fun on their own, but are perfect in short bursts with the challenges. The sequel will be a day-one purchase for me.



K-Gamer said:

Only game I am disappointed with is Zelda as I much rather prefer the first one. Love that there's three Mario's in here. Lost Levels will be a challenge.



JaxonH said:


Yeah. Every Thursday Nintendo updates the eShop with new VC games and indie titles. Very rarely do digital-only games release on days other than Thursday with the weekly update.



GougeMan said:

If Nintendo would give away 100 free NES/SNES downloads with every purchase of a Wii U, sales would increase 10 fold. It would cost them literally nothing to do this. They are just sitting on the ROMS. This would boost sales immediately and generate a lot of buzz...



Kaeobais said:

Agreed, WiiLovePeace. $15 for Super Mario Bros. with a cool twist is nothing. Throwing in these little mini games and a take on NES Championship is just an awesome bonus.



WaveBoy said:

I'd much rather wait for the future NA retail release of both volumes....Ah, who am i kidding. It aint gonna happen!



aaronsullivan said:

Don't think I can resist. It's funny though, I'm going to miss learning the mechanics of games I've played very little or not at all. That's the secret fun of these games, I think. I just look at this new set of awesome games and imagine I'll be getting many rainbow-3-stars on my first try as well.



TreesenHauser said:

I can't wait to download this! I loved the first NES Remix, it was a very pleasant surprise, so this sequel sounds great. Nice review!



ManateeBlubber said:

It would, but they can't really give away that much... they should just do an ambassador program and give away some VC games of the person's choosing.



allav866 said:

Kirby's Adventure is my favorite game of all time... It would be nice to see all the challenges based on the different abilities. While it may be a weird reason, I'll be getting this solely for Kirby's Adventure.



Drake said:

@WaxxyOne No, they absolutely are easier. I only really had any semblance of trouble with a couple of remix/bonus stages.



tanookisuit said:

I'm interested, but Nintendo did the right thing and put this on a disc with the original one in Japan so I am going to wait awhile and see if we get that too. Considering how starved the WiiU is for games it would make sense they'd feel a need to.



readyletsgo said:

So, should I get the first remix tonight? Is it worth the €10 price? Or just get this one and forget about the first one?



GamerFromJump said:

They just need to go ahead and do whatever it takes to port Super Mario Bros. Crossover to the Wii U. Instant platinum seller.



StarDust4Ever said:

Nintendo read my mind when they did the reverse Luigi Bros. I hope someone hacks the original game to play like this and burn it on a cart.



KillerGBH said:

im in love with Nes RemiX 2 . nes remix 1 was good but this one lot better . instant buy for Wii U owners ^^



Action51 said:

@mipaol - That's how I look at it too.

I've played the originals to death and we've owned them on one system or another one way or another so this is a great way to revisit these games we know and love.

I don't spend much on VC games, but I totally love the Remix concept!

I definitely want SNES, GBA, and GB remixes!



danacol said:

I bought Nes Remix 2 yesterday and it's amazing. I don't think this is easiest than the first one, and although the rainbow stars aren't very difficult to get, the miiverse and replay (with inputs !) features make you want to improve your times, beat other players', find better strats, etc. It's a lot of fun and I definitely want a sequel.



TromaDogg said:

According to this review, Marcel got rainbow stars on almost every single challenge first time?!?


I'm no slouch at gaming, but this game is HARD. Anybody claiming to have gotten all rainbow stars first time on the Super Mario Bros Lost Levels, Wario's Woods or Kid Icarus challenges is telling porkies, it takes practice even when you know exactly what to do. A few of the earlier challenges...sure, you can get rainbow stars on those easily....but they're just to ease you into things.

I don't know a single person who would consider this game 'easy' or thinks it's 'easier this time round'.

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