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  • JP 27th Jul 1990
  • US 1st Oct 1990
  • EU 27th Jun 1991

Wii U eShop

  • EU 13th Feb 2014, £4.49
  • JP 26th Feb 2014, ¥500
  • US 27th Mar 2014, $4.99
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  • Review Dr. Mario (Wii U eShop / NES)

    One play a day...

    It feels as if Dr. Mario has been a near constant presence — in some form — over recent years, but the oddity is that the Wii U Virtual Console release of the NES version is the début for that iteration over the most recent system generations. We've had fresh DSiWare and WiiWare releases, with the latter perhaps halting a...

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Dr. Mario Screenshot
Dr. Mario Screenshot
Dr. Mario Screenshot

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About The Game

At Mushroom Kingdom Hospital, nasty viruses are on the loose.

It's time to give them a dose of Mario's medicine! In this classic puzzle game you must eradicate all the viruses in the bottle, by spinning and lining up the coloured vitamin capsules as they fall. The more lines of viruses you clear, the more points you rack up, scoring huge combos. But beware of side-effects: this game may be addictive!