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Majora's Mask Fan Project Gets a New Trailer, Even Showing a Scene on 3DS

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Good luck with Nintendo's lawyers


After initially publishing this video with no description, Pablo Belmonte has responded to enquiries of what this project is with some 'legal terms', suggesting this project is 'interactive' but not a remake. The final form it'll take is unclear, though the aim is apparently to present the finished product to Nintendo.

Legal terms
All the creative content of this project has been inspired in “The legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask”, whose license is owned by Nintendo.

None of the materials of the original game have been employed either for the development or the finishing of this project. This interactive project is intended to be neither a commercial product or a remake of the game.

None of the material published about this project brings any benefit to its creators.

This work has been created by fans for fans, but its ultimate purpose is to be presented to Nintendo Co. (They will be the owners of the commercial-economic decisions.)

Pablo Belmonte.

Original Article:

It's well known that a remake of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask is in high demand among dedicated Nintendo fans, with a 3DS remake touted as the most likely option. Nintendo, for its part, has teased, cajoled, hinted and then ultimately stayed quiet, leaving some convinced that it'll never happen and others equally sure that it's simply a matter of time.

Back in 2012, mischievously around E3 time, artists Pablo Belmonte and Paco Martínez released a trailer for a Majora's Mask 'project', recreating a scene in HD. It wasn't particularly clear what this project would be, and it went completely silent for around two years.

During this year's E3, however, the duo posted a video of their attempts to sit a large Majora's Mask-themed model next to the amiibo display, though a Nintendo rep rapidly stopped them. So far, so pointless, but a fresh video today shows the aforementioned project's progress. There are shots of the previous HD scene rendering in 3D — the tell-tale Oculus Rift-style double view — and then a host of concept art drawings and 3D models in various states of progress. There's then a shot of a scene on a 3DS, though the footage is blurry — whether it's a rendered scene 'running' on the system (unlikely) or simply a 3D image that has been loaded onto an SD card (displaying in the camera app) can be debated, but the fuzzy camera work and limitations of the scene shown strongly suggest the latter. It's a tease, for sure.

It's not clear what kind of 'project' this really is, and whether the duo can actually produce a remake. We'd also suggest that its shutdown is inevitable — the artists couldn't even get a model next to the amiibo stand at E3, so successfully releasing a project like this would face exceptional difficulty and a likely cease and desist order. This is no hack of an existing game, but seems like work on a remake of copyrighted material.

We doubt this'll come to anything, but as fan projects go it's one of the most enigmatic and intriguing out there. You can check out the latest video below.

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BTTFDeacon said:

This is one fan project I will watch out for. Majora's Mask is my favorite Legend of Zelda game and playing it with these visuals will be amazing.



Yrreiht said:

Looks really good especially the bosses
However, I really don't dig how Deku Link looks.



Prof_Clayton said:

If they want a job at Nintendo, they should just ask.
Honestly though, the remake is most likely coming eventually. Why they couldn't put these efforts into making a new game, I'll never understand.



VIIIAxel said:

This will likely be shut down quickly. Nintendo's obviously planning on a remake of Majora's Mask on 3DS, and are just trying to keep quiet about it.



AyeHaley said:

They use 3-4 different styles in that video...And it feels like what they've shown in this video, is the only stuff they got so far.

Also, Deku Link and the monkey look horrible.



Tsurii said:

Just send it to Nintendo and be done with it. As I see it this is just a waste of time, if they intend to release a remake on their own or whatever the heck this is supposed to become, because even if they did it for free, it'll be shot down as soon as they name a release window

Don't get me wrong, I really like how all of the stuff looks and it's some impressive work, but I just think it's pointless...



Pichuka97 said:

That 3DS image is definetly a fake. The game isn't running at all on 3DS. It's just a picture on the 3DS camera. You can tell because it has the 3D symbol that shows up in the top right corner when you view 3D photos.



Mega719 said:

When i first saw the headline mixed with the picture i only read part of it thinking it was a real thing but then regained focused



Jazzer94 said:

There time would be better spent making their own original game instead of a project that will be shutdown.



Einherjar said:

So, to get this straight: They are using hyper realistic locals but cell shaded, almost wind waker style characters ? ... woohoo i guess...

In all honesty, i couldnt care less. Its the same deal as with the Chrono Trigger remake back then. Massive focus on graphics, no gameplay demo and then the lawjers struck it down.



Nintenjoe64 said:

Hopefully, this is Nintendo, secretly teasing us. I would prefer it to be Nintendo rather than someone making a really good remake that I will never be able to play. I doubt Nintendo would want to use someone else's assets so they're probably just wasting their time.



Chrno-x said:

Looks promising but I doubt Nintendo will stay quiet and do nothing about this. Nowadays the only punlisher/developer that accepted that sort of remake is Konami and the Metal Gear remake project, where they'd said that if this will project will be good, then even they're gonna think about publishing it. I think many pub/devs should support that sort of actions cause : 1) Fans are gonna do most of the work with far less needed budget 2)In the end even if the project would be cancelled they can just hire those talented people.



KLZ said:

What's with all the negative comments? I don't think the people behind this project deserve all this negativity.



MrGawain said:

Having a voice as a fan by the power of the internet is great, but a voice that's part of a choir of like minded people. Nintendo can't ignore the masses, and will put their time and resources into these projects if and when possible.

Being one or a couple of voices on the internet shouting demands is just embarrassing, and does nothing but fuel the fire for trolls to criticise Nintendo for not being able to fulfill these demands yesterday.



Nintendo6400 said:

Wow this looks awesome! But is there goal to bring this to the 3ds? How are they gonna do that?



KoiTenchi said:

I hate to say it, but the people behind this sound like they are as oblivious and unprofessional as humanly possible which is a shame because I really, really do want a Majora's Mask remake.

The thing is though that Nintendo could have already shut them down for using their assets without their permission but didn't but now these guys have the gall to try to sneak their stuff in to the Nintendo booth at E3 which would then be taking attention away from Nintendo's actual products. No one can expect Nintendo to be okay with that.

Unfortunately I'm sure the next piece of news I see about this will be about how they were given a cease and desist and these guys will have no one to blame but themselves.



Nintendo6400 said:

I just looked at the videos details. Apparently there planning on showing this project to Nintendo in hopes for it to come true.



retro_player_22 said:

As cool as this project is, I don't think Nintendo will approve of this ever happening. If its a Nintendo property, it'll likely never happen unless if these people want Nintendo to hire them and make this a possibility.



sketchturner said:

I'm no game developer, but Majora's Mask seems like an exceedingly complex game to replicate due to the 3 day cycle. In any case, it's pretty awesome that this is being attempted.



Mr-X9000 said:

really? people want to reusserect one of the worst zelda games?(except for those 3 other abominations witch shall not be named)



AmazonianBeauty said:

I Find Majora's mask's Time mechanic to be quite interesting myself, given there's 2 time states going on, then you have the song which returns you to the 1st day, great use of 1 item though I'm learning to code at the moment and i really like trying to fathom out what kind of code they'd have for each object in games that i like



jakysnakydx said:

Their original teaser video was awesome and I think their choice of style is crazy cool for Majora's Mask but I do feel their efforts are valiantly worthless... anyway, does Nintendolife have a link to their attempted amiibo raid?



Gridatttack said:

"Good luck with the lawyers"

Why? They are just showing renders they modeled of some enemies from the game. The 3ds part could just be they played that old video of a supposedly Majoras Mask for wii U



BakaKnight said:

Not want to sound mean, but if their are in two then this project of theirs can't be to make the remake themselves. If the video show what they can do then they are impressive, but no way they can remake the whole game... not before the end of 2020 at least XD

Now on the other hand, if they just want to raise hype and wishes for an already hugely asked remake... then keep up guys, great project indeed



vattodev said:

This article is misleading. There is no remake. It's just fan art. I'll quote the video description from their channel:
" Published on Aug 3, 2014

Legal terms
All the creative content of this project has been inspired in “The legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask”, whose license is owned by Nintendo.

None of the materials of the original game have been employed either for the development or the finishing of this project. This interactive project is intended to be neither a commercial product or a remake of the game.

None of the material published about this project brings any benefit to its creators.

This work has been created by fans for fans, but its ultimate purpose is to be presented to Nintendo Co. (They will be the owners of the commercial-economic decisions.)

Pablo Belmonte."



Kejomo said:

Another clue from nintendo was the Majora's mask hanging on the wall in Link's house in A Link Between Worlds.



KTT said:

@Pichuka97 You are right, it's very easy to make such screenshots. Maybe they used that to show it IS in 3D, not that it RUNS on 3DS? Like the beginning of the video - it was made so you can watch it with 3D deph.



DBPirate said:

Dedicated fans...hope this actually becomes a game. I would be more likely to get this than Ocarina of Time 3D.



Zobocop said:

There's nothing in this video that suggests they're making a game. In the industry, it's encouraged for game artists to recreate existing works of what they'd like to be making to put in their portfolio. Besides, there's only bits and pieces here. Considering how much time was spent in the video showing off a single model suggests there's no game to speak of, and probably never will be.



Auracle said:

That certainly is an interesting look. Did anyone else notice the Miyamoto mask that's been added to the Happy Mask Salesman's pack?



Neferupitou said:

Remember, If you consider the majora's mask the worst of all, you have failed as a human being.



McGruber said:

Seriously Nintendo needs to hurry up and just put this on the 3DS. It's not like there is anything else to play on the system anyway - _ -



kereke12 said:

This made me laugh so loud, that I feel off my chair. It's a good a good concept it almost looked like its made for "next-gen" systems and good luck with Nintendo. LOL LOL!!!!!



Crimzonlogic said:

This isn't going to be made into an actual game. It's just a making-of thing for their fan-trailer. It says so in the video's description. I guess nobody actually reads video descriptions on Youtube.



tom_q said:

Majora's Mask is still the best Zelda game by some margin but I really hope the Wii U instalment can change my mind.



Yurikun said:

I know this is a fake but I wonder if they will release MM on 3DS or WiiU.



FlaygletheBagel said:

Fan project looks nice but I doubt we'll ever see their finished project, whatever that may be.

Calling it now though: I think the unannounced 3DS Zelda title will feature Majoras Mask and will maybe even take place in Termina, but will be an entirely new Zelda game. Sort of like Link Between Worlds shared similar concepts with Link to the Past, but was very different and fresh.

If I remember correctly, a recent interview had Anouma say that the new 3DS Zelda will further explore new ideas and concepts, continuing to build off of what they learned with Link Between Worlds and the Wii U Zelda. So I doubt we'll see a straight up remake, but I fully expect to see Majoras Mask in the next 3DS Zelda; I'd actually prefer it if they added some new twists to the formula anyway.



Iggly said:

You guys really need to stop making misleading headlines, oh well these kind of stuff occurs often I guess.



DarkNinja9 said:

sucks to join in on the hate train but i have to agree its alright i guess but that time and work seems a bit pointless maybe to add to a porfolio of stuff you have done to late get hired by a company but other then that they are wasting time

i do like how they made statues of the characters though or least some



TheGoof said:

They should just higher these guys.. not shut them down.
Game companies are silly... they see something like this.. and rather than go "hey we'll pay you, keep up the great work!" they send an order for them to stop.... such bullcrap in my opinion....Nintendo and Sega both are bad about this crap.



DLevene17 said:

Am I the only one who remembers Zelda Williams proudly displaying a majoras mask during this year's E3? The remake is definitely coming soon.



90sRetroGaming said:

Wow... a couple fans who actually care and are putting in actual effort to see that Majora's Mask HD/3D see's the light of day. Seems they actually care a lot more than Nintendo does at this point. They definitely have my full support on this one.



bezerker99 said:

So two years have gone by and they finally got some color to their models and a one minute video? lololol. can't wait for this project to get canned officially by Nintendo.



FilmerNgameR said:

Awww that sucks I actually thought the heading of the article stated "Majora's Mask 3D revealed!" smh furkin' Nintendo...



Windy said:

Next year at E3 they should seriously have a bunch of Majoras mask paper cutouts made then just pop them on the wall everywhere they go at E3 especially in Nintendo's booth. People would freak out. But you gotta admit there would be some hilarity in it. I could see all these Media sites with pictures saying "What does this mean?" Look at Zelda Williams for instance. Gotta love Nintendo and how they Hold out on certain things.



Wonky_Kong said:

@KoiTenchi REALLY? Because im sure that you know the devs soooo well, you guys go all the way back to around 5 hours ago!!!! You definitely aren't just a guy on the internet who thinks they know more than they do.

And no, Nintendo have no power over any of their assets seeing as none of these guy's work is making money and it is not publicly released.

So much ignorance in the comments today!




KoiTenchi said:


Did you even read the article?

Did you even read more than the first sentence of my comment?

I'm assuming not, since you didn't even take a second to explain why you think it's supposedly okay to start marketing your own stuff in someone else's booth and steal business from them.

If you would like to discuss this, please read the FULL article and my first comment in FULL.

Thank you!



Henmii said:

"though the aim is apparently to present the finished product to Nintendo"

We all know how that will end....

Either way, impressive stuff.



Wonky_Kong said:

@KoiTenchi I even re-read the article and still i do not see how my comment is invalid. Nintendo can not shut them down because (if you read the article) you can see that they have used none of the original games assets, so how can you claim Nintendo can shut them down for using Nintendo's assets. If i were to make FPS game, and i created a scale replica of the 'Lockout' (originally from Halo2) map inside of the game, then Bungie/Microsoft can't shut my game down, the form of that map doesn't belong to Microsoft. And you claim the devs are 'unprofessional as humanly possible'. Sorry what? sure these guys crashes on Nintendo but i'm sure that it didn't affect Nintendo in any way or form. And if you wish to rebut my point, then at least think of a better point than just accusing me of not reading the article because that is 'oblivious and unprofessional'.

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