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GameStop President Says "Don't Bet Against Nintendo"

Posted by Alex Olney

"I would also not sell Amiibo short"

It's safe to say that Nintendo's Wii U hasn't been universally acclaimed by gamers and developers alike, but then again what console has?

GameStop's president Tony Bartel expressed his opinions on the Japanese giant's latest hardware.

We've been very consistent every time we're asked about the Wii U, really what they needed was two things: they needed strong first-party titles, which we think that they are getting; and they also needed to do a better job of explaining exactly what the connected tablet--as we like to call it--how you actually use that. I think they are going to do a great job on both of those.

It's an influential vote of confidence for the Wii U to have, and given Nintendo's strong presence at both E3 and Gamescom recently along with the upcoming slew of first-party exclusives, the console really is going from strength to strength. GameStop's vice president Mike Hogan added that Mario Kart 8 was likely the first indicator that things were improving, having sold nearly 3 million copies to date worldwide.

Bartel also made his position on Amiibo clear, stating that he "would not sell Amiibo short either". Judging by the popularity of the the Skylanders and Disney Infinity series Nintendo could be appealing to an entirely new audience, and the figures' ability to be used across multiple games is not only more incentive to buy the models, but to buy more than one of the games they are compatible with.

How do you feel about the Wii U's recent performance? Let us know in the usual place.


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erv said:

He's just one of the people who knows the other consoles aren't into the tens of millions yet either. Similar sales numbers, different perception.



Koapa said:

I'm still haven't the idea, why is PS4 selling so good. It's now only "Replaystation". Even the retiring CEO of Sony Entertainment has no idea.

Nintendo is doing many inventions, but they are not focusing on good promotion. Amiibo won't sell until people will think about it as another Skylander figure. They need really good AD.
But from now !



Sparkyboy6 said:

Gamescom has helped the Wii U sales and PAX Prime looks like it will too. Amiibo will sell well if, as with anything, it has enough promotion and if it makes a good difference to the games that is worth the money.



kensredemption said:

You know...I never thought about that before. How the Amiibos can be used across different games, and all. The Disney Infinity and Skylanders figurines are restricted to those franchises only. I wonder what Nintendo will do to link the Amiibos together across several different titles?



Artwark said:

I don't care if Nintendo loses this gen man. When Nintendo makes games, its exclusive to their products only so of course we shouldn't worry about this fact. It may not have good sales but its still a fun console and I'm definitely going to get a Wii U as soon as possible.......I hope.



TheWPCTraveler said:

Why is he saying this? I'm betting it's an ulterior motive.
Now, Nintendo games typically hold their price well over time (and normally lack DLC), which makes them perfect for the reselling business Gamestop has. With more demand for Nintendo games, and the fact that a lot of people prefer physical to digital thanks to the purchase being tied to a single Wii U, you get more potential for the resale business.



Sparkyboy6 said:

@kensredemption Maybe in Super Mario 3D World there could be extra levels that come in packs so if you have the Mario figurine you'll get the Mario Pack. In Mario Kart 8 you could unlock extra vehicles and courses (though there would have to to be a group for them if you are going to race in them online because they are special courses). I think Amiibo is good because you get the functionality of it unlocking content in games and a nice figurine to display.



TheWPCTraveler said:

@Artwark Well, I don't care, too! I'm fine if the Wii U ends up like another Dreamcast or N64: Fantastic first-party support and poor third-party support leading to a console not seen as a success, but is well-loved by everyone who owned it.
The problem is that the Vita is starting to entice me...



AlexOlney said:

@cfgk24 It's a freak of English all right, but trust me, I've got a degree in it!

I may have to include it in the book I'm not going to not have not written by me:
'When idioms and grammar collide'



Einherjar said:

@Artwark Perfectly right. Who for the love of a goomba really cares about sales numbers of a multi billion dollar company ?
These companys existed for decades, they swim in money, its not as if a single mishap will bring them down.
And your attitude towards it is the best one to have: Dont care about it ! Enjoy it for what it is. The WiiU is a games consoles WITH games, and everyone who believes in the gamedrought myth never looked at a WiiU to begin with.

And the way i look at the Amiibos: They are universal DLCs with the added bonus of looking extremely good on a shelf
Nintendo is not Sony, if they say they will support Amiibos in many different games, you can trust them that it wont be a "Vita Cross Play / Controller" situation.
Also, with that support, you dont buy this figurine for a single game / franchise / genre like the disney ones.



MarvinTheMartian said:

@Koapa - There are a number of reasons but for me the biggest one is that both Nintendo and Microsoft tried to do things differently (good ones in Nintendo's part, bad ones in Microsoft's) and thus made massive mistakes. Sony on the other hand didn't make such mistakes. They basically stuck with their core brand and upgraded it; the PS brand has always been popular. No innovation, no new ideas, no risk. This, it seems, is what a lot of the gaming community likes. Sad but true.



Inkling said:

When it comes to GAME in the UK, their Wii U section is tiny. So amiibo will have an even smaller section.



AyeHaley said:

What I'm worried about is that most stores over here already have a HUGE section dedicated to Disney Infinity and Skylanders...They removed most Wii U/DS/Wii stuff to make room for it...I doubt they'll sacrifice more "real estate" to house Amiibo etc.
Seriously...the toys-to-life aisles are enormous.



emptytheory said:

@AlexOlney Are you seriously saying that it's not a mistake? Are you sure it's not supposed to be "what console has". As in, "what console has been universally acclaimed?".



cornishlee said:

@AlexOlney As others have pointed out, I think you mean 'It's safe to say that Nintendo's Wii U hasn't been universally acclaimed by gamers and developers alike, but then again what console has?' As in 'what console has been universally acclaimed?'

Sorry, I don't mean to be a pedant and I know I can get annoyed when people correct my grammar but I think you'll agree that you lost track of the subject in that sentence. To claim otherwise is absurd, just own up and correct it.



schizor said:

@Koapa I'm quite sure it's because Sony's brand "Playstation" stands ALOT stronger than Nintendo's atm. Also. I'm thinking that Sony's way of naming their consoles is way smarter than what Nintendo and microsoft's doing. Playstation 1-4. The Wii U brand and name is VERY misleading for the masses, I think. I love my Wii U but have to admit, that Nintendo is standing poorly at the homeconsolefront atm because of bad decisions. But hey! We have alot of games to look forward to on our Nintendo Wii Us the next 1,5 years or so plus the fact that the 3DS is still selling decent amounts.



AlexOlney said:

@cfgk24 @emptytheory @cornishlee My intention in the comment was supposed to be a wry, sarcastic commentary against myself, but I don't think that came across.

Sorry to have caused any confusion, it was indeed a mistake and it is being rectified as we speak, thanks for letting me know



MarvinTheMartian said:

@Alucard83 - Agreed that the Wii should've had the horsepower of the Wii U, or at least been a HD machine. But here's the thing...

Every Nintendo console has had some technical limitation. The first three had cartridges, the GC had small discs and then the Wii had a lack of horsepower. Sometimes having restrictions brings out the best in creativity. Perhaps Nintendo does this deliberately!! Who knows. There's no denying that Nintendo games are fantastic. I also don't think the lack of horsepower is an excuse for not getting third parties, that's an excuse devs make for being lazy or when they don't believe it will be profitable. I do think that at least Nintendo should've used the same type of processor so at least ports would be easier.



ToyfareMark said:

Nintendo doesn't need to conquer the world, they just need to make sure they make their own world fun for all their customers.



emptytheory said:

@AlexOlney Good to hear there's nothing wrong with my english skills. But I wan't my money back from that sarcasm course I took … Let me know when that book comes out!



Samurai_Goroh said:

@Alucard83 Nintendo charges for the Wii U the same as Sony for the PS4? Where does that happen, on Mars? Are you kidding me?
The Wii U has always been cheaper than the PS4.
And if the Wii U was released on the 7th generation, you would be paying over twice the magic "600 dollars" price point. The Wii U has technology leaps and bounds above what was available on 2006. So, please cut the BS.



TreonsRealm said:

Hey GameStop, before you jump on the bandwagon of Nintendo's recent turnaround and say "Don't bet against Nintendo", you may want to change the layout of your store's which have shoved Wii U games into a far corner where you can barely find them. I have been in 5-6 stores and every time, I have to actively hunt for the Wii U games. Hell, in 2 of the stores I had to actually go behind part of their sales counter just to see what games they do have.

GameStop's so-called "support" of Nintendo and the Wii U has been horrible since launch with employee's actually turning potential Wii U buyers away from the system and towards both old (PS3/360) and new systems (PS4/XBO). Granted, the company is pretty horrible overall and their days as a viable business are numbered but considering Nintendo is the only company of the big 3 who actively supports packaged media instead of "digital only", GameStop should be featuring their products front and center to help their business instead of shoving it in a corner and allowing their staff to turn willing customers away from the Wii U.



Samurai_Goroh said:

@LDXD True, both are very underwhelming machines. No more than an average 2012 gaming PC. Next-gen is just the old-gen with a new coat of paint. I'm glad Nintendo at least tried to bring something different to the table. The GamePad is not a revolution, but it's still more significant to gameplay than a share button or rumble triggers.



Pod said:

Lots of preorders being placed after the "upcoming" trailer montage from Gamescom.

And if Nintendo play their cards right with Wii Sports Club and Wii Fit U, and Bayonetta 2 and Smash Bros., they could be sitting pretty well with both the hardcore and casual crowd this holiday season.



Subie98 said:

The amiibos are pretty neat but dont do enough to interest me to buy any. Not sure how they could do more to interest me. Maybe its my age. Not sure



GraveLordXD said:

@Samurai_Goroh exactly and I love the game pad I just don't see how Nintendo is constantly getting slammed for having weak hardware when it's not really their strategy in the first place
But no one bats an eye at Sony for having weak hardware, And they usually pride themselves at being a powerhouse
I guess I'm just really disappointed



Samurai_Goroh said:

@LDXD I remember when Sony made hardware that was weaker than Nintendo's still. I remember when Sony said the PlayStation 2 graphics would be "just like jacking up to the Matrix". Yeah, right on! Even to this day, I still have a hard time convincing some friends that the GameCube was more powerful than the PS2, because they all assumed otherwise (to be fair, these arguments tend to end when I show them F-Zero GX running! xD). Sony is just better at selling illusions than Nintendo.
I remember up to last year when both Sony and Microsoft were teasing 4K games and now they can't even reach 1080p most of the time. I just chuckle, lest not drown in the seas of irony and hypocrisy.



GraveLordXD said:

@Samurai_Goroh yeah no way in hell 4k is even a possibility this Gen
I guess it doesn't help that I find out this morning another game which just so happens to be my most anticipated game the Witcher 3 is probably going to be 30 fps and not 1080p, thing is I know for a fact my 2 year old laptop can run it fine on max settings
Not like it's a huge deal breaker for me but it doesn't make me feel good about my ps4 which you would think it would be able to handle this type of stuff no problem.
The main thing I hate about pc gaming is situations like with the new civilization beyond earth even if I go and buy it in the store physically I still need steam to play the damn thing and consoles are just more comfortable. Let's get this straight this Gen sucks and so far Nintendo is the only ones that hasn't really pissed me off yet



JudgeMethos said:

Well, it is nice to see them get closer to 7 million consoles even though they should be past 10 million.



DJKeens said:

Might also help if Gamestop actually put as much effort into advertising Wii U as they do XBox and PS. Their adverts almost never show anything Wii U. I could be wrong but I don't even remember seeing Mario Kart 8.



XCWarrior said:

"I would also not sell Amiibo short" - AKA Gamestop to sell Amiibos for 2x the amount any other retailer will.

In all seriousness, I wonder if Gamestop realizes Nintendo is the only company left who actually likes physical releases. Sony and Microsoft are certainly making more efforts to go digital to end used gaming.



XCWarrior said:

@DJKeens You are dead on sir. And when you go into Gamestop, they are always shocked if you are there to buy something Nintendo related. I have 6 or 7 Gamestops in my area, there's like 1 guy there who is actually happy to see you are buying Nintendo. The rest suggested "upgrading" to a PS4/Xboner.



ricklongo said:

I personally can't wait to get my hand on a handful of amiibo figures. I think those will sell well, especially when they unveil their first amiibo-exclusive title.



DJKeens said:

@XCWarrior I'm actually lucky in that the one I go to actually respects the console. Well at least the employees do. I remember going to one however and heard the associate saying the Wii U and Wii are the same thing to a customer who was curious. I actually stepped in and corrected him. I was amazed especially considering my "home store" has always been well informed. But yeah I have seen that attitude you speak of.



mike_intv said:

I just wonder how much more the figures will be at Gamestop than at other stores. Gamestop has a history of selling high-demand first-party Nintendo items above MSRP (manufacturer's suggested retail price).



BestBuck15 said:

The more success you have the louder your voice becomes. . Capitalism eh!

Who cares what he has to say, he cares about himself and no one else.



Caryslan said:

@CaptainToad Why is that a problem? I don't need my controller upgraded every single generation for the sake of "innovation". The Dualshock controller went largely unchanged for three generations, and not once have I sat down in front of my PS3 and thought "Man, this needs a touch screen or something. Sony needs to change their controller!"

You know why? Because it still works. As the old saying goes, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

I like that Nintendo is innovative and takes chances, but we don't need to reinvent the controller every generation.

The reason why I think Sony does so well is for this very reason, when you buy a Sony console, you pretty much know what are you getting. Good hardware, a proven controller design, and tons of great games with good third-party support.

That is what sold the PS1, and what sells the PS3 & PS4 today.

Nintendo's innovation is great, but it often comes at the cost of something else. For the Wii, it was power, for the Wii U, it was only having one Gamepad on at the same time. Nintendo's innovation is a double-edged sword. It gives them something unique in the market, but also makes third-parties uneasy about support.

As for Microsoft, it's the policies that hurt the Xbox brand. I don't trust Microsoft and I never will. The debacle with the Xbox One proved they can't be trusted.

Sony may be the safe brand, but they tend to understand the market very well and know what consumers want. In a way, they are like McDonalds. They may not be creating the crazy innovative burgers of their rivals, but people know what they are getting at a McDonalds. A Big Mac is still the same burger that it was years ago.

And that's the thing with Sony, they are not trying to create a crazy new controller every generation, nor are they trying to turn their consoles into a PC Jr that can do everything under the sun.

They are following the same model that worked since the first Playstation. Make a game console with good hardware, a good controller, get third-parties onboard, and add in some multimedia functions. It may not be the most innovative approach, but it sells consoles.

People love familiarity when they buy products. That's why New Coke was rejected so badly, that's why Windows 8 was slammed for ditching the Start Menu and other features from previous versions of Windows. That's why Sony is is successful with the Playstation

I love Nintendo's innovation, but in some ways I'm happy Sony is around to keep up the old approaches to gaming as well.



rdrunner1178 said:

I'm starting to get excited about Amiibo. If they do it right, they can blast by Disney Infinity and Skylanders. Using the figures in multiple games will be awesome, once again, if they put the effort into it. Imagine being able to add Link/Samus/Captain Falcon to Mario Kart as DLC using the figures! Plus they could also develop a sandbox game for it similar to Disney Infinity where all the different characters can be used.



rjejr said:

""would not sell Amiibo short either""

Can't sell them short until you sell them. And since Nintnedo doesn't even have a date yet...

Oh, and the whole - "it plays on more than 1 game argument" - is nothing compared to what Disney and Skylanders can boost - plays on any SYSTEM. Have a Wii and buy a Wii U, toys come with you. PS3 to PS4, toys come with you. Own an Xbox and bring them to your friends Wii house, toys still work.

Have a Wii U, plays on Wii U. And maybe 3DS, if your friend has the required peripheral which none of us have actually seen yet.

Stores aren't going to promote a toy that plays on more than 1 game when they can be selling toys that play on every system they currently sell. So don't expect amiibo to have equal display space w/ Disney or Skylanders figures anytime soon.

On a brighter note - I do hope the reality of E3 and Pax start to get thru to the general public - X1 isn't selling much better than Wii U, Wii U has outsold PS4 in Japan week in and week out for months. Wii U is NOT being left in the dust by other consoles, it was just showing the future for home consoles, and that future sucks. (Yes, that is my brighter side, misery loves company.)



Mega719 said:

They "think" Wii U is getting great first party titles? Like always Nintendo has more first party titles than Sony and Microsoft. Yeah PS4 is still early and successful in the market but Sony should tell us all their upcoming exclusives early to keep people buying it. Why do you think Vita failed?



Darknyht said:

@CaptainToad Actually, the Gamecube was the technical superior to the Xbox and PS2 in every regard except the media disc. On paper, the Xbox appeared to have higher numbers and would push more theoretical polygons, but in actual games developed for the specific consoles (most games were developed to the specs of the PS2 which was most popular but weakest in power) the Gamecube spanked the Xbox. It was the failure of the Gamecube despite being technically superior that pushed Nintendo towards the Wii model (power doesn't matter, games and innovation does).

That is why Nintendo shouldn't be discounted. Nintendo is more responsible for bringing more innovation to the mass market than the others. Reviving Analog sticks (N64), Rumble pak (N64), touch screens (DS), dual screens (DS), motion controls (Wii), off-tv play, solving 3D platforming (Super Mario 64), solving console shooters (Perfect Dark), asymmetric gameplay (Pac-Man vs) have roots in becoming mass market successes out of Nintendo. Where Nintendo has led, the other two have followed.



MarvinTheMartian said:

@Darknyht - you are absolutely right about the GC and I agree with everything you said about the Big N. They are the kings of innovation and done so much for the gaming world. However, you missed my point. The GC's limitation wasn't its power but the optical discs. They were 1.5GB compared to 8GB dual layer DVDs, although two could be loaded. Every Nintendo console has had some sort of limitation. The N64 was more powerful than the PS but produced the better games.

Using another analogy, I also DJ and produce house music. It's golden age was the late 80s and first half of the nineties, same time when the SNES was doing the bizz coincidently. The reason why is because making dance music at that time was expensive, hard, with not a lot to work with. There was limits unlike now.

Having limits and boundaries sparks creativity.



Hy8ogen said:

Good to see good faith from the biggest game store in North America!

IMHO, betting against Nintendo is a foolish move. If something happens to the gaming industry, I'm 100% certain Nintendo will be the only one remaining while Microsoft and Sony would just bail out. Burning bridges is not a good idea Ubisoft.

@XFsWorld Yup.



SethNintendo said:


"And maybe 3DS, if your friend has the required peripheral which none of us have actually seen yet."

Really, you seem to know so much about Amiibo but haven't seen the 3DS peripheral? Well here you go...


"X1 isn't selling much better than Wii U"

Wii U has been outselling the Xbox One almost every week since MK8 release. I believe the only time Xbox One outsold Wii U (after MK8 was released) was when they first sold the system without Kinect for $100 less than the Kinect SKU.

Just let me know if you need any future corrections on incorrect statements provided by you.



Trikeboy said:

I'm actually really happy Wii U did poorly. After Wii Nintendo got a big head. They thought the success would carry over and it didn't. Due to that, they have been working really hard to get quality games and things like Amiibo into gamers hands.



SetupDisk said:

You have kids so maybe that is a plus but if you play mostly online or have buds that don't play skylanders/infinity(plus myself to begin with) that cross system doesn't mean squat.

This isn't just being aimed at kids(though they are the primary market). It's a Mario figure! Sweet, it's Samus. Everyone I know that games would like to buy at least one of them. Even if they don't have a Wii U or 3DS yet or never plan to get one.

It can be something like Smash, Kart, Zelda, etc mixed in, that's a whole lot more variety in that case for a lot of people and their kids.

This is working with a lot of Nintendo games, I know I will buy it. I know other older gamers will buy it for themselves and not just their kids. I know I would never buy figures to play one series. Neat it plays on all these other systems which is a plus but crap it's the same game.



SethNintendo said:


Yea, Nintendo usually does its best when they are hurting the most. Now they have to prove that they are still king of the video game market instead of sitting on top looking down.



rjejr said:

@SethNintendo - Do you really think Nintendo is going to sell that plain white hide in plain site circle as THE 3DS amiibo peripheral? Any mother cleaning up after her kids around the house will toss it in the trash. The amiibo bases themselves are pretty ugly brown and black, but a hide-in-plain-site white circle? Very hard to believe that that will be going on sale.

OK, since YOU seem to know so much about amiibo -

What day will the amiibo be available to purchase?
How much will they cost?
When will the 3DS peripheral be available to purchase?

You know, the basic "w" questions - who, what, where, when, how and why.



rjejr said:

@SetupDisk - I can see your point from a "gamers" perspective, or actually more a Nintendo fan really more than a gamer, but here's the reality for retailers who will need to decide how much shelf space to devote to these:

Wii U - about 8 mil sold

PS3 - 80m
360 - 80m
Wii - 100m
PS4 - 10m
X1 - 5m

Of course some of the math varies - No Disney Infinity 2.0 on Wii or 3DS, but Skylanders Trap Team will also play on a select few tablets. Any way you want to slice it, amiibo have a much smaller potential market than the other 2. amiibo will probably sell out day 1 as collectors items, but I just don't see the overall long term market demand being as strong.



SethNintendo said:


"the Amiibo release date is going to be this holiday, alongside Super Smash Bros Wii U, the first game that will have Amiibo compatibility. "

Makes sense to release alongside Smash considering it will be the first game to use them.

"Fils-Aime revealed that they’ll be similar in pricing to Skylanders and Disney Infinity, so you can expect them to run you in the range of $10 to $15"

I assumed 10-15 dollars even before typing Amiibo pricing into search. There was a placeholder price I believe (not sure what site or region, but I believe Australia) that was stating $20 but Australia usually gets screwed on price for anything gaming related (also it was just a placeholder price).

"Nintendo 3DS peripheral will hit shops in 2015."

The price of the peripheral hasn't been announced considering it isn't even set to release till 2015. I would assume it would be $10-20 at most. What would be cool if they released a special Amiibo for those that bought the peripheral (special Amiibo + peripheral for $30 would be a decent deal).



mjnmixael said:

Well of course a retailer is all for amiibo! Those can't be sold digitally and have to be bought in the store.... giving places like Gamestop a niche to recoup that lost revenue stream.



AVahne said:

One thing I gotta ask about the Wii U:
The heck be them niche JRPGs and other Japanese games NOT associated with Nintendo?
So far it seems like Japanese developers are ignoring Wii U.
Even 3DS got some niche stuff.



Samurai_Goroh said:

@AVahne Wii U is at least the best selling home console in Japan right now. If they can hold to that position, we might get some more JRPGs. I think some small Japanese devs like Atlus, Natsume and such are waiting to see if it's just not a fluke or a sustainable trend on the Japanese charts. There is still hope, I guess.



Danny429 said:

They should have named this article a talking point. Because that's what its become.



XCWarrior said:

@SkywardLink98 Why would someone go to Gamestop, buy a digital code, then go back home to input that code when they could have stayed home and just bought the game on their couch?



AVahne said:

I want to be hopeful, but I don't know.
Wii U is in a similar situation to Vita in Japan, yet Vita has a treasure trove of niche goodies compared to Wii U and even 3DS (maybe because it's a portable?).
But also, PS4 has been selling rather poorly in Japan yet there are already some niche JRPGs coming to it like Neptunia Victory 2 and Omega Quintet.



SetupDisk said:

Well right now I have a Wii U and PS3 hooked up. I have a 3DS as well. My nephew who comes over once a week has a Wii U, Xbox 360 and a 3DS.

If he only had a 360 and I only had a PS3, a lot of gamers only own one system, the only games that could have some interaction like that are Skylanders/Disney.

But the thing is even if we liked those games, it might be a cool the first time but we like too many games and we would just be playing some local mulitplayer in some other game the next time anyway.

That's why I never got any of my nieces or nephews Skylander/Disney. Hell even the drums/guitars I got them were used in a series but the whole series was just the same game and pretty soon they were put out of the way.

If I buy them some Amiibo though, we can play different games each week and still use them. We aren't boxed into one option. We could all play games that we enjoy. That's why I would have no problem getting all them some figures they wanted the most.

Your point about retail space is right, but space doesn't effect sales that much in retail at least in electronics. You can have items with 10 faces sitting there for weeks and items with 2 facings that have to be replenished every day because they sell so well. The ratio doesn't equate to retail space = more sales.

The user base for every system is of course going to be larger. But it's a combination of Wii U/3DS not just 8 million. It's not going to Skylanders big but it doesn't have to be near that big to be a success, especially if it has a higher attachment rate.



tmahoney1999 said:

i'm excited about amibo. Cant wait to get a mini Link statue and bring it to my friends house to kick ass



marck13 said:

Sounds so sad and bad, but Sony knows how to sell an out-of-date PC well! While Nintendo, again with new innovation - one many thought will hit right into the tablet-spark, gets only rolling now, after a big struggling period.
To me that just tells more about the customers (minds), then the actual products.



Blast said:

@AVahne The Japanese support will come when the Wii U sells just a tad bit more stronger. We got a One Piece fighting game and that's their way of testing us if we like those type of anime fighting games. JRPGs are so accustomed to Playstaton platforms that its gonna take a good while even with the PS4 selling badly in Japan to come to Wii U.




Monster hunter and first party nintendo is all l want from my wiiu and thats what l got so l am happy, after bayonetta and smash nintendo will sell alot of consoles!



gage_wolf said:


Just because something is slightly different doesn't necessarily make it innovative. The Wii U gamepad has yet to prove its worth to me and I've had the U since launch.



AVahne said:

Again, I'll stay hopeful to an extent, but I won't bet on that kind of support coming any time soon. Of course, I could be proven wrong at TGS, but it's been almost 2 years now.
And that One Piece game is a licensed anime game that's also on 3 other platforms; not exactly what I'm looking for, but I guess it's sort of a start.
Guess it's a good thing I have a Vita...



kyuubikid213 said:

It still hasn't proven it's worth to you?

Off TV Play, quick menu access, new play styles, asymmetric gameplay, dual screen gaming, and touchscreen/button hybrid control and you're still not sold?

What are you expecting exactly? Sure, every possible use for the GamePad hasn't been implemented, but Off TV Play and quick menu access was enough to sell me on the idea when I bought Assassin's Creed on day one.

I'm more sold on the GamePad than removing the Select button for a "share" button...



gage_wolf said:


Asymmetrical gameplay? Where has that been since the couple launch titles? Dual screen gaming? Its annoying - looking up at the tv and then down at the gamepad. it works well with a portable, not with a console. The touchscreen is a joke... how useful was it in MK8 or DK:TF or SM3W? Off tv mode -not worth my time. The range doesnt even allow it to go outside of the living room.

All these critisisms and I still like my Wii U a lot. Just saying there are many times I'd rather just be playing games on a normal controller and not have to blow 50 bucks for the pro.



YoshiTails said:

@Splatom Wii U section in GAME may be small but disney infinity and skylanders get an entire shelf. Either amiibo will join that shelf or extend Nintendo's shelf to a whole one.



Obito_Sigma said:

Good! Nintendo needs more space in Gamestop! The Wii U and 3DS sections get small corners of the shop, whilst the others get an entire wall! Even the PSVita section is bigger than either of you!



kyuubikid213 said:

Asymmetrical gameplay - okay, fair point about it not being prevalent, but in those few titles that used it, it has great potential and proves to add that much more enjoyment to local multiplayer.

Dual screen gaming - I really don't know what games you're playing where it's annoying. In the games I play where it makes the most difference (Batman, Mass Effect, ZombiU, Wind Waker HD, Assassin's Creed) it's really convenient and I find it hard going back to one screen when I'm on my 360 or Wii. Having a large map always at hand is NOT a hindrance. It's a hell of a lot less annoying than hitting the pause button, navigating through a couple menu pages, looking at where you have to go, and "B"ing your way back to the game.

Touchscreen button hybrid - allow me to respond to that with this: How useful is the PS4's touchpad in any PS4 game and what does it do that the select button or d-pad already didn't? And how useful is the share button in any PS4 or One game? They removed a button that was designated for menus or secondary functions to put in place a sharing feature that could have been added to a menu seen after pressing the home buttons on the respective platforms. At least the touchscreen adds something without taking something else away. Look at how easy it is to switch Mario Kart to Off TV mode or switch to the map or horn (a useless feature, but it's not like you HAVE to use it).



gage_wolf said:


You may by totally right with the PS4 controller stuff, but I do not own one to really comment either way. But I think your point is a bit lost in trying to compare the Gamepad to the new Dualshock. Sony isn't hyping their new controller as THE REASON to buy a PS4. The minor changes to the controller are just well... there, for better or worse. When Bloodborne and a couple other titles drop I will probably pick up a PS4, and the controller will not even be a factor in the decision... it's just the tool that allows me to play awesome games. That's not the case with the Wii U. The Gamepad is touted and marketed as being so much more! Thus, Nintendo has so much more to prove. Even really great games that would get near perfect scores on another system, are going to be judged under a different light depending on how or if they implement the Gamepad. It's an uncomfortable spot Ninty has created for themselves.



kyuubikid213 said:

I can understand that, and I respect it.

Can I ask why it's not proven it's worth to you though? The idea of a giant DS play style was enough to sell me on the GamePad and Off TV play was something I've loved it for since day one. What do YOU want from the GamePad for it to "prove it's worth"?



gage_wolf said:


I would like to see more games that build upon the potential NintendoLand introduced. I bought that, Zombi U, and NSMBU at launch. NSMBU was a disappointment in that it had no business being on the U. Zombi U had some interesting ideas, but fell short. NintendoLand felt like the beginning of a new era for Ninty. Confident, gorgeous games that would change up how we traditionally thought of controllers, new interesting takes on multiplayer (asymmetrical gameplay), and just a general excitement around the inventiveness the Gamepad could offer. Unfortunately, since then all the first party titles, aside from Wii Party U and Wario, sort of completely dropped that sense of "let's make something new and interesting" with this new technology, in exchange for "let's make something really familiar that will hopefully sell." Which has made the Gamepad feel like more of an inconvenience - its bulky, constantly needs charged, it can be distracting to have the TV image mirrored on your lap, instead of this essential new device Nintendo desperately wants us to believe it is



Honelith said:

The problem with Game in the UK is that all their stores I've been to have tiny sections for 3DS, Vita and WiiU and the whole left and right side of their stores are dominated by PS4 and XboxOne, surely they can squeeze in more room for Vita, 3DS and WiiU? Ugh...



SkywardLink98 said:

@XCWarrior You can purchase the code from GameStop online too. Often times sites like Amazon will have the download for cheaper than the store for the console. I can save $10 by purchasing "Dragonborn" for PS3 from Amazon instead of PSN. (Or I could. It was on sale a few weeks ago)

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